Exaltation: Tamara N.

Meet Me in the Garden: Sonya S.

Eyes Unveiled: Julie W.

Sweet Nothings Hop: Lissa C.


End Note: Traci U.


Favorites Giveaway Hop: Marijana S.

Loves Giveaways Hop: Crystal G.

The Best of Me: Kelley M.

Snowberry Days: Tina R.


Clarity: Marilyne T


The Queen’s Gift: Debbi W.

One Night with Her Boss: Alesha O.


Celebrate Your Fandom: Kathy H.

The Book of Life: dv8


Lover, Divine: Renee G.


Dreaming of Books: Karina H.


Onite Flash Drive: Peter G.

Gifts of Love: Erin G.

Get What You Really Wanted: Samantha E.


Winter Wonderland: Pauline M.

Tis the Season: Bonnie Y.

Hoppin for the Holidays: Anita

Midwinter’s Eve: Laura T.


Figment: KJ


Crashing Prom: Christy


Santa’s Little Helper: Heather B.


Brooklyn Bean Roastery: Renee G.


Walled: Linda R.


Merry Christmas Hop: Nicole C.


Thankful for Giveaways: Lana B.

Winning for Thanksgiving: Melina R.,  Tabitha P., Jelesa

Gratitude Giveaway: Kristina G.

Holiday Ho Ho Ho Hop: Melissa D.

Starbucks Facebook Flash Giveaway: Stephen A.


December Rain: Danielle D.


The Expatriates: Melissa C.

Round Em Up: Sherry S.

Anything Goes (Play-doh): Anastasia F.


All about the Benjamins: Catie

Gifts Galore: Sue S.

Thankful for our Followers: Lisa H.


Entertaining Angels: Heather B.


Hurricane Butterfly: Shelly H.

Anything Goes: Trisha K.


Happy Harvest: Katherine R.


Kate Triumph: Sarah P.


Zoe and the Demon Slayer: Robyn D.


Spooktacular: Krysta B.

All Treats, No Tricks: Lis K.

Still Me: Linda K.

Hoppin’ Halloween: Anita Y.

Treat Yourself: Shirley


Reed & Barton: Teresa T.


Howl at the Moon Facebook Hop: Mrs. G.

Fall Harvest: Nicole W.

My Summer Roommate: Katherine R.

Sweet Filthy Boy: Crystal R., Sue S.


Let Me In: Robin A.

Happy Harvest: Laura F.

Literary Addicts: Lisa H.

Fashionista: Lindsay F.

Fall in Love: Ashley F.


Pumpkin Party: Tracey R. J.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman: Danielle M.


Facebook Flash Giveaway: Linda B.


Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Best Friends: Reggie M.


Stuck in a Good Book: Stephanie C.


Charming the Outback: Chiara


We Own the Night: Linda B.


Instagram Round Robin: chelsr16


Spa For Ma: Lilia K.

Facebook Flash Giveaway: Donna G.


Catch My Breath: Cathy F.


Round Robin FB Flash Giveaway: Melinda F.


Baby Boots: Teresa T.


Shades of Chaos: Alex


The Solus Series: Alena S.


Channel 20Something: Carla D.


Stormfront: Cindy B.


Clear Your Shelf: Judy C.


Legends of Oz: Kelly T.


A Midsummer Night’s Fling: Jayne T.


Stealing Third: Linda K.


Found In Us:  Doreen L.

Tortured: Chiara

Summer Sweeping to Win: Anastasia


Summer Heat: Anita Y.

Just Stay: Jackie D.

The Obsidian Collection: Danielle D.

Rio 2: Daniel M.


20K Fan Celebration: Alan S.


Summer Reads: Heather B.


Hideous: Kelly G.


Crossing the Line: Elizabeth H.


Red, White & Blue/Beverly necklace: Nathan K.

Wusic: Kathy H.


Red, White & Blue/Pave Ring: Linda H.

For the Luck of Liberty: Anne M.

Freedom to Read: Lisa R.


Midsummer’s Eve: Kim S.

Savory Summer: Marti T.


The Lego Movie: Michael T.


Super Dad: Colleen B.

Dads, Grads…: Katie C.


Sweet Summertime: Sacha S.


Mary Hades: squiggles

Crane: Nathan K.


A Sweet Life: Della B.

Not Quite Dead: Judy C.


100 Proof Stud: Melanie C.

Fantastic Father: Laura S.

Dads & Grads: Charlene K.


Dragons: Defenders of Berk Part 2: Daniel M.

Taking Angels: Becky K.

5/28: Surviving Love: Janice C.

Hello Summer: Jessica C.

5/26: May is for Mamas: Sarah O.

5/24: Seduced: Karin S.

