Nov 04

JLab #1 True Wireless Air Earbuds Family at Best Buy #findyourgo

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This post is brought to you by Best Buy.  All thoughts are my own.

So it’s about that time again…time to buy gifts for people who are impossible to buy for, and gifts that they’ll love.  Since I’m actually one of those people, I have a hint for you – head to Best Buy.  Since technology has permeated so much of our life,  there’s really something there for just about anybody.  Need more direction?  How about some earbuds?  Not just any earbuds, but True Wireless earbuds from JLab.

These beauties come in three different styles to meet all of your earbud needs: Sport, Icon, and Executive.  Each model is slightly different so one of them is sure to fit your gift recipient’s needs.  The best part?  They’re all under $100!  Getting something perfect for your loved one and at a great price, what could be better?

All of these earbuds connect via Bluetooth to your device.  Also, all of them are sweat-resistant, so even if you don’t get the Sport model, they’re still safe for workouts and exercise.  And the best part?  No wires to tie you down!  You can move freely while taking your music, podcasts, audiobooks, or whatever with you, no matter what you’re doing.  Each model offers these assets while delivering excellent sound.  I have used JLab products and find them superior to other, more expensive earbuds.

Actually, I have to say I think the best part is the price.  We all know about similar products that are scary expensive.  These will fit anybody’s budget so everybody can get an amazing sound experience.

So to remind you again, a great sound experience without wires really is possible with the JLab Air family of wireless earbuds These are all available at your local Best Buy store or online at Best Buy.com.  Add JLab wireless earbuds to your wishlist, and then add them to your shopping list for all of your friends and family!


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