Dec 21

*CLOSED* Midwinter’s Eve Giveaway Hop – ends 12/31

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Welcome to the Midwinter’s Eve Giveaway Hop, hosted by Bookhounds!  This hop features over 100 bloggers all giving away bookish prizes to help you celebrate the winter holidays.  Check out the complete list at the end of this post.

I’m giving away a fun yet easy prize – a $10 Amazon gift code!


This gives you the means to curl with a new book and stay warm inside.

This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends Saturday, 12/31/16, at 11:59pm ET.  To enter, just use the widget below.  After you enter, keep scrolling to see the complete list of participating giveaways.  Good luck!



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  1. 84

    I love reading in bed all cuddled up

  2. 83
    Alina R

    I like to read by the fireplace wrapped in my favorite blanket.

  3. 82

    On a cold winter day I enjoy reading in my recliner near the fireplace.

  4. 81

    In front of the fire place !

  5. 80
    Amber Cheras

    I love reading by a fire place.

  6. 79

    I love to read in my bed on a cold winters day all bundled up in my blankies

  7. 78

    I like to read while relaxing on the couch.

  8. 77
    tiffany dayton

    We rarely get snow. I like reading in bed.

  9. 76
    Renee Walters

    My favorite place to read is in my bed with a warm blanket and a Diet Coke.

  10. 75
    Kasee Johnson

    No snow here, but on rainy days, I like to curl up on one of our couches next to an open window and read while listening to the rain fall.

  11. 74
    Sandra Rodriquez

    in bed under the covers! it gets super cold here

  12. 73

    My bed under ALL my blankets!

  13. 72
    Renee Rousseau

    I like to read while soaking in a hot bath with a steaming hot Chai latte.

  14. 71
    Jen R

    My favorite place to read on a cold, snowy day would be in my living room in front of the fireplace with a cup of warm coffee or tea.

  15. 70
    Nicole colletti

    I love to snuggle in my bed with my comfy warm down comforter with my kids around me watching their cartoons (better that way I no noones getting into trouble or destroying my house haha) and just read my book! And yes I’m in New York we get snow! And freezing cold temps!

  16. 69
    Geri Sandoval

    In bed under the covers.

  17. 68
    Kelly Blackwell

    On a snowy day I love to snuggle up in bed and read. IF I am willing to brave the weather, there is a nice place in town that makes great cinnamon rolls. I definitely could put some reading time in there.

  18. 67
    Kim Holliday

    I love to curl up in my recliner with a warm blanket to read

  19. 66

    In a cosy chair next to my fireplace.

  20. 65
    Sarah L

    We get cold and snow and I like to curl up in my recliner with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.
    Thanks for the contest.

  21. 64

    My favorite place to read is on my couch.

  22. 63

    My favorite place to read is in bed with lots of blankets and coffee! Thanks for the giveaway & Happy New Year! 🙂

  23. 62
    Janie McGaugh

    I love to curl up on my bed.

  24. 61

    I get snow-a lot of it-and cold. I prefer reading in bed with my electric blanket on.

  25. 60
    Jeanna Massman

    I make a nest of pillows on my bed and read there.

  26. 59
    Daniel M

    bed is my fav place toread

  27. 58
    Amy Deeter

    My favorite place to read on a cold, snowy day is in my bedroom

  28. 57
    Heidi Robbins

    Snuggled up on the couch with a soft blanket and pillow!

  29. 56

    Oh I love to read in my rocking chair by the front windows! I love watching the snow come down! So beautiful!

  30. 55
    Jana Leah

    I love to read in my big comfy chair.

  31. 54
    Michelle C

    I like to read on the couch with a blanket and hot coffee.

  32. 53
    Janice Crespo

    My favorite spot to read, snow or not, is curled up under a blanket on my bed.

  33. 52
    Angela Archer

    On the couch, snuggled up under tons and tons of blankets. Thank you for the giveaway! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  34. 51
    Debbi Wellenstein

    I have a reading nook in my kitchen that looks out on the snow if we get any!

  35. 50

    I love to read on my couch in front of the fireplace.

  36. 49

    We really don’t get snow…but we have this recliner in our loving room and I love to read there with a blanket wrapped around my legs.

  37. 48


  38. 47
    amy delong

    in bed or on the couch

  39. 46
    Holly Thomas

    I like to read curled up on the sofa.

  40. 45
    Donna Newman

    In my comfy chair with my feet up on my stool with my Dr Who blanket

  41. 44
    Linda Kish

    My favorite place to read is in my room on my adjustable Tempurpedic bed with my little dog next to me.

  42. 43
    Cynthia R

    We don’t get much snow, we do have some cold months though. I like to read on my couch under my blanket.

