Aug 02

*CLOSED* The “Just Because” Giveaway! – ends 9/2, open WW

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Welcome to the “Just Because” Giveaway!  It’s summer time so a bit slow in the blogosphere, so I’ve decided to spice things up with a giveaway.  It’s not a hop, not a sponsored post, it’s Just Because you’re all awesome! There’s only my follows on the widget, so while you do have multiple entry options, it’s not overwhelming.

The prize is….a $50 e-gift card of your choice!  I’m also offering an option of $50USD via Paypal to open this up worldwide!


Seriously, the sky’s the limit!  Target, Kohl’s, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, AMC Movies, Chili’s, even Disney – let your imagination run wild!

This giveaway is open worldwide (excluding Quebec) to adults ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends Friday, 9/2/16 at 11:59pm EDT.  To enter, just use the widget below.  If winner is in US, winner will have choice of $50 e-gift card to vendor of choice or $50USD via Paypal.  If winner is outside US, winner will receive $50USD via Paypal.

Many of the social media platforms are not allowing me to ask you to follow me for extra entries. However, I do always appreciate your follows and it allows me to bring you awesome giveaways like this. This also keeps you up to date and lets you know when we have these great giveaways. I love my followers! Good luck and happy hopping!


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  1. 731
    BRIAN E.

    We would choose PayPal !!!

  2. 730
    Tosha H

    I would choose PayPal, I always prefer cash (more versatile)

  3. 729
    Stephanie Larison

    I worked earlier, then cooked dinner for the family.

  4. 728
    Stephanie Larison

    I would choose paypal so I could transfer it to my bank account and use it on gas. It keeps going up here!

  5. 727

    I would choose cash or walmart gift card

  6. 726
    Patricia Crowley

    I would choose the Target GC!

  7. 725
    Jerry Marquardt

    i went out to eat tonight at a nice local restaurant and had some fish.

  8. 724
    laurie murley

    I would love to have the target card the most

  9. 723
    Buddy Garrett

    I went shopping for groceries and household goods.

  10. 722
    Buddy Garrett

    I would choose the cash.

  11. 721
    Lily Kwan

    I’m staying at home today.

  12. 720
    Marisa L

    I would choose the Target gift card!

  13. 719
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Today we went to see a radiologic specialist

  14. 718
    Lily Kwan

    I would choose the cash.

  15. 717

    I would choose PayPal because I order from eBay a lot!

  16. 716

    I stayed home with my sick son

  17. 715

    I would choose Amazon.

  18. 714
    Jacqueline Driggers

    Always loving a giveaway. Thanks for taking the time to offer them.

    1. 714.1
      Jacqueline Driggers

      I would be torn between the cash and an amazon gift card.

      1. Jacqueline Driggers

        Got my day started late today. Had a microwave fried egg sandwich. Being my online day, just as the day is ending. but I do that a lot.

  19. 713
    Janine H

    Gift cards are great but sometimes I forget to use Em so I’d pick cash

  20. 712
    Ashley Holt

    I would pick the cash

  21. 711
    Pilar P.

    Today I didn’t have classes so I did a little homework and nothing else all day.

  22. 710
    Pilar P.

    I would choose the paypal cash.

  23. 709
    stephanie macdonald

    i would pick amazon

  24. 708
    Will G

    I would pick cash.

  25. 707
    Sharon Braswell

    Today I’m a zombie from staying up late worrying about Hurricane Hermine causing flooding in my area overnight! We were very blessed in being spared, unlike many others, as it shifted direction slightly before it made landfall! I’ve binged watched recordings, to stay awake while giving thanks and praying for those who were hit, flooded and lost electricity!! 🙁

  26. 706
    Sharon Braswell

    I love Gift Cards, but right now I would pick the PayPal Cash. Thank you!! 🙂

  27. 705
    Casey Everidge

    i would choose PayPal

  28. 704
    Trisha McKee

    I would pick Amazon. There is a beverage cooler I’ve been saving for.

  29. 703
    Christine A.

    I would pick the paypal option.

  30. 702

    Amazon is always great! Thanks so much or the chances to win.

  31. 701
    Lynne T

    I would pick the Amazon.

  32. 700
    annette campbell

    I love Amazon so I would choose that one.

  33. 699
    Richard Hicks

    I have been helping to clean the house!

  34. 698
    Richard Hicks

    I want paypal cash!

  35. 697
    Tracey byram

    I would choose the visa gift card

  36. 696
    Laura Bowe

    Tonight, we are going to see Weird Al in concert.

  37. 695
    Laura Bowe

    I would probably choose the cash.

  38. 694
    Betsy Barnes

    Today, it has been very cloudy and spotting rain, so, I stayed in, paid some bills and got caught up on emails. 🙂

  39. 693
    Retha b.

