Dec 14

*CLOSED* $500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (Ends 1/13, open WW)

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Oh yes, it’s that time again – the $500 Amazon gift card giveaway!  You’ve just about killed yourself running around to make the holidays perfect for everybody else, but now it’s YOUR turn!  This would be awesome for stocking up on books and movies for those snowy winter days.


Prize: $500 Amazon Gift Card

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Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Giveaway ends 1/13/17 and is open worldwide. Winner will be notified via email.

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  1. 242
    Tosha H

    A vacuum cleaner designed for pet hair, I think it would be a godsend!

  2. 241
    kim brooks

    My Amazon wish list has a new rocking chair on it and also a ride on vehicle for toddlers

  3. 240
    Tim Moss

    I’d like to get any number of boxed DVD TV series sets.

  4. 239
    BRYAN E.

    On my list —> Victorinox Men’s 241493 “Chrono Classic” Stainless Steel Watch with Black Leather Band

  5. 238
    qhuinn s

    Wish List- new computer.

  6. 237
    Vikki Billings

    On my wish list is a new lap top, a purse and some music cds.

  7. 236
    Stacey A Smith

    a pop corn popper and a few hundred books. and a hole lot more me list is crazy.Giggle

  8. 235

    Some K-cups, vitamins and shoes for my husband!

  9. 234
    vicki lorenz

    I have a few books on my Wishlist.

  10. 233
    krystal wethington

    A new mattress topper.I really need one since I cant afford a new mattress right now.

  11. 232
    Kayleigh Farris

    new non-toxic cookware to avoid as many pathogens and carcinogens as i can!

  12. 231

    I need medical supplies

  13. 230
    Brenda C

    I need a mattress topper and new linens for my bed possibly a comforter!

  14. 229

    I need jewelry and clothes 😀

  15. 228
    heather c

    A sous vide machine! I’ve wanted one of those for three years, at least! Thanks!

  16. 227

    I have a lot of household items and crafts on my list

  17. 226

    I would really love to buy an Amazon Echo for my son 🙂

  18. 225
    lynne Cahill

    I would like a new Asus i7 Zenbook.

  19. 224

    New books for my kids

  20. 223
    Philip Lawrence

    I have a new surround sound stereo system for my HDTV on my Amazon wish list.

  21. 222
    Olga G.

    some books for my family

  22. 221

    There are some books on my Amazon wishlist that i wish to get.

  23. 220
    Brandie Davis

    My daughter has a wishlist a mile long on Amazon so I would definitely spend it on her.

  24. 219
    gabriele wood

    I am looking to finally set up my bedroom after 17 years of not having one of my own because i raised my kids on my own and let them have the 2 bedrooms while i slept in the living room. I am starting in feb 2017 and this win sure would take take of at least half of what i need to get like a queen size platform bed and mattress. I am oh so exited to finally get to do this 🙂

  25. 218

    Movies, books, … I could name a ‘few’ things…

  26. 217
    Melissa Cunningham

    Amazon Echo

  27. 216
    Laura Schrillo

    I have several books on my list. I love the Penquin classic Drop Cap books.

  28. 215
    Julie Hawkins

    A new television is on my wishlist at amazon.

  29. 214
    roman alejandro

    I like the Amazon card to spend in text books

  30. 213

    There is a lot on my amazon wishlist, but the thing I would like most is a DSLR camera.

  31. 212

    There are several things on my wishlist but probably I’d get some hamburger bun and hot dog pans. I’ve made my own bread for years, but without proper baking pans still have had to buy (expensive) whole wheat buns from the store.

  32. 211
    eva andrew

    A digital camera is on my wish list…desperately!

  33. 210
    rickel bart

    a camera, a water bottle and a new sweater

  34. 209

    A KitchenAid Mixer is on my list.

  35. 208

    I’d love to have a set of dishes and new pots and pans. I think you’re supposed to keep these things for only so long! 😉

  36. 207

    A leather sportcoat.

  37. 206
    Timothy Anderson Jr

    Our tv just died and we’re looking to buy a new one.

  38. 205

    I have some new games on my Amazon wish list

  39. 204
    Ramneek Singh Grewal

    I want a wire less mouse and any good smartphone that dont hang much.

