Dec 29

*CLOSED* Happy Birthday Giveaway! – Ends 1/8/16, open WW

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Welcome to my Happy Birthday Giveaway!  Today is my 30…ish birthday and I wanted you all to celebrate with me.  I’ve decided to giveaway a little prize of $10 cash via Paypal to one winner!


This giveaway is open worldwide (excluding Quebec) to adults ages 18 and older.  Prize will be sent in US dollars via Paypal, so winner must have an account.  Giveaway ends Sunday, 1/8/16 at 11:59 pm ET.  To enter this giveaway, use the widget below.  Good luck!


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  1. 56
    Sarah L

    The surprise party for my 13th birthday.
    Thanks for the contest.

  2. 55

    My 16th was my favorite because I got a car. It was cheap, but it was mine.

  3. 54

    Happy Birthday!

  4. 53

    My oldest son in the military, made it home on my birthday as a surprise. That is by far my favorite.

  5. 52
    Richard Hicks

    My fav birthday was 21st when I took trip to Florida

  6. 51
    Holly Thomas

    When I was 6 and got my first bike.

  7. 50
    Brooke Allen

    I’ve had a lot of pretty good birthdays. Having slumber parties with my friends was always fun.

  8. 49
    Kate F.

    My favorite birthday memory is going to Disneyland for my sixteenth birthday.

  9. 48

    My favorite birthday memory is going out to dinner to celebrate with all my friends!

  10. 47

    My favorite birthday memory was the first year my husband and I were together. He surprised me at Starbucks first thing in the morning with my favorite drink and a gift card. Then later, he sent a dozen of the most gorgeous orange roses (my favorite flower!) I’ve ever seen in my life to my office. Then that night, he showed up at my apartment with even more presents! Best birthday ever! Our 10 year anniversary is coming up in April, and he still does sweet things like that! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  11. 46
    Brenda Elsner

    My favorite birthday memory was when I turned 7. I was spending a couple weeks at my grandma’s so my parents could have some lone time with my new baby brother. I had wanted a bike for my birthday and my grandparents bought me one!!! It was the best birthday ever! A new bike and new brother!!!

  12. 45
    Julie Waldron

    My favorite birthday memory is when our girls were 17 & 14. My husband & I went to dinner and when we came back, they had made cupcakes & had presents. My birthday is at the end of October and my husband farms. So any birthday that he is done harvesting by that time is extra special.

  13. 44
    Jennifer babich

    My annual carvel ice cream cake!

  14. 43
    Dan Denman

    My birthday a year and a half ago. We ate out for my birthday on May 12 and, then, my grandson was born the next day.

  15. 42

    My 60th birthday. Friend has a lunch flowers and gifts for me and surprisingly my best friend showed up from out of state.

  16. 41
    Amy Deeter

    My favorite birthday memory is when my husband surprised me to a trip the casino

  17. 40
    Alina R

    My favorite birthday memory was when my parents let me pick out my own dog at the shelter when I was younger. I had been planning on getting a dog and wanted to rescue one and was so excited. I loved that dog so much, she was the best. We were always together and she was with me till she passed away from old age.

  18. 39
    Nicole Ortiz

    My favorite birthday memory would be when I was 18 and I got a radio with speakers.
    Thanks for the chance

  19. 38
    Cynthia R

    My favorite birthday memory is turning 30, my best friends threw a great party and we had so much fun!

  20. 37
    Michelle S

    My birthday is in September and my Mom would bake me apple cakes for my birthday.

  21. 36
    Linda Kish

    My favorite birthday memory was my 21st. I went to lunch with my sister and some friends and co-workers. When it came to asking for IDs for drinks, they asked my sister but not me. She was two years older than I. She didn’t think that was funny at all. But, I did.

  22. 35
    Jeanna Massman

    My favorite birthday memory was spending time with my new grandson who was born 4 days before my birthday.

    1. 35.1

      My favorite birthday is going bowling with my friends

  23. 34
    Pam Halligan

    My favorite birthday memory is when I got my first bike.

  24. 33
    Susan Smith

    When I turned 16 and I could start driving.

  25. 32

    When I turned 21 I was pregnant so did not get to go to the bar but my friends had a big party for me anyways it was so much fun

  26. 31
    Cindy Brooks

    Happy Birthday! Mine’s coming up next week 🙂 My favorite birthday was the one I thought my sweet husband had forgotten. He hadn’t mentioned it, but when we got to work that day (we worked together) I found my locker decorated and inside was my gift. He’d had a friend do it for him after we’d left the day before.

