Apr 05

*CLOSED* Rain Rain Go Away Giveaway Hop – ends 4/19

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Welcome to the Rain Rain Go Away Giveaway Hop!  This hop is hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island.  There are a deluge of fantastic giveaways to enter here, all to celebrate spring finally arriving!  See the complete list at the end of this post.

Spring is my favorite season.  It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold.  The flowers are blooming, birds are singing and snow is gone.  It’s a time of promise and renewed beauty.  Even an indoorsy person like me can appreciate all that is going on at this time in nature.  To help you enjoy it even more, I’m giving one of you a $10 Amazon gift code!


This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends Wednesday, 4/19/17 at 11:59pm ET.  To enter, just use the widget below.  After you enter, keep scrolling down for a list of all the giveaways in this hop.  Good luck!



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  1. 88

    Summer is my favorite season. I like it hot and humid

  2. 87
    Sarah L

    Still can’t write on your FB page. I shared a post instead.

  3. 86
    Sarah L

    I love everything about Spring: Longer days, green growing things, birds singing.
    Thanks for the contest.

  4. 85
    Jerry Marquardt

    My favorite season of the year is springtime.

  5. 84
    Renee Rousseau

    Today I am in love with Spring! My lilacs are soon to bloom! But as far as favorites go I have to say that Spring and Fall are tied in my mind because I love 70 degree weather!

  6. 83
    Richard Hicks

    It is toss up between Spring and Fall. Probably more so Fall

  7. 82

    My favorite season is summer. I love the warm weather!

  8. 81

    Autumn is my favorite season. I really love all of them, except summer. 🙂

  9. 80

    Fall is my favorite season

  10. 79
    Hannah C

    Spring is my favorite season.

  11. 78
    Holly Thomas

    I love the brief Fall we have in Florida.

  12. 77
    Jery M.

    I like summer because there is more free time to do fun things with my family.

  13. 76
    Jake B

    I love Summer

  14. 75
    Francine Anchondo

    My favorite season is spring

  15. 74

    Winter is my favorite! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. 73

    My favorite season is summer.

  17. 72
    amy guillaume linderman

    i love summer…i love being able to pick rhubarb and raspberries in my yard

  18. 71
    Jan Lee

    Fall is my favorite season 😉 Not too hot, not too cold, and my birthday 🙂

  19. 70
    Kimberly Flickinger

    My favorite seasons are Fall and Spring.

  20. 69
    Elizabeth Miller

    my favorite season is spring. I love the warmer air, the bright sun, and everything blooming.

  21. 68

    My favorite season is fall.

  22. 67
    Daniel M

    spring when everything is new again

  23. 66
    Seyma Shabbir

    I love the summer because that is when most of our garden fruits!

  24. 65
    Jeanna Massman

    Spring is my favorite season.

  25. 64

    It’s a toss up between spring and fall. I just like moderate weather!

  26. 63

    I like autumn, it is a little cooler and I get to indulged in pumpkin spiced everything!

  27. 62
    Debbi Wellenstein

    My favorite season is fall. The heat of the summer is behind, now it’s time for rest.

  28. 61
    Ashley C

    My favorite season is spring! I love all the new spring growth, warm weather and they days getting longer

  29. 60
    Cynthia C

    Summer is my favorite season. I like warm weather.

  30. 59
    Sheila B

    Summer is my favorite!

  31. 58

    My favorite is summer.

  32. 57
    Kristi C

    My favorite season is fall.

  33. 56
    Amy Deeter

    I would have to say spring.Not to hot and not to cold

  34. 55
    Thomas Gibson

    My favorite season is Winter as I live in Florida.

  35. 54
    Bethany Suire

    My Favorite Seasin of the year would have to be Fall with Spring coming in as a close second!

  36. 53
    Sherry Compton

    I like spring and fall both with their in between weather and everything is in bloom. Fall seems to have cooler air and warmer colors that I like.