    Visa gift card

  40. 692
    Leah Shumack

    Today I’ve been babysitting and we gotta get my kiddo to cheer. Then I drop off the kids to my sitter and then I head to work!

  41. 691
    Leah Shumack

    I would probably choose Amazon. I’m ready to start saving for Christmas!

  42. 690
    Steve Weber

    I worked all day.. only 50 minutes left til the weekend!

  43. 689
    Steve Weber

    I would choose the Paypal cash.

  44. 688
    Jill Myrick

    I’m getting everything ready for my company that is arriving for Labor day.


  45. 687
    Jill Myrick

    I would choose the Amazon gift card.


  46. 686
    Ingryd Gonçalves

    I would choose the cash, fingers crossed

  47. 685

    I would pick cash to pay some bills

  48. 684
    paige chandler

    Boring day at work but looking forward to a long weekend.

  49. 683
    Lyndsey R.

    Today we are getting ready to go to a Sweet Corn Festival! Super pumped!

  50. 682
    Kara Olson

    Fingers crossed! Amazon all the way.

  51. 681
    Francine Anchondo

    I would choose paypal

  52. 680
    Jerry Marquardt

    I am getting ready to go to Walmart now. I was doing a little laundry earlier.

  53. 679

    up early doing some good cookin’ now trying refigure out what to do over the holiday weekend might have hurricane might not

  54. 678
    Philip Lawrence

    I would opt for the cash.

  55. 677

    I would pick Amazon gift card. Thank you for an opportunity

  56. 676

    I am working today but I am looking forward to a long weekend!

  57. 675
    Peggy Damon

    Gosh the choices are so hard to pick, but I’d choose a $50 Target

  58. 674
    Gail Fernandez

    I would choose Paypal. Thanks for the chance!

  59. 673
    jules m.

    i order from amazon all the time, so an amazon e card would be delightful!

  60. 672

    Amazon of course! I basically live on that damn site!

  61. 671
    Kathy Pease

    I just had my morning cup of coffee now I am gearing up to get on the treadmill

  62. 670
    Kathy Pease

    I would probably pick the amazon gift card

  63. 669
    Tammy OHagan

    I’d pick Amazon because I have to buy some new sheets for my daughters bed.

  64. 668
    Lisa Brown

    i am getting ready to do a bit of gardening

  65. 667
    Veronica Lee

    Bathed our pet guinea pig this afternoon.

  66. 666
    Tara Gauthier

    I would choose the cash to help out with household expenses!

  67. 665
    Tami Vollenweider

    I would choose the Paypal-Cash!

  68. 664
    Ronald Gagnon

    Fed my rabbit, and cleaned out her cage

  69. 663
    Bridgett Wilbur

    I would take the cash.

  70. 662
    Sherry Compton

    I am getting a haircut; then, my dog goes to be groomed. Thinking about having ribs tonight.

  71. 661
    Sherry Compton

    I am getting a haircut; then, my dog goes to be groomed.

  72. 660
    Donna Kozar

    I would choose cash.

  73. 659
    Shayna Brookman


  74. 658

    Well, right now it’s 4:30am and as is not uncommon, I haven’t gone to bed (yet..?). I just made some tea for “stress relief,” but I’m not holding my breath. :-/

  75. 657
    Crystal F

    I just got up so that I can get my girls ready for school and myself ready for work. It’s my hubby’s birthday so we have to figure out where to take him to eat. Thank you!

  76. 656
    Crystal F

    I would probably go with the Amazon. You can pretty much get anything you need on there. Thank you!

  77. 655

    I’d choose the cash so I could save it or use it at more than one place.

  78. 654
    Kathleen S.

    I would definitely pick the Amazon GC, those come in so handy. Thanks!

  79. 653
    Beth Stephens

    I would pick the Target gift card.

  80. 652
    Janice Brodman

    I would definitely take the Paypal.

  81. 651
    Joy Venters

    Walmart is where I shop the most so that is where I would want it

  82. 650

    I’d choose a gift card to Walmart.

  83. 649
    Heather S.

    Probably a gift card to Walmart because I shop their all the time.

  84. 648

    I did some housecleaning and ran errands.

  85. 647
    Jane McGregor

    Cash is king!

  86. 646
    Elizabeth H.

    I worked today, now relaxing and getting ready to go to bed soon.

  87. 645
    Elizabeth H.

    I would pick Jiffy Lube

  88. 644
    Karen D

    I would choose Paypal. I’ve discovered scented wax from Indy vendors and they all pretty much just take paypal.

  89. 643
    Melissa Storms

    I spent today getting my canning stuff together. We picked and froze lots and lots of berries this year and I want to be ready to make jams as soon as the weather is cooler.

  90. 642
    Kaitlin Mark

    I really didn’t do much today other than work, now I’m wrapping up my hour of relaxation and just about to hit the sack for the night!

