Sep 16

Unbe-Leaf-Able September to Remember Giveaway Hop – ends 9/30

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Welcome to the Unbe-Leaf-Able September to Remember Giveaway Hop, hosted by MamatheFox and co-hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island!  We’ve got lots of great giveaways for you to enter to help you celebrate the beginning of fall.  Be sure to check out the complete list at the end of this post of all of the giveaways.

My kids have started back to school and for us that means lots of classmate birthday parties.  All of those gifts can break the bank, especially with the holidays approaching.  I prefer to stock up on sale items and stash them away for gifts.  I’ve got a great prize for you to keep in the gift closet or to slip into a stocking come holiday time: Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Best Friends on DVD!

It’s friends first for Strawberry Shortcake and her favorite gal pals in “Berry Best Friends”! When Orange Blossom’s general store overflows with a new line of fruits and veggies, she tries to handle all of the details without any help from others, and, as a result, she’s exhausted! Strawberry is excited to be building a new marketplace, but has a tough time learning how to graciously say, “no, thank you.” Both soon learn that talking about what you need is the berry best thing to do. When the BFFs form a new band called Strawberry and the Sweet Beats, they’re all jazzed to head out on the road…except Orange, who is afraid to admit that she doesn’t want to leave home. Once she tells her friends how she feels, she’s ready to set out for a rockin’ good time.

This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends on Saturday, 9/30/17 at 11:59 pm ET.  To enter, just use the widget below.  Keep scrolling down after you enter to see the complete list of giveaways in this hop.  Good luck!



MamatheFox and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations.

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  1. 16
    Kathy Pease

    My husband and I are renovating our basement

  2. 15
    Laurie Emerson

    This week I finally went from subbing to full time teaching.

  3. 14
    elizabeth miller

    This month has been horrible. My husband got salmonella poisoning from a restaurant and was extrememely sick for a week. After about a week, he was still sick and it was progressing. It progressed to where his ankles and feet started to swell and were so painful that he could not stand or walk. He was put into the hospital for almost a week. The docs said that his immune system overreacted and started attacking his own joints even though there was nothing wrong with him. He has been on high dose steroids and an immuniosuppresant to get the swelling down and to get his immune system to calm down. He has been out of work for 4 months and still can barely move.

  4. 13
    Julie Waldron

    My daughter & I visited New York City last week.

  5. 12

    We are about to start another $10,000 ivf treatment, and it needs to work this time!

  6. 11
    Candace Galan

    I am 8 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. I already have 3 boys so very anxious to find out what this one is.

  7. 10
    Jan Lee

    My birthday will be this month in a couple weeks and my grandma’s birthday was always 2 days before mine 🙂 Now that she’s gone tho, my niece’s wedding anniversary is the day of my grandma’s birthday so it’s always very special still :))

    1. 10.1
      Jan Lee

      (actually my birthday will be in 10 days not ‘a couple weeks’ lol)

  8. 9
    Ashley Turicik

    I am 30 weeks pregnant with baby number four which will be my third son.

  9. 8

    I grew a lot as a person this month! 🙂

  10. 7
    Lisa Richards

    Humm, this is and will be an pretty un-happening month. THough My hubby will be gone for 4-5 days on a flounder gigging trip (kinda like frog gigging but you do it in the dark. Walking in the water around the little islands at the Outer Banks with a gig in one hand, a pole light in another and still hold on to the edge of the boat. yeah, I know that’s three hands but that’s what you do). Anyway, as I’ll be by myself, I can stay up all night and read and no one will say “You coming to bed, yet” Plus I won’t cook for four days! I’ll either go out or eat cereal (if I want to for supper)!

  11. 6
    Judy Cox

    September is my birthday month!! I am sure there will be a small party with friends!!!

  12. 5
    Rita Wray

    My two grandsons went back to school. I’ll miss not seeing them as much.

  13. 4

    I got a summons for jury duty this month.

  14. 3
    molli taylor

    this month is my wedding anniversary

  15. 2
    Jacquelyn Cannon

    My grandson started kindergarten this month and I also started a new job working as a teacher this month.

  16. 1
    Becky Kinard

    We have friends who were camped at the lake and we went and spent the day with them. They have a party barge and we putted around the lake all afternoon and then ended the day with a great supper of fried fish. It was a relaxing and enjoyable day for family and friends.

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