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*CLOSED* Unbe-leaf-able September to Remember Giveaway Hop – ends 9/28

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Welcome to the Unbe-leaf-able September to Remember Giveaway Hop! This hop is hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island. This hop features a ton of prizes to help you get ready for fall weather, so read on!

I’ve got a prize that you can use now or save for the winter holidays – a $15 Amazon gift code!


You can save this for shopping or spring now for that awesome book you’ve been longing for. Need some reading suggestions? Check out my book reviews!

This giveaway is open to US residents, ages 18 and older. Giveaway ends Wednesday, 9/28/16 at 11:59 pm EST. To enter, just use the widget below.

Many of the social media platforms are not allowing me to ask you to follow me for extra entries. However, I do always appreciate your follows and it allows me to bring you awesome giveaways like this. This also keeps you up to date and lets you know when we have these great giveaways. I love my followers! Good luck and happy hopping!


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  1. 97
    Lily Kwan

    My taste in reading material doesn’t change with the seasons.

  2. 96
    Buddy Garrett

    My reading interests doesn’t change with the seasons.

  3. 95
    Tosha H

    Yeah, I tend to read darker and more complex material in the colder months~

  4. 94
    heather c

    Not really. I mean, I can read Christmas stuff all year, so fall weather doesn’t change much of anything in that regard.

  5. 93
    Alisha Sienkiel

    No my reading taste doesn’t change.

  6. 92

    It changes a little by switching to Christmas books.

  7. 91
    harley mccutchen

    thanks for the giveaway!!

  8. 90
    Francine Anchondo

    No it stays the same

  9. 89
    Mary Gardner

    No I think my taste in literature stays much the same.

  10. 88
    Jerry Marquardt

    I love to read mysteries and romances all of the seasons. I don’t see any changes due to the seasons.

  11. 87
    Lana Bradstream

    It does not. It changes with my mood.

  12. 86
    Jane H

    My reading interests are really eclectic but I really have my favorites.

  13. 85
    Dan Denman

    No, I read what is next on my list. I can read any book in any season.

  14. 84
    laurie murley

    not really I love to read anytime I have time to read

  15. 83
    Jill Myrick

    Yes, I think that my choices of books do tend to change with the seasons and holidays. I tend to read books that are closer to what is happening around me at the time of year.


  16. 82
    ellen beck

    No I read about the same thing all year. I will however might read a Christmas book around the Holiday season if I find one thats good.

  17. 81
    Elizabeth H.

    Not really, I don’t think it changes with the seasons at all.

  18. 80
    Jennifer H.

    Not really – I typically just read what I like no matter the season.

  19. 79
    Kathy Pease

    No not really my favorite genre is true crime year round

  20. 78
    Jan Lee

    No, I read what I want when I want, lol It doesn’t matter the season at all ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. 77
    Carolyn Daley

    Not really. I like to read most books year round.

  22. 76
    DeeAnn S

    No, I pretty much read anything, mostly sci-fi love stories.

  23. 75
    Lana simanovicki


  24. 74
    Janice Crespo

    My reading most stays the same but I may search out one or two seasonal books to read also.

  25. 73
    Cori Westphal

    Nope I like the same genres all year long!

  26. 72

    No, I wouldnโ€™t say my reading taste changes with the seasons.

  27. 71

    Not too much. I like lighter reads in the summer, but I am not too picky.

  28. 70

    I think my taste stays the same , but sometimes during long rainy days I feel a need for some poetry

  29. 69
    Linda Kish

    No, I read the same year-round.

  30. 68
    Joy Venters


  31. 67
    Robin Abrams

    No not really. I love reading all sorts any time

  32. 66
    Daniel M

    not really, will occasionally read something holiday related

  33. 65
    Emilie c

    No, it has more to do with my moods rather than the seasons

  34. 64

    My taste in reading does change during the seasons. I love reading the crochet mystery books during the colder months.

  35. 63
    Kristi C

    No, mine stays the same. I love a good mystery or sci-fi book.

  36. 62

    My taste in reading material does not change with the seasons. I always like legal and medical thrillers and mysteries. I sometimes read holiday themed mysteries around various holidays, however.

  37. 61
    Renee Walters

    My reading taste stay the same no matter what the season is. I love biographies and history books.

  38. 60
    Amanda lea

    NO I always love a good mystery or good scifi novel!

  39. 59
    cheryl s

    I read more holiday stories around Christmas but otherwise it doesn’t change too much

  40. 58
    janet woodling

    No my reading does not change with the seasons. However, during the Christmas holidays I do enjoy holiday related books.

  41. 57
    Amanda morris

    My reading taste stay the same no matter what the season is

  42. 56
    Kathy Davis

    I’m not the typical reader, and I usually read only romance novels. But, I don’t think there are any changes with the season, unless they get a little trashier in the summer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. 55
    Erica E

    I don’t think my taste in reading material changes much with the seasons, unless you count that I might pick up a travel guidebook in the winter to plan my vacation for the following year!

  44. 54
    Anne Marie Carter

    No, I generally read the same types of books with each season.

  45. 53
    Nicole Choate

    No, my reading taste stays the same year round.

  46. 52
    Michelle Castagne

    No. My reading taste stays the same no matter what the season.

  47. 51
    Lynne B

    My literary tastes depends more on my mood than the changing of seasons.

  48. 50
    Cynthia R

    I read a variety all year round, historical fiction, general fiction, classics, mystery, romance, fantasy, I like to switch it up. It’s not affected by the seasons.