  40. 203
    Docia Vagnerini

    I need a new laptop 🙂 and new boots too

  41. 202

    A laptop computer

  42. 201
    Kathy Pease

    I would love a new tv

  43. 200

    If I’d have an Amazon wish-list and an unlimited amount of cash, I’d definitely spring for the Rosetta Stone language software. I’ve always wanted to speak German fluently as most of my ancestors came from Germany in the 18th century and as a historian and genealogist I would love to feel closer to them. 🙂

    1. 200.1

      Until then, HistoricalWordsmith, have you tried the free language-learning sites duolingo.com, memrise.com, and yabla.com? Those are some that I use. They even have iPhone apps. And Radio DW has free German lessons online as well as Slow News in German podcast. After already studying Spanish in Jr high school in late 1970s and able to read French and Latin as well, in my 20s I started teaching myself German. I’m also from 18th century German ancestry (maybe we’re related :-p) and it’s thrilling to read late 18th-early 19th century German language newspaper accounts and German language church records of the family.

  44. 199
    Connie R

    I want some great classic movies.

  45. 198
    Patricia Cucina

    I could use an ice maker.

  46. 197
    Gina Larson

    My Amazon wish list is mostly filled with sfx makeup supplies!

  47. 196
    Angela Ash

    Something that’s on my Amazon wish list is the Amazon Echo. It’s been there for a little while now. I know I’ll get it soon enough.

  48. 195
    Joy Venters

    I want a smartphone

  49. 194
    Gage Southard

    I have a new tablet on my wishlist!

  50. 193

    A Roku streaming stick

  51. 192
    Wendy McBride

    TCL Roku Smart 40 inch LED TV (refurbished) is definitely on my Amazon wish list!

  52. 191
    Janine Hwang

    I have a soy milk maker on my Amazon wish list!

  53. 190
    Kim Bonfim

    An iRobot Roomba because I am a fanatic about vacuuming and this would do it for me!

  54. 189
    Chyanne Corley

    My boyfriend and I are moving in together and will have both a dog and a cat living under the same roof, so on my wishlist I have a bissel vacuum. 😉

  55. 188

    I have books and gifts for my kids and granddaughter in my cart s we speak!!

  56. 187
    Frank Lee

    Could use the aid

  57. 186
    S Riches

    A new printer is on my wishlist.

  58. 185
    D Johnson

    The Fagor countertop oven is on my Amazon wishlist.

  59. 184
    Francine Anchondo

    a laptop

  60. 183
    Valerie Mabrey

    I am wanting a few books and a good mattress.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  61. 182
    Kaitlin Mark

    Books and lots of essential oils–I like to relax!!

  62. 181
    Nancy Hernandez

    Books and computer

  63. 180
    Robert Lockwood

    When placed order showed stock for Genuine Volkswagen Beetle Evap (charcoal) Canister 1C0-201-797-H, sadly out of stock. Also lost opportunity to have 5% off the purchase price with my Discover card.

  64. 179
    Tim Deeter

    i would love to win amazon gift

  65. 178
    Chrisy Beason

    I have an Amazon Echo, movies and Minecraft Legos on my Amazon wish list!

  66. 177

    Internet Radio

  67. 176
    Kat Emerick

    There is a really nice baby/dog gate I would love to have for my porch.

  68. 175
    Sarah Brott

    On my wishlist are household goods, a lawn mower, and some dog food. I would love a camera but I am too practical for that.

  69. 174
    Dave L

    I have some used camera lenses on my amazon wishlist. Thank you for the chance to win. Happy New Year!

  70. 173
    Jack B

    I have Melissa & Doug toys for my sons on a wishlist.

  71. 172

    I have a slow masticating juicer on my wishlist.

  72. 171
    Liz M

    I have eucalyptus mint shampoo on my Amazon wishlist.

  73. 170
    Jane McGregor

    A Roomba!

  74. 169
    Angie Ford

    A new Alienware gaming laptop!

  75. 168
    Jaclyn Reynolds

    I have so many biographies on my wishlist!

  76. 167

    Clothes and exercise equipment.

  77. 166
  78. 165
    Angela Newsome

    A new Computer Chair- one of those really nice ones!

  79. 164

    A treadmill is on my list

  80. 163

    I have the kitchen aid pasta attachment on my amazon wish list!

  81. 162

    A Yonanas ice cream maker has beenon my list a while.

  82. 161
    Ciara B

    A panini press

  83. 160

    I don’t have a list wish yet. If I win I will probably get things that we need for the house and for my kids.

  84. 159
    laura bernard

    I want an instant pot~

  85. 158
    Karen A.

    Microwave, Kitchen Aid stand mixer and a toaster oven are. On my wish list.

  86. 157
    Elizabeth B Donovan

    Amazon wish list is one of my favorite things to do, but my top wish off my list is bunk beds for the boys. Would be a dream come true.

  87. 156
    Rahul g jain

    Right now in my Amazon wishlist there is a one plus 3t and accessories for that.