  37. 52
    Kathleen Cooper

    LOVE all the colors, flavors, and scents of autumn!

  38. 51
    Amy delong

    My favorite season is summer

  39. 50

    I don’t have a favorite; I like them all.

  40. 49
    Mahdi Martin

    I love Autumn the most. The temperature is just perfect. Spring is a close second, but it’s a bit humid. The mosquitos are another story.

  41. 48
    Robin Abrams

    I love summer. We get to go camping more. My family loves to camp

  42. 47
    Terra Heck

    My favorite season is Autumn, for the bonfires, hoodies, cool weather and Halloween. Thanks.

  43. 46

    I love the Spring…love all the flowers and the nice temperature in Northern California

  44. 45
    Linda Kish

    Spring is my favorite season.

  45. 44
    Glen H

    I enjoy summer

  46. 43
    Carolyn Daley

    Autumn is my favorite season.

  47. 42
    maria B

    I love Winter because I love snow.

  48. 41

    My favorite season is fall.

  49. 40
    sheila ressel

    My favorite season is spring.

  50. 39

    I love summer 🙂

  51. 38
    Cynthia R

    My favorite season is the fall, I love the temperature, the clothes, the boots, and the changing leaves.

  52. 37

    My favorite Season is Summer

  53. 36
    Angelica Dimeo

    My favorite Season is Summer

  54. 35

    I’ve always liked Summer because it’s warm.

  55. 34
    Judy Cox

    I love the Spring because of all the new beginnings that start up after the Winter.

  56. 33
    Kate F.

    My favorite season is spring.

  57. 32
    Susan Smith

    My favorite season is Fall

  58. 31
    Cheryl Chervitz

    I like spring the best. It reminds me that everything starts over again.

  59. 30
    jeanette sheets


  60. 29
    Donna N.

    I like Spring and Fall

    1. 29.1


  61. 28
    Cindy Brooks

    I love them all for different reasons, but autumn is probably my favorite.

  62. 27

    I love fall

  63. 26
    Jessica Cox

    My favorite season is Fall

  64. 25

    I tend to prefer fall because the days are cooler

  65. 24
    Cathy French

    My favorite season is the summer. Love the warmth and long daylight hours

  66. 23
    Mia J

    My favorite season is spring.

  67. 22

    I like Spring and fall pretty equally.

  68. 21
    Sharon Schoepe

    Autumn is my favorite season

  69. 20
    gloria patterson

    SPRING love the weather getting warmer, flowers April showers bring May flowers

  70. 19
    Debra Guillen

    My favorite season is Spring.

  71. 18

    Winter is my favorite season.

  72. 17
    Emily Endrizzi

    My favorite season is summer. I hate the cold weather.

  73. 16

    My favorite season is summer.
    Thank you!

  74. 15
    Lois M.

    Baseball season! 🙂 Hmm… well, if you want a normal season, spring/autumn for me. 😉

  75. 14
    Melissa Storms

    I love spring because it means the nasty winter is over.

  76. 13

    My favorite season in summer.

  77. 12
    Shelly Leatham

    Fall is my favorite season!

  78. 11
    Richard Brandt

    I like the autumn when we start getting a break from the summer heat.

  79. 10
    Darlene Carbajal

    I love winter!

  80. 9
    Ann Fantom

    Spring is my favorite seasaon because I love the colors and smells of the fresh flowers. Also I like the moderate weather so we can go on family bike rides.

  81. 8
    Lynne B

    My favorite season is Fall!

  82. 7
    Steve Weber

    Summer is my favorite season.

  83. 6

    Fall is by far my favorite season!

  84. 5
    Amber Ludwig

    Summer!! I love the heat!

  85. 4
    Tami Vollenweider

    Spring is my favorite season! Love the warmer weather!!

  86. 3
    shelly peterson

    I like Summer.

  87. 2

    My favorite season is Fall.

  88. 1
    Lisa Brown

    I love the fall.

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