LG Matte Black Kitchen Appliances at Best Buy

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I was compensated in exchange for this post. All thoughts are my own.

Earlier this year, we redid our kitchen. I went from all white appliances to stainless steel. While the stainless steel is nice, and makes me feel like we’ve jumped into the 21st century, I really wish we had held out for this gorgeous suite of black matte stainless steel appliances from LG. Even better? They’re available from Best Buy!

As I already mentioned, I like stainless steel, but I LOVE this black matte stainless steel. It’s stainless steel like you’re used to, but in black and with a matte, low-gloss finish. We already know that black goes with everything, but this set of LG appliances just reinforces that fashion fact.

Not only is this suite pretty, but it’s also smart. These appliances are wi-fi and voice enabled. This means that you can control them remotely, either by voice or by app. You can change settings from another room, check the status, or even turn them on or off. (Now I’m REALLY sad I didn’t hold out!)

Finally, and perhaps the best reason yet to get these appliances, is that you can save up to $350! Imagine owning top-of-the-line appliances, in look and technology, and saving to get them. This is the best holiday present ever!

No matter what the design of your kitchen, this suite of LG matte black stainless steel appliances from Best Buy is sure to complement it. You’ll love the look and the technology that is now our way of life in the kitchen!

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