  91. 641
    Kaitlin Mark

    I would choose the Amazon gift card because you can literally find EVERYTHING on Amazon!

  92. 640
    Amy Deeter

    If i were to win, i would pick the paypal card

  93. 639

    I would choose PayPal.

  94. 638
    Jamie N.

    I would pick the cash.

  95. 637
    Tricha Leary

    I would pick Amazon. Thanks for the opportunity

  96. 636

    AMC Movies would be my choice.

  97. 635
    Lisa V.

    I would pick the cash.

  98. 634
    Louanne Baelde

    I would choose the PayPal cash please! Thank you so much for the chance!

  99. 633
    Jerry Marquardt

    I like the Visa gift cards and the most of all the other choices in the giveaway.

  100. 632
    Lyndsey R.

    I am at work right now. We are really slow so I’m looking at my favorite bloggers’ pages.

  101. 631
    Jenn H

    Id love the paypal… we’re trying to save for a new (to us) truck!

  102. 630
    cynthia dawson

    i would love a visa

  103. 629
    Lyndsey R.

    I would choose a visa gift card or Amazon if that is not an option.

  104. 628
    Tara Woods

    I would choose the Paypal cash.

  105. 627
    Paula Hafner

    I would pick an Amazon gift card. You can buy most anything there!

  106. 626
    Christal M

    I would choose amazon.com

  107. 625

    I already worked today now home entering some sweeps

  108. 624

    I would choose the amazon gift card

  109. 623
    Kristin McCall

    I would pick amazon because i really want something on amazon!

  110. 622

    I am doing things on the computer right now

  111. 621

    Just some chores around the house, really. Dealing with a garbage disposal that isn’t working, even though we just bought this one less than a year ago.
    I’ve got far too many things on my mind… big things; bigger than garbage disposals or laundry or anything of that sort.

  112. 620

    I am taking the day off of work today to do errands.

  113. 619

    Trying to stay out of the rain. Getting ready for bad weather and the hurricane.

  114. 618
    Barbara Montag

    Today I will be volunteering for Emergency Services.

  115. 617
    Tammie Venne

    probably Amazon

  116. 616
    paige chandler

    I made an amazing cheese omelet this morning

  117. 615
    Amy H.

    I’d pick a gift card to Target because that is my favorite store!

  118. 614
    Joanne Schultz

    I’m going to the library to take advantage of their air conditioning & free wi-fi. I’m also going to stock up on books to read this weekend!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  119. 613
    Joanne Schultz

    I would choose the cash!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. 612
    S Ray


  121. 611
    Erica B.

    I’d pick paypal.

  122. 610
    Rosalie Ferris

    one of the visa gift cards; almost the same as cash, can still pay bills with it.

  123. 609
    DeeAnn S

    I’d choose the Amazon GC. Thanks.

  124. 608
    Sherry Compton

    Grocery store and Walmart. Hope to watch some of the show The Killing….almost through with it.

  125. 607
    Veronica Lee

    Caught a flu and have been in bed all day.

  126. 606

    I am international, so I’d go with Paypal cash!

  127. 605
    Mary Beth Elderton

    Laundry. Today I will be doing massive amounts of laundry including sheets and towels plus my entire suitcase from spending a week out of town plus all the clothes Hubz wore that week. So Laundry…all day.

  128. 604
    Keeley Sullivan

    I would choose the Thank You Visa card. Everyone can use that!

  129. 603
    Julie Lundstrom

    I cleaned house and did some grocery shopping.

  130. 602
    Julie Lundstrom

    I would like the Amazon gift card the most.

  131. 601

    I steamed the floors and did some yard work. Exciting day, clearly.

  132. 600
    Lisa A.

    I would pick the Amazon card. I have a very long wish list of books! Hehehe!

  133. 599
    Mark Marville

    Cash baby!

  134. 598
    Susan Smith

    Today I did laundry, ran errands, took our dog to the groomers and went grocery shopping.

  135. 597
    Susan Smith

    I would choose the Visa GC.

  136. 596
    janice MURPHY

    I would like amazon

  137. 595
    JIll Rivera

    I would pick the cash, of course.

  138. 594
    Danielle A.

    I would choose Outback, great giveway! Thanks!

  139. 593

    I would choose the Visa gift card.

  140. 592

    I just woke up a couple hours ago, after sleeping ’round the clock for a few days/nights. I hardly know what day it is. …Still adjusting. (And, I can forget about winning any giveaways I’d been entering…)

  141. 591
    Linda Lansford

    I would pick Visa

  142. 590

    Today I am packing because I am leaving for a cruise tomorrow!

  143. 589

    I would pick cash because that would be most useful.

