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*CLOSED* Coach Bag Giveaway – ends 10/28

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Welcome to our Coach Purse Giveaway


We’ve gotten through the summer and getting the kids back to school. Now it’s time to reward yourself with this gorgeous piece!

Fall is here and itโ€™s time to update your outfit with an awesome accessory, a nice designer purse! Together with my blogger friends weโ€™re giving you a chance to win a beautiful Coach crossbody leather purse. We all need that awesome bag and this burgundy Coach purse is the perfect accessory to add a splash of color to your outfit!

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Giveaway is open to US only and runs until 10/28/16 (Friday) 11:59pm EST.

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  1. 53
    Annmarie W.

    I’m not all that fashionable. But I do know that once fall comes, it’s time to pull out boots! I love short ankle boots…they go with everything! And I’m all about scarves for both warmth & fashion!

  2. 52
    Michelle S

    My favorite fall tip is to incorporate some chunky jewelry into your outfits.

  3. 51
    lauren knott

    I’m loving booties this season! Also layers and warm colors!

  4. 50
    jodi lasher

    The only fall fashion tip I can give is pretty much the normal… Scarfs and boots… They always look awesome together

  5. 49
    Jill Myrick

    Lace trimmed camis and infinity scarves make excellent accessory items.


  6. 48
    wen budro

    My only tip is to make sure that you’re warm enough during the winter. It’s all about the layering.

  7. 47
    Audrey Stewart

    I love my jean jacket from the 80’s.

  8. 46
    Michelle S

    My favorite fall fashion tip is to use a jacket to finish the ensemble – jean jacket, fleece, etc.

  9. 45
    Michelle S

    It’s time to break out the knit hats to go with fall sweaters, jackets, etc.

  10. 44
    Julie L

    Keep it simple and add just one accessory.

  11. 43
    Klydra Pugh

    Use your summer clothes as layering pieces. Adding sweaters, socks, and jackets, tights.
    Thanks for the chance.

  12. 42
    Michelle S

    I think my tip is to invest in a blanket scarf this season! Looks great dressed up or down.

  13. 41
    Robin Abrams

    My fall tip is to carry a nice sweater with you.

  14. 40
    Melissa Crisp

    Fall is the best season to load up on accessories.

  15. 39
    Patty wright

    Not to wear white after labor day

  16. 38
    Ann C

    Fashion tip–love who you are and wear what you want. You’ll look beautiful because you are beautiful.

  17. 37

    comfortable pair of boots

  18. 36
    Patty wright

    My fall fashion tip is wear no white after labor day

  19. 35
    Deborah Favorito

    My favorite fall fashion tip is bring out the sweats, very comfy

  20. 34
    Michelle S

    Layers are my fashion tip – the weather can be up or down so easy to put on a jacket or scarf.

  21. 33
    Michelle S

    This is a great season to add a cute hat – fedora, ball cap, knit hat, etc.

  22. 32
    Tracy DeLoach

    My fall fashion tips is: Add pearls with your denim outfit, it always dresses the casual up. Also layers, especially if you live in the southern states, like I do. N.E. Florida has hourly changes in the weather.

  23. 31

    Just amazing! Love this purse so much

  24. 30

    Consisting of being the real you, proper clothing (for situation) and a bit of faith you couldnt ever ask for more! Styles come in various ways and last different lengths of time but that of having a great 1st impression will be remembered forever!

  25. 29
    Michelle S

    My fall fashion tip is wear colored sweaters – burgundy, hunter green, etc. to match the colors around you.

  26. 28
    tamie lynn

    Fall fashion tip,,,, calssic style ..boots jeans and a cami and cardigan

  27. 27
    Michelle S

    My favorite fall fashion tip is to not forget about your jewelry – lots of great pieces, especially chunky ones look good this time of year.

  28. 26

    Earth tones all the way! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. 25

    always wear something with pockets!

  30. 24
    Lana Bradstream

    My favorite fall fashion tip is to integrate earthy tones into your wardrobe.

  31. 23
    Dawn Horns

    I like to wear warm earth tones in the fall.

  32. 22
    Michelle S

    My tip is if you don’t look good in warm colors like I do, then I do the warm color as pants or skirt and wear a cool color for a top. For example, a pumpkin skirt and a black top.

  33. 21
    Heather M.

    The best fall fashion tip I have is Layers, layers, layers! Adds accent to your outfit and is helpful when going between cold and warmth.

  34. 20
    Michelle S

    My fall fashion tip is don’t forget about your purse. Time to get out the darker colors.

  35. 19
    Michelle S

    I love to combine the vibrant fall colors – deep oranges with maroons, hunter greens with the chocolate browns.

  36. 18
    Geri Sandoval

    I love the scarves and boots. I like the tall boots the most with leggings.

  37. 17
    Gloria Walshver

    Wearing nice sweaters to match your skirts and pants I prefer black skirts.

  38. 16

    My favorite tips are cute boots are a must ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. 15
    Cynthia Powers

    I like to wear a long vest like a duster. Perfect weight to be comfortable, and not the usual item to wear.

  40. 14

    My tip is to wear what YOU want to wear. Don’t feel like you must follow trends.

  41. 13
    Ellie Wright

    I love fall fashion accessories. nothing beats a pair of boots and a stylish scarf to pep up an outfit.

  42. 12
    Kathy Tracey

    My fall fashion tip is to wear earth tone colors. I love earth tone colors and I feel that falls is the perfect time to wear them.

  43. 11
    Michelle S

    My fall fashion tip is to go for the warm hues – browns, oranges, rusts which are so pretty this time of year.

  44. 10
    Stephanie Phelps

    My fall fashion tip is cute boots and jeans! I love the look!

  45. 9
    rickel bart

    it’s always time for a colorful scarf!

  46. 8
    Deborah Favorito

    My fashion tip is ???? I’m not into fashion, I live in sweats, have all colors.

  47. 7
    Pam Halligan

    My favorite fall fashion tip is to put away the sandals and pull out the boots.

  48. 6
    Nicole Ackerman

    I love scarves – practical and fashionable!

  49. 5

    I wear fall colors, naturally.

  50. 4
    Joy Isley

    My fashion tip=SCARFS can bring together a combination of skirts and blouses, pants and shirts and other garments. Select ones that have some of the the same colors in it as one of your pieces of clothing.

  51. 3
    Michelle S

    My fashion tip is to start wearing boots – short, medium, or tall ones. They look so great in fall!

  52. 2
    Jennifer b

    Fall fashion tip is dsrk skinny jeans with tall boots and a sweater. Classic go to style

  53. 1
    Diana Ware-Page

    My favorite fall fashion tip is : layers !! Cami, shirt, sweater, jacket, that way as the day gets hot, you can remove items to stay comfortable.

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