Meet the new Google Pixelbook

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I received compensation in exchange for this post. All thoughts are my own.

There’s a new addition to the Google family, and it’s the Pixelbook!  What exactly is the Pixelbook?  Well, if you know about the Chromebook, the laptop that Google has been producing for the last few years, this is basically a higher-end Chromebook.  However, it’s got a secret side as well…

It operates like a tablet, with a 360 degree touch screen!  You can even pick up the Pixelbook Pen to further enhance your productivity.

I’ve found that Google has so much that I need in my life.  My husband and I both rely on the Google Assistant to answer our weird questions on our phones, and now we can do it on the Pixelbook.  The Pixelbook also uses the GSuite of apps (like word processing, spreadsheets, etc.) and they’re all automatically backed up to the Google Drive to make sure they’re accessible from anywhere.   You can even download your favorite movies or shows from YouTube Red or Google Play Movies to view without wifi – perfect for summer travel.  Finally, the Pixelbook runs on the Chrome OS that automatically updates your device for optimal performance.

The Pixelbook is also pretty on the outside.  It’s the thinnest Google laptop ever, at just 10.3 mm.  It’s constructed out of lightweight aluminum to make it even easier to tote around and you’ll want to bring this everywhere!  I know I always freak out over my laptop’s battery, but that’s no concern here – you get up to 10 hours of power from a single charge.

I have tried to use a tablet but the lack of keyboard drove me nuts and really limited what I could do with it.  The Pixelbook fits all of my needs and even more important, my wants, and all from a brand I have come to trust.  At a great price point and a HUGE hard drive, the Pixelbook is now on my wishlist.  Check it out at Best Buy and see how you can increase your enjoyment with the Pixelbook!

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    • Lisa L on July 11, 2018 at 7:31 pm
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    This is going on my wish list. I just love how sleek it is … so beautiful and I love Google products.

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