  144. 588
    paige chandler

    I got a jury summons today. SIGH

  145. 587
    Sheila Siarkiewicz

    What have I done so far today? Cleaned the cats room, gathered all the garbage and recycling, now just relaxing before I start the vacuuming.

  146. 586
    Sheila Siarkiewicz

    I would choose the Amazon gift card…then I could buy more books 🙂

  147. 585
    latisha depoortere

    I would pick amazon gift card!

  148. 584
    Sherry Compton

    I had to go to work early due to a morning meeting.

  149. 583
    Katherine s


  150. 582
    Shannon Goldschmidt

    There are some things I need that I have found good deals for on Amazon, so the Amazon gift card is what I would choose.

  151. 581
    Veronica Lee

    Went to Ikea this afternoon. Love their Swedish meatballs!

  152. 580
    Mary Beth Elderton

    Today I will wash and cook ahead so that we have this long weekend almost free!

  153. 579

    Made a lovely London broil for dinner. Probably the highlight of my day. It was rather dull.

  154. 578
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Today I helped take care of my grandsons.

  155. 577
    April Armstrong

    I would choose the visa gift card.

  156. 576

    Amazon girl card would be nice to be honest

    1. 576.1

      gift* haha

  157. 575

    I would probably choose the cash although winning either cash or gift cards would be great.

  158. 574
    paige chandler

    Going to yoga class later today. Calm.

  159. 573
    JoAnn F

    I would pick Amazon!!!

  160. 572

    doing some organizing and wash! and cooking, too.

  161. 571
    Denise S

    I would choose the Amazon card and use it for Christmas.

  162. 570
    Denise S

    I would choose the amazon card.

  163. 569
    Christopher Mason

    Cold hard cash, so I can pay the ice cream man

  164. 568

    I cleaned the house.

  165. 567

    I’ll choose the cash.

  166. 566
    susan smoaks

    I would choose the amazon gift card. I love to shop at amazon.

  167. 565
    Dave L

    I would choose amazon, my favorite place to shop. Thank you for the chance to win.

  168. 564
    Veronica Lee

    Made shrimp curry for dinner. Yummm!

  169. 563
    Sherry Compton

    I’m taking my daughter to an appointment this morning then having lunch with a friend.

  170. 562
    Judy Thomas

    I had a lovely relaxing day at home today.

  171. 561
    Judy Thomas

    I would choose the Paypal and save it for Christmas

  172. 560
    brandy c

    I would pick Amazon, I can use it for so many things. Like cat food!

  173. 559
    Daniel M

    i’d pick the cash paypal, i’m broke

  174. 558
    Tara Darity

    I would choose a target gift card!

  175. 557

    I would pick the Amazon gift card!

  176. 556
    paige chandler

    Had a great burger for lunch today. Fries too.

  177. 555
    Dotty J Boucher

    Its 2:34 in the afternoon and so far I have done, 4 loads of laundry ( wash, dry, fold, put away) washed the bathroom down, dusted and windex a couople of the rooms , swept and hand washed the floors ( only because I don’t have a mop yet LOL ) in between this trying to get a few giveaways in and write out a list of things that I still need for my place and things needing done for the week. Oh! ya! so my day loll

  178. 554
    Dotty J Boucher

    I would choose Amazon gift card

  179. 553

    I’m just having a happy Monday, not doing anything special.

  180. 552
    Faye Gates

    I would take PayPal.

  181. 551
    Veronica Lee

    Went shopping this afternoon and bought myself a really nice pair of sandals.

  182. 550

    Entering contests before I get ready for work

  183. 549

    I would choose the $50USD via Paypal

  184. 548
    Lisa Brown

    I am doing work on the computer

  185. 547

    I would choose an Amazon gift card.

  186. 546
    Sherry Compton

    Today I went to the extra 10% off sale at Target; it was busy!

  187. 545

    Amazon – trying to stock up on those

  188. 544
    Connie Lee

    Right now I am trying to find some contests to enter, they’re not too many on Sunday night!

  189. 543
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Today I went to celebrate a party for my grandsons.

  190. 542

    I would pick the Amazon card!

  191. 541
    Ashley B.

    Cash for my son’s birthday!

  192. 540
    Dierdra McGill

    I would choose the Visa gift card. I do not really use paypal that often.

  193. 539
    Stephanie Liske

    I would pick PayPal Cash. 🙂

  194. 538
    paige chandler

    Had a great Sunday breakfast with friends

  195. 537
    Barbara Montag

    Today I am fermenting cucumbers and peppers.

  196. 536

    church and having a quiet day – I hope!

  197. 535
    Veronica Lee

    Had DIm Sum for breakfast with the family this morning. Yummm!

  198. 534
    Farrah R

    Amazon, thanks! My kindle can always use more books.

  199. 533
    Amber Y

    I would choose the paypal option!