  88. 155
    Ivan Talafuk

    Oh, right now I definitely need a new gaming mouse. But I am not planning to instantly spend my prize. I am actually trying to save money for new TV or something. 🙂

  89. 154
    Kimberly B Miller

    kindle, stuff for house, Outlander blu-rays

  90. 153
    Jennifer Dunaway

    A chicken incubator and heater is on my wish list. I can’t wait to get it.

  91. 152
    Brynn Sowellre4d

    I would love a new kindle. I’m still rocking in oldest versions with keys.

  92. 151
    Malibu E

    An Amazon $500 gift card would be perfect. My wish list changes daily just like my mood!

  93. 150
    Brittany Buchholz

    This would be amazing to win! I need books for myself and one year old. And of course her obsession is with ducks so if have to find some for her!

  94. 149
    erin m

    my amazon wishlist is pretty long. The latest addition is a 2 ramp and deck set for my kids to skateboard in the driveway!

  95. 148
    Tom Bellamy

    A new phone is on my wishlist.

  96. 147

    a new cast iron skillet is on my list

  97. 146
    Renee Grosskreuz

    A dvd player.

  98. 145

    On my list is a new car

  99. 144
    Fides Nuqui

    I have a Kindle on my wish list.

  100. 143
    Debbie Yoder

    A new phone

  101. 142

    Wow 90,000 entries, I guess that would make our chances of winning like a triple billion to one odds. 🙂 Hope you do have a Happy New Year!

  102. 141
    Julie L

    A vitamix is on my wish list!

  103. 140
    Cassandra C

    I would love silver hoop earrings. They are my favorite style to wear. They go with practically everything.

  104. 139
    Natalie Kozaczka

    I could really use a few new tops and p.j.’s Recently got rid of some that were worn to thin or stained.

  105. 138
    Bridget Combs

    A navy cableknit throw

  106. 137
    Min K

    I’ve got several books and a couple of DVDs I’d like to buy.

  107. 136

    I’ve got the Ridley Pearson “Kingdom Keepers” series on my wishlist!

  108. 135
    Jingz Jingz

    Its good to know that their are still great sites on the internet.

  109. 134
    Paul House

    All good stuff.

  110. 133

    i have books on my wishlist

  111. 132
    Lynne T

    A 4K SmartTV is on my list.

  112. 131
    Cynthia L Mercado

    I want a Kindle fire tablet, and food

  113. 130
    Linda Peters

    From Amazon I would purchase a new leather purse and wallet, thanks for the chance

  114. 129
    Wendy Hatton

    I’ve decided I need a Kindle for reading ebooks. Although I love seeing real books on my shelf I just don’t have room for any more!

  115. 128
    Lisa Manning

    Snapchat Sunglasses

  116. 127

    ANY book

  117. 126
    Charlene Drake

    My Amazon wish list includes lots of things for the house. Top on the list is a robot vacuum cleaner. Thanks.

  118. 125
    Deborah S

    I really need a new laptop

  119. 124
    Arlene Mcc

    my wishlist Charcoal Grill

  120. 123
    Rachel kane

    Things for my new apartment after I graduate college this semester

  121. 122
    Peggy Rydzewski

    I want a roomba

  122. 121
    Gloria Walshver

    I have books on my wishlist

  123. 120
    Gloria Walshver

    It would be books probably.

  124. 119
    melissa wilber

    Some curtains that I haven’t been able to afford, so I’m just wishing, lol
    And some items for my grandson because I just love him so!
    But I could find more. 😛

  125. 118
    Lorri S

    I have a camera and accessories on my wish list

  126. 117

    I have an xbox one on my wishlist

  127. 116
    Rhonda M.

    I want a new graphics card for my computer.

  128. 115
    Seyma Shabbir

    A playstation for my sons they love Mario Brothers!

  129. 114
    Belinda Shaw

    A new crock pot would be on my Amazon wish list

  130. 113
    Theresa Lichauco

    New pillow is on my list.

  131. 112
    Crystal F

    I would really like to get some wood blinds and a new area rug. Thank you!

  132. 111
    Christian O

    An electric pressure cooker and books.

  133. 110
    Gary Black

    I want to get my wife a new Kitchen aid mixer..she makes the best cookies

  134. 109

    Books are on my wishlist.

  135. 108
    Michelle C

    Frye boots are on my Amazon wish list!

  136. 107
    Casey Everidge

    some new shelving for my shed

  137. 106


  138. 105
    Susan Christy

    ioHOMES Morenti TV Stand, 72-Inch, Cappuccino

  139. 104
    Katie Usher


  140. 103
    Polly Johnson

    Just a couple best seller books.

