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*CLOSED* Jeepers It’s January! Giveaway Hop – Ends 1/31

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Welcome to the Jeepers It’s January! Giveaway Hop!  This hop is hosted by The Mommy Island and The Kids Did It.  We’ve got over 100 (!) bloggers who are all helping you celebrate the start of 2017 by winning some prizes.  The complete list of giveaways is at the end of this post so be sure to check that out.

I’ve got something for all of those snowy days: Strawberry Shortcake: Snowberry Days on DVD!

Strawberry-Shortcake -Snowberry-Days-DVD--pTRU1-20351747dt

Tis the season for winter fun in these berry cool Strawberry Shortcake episodes. A fun-filled playtime is interrupted when someone notices that the squirrels are low on supplies in “The Berry Long Winter.” Blueberry’s success with her own specially designed ice skates have the other girls feeling left out in “The Big Freeze.” And Raspberry’s spring fashion show plans are put “On Ice” when cold weather and an out-of-control fountain covers the catwalk fruit-colored ice. Join Strawberry and her berry best friends as they discover working with others ensures a Snowberry good time for everyone.

This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends Tuesday, 1/31/17 at 11:59 pm ET.  To enter, just use the widget below.  After you enter, keep scrolling down to see the complete list of giveaways in this hop. Good luck!



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  1. 36
    Vikki Billings

    My favorite month of the year is October, because the weather is changing and the colors on the trees start to change. Its a beautiful time of year.

  2. 35
    Renee Rousseau

    March is my favorite month because my sisters and I getaway for a girls’ week to honor our mother’s birthday and memory. Love spending time with my sisters!

  3. 34
    Stephanie Larison

    October is my fave month because I love Halloween.

  4. 33
    Jan Lee

    September is my fave month… not too hot not too cold, and my birthday month 🙂

  5. 32
    Sherry Compton

    I like May. The weather isn’t too hot yet plus it is my grandson’s birthday.

  6. 31
    Elizabeth Miller

    My favorite month of the year is April. I love it because everything is warming up and everything is starting to bloom and get a pretty green outside.

  7. 30
    Daniel M

    march when all the plants start coming up again

  8. 29
    Jeanna Massman

    April is my favorite month. My grandson and I both have our birthdays in April.

  9. 28
    Janice Crespo

    July is the best with the 4th of July! Love the fireworks and the warmth!

  10. 27
    Julie Waldron

    My favorite month is December because of the holidays. 🙂

  11. 26

    I like August because it is my birthday month, my grandsons and other family & friends birthday month!

  12. 25

    My favorite month is October.

  13. 24
    Amy Deeter

    My favorite is April. Nicer weather starts and it’s my daughters birthday as well

  14. 23
    Darlene Carbajal

    I love December because Christmas!

  15. 22
    Terra Heck

    My favorite month is October because it’s the month that my wedding anniversary and Halloween are in. Thanks.

  16. 21

    I like October cuz its my birthday month.

  17. 20

    My favorite month is June.
    Thank you!

  18. 19

    My favorite month is June.

  19. 18
    Robin Abrams

    I would have to say July is my favorite. I love the warm weather

  20. 17

    I like December.

  21. 16
    Marilyn Nawara

    My favorite month is July — love the hot summer weather

  22. 15
    Judy Cox

    My favorite month of the year is September!! That is my birth month and I like the weather during that month also.

  23. 14
    Ashley Richey

    I’m torn between my favorite month being July (the month we got married) and October (being my birthday month and the start of Fall!)

  24. 13

    I love October! 🙂

  25. 12
    Audrey Stewart

    I love June. Summer all month.

  26. 11
    June S.

    My favorite month of the year is the month of June, the weather is just much nicer then.

  27. 10
    Michelle S

    I’m partial to October when the leaves are turning plus it’s also my wedding anniversary month.

  28. 9
    Dawn Ganey

    I love may with birds in my birdbath & flowers blooming.

  29. 8
    Rita Wray

    My favorite month is July because the weather is warm.

  30. 7
    Richard Brandt

    March, that’s when I get all the free birthday meals!

  31. 6
    jennifer bowen

    I really don’t have a fav time of year but one of them I would say is jan why because its my b-day mo

  32. 5
    Mia J

    My favorite month of the year is May.

  33. 4
    Kristi C

    My favorite month of the year is June.

  34. 3
    Renee Walters

    My favorite month is December! I love everything Christmas!

  35. 2

    I like all of the prizes what a great big hop! I had written the one down called goal digger but I cannot find any of the actual giveaways? Did this one get cancelled?

  36. 1
    paige chandler

    I want to win the Kamik boots

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