  200. 532
    Mary Beth Elderton

    Was supposed to be headed home today after spending week with grand-girls. But Son and DIL’s flight was delayed to the point where they missed their connection to get home. SO… airline put them in hotel last night, and I stayed here. They will be home late this evening….then I will go home tomorrow. Love, Love, Love—and getting tired, tired, tired 🙂

  201. 531
    Marta K

    I would pick the cash. It’s “easier” to use and gives me more options!

  202. 530

    Well, it’s 5am and I haven’t gone to bed yet. I am eating cereal and wishing, as I have for so long, that I could get a new computer. This one has been just crash crash crash, crash crash crash.

  203. 529
    Tina W

    I would pick the Amazon, because I’m currently taking care of my elderly father and online shopping is all I have time for!

  204. 528
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Today we spent time with our grandsons and family.

  205. 527

    Later tonight I’m going to go out for a little while with a couple of friends, to catch up and have a drink or two.

  206. 526
    paige chandler

    Had a good Costco run today.

  207. 525

    I would pick an Amazon gift card because Amazon has just about everything.

  208. 524
    Sue Barney

    I would choose an Amazon gift card because my Prim membership is due!

  209. 523
    D Johnson

    I would pick a GameStop gift card so my son could get some new games.

  210. 522

    doing some shopping, and looking up good recipes for the weekend!

  211. 521
    jennifer cervantes

    I would probably choose the visa gift card or one to like Walmart if it was an option.

  212. 520
    Sherry Compton

    There is a one day sale I’d like to go to, but I don’t really have anything planned today.

  213. 519
    Veronica Lee

    I went to the market this morning.

  214. 518

    Love amazon 🙂

  215. 517
    paige chandler

    Boring day at work today. No big thrills

  216. 516

    getting some chores done! looking up some recipes for the weekend!

  217. 515

    I have done the laundry and taking a break.

  218. 514

    I would choose either cash or an Amazon gift card. Thanks!

  219. 513
    Veronica Lee

    I cleaned the cooker hood this afternoon. Not fun!

  220. 512
    Sherry Compton

    Our fridge is giving us trouble so we are trying to defrost it today.

  221. 511
    Mary Beth Elderton

    I am still visiting my grands, making sure they get to and from school, have decent snacks, clean laundry—wow! Lots of work and I am out of practice 🙂

  222. 510

    Getting ready to go out to do routine boring stuff!

  223. 509

    I would really appreciate an Amazon gift card. Thanks

  224. 508

    My mother dropped by for a bit. It was… not awesome. She didn’t stay long.

  225. 507

    I would pick the Amazon gift card!

  226. 506

    I’m looking up recipes with popcorn and I’m going to pick up my popcorn popper that just arrived!

  227. 505
    Jessica Cox

    I have been cleaning up after my kids today

  228. 504
    Connie Tucker

    I would pick the Amazon Gift Card

  229. 503

    I would choose Paypal cash.

  230. 502
    Veronica Lee

    Gonna mop the floor after this.

  231. 501
    Sherry Compton

    My daughter has a doctor’s appointment today and grocery shopping…that’s my plan.

  232. 500

    I would choose the PayPal!

  233. 499
    Michelle H.

    I would either pick the Paypal or the Amazon gift card.

  234. 498
    Amber Ludwig

    Laundry and grocery shopping!! Boring boring boring lol!!

    1. 498.1

      I hang out with friends today

  235. 497

    doing a few things in town, then heading home

  236. 496

    Amazon 🙂

  237. 495

    Later on I need to do some e-paperwork, as well as make phone calls to schedule various appointments.

  238. 494
    paige chandler

    Cut and color later today. Hooray!

  239. 493
    Kate F.

    I’m going to the aquarium with my niece and nephew today.

  240. 492
    Veronica Lee

    I have some pressing matters to attend to after this ( a pile of clothes to iron)!

  241. 491
    Sherry Compton

    Today is my regular schedule…half day at work. I am going out to eat with my husband.

  242. 490

    Since I’m not from the U.S I guess I’d have to pick paypal. But I loooove me some Amazon 🙂 Good luck to everyone and thank you for being so generous!

  243. 489

    Throughout much of the day, I stressed over money and the lack thereof. (I self-describe as being “helplessly honest;” others agree with this assessment.)

  244. 488
    Amber Ludwig

    Played at the park with friends and now we are grilling brats and corn!! Yummo!!

  245. 487
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    I just finished cooking a cabbage and lamb dish.

  246. 486
    Cathy French

    I was sick as a dog yesterday so today I’m doing laundry and cleaning the house.

  247. 485

    getting groceries doing some bills

  248. 484
    paige chandler

    Having a ME DAY today. Off of work, relaxing and mud mask.

  249. 483
    Sherry Compton

    I work all day today, but I am having lunch with some friends.