  141. 102
    Lorraine H

    I have never had a mini-food processor and I REALLY want one!

  142. 101
    Cathy Truman

    On my wish list I would like dog and cat food and treats and toys
    to help the No Kill Animal Shelter in Marion, Indiana

  143. 100
    Joseph Stowell

    I have quite a few books, movies, and music CD on my Amazon Wish List. The $500 Amazon gift card would help to get those things as well as much, much more. Thanks for the chance to win the gift card!

  144. 99
    Stephanie V.

    king size mattress topper

  145. 98
    Sandra S

    I have a kitchen Aid (biig) mixer on my list

  146. 97
    Dana Rodriguez

    I have a big wish list. One thing is a necklace I have been wanting.

  147. 96
    James Tripp

    Vizio Smart TV

  148. 95
    Alyce Poalillo

    Books, vitamins, slippers, a cat tree and a small flat screen TV.

  149. 94
    Martha Porter

    love amazon!

  150. 93
    Denise B.

    I would like if we could all go to Legoland.

  151. 92
    David H.

    There is a 30-gal storage tote that I can use to store my DVD collection. It would be great for organizing.

  152. 91
    Monique Rizzo

    An artesian kitchenaid mixer.
    Thank you for the giveaway

  153. 90

    I really would like alot of the scrapping items that they have

  154. 89
    Bill Graves

    Looking for a new laptop.

  155. 88
    Tracy Davis

    A new coat is on my Amazon wish list.

  156. 87
    shelly m

    I really would love a new shop vac, i’m way too messy in my car these days

  157. 86
    Theresa Pettit

    A new monitor.

  158. 85
    Don D

    I would like to get a new turntable as I have not had one for years.

  159. 84
    Priscilla Melchior

    Backyard Birdsong Guide

  160. 83
    Judith R.

    The Winds of Winter by George R. R. Martin is on my wishlist.

  161. 82
    Christopher Mason

    spaghetti sauce, in bulk.

  162. 81
    Karen Behrman

    I have kindle books and peace sign items on my wish list

  163. 80
    Candice M

    I have a very long list of books on my Amazon wish list.

  164. 79
    Priscilla S.

    I have a loooong list of books on my wish list.

  165. 78

    I have a good food dehydrator on my wish list along with some books.

  166. 77
    Thomas Gibson

    I would like a 55″ HDTV

  167. 76
    Carol Blevins

    I have a new tv on my wish list.

  168. 75
    Denise Sachs

    An air fryer is on my amazon wish list.

  169. 74
    Danielle Wood

    I have a new TV on their, and a bunch of video games and movies.

  170. 73

    I have something for my daughter on my wishlist, a Microplush Five Nights at Freddy’s Plush Mangle.

  171. 72
    heather eg kaufman

    I need a portable phone charger.

  172. 71
    Vanessa Richard

    Mattress for my son

  173. 70
    Kim Pinch

    A food dehydrator and some essential oils are still on my list.

  174. 69

    I have gel pens and markers on my wishlist.

  175. 68
    Krista M

    I want an entire new set of dinnerware!

  176. 67
    Kathy Ross

    On the YouTube follows it says that Beauty in the Mess doesn’t exist.

  177. 66
    Alisha Sienkiel

    I have a ton of books on my wish list!

  178. 65
    Jacqueline Driggers

    Jewelry making supplies

  179. 64
    Diana Scholz

    A new phone case!

  180. 63
    M Moore

    I’d like a new pair of rain boots.

  181. 62
    Blythe J

    A new Kindle and a phone if possible.

  182. 61
    courtney b

    a new phone is on my wishlist.

    ;thank you!

  183. 60
    Kate F.

    One thing on my Amazon wish list is a new purse.

  184. 59
    Elizabeth brooks

    A new microwave, bunk bed

  185. 58
    Daniel M

    batman vs superman blu-ray 3d

  186. 57
    Tamra H

    I have some camera lighting equipment on my wishlist!

  187. 56
    Linda Kish

    I have a ZYLISS Pizza Cutter Wheel and Slicer on my list. It’s my favorite pizza cutter.

  188. 55
    Dan Denman

    A new laptop computer is high on my Amazon wish list.

  189. 54
    Debbie Clauer

    I have mostly books on my wishlist and some healthy stuff I’ve been wanting to try.

  190. 53
    Annalisa K

    A new mattress is on my wish list

  191. 52
    Laura G

    I have new boots on my wish list and my husband has dress shirts on his.

  192. 51

    The new South Park video game that’s coming out is #1 on my wish list 🙂

  193. 50
    Alison King

    I have a blow dryer on my wish list.