5/22: Thanks Baby: Sara Z. 5/19: Dancing on the Edge: Jeanne 5/16: Prelude: Heather B. MamaLOVE: Bobbie S. Something Special for Mom: Darcy H. 5/14: Five Out of the Pit: Michelle Mother’s Day Giveaway Hop: Samantha P. 5/9: Getting By: Ali G. 5/3: Spring Has Sprung: Alisha H. 5/2: Purex No-Sort: Mariah W. 4/30: When Lightning Strikes: Jaime N. Spring Sweeping: Tyger Y. 4/28: Love, Lex: Kathy H. Duty Bound: Ken O. 4/26: Hoppy Easter: Lisa P. 4/24: Perrigo Nutritionals: Laura D. 4/22: Accused: PB: Susan S.; ecopies: Denise S., Anastasia, Nikhil., Angela W. Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong: Louisa D. For the Love of Mom: Christina C 4/20: London Bound: Mihaela D. 4/19: Bending/Breaking the Rules: Linda K. 4/17: All My Restless Life to Live: Becky K. 4/16: Gentle Spring Cleaning: Denise S. 4/14: Across the Wire: Chiara 4/10: Fool for Books: Heather K. 4/7: Spring Fling Hop: Paige C. Three Little Words: Christy C. Lost In Us: Ashley P. 4/1: Walking with Dinosaurs: Leslie S. 3/26: Transformed: Tamara N. 3/25 Lucky Leprechaun Hop: Deborah W. 3/19: Good Luck Giveaway Hop: David B. 3/18: Magical March: Michele B. Under the Rainbow: Stephanie S. It’s Your Lucky Day: Tanya W. 3/17: Dial soap coupons: Amy O., Laurie 3/12: Resistance: Melanie C. 3/11: Lost In Us: Denise S., Heather, Marlena F. 3/8: Leap Into Books: Holly S. 3/7: Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Big Help DVD: Lesley F. 3/5: Dial Body Wash: Kathy L. 3/4: This Much Is True: Chiara 2/28: In Pursuit: Cassandra M 2/27: The Star Catcher: Kiara A. 2/26: Inner Core: Janice C. 2/23: Immagica: Anna W. 2/20: Almost Bad Boys: Mihaela D. 2/19: Purex: Laura B. 2/17: Free Birds: Sarah Marie J. Crazy Cupid: Kathie C. 2/15: Forget Me Nots: Laura S. 2/13: Bye-Bye Winter: Mary C. 2/10: $25 Amazon: Tracy R. 2/5: Knowing Jack: Kelly G. 2/4: Be Our Valentine:  Holly L. 1/31: My Date From Hell: Renee G. Forever Loved: Susan S. 1/26: Where Life Takes You: Jayne T.; Mary B.; Susan S. 1/25: No Strings Attached Hop: crystal816 Dreaming of Books: Bri S. 1/21: New Year Giveaway Hop: Calien L. 1/13: Cheer for the New Year: Nadene A. 1/12: Clear Your Shelf: Susan B., Jessica D., Robyn D. 1/8: Pentimento: James C. Noelle Adams: Jayne T. 1/7: Insanity: Holly L. 1/5: The Cure: Tracey M. 1/2: Midwinter’s Eve: Velvet H. 12/31: Hot Dots: Tara O. 12/30: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters: Sunshine G. Fallen: Jennifer C. Letters to Nowhere: Ann 12/17: Santa’s Little Helper Giveaway Hop:  Dorrie T. Donut Shop Blend K-cups: Cynthia C 12/16: Jingle Jam Giveaway Hop: Roger S. 12/11: Gift Card Giveaway Hop: Alicia K. 12/5: Cardpool: Kelly N. 12/4: Anything Goes: Andrea W. 12/1: Gratitude Giveaway:  Ellen T. 11/25: Gannon and Wyatt: Anthony H. 11/23: Black Friday Gift Card and Cash Hop: Amy F. 11/19: Anything Goes November: Jill K. Great Gifts: Pam O. 11/12: Whatever Goes Giveaway Hop: Stephen 11/4: Anything Goes October Giveaway Hop: Shirley Spooktacular Giveaway Hop:  Tina R. Treat Yourself Giveaway Hop: Lara T. 10/23: Her Dear and Loving Husband: Daniel M. 10/21:

Shutterfly: Stephanie B.