  250. 482

    gift card

  251. 481
    Veronica Lee

    I’m going to try a recipe for Taiwanese Pork Chops I found on Pinterest.

  252. 480
    Mary Beth Elderton

    I am staying with my grand-girls while son and DIL fly to San Francisco to check out the city before moving there next year. The girls have school already, so I will be grocery shopping and catching up the laundry. Somehow doing laundry to help them out feels like less of a chore than doing my own laundry at home.

  253. 479
    Ryan Spencer

    I would pick paypal if I won.

  254. 478

    I would choose an amazon gift card if I won

  255. 477

    I am going to wash some more dishes later tonight, and then back two batches of the most incredible (and healthy!) muffins in the whole entire world. …Am I exaggerating? Nnaaahhhh…. 😉

  256. 476
    Amber Ludwig

    We went to the park and swimming in the river!!

  257. 475
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Today I did a little shopping.

  258. 474

    cooking social networking clean

  259. 473
    amy smeltzer

    I have to work 3-close. (Washing dishes at a restaurant/sports bar…close around 10 or later)

  260. 472
    amy smeltzer

    I’d pick cash or Visa to use towards groceries.

  261. 471
    paige chandler

    Going to the grocery store later today, Will be a big trip.

  262. 470
    Veronica Lee

    I’m going to make myself a nice cup of green tea after this.

  263. 469
    Sherry Compton

    I work second shift today so I was thinking about mowing before going in.

  264. 468
    Mary Beth Elderton

    I am drinking coffee now…in a couple of hours will pack and make the 4 hour drive to visit my grands!

  265. 467
    Melissa C

    I’d choose Amazon I’m saving up for Christmas with 4 kids and a baby on the way! 🙂

  266. 466

    Right now I’m drinking a nice cup of coffee, and listening to the radio. It’s something that I really look forward to each week– a set of live acoustic music that was recorded by the radio station over the years.

  267. 465
    cheryl s

    we just ate delicious ribeyes on the grill

  268. 464
    cheryl s

    I’d probably pick Kohls, my favorite store

  269. 463

    i went to lunch with my mom today! 🙂

  270. 462

    I pick Amazon, i love the deals! 😉

  271. 461
    Becca Z

    Doing food prep for the week today

  272. 460

    laundry, church, cooking!

  273. 459
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Today I am doing laundry and cleaning.

  274. 458
    Ronald Gagnon

    I watched the morning news with my bunny on my lap

  275. 457
    Barbara Montag

    Later today I will be doing a lot of work in the garden.

  276. 456
    Suzanna Pickering

    i would choose cash been an eventful summer hot water heater blew up so with cash i would do something for me

  277. 455
    Sherry Compton

    Today we have to drive home. Hopefully won’t hit too much traffic.

  278. 454
    Mary Beth Elderton

    Today I will be setting my kitchen in order, straightening up the house, and packing to spend next week with my grands. My son and DIL are flying out to explore San Francisco where they will move next year. I will be getting the girls to school and having some fun Grandma Back To School Shopping.

  279. 453
    Tram Le

    I would pick the Visa gift card.

  280. 452
    Amber Ludwig

    We went to the art fair!! It was so fun!! Then went out for ice cream!!

  281. 451

    I won an Amazon gift card (small dollar amount), from a giveaway. I could and would have cried, but I was so exhausted– and hungry! No grocery shopping in one month. :-/

  282. 450
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Today i went to buy some special treats for my husband.

  283. 449
    Sherry Compton

    I am in Branson this weekend to see Moses!!!

  284. 448
    paige chandler

    It’s pouring rain so I’m staying inside with the TV today

  285. 447

    getting some fresh air going for a walk getting some groceries, too

  286. 446
    Nedra W

    Did all my shopping for the week this morning and getting ready to start laundry as soon as I pry myself off of this laptop.

  287. 445
    Nedra W

    I would choose a Game Stop card to give as a B-Day gift to my grandson.

  288. 444

    I would choose the cash via Paypal. I use them a lot when shopping online.

  289. 443

    I’d pick paypal

  290. 442
    Angela Roberts

    I would order Amazon gift card

  291. 441
    Veronica Lee

    Squandered my time on Facebook today. Real time sucker!

  292. 440
    Barbara Montag

    Today I volunteered for Emergency Services.

  293. 439
    Amber Ludwig

    Spent entirely waaaay too much at Target lol!!

  294. 438
    Lanicsha Wynn

    I would choose Amazon or Chick-fil-a

  295. 437

    I got sidetracked yesterday, so today is catch up for a pile of little things. Still chipping away!

