Jan 20

Restore Old Memories with Legacy Box Giveaway (Ends 2/10)

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Restore Old Memories Giveaway

Welcome to the Restore Old Memories Giveaway!

1 Winner


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Restore Old Memories by just packing your Legacybox kit with all your pictures and/or videos. They include a step-by-step welcome guide, safety barcodes for every item, and a pre-paid UPS® shipping label. Drop your filled Legacybox off at a UPS location, pat yourself on the back, and let them take it from there. This is such an easy way to Restore Old Memories.



$549.99 RV

Available on Amazon

I imagine that everybody has some old media with precious memories that are unable to be salvaged. Before the technology gets even more obsolete, have Legacy Box turn those photos into something that can be treasured for many more years to come.




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    Jan Lee

    I learned you cab get Get 25% Off
    All LEGACYBOX Kits while supplies last. 🙂

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