Purex coupons:  Anastasia

10/20: The Croods: Julia C. 10/17: Blogging to Success: Robert B. 10/13: Strawberry Shortcake: Michelle H. 10/8: Last Hurrah: Amber L. 10/2: Great Gift Card Giveaway: Tabathia W. 15k Fan Celebration: Richelle B. 9/25: Modern Family: Samantha W. 9/17: Spa For Ma: Kate F. 9/10: September is for Sequels: Squeak 8/25: Epic: Kenia 8/22: Summer Sweeping to Win: Deb S. Find Your Paradise: Beth H. Purex: Linda B., Jackie V., Valerie T. M. Summer Romance Hop: Beth 8/15: $20 cash: Georgia B. 8/13: Dragons: Riders of Berk: Dasha 8/8: Summer Giveaway Hop: Leslie G. 8/5: Lazy Days of Summer: Mayya 8/3: House Party 5: Katie A. 7/29: Dial Body Wash: Teresa T., Cynthia C., Lisa L., Nicole C., Sherry S. 7/27: Book’em Danno Hop: Lisa B. 7/16: Hot Summer Nights: Debra P. Year of You: Vicki H. 7/10: Freedom to Read: Renee G 7/6 I Love Winning: Danielle P 7/3: Midsummer’s Eve: Velvet H. Summer Solstice: Rae N. 6/22: Tiny Prints: Tina R. 6/17: Sweet Summertime: Stephen R. School’s Out: Victoria G. B. 6/10: Super Dad: Kathleen 6/1: May There Always Be Books: Cynthia C. 5/30: Tiny Prints:  Stephanie L. 5/27: Something Special for Mom: Linda B. 5/19: MamaLOVE: Jessica S. 5/8: Spring Fling: Kim P. 5/4: Showers of Books: Brooke 4/9: Fool for Books: Jalaine S. 4/6: Hoppy Easter Hop: Michelle P. 4/2: Lucky Bunny Giveaway Hop: Ruth C 3/23: Lucky Leprechaun Hop: Shelly H. 3/20: Under the Rainbow Giveaway Hop: Kim S. Good Luck Giveaway Hop: Sandra P. 2/27: Escape from Planet Earth: Dorothy D. 2/22: Black CZ Earrings: Christine V. 1/25: Dreaming of Books: Eg K. 1/18: Just January: KT A 1/16: Bellies to Babies: Caitlin M. 1/14: Gevalia Coffee: Linda K. 1/13: Black pearl earrings: Kelly T. 1/8: Weight Watchers cookbook: Sandra B. Whole Caboodle: Mary N. 1/2: Best of 2012: Shannon B. Christmas Letdown Hop: Renee C. C. 12/31: Hoppin’ for the Hoildays: Jennifer B. Mia Mariu: Leslie G. 12/28: Mid-winters Eve Giveaway Hop: Robin G. 12/22: YumEarth Gummy Bears: Michelle T. 12/18: Gift Card Giveaway Hop: elmomomi 12/16: Jingle Jam: Shea B. Winner Wonderland: Crystal W. 12/14: Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Gift of Christmas: sschroeder, cardshark42, mogrann 12/12: The Christmas Pony: Mary Ann W. 12/8: Holiday Turkey Hunt: Shelly M. 12/2: Jingle Jubilee: Roberta H. 11/29: Winning for Thanksgiving: Kaitlin B. 11/26: Gratitude Giveaways: TF Black Friday Book Bonanza: Cynthia L. 11/19: Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Hop: Ashley S. It’s In the Bag Giveaway Hop: Krista G. 11/16: Winter’s Coming Giveaway Hop: Jessica R. 11/15: Welcoming Winter Giveaway Hop: Jessica B. 11/13 Thankful for Books Giveaway Hop: Melissa H. 11/6 BFFL Delivery Bag: Jennifer N. Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow: Claudia H. Hoppin’ Halloween Giveaway Hop: Ada M. Spooktacular Giveaway Hop: Natasha D. 10/31 $50 Tiny Prints promo code: Jeanna J. 10/19 Care4Hire membership: Gina S. 10/11 My Friend Paris books: Francine M. 10/2 $35 Shutterfly credit: courtafi*** American Dervish paperback: Bonnie Y., Kylie C., Krista G. American Dervish audiobook: Angie W. 10/1 Bath and Body Works tote: Paul T. 9/14 Clean Reads Giveaway Hop: Rachael H., Wayne L., Chrystal J. 9/11 Too Cool for School Giveaway Hop: Aaron B. 9/2 Where’d You Go, Bernadette: Kathy G. P., Ambrielle B., Bonnie Y. 8/29 What in God’s Name: Virginia R., Wayne L., Mary Ann W. 8/7 Wish You Were Here Hop/Disney Tees: Amy O. 8/3 Tigers in Red Weather: Susan S., Helen K., Tricha L. Say Hello to a Better Body!: Terrim F., Adrienne W., Heather S. 7/27 The Violinist’s Thumb: Monja B., Cyndee T. 7/16 Summerland: Mamabunny S. 7/10 Pearl Earrings: Kelly D. S. 7/6 ARC of The Reckoning: Cricket Chicken Soup for the Soul: Say Goodbye to Stress: Hoa L.,  Becca W., Tricia D. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stay-at-Home Moms: Damian J., Marissa M., Carol S. 6/22 Chicken Soup for the Soul books: Ashley H. 6/13 Pixi Lumi Luxe Bronzer Palette:  Theresa J. Digital photo frame:  Christy W. 6/5 $15 iTunes gift card: Carla G. 5/30 Blogger PR Kickoff event: Karen J. $5 Starbucks: Kim R.


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    Nena Sinclair

    Congrats to all the winners! :)

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    Christy Weller

    I’m so excited.. Thank you so much.. :)

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