  296. 436
    Cathy French

    Today I cleaned up the muddy mess in our kitchen where my boyfriend tracks his muddy work boots

  297. 435

    I FINALLY found my reeeeally old password sheet, and was able to log in to Ticketmaster.com. I have that site open in another tab, and am trying to figure out how I can see one of my favorite artists on tour. (Money is a MAJOR issue.) A big obstacle is that he won’t even be stopping in a neighboring state. …But I’m determined to get there somehow… …To be honest, though, I do have some serious doubts. :-/

  298. 434
    paige chandler

    I have a dentist appointment today. SIGH

  299. 433
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Today I checked my car and went to get a new oil filter and oil change.

  300. 432

    I’d choose Amazon. There are a items on Amazon that I’ve been saving for and this would really help.

  301. 431
    jennifer Vickers

    I think I would pick the Kohls gift card. Now that the kids are back in school, I think it would be delightful picking up a few things from there. Thanks for the chance.

  302. 430
    Sherry Compton

    My husband and I are going away for the weekend. We leave today.

  303. 429
    Veronica Lee

    I’m going for a stroll in the park with Hubby after this

  304. 428
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Today I cooked and froze some extra fruit of this season for the future.

  305. 427
    Robin Abrams

    I would choose the paypal cash. I could use it on some groceries

  306. 426
    Ciara Bungo

    Amazon for sure

  307. 425
    Amber Ludwig

    Took my son to the doctor, thankully no strep! And folded a tons of laundry!

  308. 424
    Rhonda W G.

    Paypal would be my happy pick!

  309. 423

    doing some paperwork!

  310. 422

    I’m feeling pretty good, really good! today, which is awesome considering that I’ve felt the opposite for SO long.
    Later today I’m going to look into getting a pair of tickets to a special show/concert that a local radio station hosts every year. It’s acoustic, with several artists– a few of them big-name. The sneaky and fun thing is that you don’t know who’s playing until you get to the show.

  311. 421
    Jessica Cox

    I am having lunch a pb&j sandwich

  312. 420
    paige chandler

    Getting a facial later today. Cant wait

  313. 419
    Veronica Lee

    I am watching the Olympics (Diving) as I’m typing this!

  314. 418

    I think I would choose the Amazon card. Usually I want the cash, but then it always goes toward bills or boring things like that.

  315. 417
    Sherry Compton

    It’s Thursday…grocery day again. I do have a show on dvd that my daughter and I are watching to look forward to later.

  316. 416
    Valerie Potts

    id want the cash but thankful for whatever giftcard

  317. 415
    rebecca day

    i would choose amazon

  318. 414
    Amber Ludwig

    I spent the day with my sick son!! Hoping to get his fever down and get him feeling better!!

  319. 413
    Sherry Compton

    My daughter had an early morning doctor’s appointment so we had to head out early. Then, ate out with my husband.

  320. 412

    Earlier today, my mother surprised me by coming over and dropping off her dog for the day.

  321. 411

    I’m looking up some decorating ideas!

  322. 410
    Karen A.

    I went to the Ear, nose and throat doctor for a post sinus surgery follow-up and had my nose washed out.

  323. 409
    Karen A.

    I’d choose the Kohl’s gift card

  324. 408
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Today I went to the dentist

  325. 407

    I would choose the cash.

  326. 406
    paige chandler

    I just went to the post office for stamps. Boring

  327. 405

    I’d pick the amazon card since I have a long wish list on there

  328. 404
    Veronica Lee

    I’m going to cook Spaghetti Bolognes after this

  329. 403
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Right now I am going through my emails.

  330. 402
    Amber Ludwig

    We went to kids fest and then swim class!! My son had such a fun day!

  331. 401
    Cathy French

    Changing the bedding today. Love sleeping on nice new sheets.

  332. 400

    Getting some cleaning done!

  333. 399

    I haven’t been able to do one fun thing all summer (not even go to a restaurant/cafe), so this afternoon I’m hoping to find tickets to a concert.

  334. 398
    paige chandler

    I have made the best omelet this morning

  335. 397
    Amanda Elia

    I haven’t done too much today only worked on my ancestry.

  336. 396
    Christy Caldwell

    This morning I filled out the two thousand pages of forms the schools send home the first day of school. Am I sending a child to school or am I entering a secret society?

  337. 395
    Christy Caldwell

    I would pick the Amazon gift card. Thanks so much for the giveaway and the chance.

  338. 394

    I’d pick cash – times are tough… 🙂

  339. 393
    Sherry Compton

    I have a doctor’s appointment this morning then going to work.

  340. 392
    Veronica Lee

    I’m going to do the laundry after this.

  341. 391
    Ann Z

    I would choose the Paypal cash.

  342. 390
    Starla B

    This is so nice! I would pick the 50$ Target card. I love Target!

  343. 389

    I rearranged the furniture today.

  344. 388

    I just made and had some good, healthy frozen pizza. I almost never eat any kind of pizza, but there hasn’t been any food here in several days. So, it was about my only option.