  43. 42
    Della Williamson

    Where I used to live I had a reading spot to die for. Nice big fireplace with a blazing fire releasing the smell of pine. Comfy overstuffed chair. (Stole it from my granmama’s attic) Big window to look out once in awhile. Yes, snow with foot long ice cycles hanging off the eaves. Cup of hot choc on the end table by another book (for just in case). My mutt, Cindy keeping my tootsies warm. Stinker, Siamese cat, curled up on my lap. I really miss that. Stinker died just before we moved. I was kind of glad about that, because we moved far from the mountains, into an apartment in the city. I don’t think she would have ever liked that. Been 20 years. Miss her so. Miss the mountains, and the snow. We moved to a more temperate area because of his job. We initially planned to be there for only 2 or 4 years. But Jim really liked it there; so the work there became more or less permanent. But with his death I moved to a much quieter community. Been here 20 years and this year is the first time we’ve had snow that has lasted more than half an hour. And a longer than usual cold spell

  44. 41
    Margaret Appel

    We rarely get snow here in the Atlanta GA area. My favorite place to read is curled up in my overstuffed chair in the sunroom by the sliding glass doors to the back porch where the sun shines in during the day.

  45. 40

    My favorite place to read on a cold, snowy day is on the couch in front of the window. Every once in a while, I peek out to watch the snow fall.

  46. 39
    Tara Woods

    I like to read in bed, in the evenings.

  47. 38
    Marilyn Nawara

    I like to curl up on the sofa with a blanket when I read

  48. 37
    Susan Smith

    Sitting by my fireplace.

  49. 36
    Cindy Merrill

    Generally I read in the living room, wish I had a sofa, but I don’t. I make do with placing two regular chairs together.

  50. 35
    Cynthia C

    I like to read snuggled up in bed.

  51. 34
    Ann Hengst

    In the living room on the recliner with a soft blanket

  52. 33
    Jan Lee

    My favorite place to read is in bed under a warm blanket, any day, any season 🙂

  53. 32

    I love reading in a comfy chair with a warm blanket.

  54. 31

    under blankets on my couch

  55. 30
    chelsea w

    I have a nice little corner chair that I can snuggle up in!

  56. 29
    Ann Fantom

    I like to read on my couch looking out the picture window on snowy winter days

  57. 28
    Christy Caldwell

    I love to read snuggled under the covers in bed with diet Mountain Dew and snacks!

  58. 27
    Emily Endrizzi

    My favorite place to read on a cold, snowy day is bundled up warm in bed.

  59. 26

    On my couch with a blanket and some tea!

    Happy Holidays!

  60. 25
    Konstanz Silverbow

    Favorite place to read (no matter the weather) is curled up in bed!

  61. 24
    Richard Brandt

    Curled up on the couch with a blanket and a hot chocolate.

  62. 23
    Cali W.

    I like to read on my window seat. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  63. 22
    Alison King

    I like to read in a hot bath.

  64. 21
    Kara Marks

    I love to read myself to sleep under the warm covers.

  65. 20
    Anne C

    i love to read in my bed or by the beach. Happy holidays!

  66. 19
    Sara Zielinski

    Favorite place to read is at home.

  67. 18

    My favorite place to read is on my couch, in front of the fireplace, with my puppy on my lap. Pure bliss.

  68. 17
    Amber Ludwig

    Curled up on my couch with a BIG FLUFFY blanket!!

  69. 16
    Judy Cox

    When it is cold I get on my back patio and curl up with something hot to drink and read all day!!! No snow here in the South, but we have had some cold weather!!

  70. 15
    Courtney Whisenant

    My favorite place to read is on my bed.

  71. 14
    Joanne Gregory

    I read on my easy chair in the sunroom.

  72. 13
    Rita Wray

    I like reading in bed covered with a warm blanket.

  73. 12
    Sherry Compton

    I like to read on the couch in the living room.

  74. 11
    Michelle S

    I love to read in our living room where I can have the fireplace on and see the snow through the two windows on each side of the fireplace.

  75. 10

    I’m not sure which link (because I don’t want to go there again), but one of the links on the right hand column in the first 10 led me a to a p*rn site. 🙁 Please check your links!

  76. 9
    Cathy French

    My favorite is curled up in my recliner with the tv off.

  77. 8

    Love reading in bed under the covers with the fireplace going!

  78. 7
    molli taylor

    ive got a nice thick windowsill that is warm and dry and great for reading and window watcing

  79. 6
    Lois M.

    Just under the blankets – but I’ll take anywhere, just to be able to read! 🙂

  80. 5
    John Smith

    My favorite place to read on a cold, snowy day is by my vast baronial fireplace, with my trusty Russian wolfhound serving as my footstool.

  81. 4

    I love to curl up in a chair by the fire but I also like to get under my duvet with the heating blanket on and watch the snow fall outside my bedroom window.

  82. 3

    My favorite place to read on a snowy day is on the couch by the fireplace.
    Thank you!

  83. 2
    Janet W.

    My favorite place to read on a cold day is in my bed under the covers!

  84. 1
    Kate F.

    I like to curl up on my bed to read.

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