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Jeepers! It’s January! Giveaway Hop (Ends 1/17)

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Welcome to the Jeepers! It’s Christmas in July! Giveaway Hop!  This hop is hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island.  We’ve got a big group of bloggers who all want to give you great prizes to ring in the new year and survive the cold.  The complete list of blogs in this hop is at the end of this post, so be sure to check it out.

On Literary Winner, I’ve got a prize to help you endure the cold days.  As I right this, we have reached a high of 24 degrees in the Hudson Valley of New York, and that is substantially higher than it has been the past few days and we’ll be hitting record lows at the end of this week.  Needless to say, we’ve been spending a lot of time inside.  Movies have always been my go-to for inside days and so I want to give one of you a new movie to enjoy, no matter your weather outside: a DVD copy of Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Best in Show!

It’s a howling good time when Strawberry Shortcake and her pals meet some new furry friends in these delightful “tails” about being yourself and encouraging others to do the same.

This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends Wednesday, 1/17/18, at 11:59pm ET.  To enter, just use the widget below.  After you enter, be sure to keep scrolling down to see the complete list of giveaways in this hop.  Good luck!



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  1. 38
    Laurie Emerson

    It is 18 degrees with some ice which is so out of normal as I live in MS!

  2. 37
    Patricia Green

    It’s 20° here in Wisconsin right now. Downright balmy!!

  3. 36
    gloria patterson

    Got my heat fixed yesterday but just cannot get warm. My feet are so cold It is 11 now and tomorrow we are going to have a HIGH OF 32 YEA

  4. 35

    It is snowing today.

  5. 34
    kathy pease

    Today it is snowing and pretty cold

  6. 33

    It’s 14 degress with fresh snow on the ground. Snow day for the kids!

  7. 32
    Kayla Klontz

    It’s freezing and snowy!

  8. 31
    Jennifer H.

    The temp is in the single digits.

  9. 30
    Deborah W.

    We got four more inches of snow yesterday on top of the 4 inches we had from the weekend. The wind chill is -15 and the temperature is in single digits. Looking forward to the ‘warm up’ this weekend. Hope it comes!

  10. 29
    Hesper Fry

    The weather by me is cold and snowy.

  11. 28
    Daniel M

    20 degrees and going to snow again

  12. 27
    Brenda Elsner

    It is cold and was snowy this morning

  13. 26

    It is very cold.

  14. 25

    It is so so cold and sunny too.

  15. 24
    Richard Brandt

    A bit chillier today, especially considering I’m in South Alabama.

  16. 23
    Teresa Kunberger

    The weather here is super cold would be nice to have this for the kiddos to watch on days like this

  17. 22
    Terra Heck

    The weather was 8 degrees. Super cold and super windy. Not a fan!

  18. 21
    Stephanie Larison

    Snowy and freezing. Wind chill here feels like -10º.

  19. 20
    elizabeth miller

    It actually warmed up a little today (finally), however it is overcast and going to rain tonight and then right zooming back down to 15 degrees.

  20. 19
    Jan Lee

    Today, it’s 56 degress but that’s very strange for this time of year. It is supposed to change to freezing cold weather tomorrow through the rest of the week, then go back to 45 to 50 degree weather by the weekend, again. Very, very strange for January right now.

  21. 18

    It is in the 50’s and all snow is gone. YAY!

  22. 17
    Karley Moore

    The weather here in Texas is nice, but cloudy.

  23. 16
    Lisa Williams

    The weather here is dark,cold,and raining.

  24. 15
    Holly Thomas

    The weather here today is actually a wintery mix. Freezing rain with lots of snow and my phone says it feels like 9 degrees!

  25. 14
    Ashley Chassereau Parks

    It was just above freezing for a few hours and now its 26 degrees. Brrrr! I wasn’t made for this kind of weather.

  26. 13

    It’s cold.

  27. 12

    It’s freezing cold here today!

  28. 11
    Rebecca Orr

    We are dealing with sever negative wind chills. All schools have been closed for the day due to the cold. Spring and summer can not come fast enough.

  29. 10
    Christa Bengtsson

    The weather here is cold, but feels a little warmer than last week and earlier this week. We had sun and no wind.

  30. 9

    We had a blizzard here in New Jersey today. Several inches of snow and very cold. The winds are wild!

  31. 8
    Judy Cox

    I live in the southern part of Louisiana and in the past week or two it has snowed about 6 inches of snow and this whole week we have had 4 straight hard freezes. I have been wondering if I moved North and didn’t realize it!!

  32. 7
    Darlene Carbajal

    It’s sunny and warm.

  33. 6
    Marty C

    It’s actually warmed up quite a bit since New Year’s Day — 7 degrees this morning/

  34. 5
    Ashley Trail

    In MD it’s super cold maybe 14 degrees and feels even colder .

  35. 4
    Michelle S

    It was 1 degree out with the wind chill below zero this morning.

  36. 3
    Tammy V.

    It is very frigid, feels like 1, and some snow today but not too much. Better tgan we have been which is below zero.

  37. 2
    Debbie Erickson

    75 degrees

  38. 1
    jeanette sheets

    18 degrees and cold

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