  27. 30
    Kelly Nicholson

    What is your favorite birthday memory?

    the first time i got to blow out the candles..about 5

  28. 29

    My favorite birthday memory was the time my mom forgot it, it was funny then and still is.

  29. 28
    Kathy Ross

    My favorite birthday memories are of my parents making me homemade ice cream every year. It was great because my birthday is in a hot summer month.

  30. 27
    Renee Walters

    My favorite birthday memory was when my Dad came home!

  31. 26

    Probably my sweet 16 🙂

  32. 25

    My birthdays New Years Eve and Im not a big partier so I don’t really tend to celebrate it too much. My best memory would probably be my 21st birthday. I didn’t drink too much at all but my mom got a bunch of friends and family and we did a big lunch together. It was just nice being surrounded by loved ones and just laughing and having a good time.

  33. 24

    I don’t really recall a great birthday. I was born a couple of weeks after Christmas so it was prety low key, even for my low key family. As long as I got a cake I didn’t care.

  34. 23
    Kim Holliday

    My mom took me and my brother to Six Flags for my 13th birthday.

  35. 22
    Christine Blood

    My 16th birthday was a surprise party

  36. 21
    Kara Marks

    There were 4 of us kids and we didn’t get to have a party every yr., so the yrs. I got to have big parties stick out in my brain: 6. 9. and 12 yrs. old. I esp. loved the only slumber party I got to have, at 12 yrs. old.

  37. 20
    Emily Endrizzi

    Gosh. I really don’t do anything special for my birthdays anymore. I don’t really have any birthday memories that pop out at me. I mostly just enjoy celebrating my childrens’ birthdays these days. Happy birthday to you! I’m 30…ish too. 😉

  38. 19
    Debbi Wellenstein

    I had a surprise party for my 40th birthday-a long, long time ago!

  39. 18

    Totally random but I had a birthday 6 days after my dad died. It was a horrible time. However, my entire family rallied and gave me the best birthday. Even during a really bad time, I was very aware how much I was loved, and that everything would be okay.

  40. 17
    Judy Cox

    My favorite birthday was my 19th birthday, because i became engaged on that day 52 years ago.

  41. 16
    John Smith

    I had an excellent 12th birthday because I received excellent presents, but I can’t tell you what, because it would sound like bragging!

  42. 15

    My fav memory of one of my b-days was the first one with a child – remarkably enough it was #30.


  43. 14
    gloria patterson

    my favorite was my 50th birthday party at work………. my sister called and set it all up

  44. 13
    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature)

    Happy birthday! Hmm, I don’t know what my favorite memory would be. Maybe that my dad and stepmom always order me a wedding cake every year, but it is birthday cake size and decorated.

  45. 12
    Charity Cram

    My favorite birthday memory is when I was 13 and had a slumber party with my friends at a hotel with a pool. Thank you for the chance to win! Happy Birthday!

  46. 11
    Cathy French

    One of my favorite birthdays was my 18th when my boss gave me a small surprise party

  47. 10

    My favorite birthday memory was going horseback riding with my mom and best friend for my 10th birthday.

  48. 9
    Jen R

    My favorite birthday memory is having my twins born 2 days prior to my 33rd birthday.

  49. 8
    Renee Rousseau

    My Mom always let us pick what we wanted for dinner for our birthday. I would either choose Spaghetti or Goulash because they were Mom’s best!

  50. 7
    Margaret Appel

    I came home from work after a long shift to find my sister had left balloons tied to a kitchen chair, a gorgeous cake and a bag of bubble bath on the table. I was living alone at the time & didn’t think anyone would remember.

  51. 6
    Elizabeth Miller

    My favorite birthday memory was the year my son enlisted and left for the military. When he went to basic, it was 4 days before my birthday which is January 9th. We were told he probably would not be able to call for 10-14 days once he arrived. As a mom, I sat there wondering did he get there, is he ok, etc…he was 18…it had me upset, the whole transition that I didn’t care it was my birthday until about 9pm when I got a surprise call.

  52. 5
    Geri Sandoval

    I don’t remember how old I was but my aunt gave me a silver dollar one year for my birthday, I still have it.

  53. 4

    My 21st,celebrated in Spain and had the time of my life

  54. 3
    Cynthia C

    I remember the birthday when my aunt gave me a beautiful dress. I couldn’t believe it was mine!

  55. 2
    Ann Fantom

    My most memorable birthday was my 40th when my husband planned a surprise birthday party for me.

  56. 1
    Amber Ludwig

    I love that my Mom makes me cheesecake every year 🙂 I never liked cake and ever since I was young she found a way to make me something I would love!!

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