May 03

*CLOSED* Life is a Beach Giveaway Hop – ends 5/17

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Welcome to the Life is a Beach Giveaway Hop, hosted by The Kids Did It & The Mommy Island!  This giveaway hop features a ton of bloggers who all want to give you prizes to help you have a fun summer!  Check out the complete list of participating bloggers at the end of this post.

I’ve got a fun prize for you – a pretty necklace!

necklace beach

This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends Wednesday, 5/17/17 at 11:59 pm ET.  To enter, just use the widget below.  After you enter, keep scrolling down to see the complete list of bloggers in this hop.  Good luck!



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  1. 54
    Neil Sullivan

    I prefer the Beach, but sill like pools

  2. 53
    Trisha McKee

    Oh I am such a beach person. That is definitely my preference.

  3. 52
    Shelley P

    I prefer the beach.

  4. 51

    I prefer the beach.

  5. 50
    Laurie Emerson

    I prefer the beach.

  6. 49

    I prefer the beach!

  7. 48
    Kathy Pease

    I love the beach it is so relaxing

  8. 47
    Holly Thomas

    I hate them both equally!

  9. 46
    Jerry Marquardt

    I prefer the beach over the pool. I love nature better.

  10. 45
    William Karcher

    I like going to the beach and watching the sun set !

  11. 44
    Docia Vagnerini

    definitely the beach! One of my favorite places on earth, there’s just nothing like the ocean!

  12. 43
    Jill Rivera

    I prefer the beach, but I have a pool in our backyard. It is nice to jump in and get wet.

  13. 42
    Margaret Appel

    Growing up in Daytona Beach, we always preferred the beach & swimming in the ocean. We always thought it was funny the visitors would stay up in the pools away from the ocean. Then we got older, saw Jaws, and that was it. We still love the beach, walking along picking up shells, sea beans, & sea glass, but if we’re going swimming, it’s the pool!

  14. 41
    Carolyn D

    I like both of them. Sometimes I prefer the pool to avoid the sand.

  15. 40

    I prefer the beach.

  16. 39
    elizabeth miller

    that is really a hard call. For swimming I definitly prefer a pool. For laying around, I prefer the beach.

  17. 38
    molli taylor

    i love to hang out at the beach but i only like to swim at a pool… im so weird!

  18. 37
    Nora Scott-Platt


  19. 36
    Corrie Kolbe

    Beach!! It’s been 7 years since I have been to a beach!

  20. 35
    Jeanna Massman

    Given the choice, I would say the beach.

  21. 34
    Cara Kirkland

    I prefer the beach.

  22. 33
    denise low

    I love going to the beach when we go on vacation.

  23. 32
    Jan Lee

    I’ve never swam at a beach, other than at Girl Scout camp with a man made beach, so I’d have to say a pool. 🙂

  24. 31
    Jean F

    Give me the beach.

  25. 30
    Kasee Johnson

    I prefer the pool! I abhor sand, but I love the scent of chlorine. However, I cannot survive without visiting the ocean often. The sound of the waves is so soothing.

  26. 29
    gloria patterson

    I am a pool girl all the way…………. Old enough to have saw all of the Jaw’s movies and after that its pools only

  27. 28

    I prefer the beach!

  28. 27

    I prefer the beach over the pool.

  29. 26
    Robin Abrams

    I prefer the pool . But I love the beach too

  30. 25
    Jennifer babich

    I love vacationing at the beach. To cook off with kids the pool works great

  31. 24
    Sarah Blake

    I prefer pools over the beach.

  32. 23
    Vicki Wurgler

    I prefer the beach over the pool

  33. 22
    Jessica Cox

    I prefer the pool I can see where I am stepping

  34. 21

    well, I do not know how to swim. So I have never been to a real beach. So I will say a pool for me. I have gone swimming in a pool before just not swimming. I love this necklace with all of the hearts and a ring!

  35. 20

    I enjoy both!

  36. 19
    Kayla Klontz

    I prefer the beach over the pool, I love the sand, I don’t mind getting dirty!

  37. 18
    Terra Heck

    I’ve never been to the beach, so I’d say I prefer the pool. Thanks.

  38. 17
    Pam Halligan

    I prefer the pool.

  39. 16
    Cheryl Chervitz

    I prefer the beach much better than a pool.

  40. 15
    Darlene Carbajal

    I prefer the pool!

  41. 14
    Judy Cox

    I prefer the beach over a pool.

  42. 13
    Julie Bickham

    I prefer a beach! Nothing beats the view!

  43. 12
    Sharon Rooney

    Being a “Jersey girl” and growing up going to the Jersey shore, I prefer the beach to a pool.

  44. 11
    Tiffany S

    I like both actually. But with my toddler, the pool is a bit easier to handle!

  45. 10
    Michelle S

    Beach – every time!

  46. 9

    I definitely prefer the beach. Or a lake. We go to a beautiful lake every summer.

  47. 8
    rochelle haynes

    I would love the pool it is private and not a lt of people around

  48. 7

    I definitely prefer the beach, as it feels more comfortable and relaxed to me. But sitting poolside at a tropical “dream destination” doesn’t sound too bad, either. 🙂

  49. 6
    Richard Brandt

    I prefer the beach over a good sandy pool.

  50. 5
    Sherry Compton

    Not living near the beach, I’d say it. While I’d rather swim in a pool, being on the beach is wonderful.

  51. 4
    Ann Fantom

    I prefer the beach

  52. 3
    Mia J

    I enjoy a pool more although I love to look at the beach I don’t really like the sand to much.

  53. 2
    Jennifer Reed

    I prefer the pool over the beach because I don’t enjoy the sand.

  54. 1
    Darlene Owen

    I prefer the beach.

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