Dec 09

Microsoft Surface Pro: the Perfect Tablet for Busy Moms + Big Savings

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This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.

As a blogger, I spend tons of time on my computer.  I also do some side work that requires a physical keyboard, so that counts out most tablets.  Unfortunately, that leaves me to my clunky laptop, which is a powerhouse when I need it, is a bit large for lugging around.  And sometimes, I just want that touch screen that’s bigger than my phone so I can mess around.


So when I saw the Microsoft Surface Pro, I instantly fell in love.  It would be perfect for all of those times I’m stuck waiting for one kid or another (which happens a lot!).  It’s light, thin, and easily portable but still has that physical keyboard I really need to get some hardcore blogging or side work done.  Every moment would be captured!  (In theory, anyway)


Do you have a busy mom in your life?  I bet she would be able to get so much more done with her time with the Microsoft Surface Pro.  I’m sure her eyes will gleam the first time she sees you whip out this gorgeous beauty.  Be sure to tell her that she can have her very own – the Microsoft Store is offering savings of $150 on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 i5 128GB through 12/24

Is your significant other a bit clueless on what to give you? Forward this post to him as a giant nudge! Just watch out he doesn’t wind up buying it for himself instead. The touch screen/keyboard combo with the Microsoft technology is hard to resist! Or you could just be sure and pick it up, wrap it, and have it waiting for you under the tree, though that would also be hard to resist.

Just as the icing on the Surface cake, we’ve got a fantastic giveaway for you – one winner will receive a $500 gift card to the Microsoft Store!  This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends Friday, 1/6/17 at 11:59 pm EST.  To enter, just use the widget below. Don’t forget about the $150 savings on the Microsoft Surface Pro, good through 12/24.  Get more done with the Microsoft Surface Pro!

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  1. 58
    Olga G.

    I would love the Microsoft Surface Pro 4256GB Intel Core i7

  2. 57

    Microsoft Surface Pro 4256GB!

  3. 56
    anne davis

    The Dell Inspiron would certainly be appreciated.

  4. 55
    Lynn Harasym

    Without a doubt, I would love the Microsoft Surface Pro 4256GB Intel Core i7 . I love its versatility!

  5. 54
    Tim Moss

    I’d like to get the MSI Aegis-073US Signature Edition Gaming Desktop. Looks awesome but would also have to get a monitor.

  6. 53
    Joseph Fleming

    There are a lot of nice choices. I would pick something potable. Reliability is also a big consideration.

  7. 52

    I could really make good use of an Xbox One S FIFA 17 Bundle (1TB) when the grandchildren come to visit or we have a sleep-over!

  8. 51
    Kathy Pease

    I would love the HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 15-bk193ms Signature Edition 2 in 1 PC it has a lot of great features and I need a new laptop

  9. 50
    Harold Reinert

    I’d love the Lenovo Ideacentre AIO Y910-27ISH Signature Edition All-in-One or the Surface Pro 4. I need a new laptop.

  10. 49
    Elizabeth Percey

    I would love to get my son an Occulus Rift but my husband needs a new laptop.

  11. 48
    Jane McGregor

    Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga Signature Edition 2 in 1 PC! This would be awesome for my job!

  12. 47
    Dan DeLorey

    I would love a surface pro, one of the best products from Microsoft.

  13. 46
    gloria patterson

    Surface Pro 4 is ultrathin, fast, and versatile, the perfect balance of portability and power. just what I want

  14. 45

    I would be thrilled for any of these.

  15. 44
    Pam Halligan

    I’d love to see the Dell Inspiron 13 5378 Signature Edition 2 in 1 PC (Intel Core i5) because I need a new computer and I really like these features.

  16. 43
    jeremy mclaughlin

    I would like microsoft surface pro 4, my sons would enjoy this too.

  17. 42
    Andrea h

    I would like Surface Pro for myself and children

  18. 41
    Chinedu Orjih

    Would really like a Surface Pro 4.

  19. 40

    Surface Pro 4 ! Thank you !

  20. 39

    I would love to get the Xbox One S Minecraft Favorites Bundle

  21. 38
    Cindy Brooks

    I’d love the Lenovo Ideacentre AIO Y910-27ISH Signature Edition All-in-One

  22. 37

    I would love the Surface Pro 4. I need a new laptop and was looking at those.

  23. 36
    Kim Holliday

    I would love to have a new Microsoft Surface Pro 4. My Kindle died, and the Surface Pro 4 could replace my tablet and laptap all in one!

  24. 35

    Microsoft Surface Pro

  25. 34


  26. 33
    gloria patterson

    right now I think I would get Xbox One S FIFA 17 Bundle (1TB)

  27. 32
    Reginald S

    I would get my kids an Xbox 1S!

