Feb 24

YALit Giveaway Event

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YALit Giveaway Event!

A bunch of authors who got together to bring you a YOUNG ADULT Big Box of Paperbacks Giveaway! One lucky winner is going to win FIFTY (50) Young Adult Paperback Books! How’s that for an epic Book-Lover’s Prize?!

THIS BOX OF BOOKS IS VALUED AT OVER $500! And this giveaway is open worldwide! Our first giveaway went to a winner in ROMANIA–and yes, we’re willing to pay the insane shipping on this oversized, overweight package to get the prize to WHOEVER wins!

Here’s a sneak peek from one of the sponsors:

What Lies Within Us by Kiki Howell & Gina Kincade 

Rain assaulted the car window with the unrelenting onslaught of gunfire. Her pulse beat a rapid-tattoo, as if she were under attack. Another round of multiple lightning strikes flashed the dark sky to bright, ones that crossed the distance of the sky to the ground, bringing Kyna out of her murky thoughts of a re-written past to a clearly foreboding present. Just ahead, the first visuals of her aunt’s home in Armaugh appeared and disappeared in brief glimpses granted by the windshield wipers and the lightning. 

Her breath caught at the vast size of what resembled a castle on a hill. A steep incline of land seemed formed to hold up the formidable, three-level, stone façade. The structure consisted of several three-sided bays stuck together and one four-storey imposing tower to the right side. On the tower hung corner bartizans. These came into view as they made the sheer climb closer to her ancestral home. These rounded, grey stone turrets, cut with windows, multiplied her sense of being watched, that some sinister being stood sentinel over her, overseeing her every move. 

Crazy. All of it. She’d lost her mind to the sense of foreboding, and she had to get it back in the immediate future. Tough, a fighter in an impoverished world, surely she could handle whatever this display of wealth held for her. But, little made sense. Her past lay in a shamble of lies around her feet. Her future looked…well, scary. She had a lot to sort out, and planned to get right to it once she met her aunt. 

Her mouth had remained parched and her shoulders tense since she’d landed in this country. Her body betrayed her in various other ways as well. Strange sensations of heat in her core coupled with flashes of what she could only refer to as static electricity along her limbs, made her feel a foreigner in her own skin. 

As her driver pulled up to the grand entrance to the residence, put the car in park, grunted, and pulled himself out of the vehicle, Kyna took advantage of another long streak of lightning strikes to gaze upon this veritable castle of a house. The bays had mullioned windows, curvilinear gables, and tall, dark brick chimneys. While she presumed the stone to be a light grey in the light of day, it accosted her with looming shades of smoke, as if old and charred, from her storm-shielded, misty view. 

The metallic shriek of her door opening sent a wave of panic crashing over her. From her teeth set on a painful edge, to that cold slither of fear down her spine, she forced herself to ignore each physical sensation, each body betrayal. She looked toward her driver as a streak of lightning silhouetted him, made him a dark outline like that of a large, monster-figure looming over her. He had several inches on her, as well as a bulky, full-muscled build one could only achieve with hours in a gym or steroids, she assumed. As he reached for her hand, the strength of his grip intensified to painful when an explosion of thunder cracked over them seconds later. She reminded herself, as a means of comfort, what little she knew of the man. Aedan Dunne, employed by her aunt, served as head of security; a man the woman trusted with her life. 

In a brief conversation at the airport, Kyna had learned through grumbles of words in response to her barrage of questions, that the man had been injured then forced into an early retirement from the Navy SEALs. Irish-born, he’d come home in hope of finding similar work, something where a mere leg injury would not be the big deal the military had made it out to be. While he may not be able to hide underwater at night in frigid water for hours like he used to without pain and cramping of the damaged muscles, he could surely protect on land, a home and a woman. From what her aunt had written of Aedan, while he may be short on words, failure wasn’t in his vocabulary. 

The cool sweat covering her skin intensified with the firm grip Aedan took of her waist once she stood. While casting shy glances at his face, what she could see of it for the shadows created by his hood: sharp cheekbones chiseled into a grimace, out of the corner of her eye she caught the image of a man and a woman in black uniforms run to the trunk of the car and grab her belongings in a swift and sure manner. To her, the rain-soaked stones that made up the pathway to the inset of the main door resembled yet another insurmountable obstacle. Really, she’d reached that point in her day. Every little thing currently escalated to dramatic portions. Never the type to make a mountain out of a molehill, she straightened her spine, lifted her head, and pushed her shoulders backward, determined not to start now. 

Yes, life had dumped a whole crap load of change and new discoveries on her. By the looks of things, another dump truck sped her way, but her mother hadn’t raised a quitter. Besides, Aedan’s strong arms and solid frame offered a possible means to diversion, if desired. From what her glimpses in the airport had gathered her, outside of being exactly what she’d imagine a SEAL to be, retired, he could now pursue a career in modeling with his intense dark eyes and full lips. Simply put, he had rugged, good looks that rivaled anything she’d seen in the movies. He stood strong and tall beside her, an image of masculinity beyond any she’d witnessed before, at least in her mind. 

While she dared another look, Aedan focused on getting her inside. With her first glimpse despite the rain that fell in large drops from the hood framing his face, her stomach tightened even more. Locks of dark chestnut brown hair fell in long, messy sections on each side of his forehead. Long, dark eyelashes framed wide moon-shaped eyes interspersed with flecks of green and gold shimmering in the reflection of the house lights. Intense and mesmerizing, she lost her train of thought, even as curiosity and anxiety mixed to further unsettle her. 

In perfect symmetry, the slim, angular, fu Manchu moustache thing he had going on accented the sharp ridges of his cheekbones. Scruff filled in his jaw line. Whether intended or not, he worked the look, appeared more wild and beast-like. She quivered at the thought of such a man attacking her, his eyes lust-filled. Her fingers twitched to touch the small patch of hair just under his full bottom lip. The word fierce popped into her mind, sent a shiver rushing through her spine that escalated as it moved from her head to her toes.



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