Sep 18

Sony Noise Canceling WH-1000XM3 Headphones at Best Buy @SonyElectronics @BestBuy

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This post is brought to you by Best Buy and Sony.  All thoughts are my own.


Picture this…you’re jamming out to some tunes but outside noise is running your experience.  It could be road noise as you’re walking in the city, people talking next to you at the gym, or even your kids trying to get your attention (kidding!…kinda).  A sub-par music experience sucks, especially when you’re listening to a favorite song.  I have lots of problems with sound intrusion with my current earbuds, and I really just use mine for captioning purposes.  Those outsides noises can make it very hard to decipher what is being said, especially when the speaker has a heavy accent and/or is using technical terms.

So I’m very excited to share Sony’s new industry leading Noise Canceling WH-1000XM3 headphones, now available at Best Buy!


They even look awesome, so you know your sound experience will be top-notch.  As I mentioned before, Sony has put their proprietary noise canceling processor into these headphones to give you superb noise cancellation.  On top of that, the 40mm drivers are High-Res audio compatible, so they’re able to bring you a full range of frequencies.

Even more, you say?  Yes…these headphones are smart!  They offer Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound to detect your activity so it can balance the noise canceling level accordingly.

And, my favorite part…they’re wireless.  Well, not just wireless but they have a 30 hour playback time on one charge.  Yes, 30 hours.  AND they’re fast charging, so just 10 minutes of charge time will give you another five hours of listening.  You love the fast charging on your phone, and you’ll adore it here.

If you’re shopping for any sort of audiophile, or even loved ones who you think deserve this fantastic listening experience, you’ll want to check out Sony’s Noise Canceling WH-1000XM3 Headphones, available at your local Best Buy.  Of course, I’m not one to judge if you decide to pick up a  pair for yourself…


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