Oct 14

See it. Stream it. with Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player from BestBuy

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I received payment in exchange for this post. All thoughts are my own.

I bet you have a lot of content on your phone throughout your various apps.  Yeah, it’s cool that we can watch those videos on the go, wherever we may be.  But wouldn’t it be even cooler if we could watch that content on a TV AND still continue to use the device at the same time?

Enter the wonder of the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player!  This little tool connects through your HD TV’s existing HDMI port and lets you stream content right from your phone to your TV.  The bonus part is that you can just keep on doing whatever you were doing on that device, so you could be scrolling through Facebook while the kids chill out with the latest Disney movie.

I love this because it lets you keep the apps on your main device, instead of needing a go-between device like a video game console or smart TV.  The Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player is very affordable so you can just add one to every TV in your home for far less than upgrading to a smart TV or the like.

If you already have Google Home, you can use voice commands to tell this media player what you want to play from what app and on what TV.  If you don’t have Google Home yet…well, isn’t that reason enough to get that set up right now?

Don’t limit yourself to the Netflix library either.  Think of streaming your photos and live television, and content from apps like You Tube, You Tube TV, HBO Now, and even more.  In fact, there’s over 2000 compatible apps!  You can see more details at g.co/chromecast/.

Treat your entire family to the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player this holiday season.  Get that content off those tiny screens and let it come alive on the huge TV you already have and bask in the excitement!

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