  49. 49

    Nope, my reading tastes are all over the place all the time. :).

  50. 48
    Lynda Del

    No. I read romance, paranormal, and suspense books at any time regardless of what season we’re in.

  51. 47
    Jeanna Massman

    Sometimes I do have different tastes depending on the season. In the winter, I tend.to read longer novels with more complex plots.

  52. 46
    Seyma Shabbir

    No my taste in books does not change with the season. I love paranormal, science fiction, horror, comedy, zombies, horror all year round.

  53. 45
    Laurie Nykaza

    No it stays the same all year round I always read the same thing.

  54. 44
    Crystal F

    I think it does a little. I like to read Christmas stories during the Christmas season. It’s not my usual type so it is a change for me. Thank you!

  55. 43
    Juana Esparza

    No I love reading paranormal romance all year round.

  56. 42
    rickel bart

    oh no–especially since the books i’ve reading take several seasons to complete

  57. 41
    Lisa Richards

    My taste is rather erratic so no I don’t think it changes with the seasons.

  58. 40
    Tracy Robertson

    I never thought about that, I think my taste in reading stays the same throughout the seasons.

  59. 39
    Sarah L

    Interesting question. Perhaps I go toward lighter reading in the summer.
    Thanks for the contest.

  60. 38
    Annamarie V

    Yes I like to read more beach reads during the summer and more serious books during the winter.

  61. 37
    Renee Rousseau

    Perhaps it changes, but my stack of TBR’s keeps growing long after the season changes….I think my accompanied beverages change for sure!

  62. 36
    Tanya Guthrie

    Not with the seasons no. I usually rotate on a book by book basis depending on my mood that day.

  63. 35
    Cindy Merrill

    Not really. I prefer Historical fiction and I collect Historical cookbooks.

  64. 34
    Cindy Merrill

    Not really. As a Food Historian, I look for books that include a recipe or two . Historical cookbooks are my passion, trying to collect as many as possible.

  65. 33
    Holly Thomas

    No it stays the same all year.

  66. 32

    My taste in food changes with the seasons but my taste in reading material not so much. I love good historical fiction and riveting nonfiction.

  67. 31
    Lindsay Giedosh

    Honestly no I don’t think it changes much

  68. 30
    Sarah Phillips

    I definitely lean more towards horror books during the Fall season and then romance during the Winter. The Summer months are pretty unpredictable! I’ll read just about anything. ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. 29
    Michelle J.

    Nope. I always love a clean romance!

  70. 28
    David H.

    In a way, yes because it does depend on the season. If it’s winter, I read a book that can be chilly, or if it’s summer, a book that sizzles.

  71. 27

    My reading tastes donโ€™t change with the seasons.

  72. 26
    Debbi Wellenstein

    My reading tastes don’t change with the seasons.

  73. 25
    Sarah Hayes

    not really, I pretty much like to same kind of books all the time

  74. 24
    Cynthia C

    No, I generally read the same kind of books year round.

  75. 23
    Judy Cox

    No, my reading habits do not change at any time. I love reading most genres and I just go mainly off my TBR list.

  76. 22
    Sherry Compton

    No I like crime fiction and true crime all seasons.

  77. 21

    I don’t think my reading changes with the seasons, although if I see a holiday book around Christmas I do like to read it.
    Thank you!

  78. 20
    Jessica Cox

    No, My reading taste stays the same Which is Romance of any kind

  79. 19

    My reading taste does change, usually twice a year. In the summer I love reading as many books as I can fit in — and this is when I usually get to read a couple large books for the year. Then in December I’m reading ALL Christmas books!

  80. 18
    Michelle S

    Only during the Christmas season, then I read all Christmas-related stories. The rest of the year doesn’t change.

  81. 17

    Why would my reading taste change with the seasons? No. My taste changes with age but not much.

  82. 16
    Rita Wray

    No, it does not change.

  83. 15

    Never… But I mostly read non-fiction.

  84. 14
    Cathy French

    My choice in reading material does not change with the seasons.

  85. 13
    kelly tupick

    No, i don’t think my reading changes with the seasons.

  86. 12
    Lois M.

    My only real change is I’ll bring out my favorite Christmas themed books and any new ones that might come out that year for the holiday season. But otherwise, nope, nothing changes.

  87. 11
    Debra Holloway

    No my taste in reading material does not change with the seasons.

  88. 10
    Anne C

    I would say no. My reading doesn’t change with the season but it changes with the mood I am in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. 9
    Richard Brandt

    Not really I read about the same subjects year round.

  90. 8
    ashley c

    Nope. What I read doesn’t change with the seasons.

  91. 7
    Amber Ludwig

    Not really!! I tend to stick with horror, suspense and dark tales all times of the year lol!!

  92. 6
    Ann Fantom

    Yes, I tend to read easier books with simpler plots during the summer when I’m at the beach or outside on the deck. In the winter I read more complex books when I can focus more on the book.

  93. 5

    I would say I have the same taste in reading year-round.

  94. 4

    No I generally am all over the place. It is what I see that looks interesting. Though as it gets closer to the holidays I do tend to look at books pertaining to Christmas.

  95. 3
    Jillian Too

    My taste in reading doesn’t change with the seasons but I tend to read more during the colder months.

  96. 2
    Sara Zielinski

    Yes I would say my reading does change a little with the seasons.

  97. 1
    Janet W.

    No, I wouldn’t say my reading taste changes with the seasons.

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