  28. 31
    Becca Z

    I want the Microsoft Office Suite software because I prefer a download to the cloud, and because I like the Microsoft word processor and spreadsheet programs better than the free ones out there.

  29. 30
    Amy C

    A surface book pro with blue keyboard. Although an Xbox ONE S would would be amazing too!

  30. 29
    Crystal F

    It would be soooo nice to have the Surface Pro 4 256GB i5 8GB + Black Type Cover Bundle. My laptop is not to old but it’s already messing up. The mouse stops working all the time and I have to just shut it down and start over. I will never buy this brand again. Thank you!

  31. 28
    tricia Maldonado

    I would love to get a samsung galaxy tablet. I have been dying to get a tablet after I lost my last one.

  32. 27
    Shannon Tusler

    A surface would be sweet, or any touch screen pc. More items for.my son’s xbox. Xbox live for life would be really cool. Actually owning the office would be nice too, always just the one loaded on the pc.

  33. 26
    amy calvert

    My son wants the Xbox 1…who argues with a teenager!

  34. 25
    Monique Rizzo

    The Xbox one- so hubby and I could play games together on the weekends!!
    Thank you for the giveaway. Happy New Year

  35. 24
    Thomas Gibson

    Microsoft Surface Pro 4

  36. 23
    Peggy Rydzewski

    The xbox one would have been sweet to find.

  37. 22
    Carol Blevins

    Winning the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – 256GB / Intel Core i7 would be a dream come true.

  38. 21
    Dolores Q.

    I would love to find the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 under my tree. Need this!

  39. 20

    I would love to find a Xbox one under my Christmas tree!

  40. 19
    Kamla L.

    I would love to find the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – 256GB / Intel Core i7 undeer my tree. It would be perfect to keeping up with my tutoring clients.

  41. 18
    Joy Venters

    I would like to find the

    NuVision TM800P610L Signature Edition Tablet

    I could carry it with me all the time

  42. 17
    Johnna Horn

    Surface pro 4.. I saw a Surface in Vegas 5 years ago when they launched and have wanted one ever since

  43. 16
    Deborah Caudill

    I learned that the Surface Pro 4 can be used as a laptop or tablet and it is super thin. It comes with its own pen that you can use to sketch, write and erase on the screen naturally. It is also a touch screen. It does so many fabulous things and has the most awesome features that I would have to write a book to list them all. I would love to have one.

  44. 15
    heather eg kaufman

    I would love the Surface book.

  45. 14
    Jennifer Red

    I would love to get a Microsoft Surface pro, it would be very useful for work and school.

  46. 13
    rickel bart

    the windows 10 tablets would be great for th kids

  47. 12
    Nicole Ackerman

    Definitely the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 because it is perfect to take notes in class with!

  48. 11
    jennifer bowen

    I would love to get a new 2 and 1 pc /tablit for Christmas as for what kind ? any one would do

  49. 10

    I’d buy tablets for the kids and get to use my phone again! They’ve got some REALLY good deals going on — tablets for $49.

  50. 9
    molli taylor

    https://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Dell-Inspiron-15-i5559-Signature-Edition-Laptop/productID.333089700 this is my favorite, i am so in need of a laptop to start working from home!

  51. 8
    Seyma Shabbir

    I love the Dell Inspiron 17 i5759-7660SLV Signature Edition Laptop. It has 16 gb memory so it will be twice as fast as those with 8.

  52. 7
    Dan Denman

    I would like a Microsoft Lumia 950 cell phone. My old phone is about 3 years old. It is small and outdated.

  53. 6
    Tara O.

    I’d LOVE to find the Microsoft Lumia 950XL phone under my tree because my old iPhone just isn’t cutting it anymore! I don’t have nearly enough space for what I need to do!

  54. 5
    Karen Giasson

    I would love to have the newest xbox under my tree. Thank You for this chance.

  55. 4
    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature)

    I definitely want the Surface Book Pro. I need a new laptop, but I want a lighter tablet, and this would be perfect!

  56. 3
    Tiffany Greene Elliott

    I learned that you can Run creative programs side-by-side,, and you can sketch, write and erase naturally which is cool!

  57. 2
    Tiffany Greene Elliott

    I would love to find the ASUS Transformer Book Chi T100CHI-D4-BK Signature Edition 2 in 1 PC under the Christmas tree! I would be with a $500 Microsoft Gift Card under the tree too! Thank you!

  58. 1
    Laura G

    The Xbox One S FIFA 17 Bundle (500GB) would thrill hubby and the kids! And the price makes me happy too.

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