  194. 49
    Kimberly Grabinski

    An Amazon Echo, I really want to be able to tell someone to do something and they actually listen and since it’s voice operated I figured at least someone (or something) around here would do as its told.

  195. 48
    Cindy B

    I’d love a serger for my sewing room!

  196. 47
    Theresa C.

    I am hoping that Santa ordered a new laptop for me from Amazon! ;p

  197. 46
    Kara Marks

    I have a Kindle Fire on my Amazon wishlist!

  198. 45
    Jennifer Red

    My big things on my wishlist is some books and clothing

  199. 44
    Heather B

    The top of my list is a new set of Calphalon Pots and Pans.

  200. 43
    Fe M.

    A new laptop is on top of my wish list; and of course books!

  201. 42
    Tamra Phelps

    A new laptop would be near the top of my Amazon wishlist, along with lots of books. There would also be toys for my nephews near the top of the list.

  202. 41
    Seyma Shabbir

    I have so many things on my wishlist! I would love to get an Amazon echo for my mom, a bluetooth gaming headset for my son and xbox games for my sons!

  203. 40
    Judy Gregory

    I have a mailbox on my list. I know its just a mailbox but I want it.

  204. 39
    Deborah Favorito

    I would like a gift card for a nice warm coat.

  205. 38

    A new laptop is on my Amazon list.

  206. 37
    Polly Hall

    A new winter night gown

  207. 36
    Jenny Scheldberg

    I need a new fitness tracker.

  208. 35
    Geri Sandoval

    I have an Instant Pot on my wishlist

  209. 34
    Ann L

    Winter clothes and a new computer.

  210. 33
    Sonya Sanderson

    I’d like a baby stroller for my granddaughter.

  211. 32

    I would love some new movies for the family

  212. 31
    Karen M

    A new laptop for me.

  213. 30
    Patty wright


  214. 29
    Wendy Caddy

    Lots of books and a microscope.

  215. 28
    Kathy Ross

    A new ink cartridge for my printer to I can print coupons to save money at the store.

  216. 27
    Marcy Meyer

    I would love a Fit bit or a new laptop.

  217. 26
    Devona Fryer

    A new computer for my son.

  218. 25

    I am wanting to buy some winter gear, so a pair of winter boots would be amazing.

  219. 24
    Samantha Lowe

    A bunch of books and dvds.

  220. 23
    sherry blamer

    a diaper sprayer.

  221. 22
    Audra O'Hara

    I have a new vacuum cleaner on my list.

  222. 21
    Jenna Gossett

    Something on my wishlist is a new amazon fire tablet.

  223. 20
    Dawn Ganey

    I want a new stove range fan.

  224. 19
    Debra Guillen

    A set of steak knives is on my wishlist.

  225. 18
    Marty Crosson

    Carpet squares! Amazon sells EVERYTHING.

  226. 17

    I’d get baby items for our family’s newborn if I won.

  227. 16
    Cathy French

    I have quite a few items on my wishlist. I really would like to buy a new end table for our living room.

  228. 15
    Ellen Shullaw

    I know you will say she is only pulling at our heart strings but if I would win I would be able to provide a few more kids with Christmas that would be on my wish list..

  229. 14

    I would love a pair of diamond stud earrings.

  230. 13
    Joy Isley

    I want a new Electric Mixer for my recently painted kitchen.

  231. 12

    I have a carpet cleaner listed on Amazon on my wishlist.

  232. 11
    Cindy Hickman

    I have quite a few things on my Amazon wishlist, but I would love to get a new 50mm lens for my camera!!!

  233. 10
    Lissa Crane

    I have a ton of things on my Amazon Wishlist, but at the top is the Presto FryDaddy and a Deep Fry Skimmer, so I can make my family’s favorite cocoanut shrimp for New Years!

  234. 9

    The simply fit board is on my list.

  235. 8
    Liz R

    I would love a food dehydrator.

  236. 7
    Lois M.

    Plenty of books and DVds, but just to name on thing – a telescope. 🙂

  237. 6
    gary bronstein

    I have a new TV on my wish list

  238. 5
    Christy DuBois

    One item on my Want List atbAmazon is the Paul Mitchell by Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray for Unisex.

  239. 4

    I have a steam cleaner on my list – to keep the toys for my home daycare cleaner and easier than washing them. Steam kills faster with less residue.


  240. 3
    Brenda McCracken

    I have a pretty china set on my wish list.

  241. 2
    April Gupton

    Books books and more books! I would be in Heaven!

  242. 1
    Janet W.

    Something on my Amazon wish list is a new KitchenAid stand mixer.

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