  345. 387
    Amber Ludwig

    Swim lessons, Spring water collecting, park and ice cream 🙂 Pretty fabulous day!!

  346. 386
    Tom Bellamy

    I would pick the Amazon gift card.

  347. 385
    paige chandler

    The cable guy has been here all day. UGH Big TV problems today.

  348. 384
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Today I am resting and doing things on the computer

  349. 383
    Polly Johnson

    I would go with Amazon, because it’s nearly as good as cash there

  350. 382

    paying bills, making “to do” lists, cooking, things like that.

  351. 381
    Sherry Compton

    Today is work…It’s my late night. Happy Monday everyone!

  352. 380
    Julie L

    I would choose the cash because you can never have too much of that!

  353. 379
    Veronica Lee

    I call my sister from Singapore today.

  354. 378
    Karla R.

    I would pick the cash.

  355. 377
    Tom Griffith Jr

    I would pick the Target card. This way I can gift it to my daughter for college supplies. Re-gift in this situation works!

  356. 376
    Stefanie G

    I went to my cousin’s wedding today!

  357. 375
    Stefanie G

    I would pick the cash!

  358. 374

    I’ve been attempting to tolerate an awful sinus-type pressure headache/migraine. (I feel as though I made a very similar comment yesterday… 🙁 )

  359. 373
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Today I did some food shopping.

  360. 372
    paige chandler

    I have already had 2 lunches today. SIGH

  361. 371
    Billie R

    I would choose Walmart, we spend a lot of money there. Thanks for the chance to win.

  362. 370
    Alyce Poalillo

    I would pick the cash for all the fall expenses coming up. Thanks for so many options!

  363. 369

    I’m hanging out, staying cool!

  364. 368
    Veronica Lee

    Had lunch with a former neighbour today

  365. 367
    Sherry Compton

    Today I’m hoping to read the paper. It would be nice to stay home and read.

  366. 366

    I’d pick the cash!

  367. 365
    Amanda Elia

    Today I helped my friend move!

  368. 364
    Joseph Stowell

    I would opt for an Amazon gift card because I can get things from Amazon that I cannot get in local stores. Plus, I don’t have to leave my house!

  369. 363
    Amanda P

    I would choose Paypal!

  370. 362
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Today it was so hot that I stayed indoors and prepared salads to eat later.

  371. 361
    aaron reck

    I would choose paypal because it’s easy to transfer into my checking account to use and pay bills.

  372. 360

    I am currently waiting (and waiting, and waiting…) for a severe sinus/pressure sort of headache to ease up. Typical stuff, unfortunately.

  373. 359
    Mary Casper

    I would lie the vis masyercard because then I can use it for my lunches

  374. 358

    Going to a few stores today, buying some groceries.

  375. 357
    Veronica Lee

    I will be chilling out at the mall later today.

  376. 356
    Sherry Compton

    I am hoping to mow if the grass dries out enough.

  377. 355
    Debra Hall

    i choose amazon i am saving for the holidays

  378. 354
    Jillian Too

    I would choose the cash. I’d use it to buy a few birthday gifts.

  379. 353

    About half an hour ago I went outside to start hanging laundry on the clothes-lines… aaaaand a heavy rain came came down, seemingly from out of nowhere.

  380. 352
    Sherry Compton

    Today my daughter had a doctor’s appointment so we went there. Now, we are going to have some burnt ends at home and relax.

  381. 351
    Amber Ludwig

    My son had swim class in the rain and then I bought my hubby some new underwear lol!! Woooo 😉

  382. 350
    Patty wright

    Made lunch

  383. 349

    Getting some things done in town! Looking forward to the weekend and getting a few things for it!

  384. 348

    Visa Gift Card

  385. 347
    Ashley S

    I’d probably go with Amazon- so I don’t have to feel guilty spending it all on books 🙂

  386. 346
    Veronica Lee

    I called my parents today

  387. 345

    I would probably choose the Paypal cash, but an Amazon gift card would be great too.

  388. 344

    “VISA CARD” for me. I can spend it right now.

  389. 343
    tamie lynn

    An amazon GC would be lovely!

  390. 342
    Adarsh Verma

    cash, entering contests today….

  391. 341

    amazon GC.

  392. 340

    I would do a generic Visa/MC gift card because then it would be acceptable anywhere.

  393. 339
    Renee Walters

    I would pick an Amazon gift card.

  394. 338

    Tried a melange cheese (cheddar and gruyere) for the first time today. Excellent flavour.

  395. 337
    Barbara Montag

    Today I attempted a jar of fermented pickles.

  396. 336
    Dawn Monzu

    What am I doing? I have been sitting at my computer entering giveaways for about 4 or 5 hours!!! I am almost done. I used to do that every day, but I stopped for awhile. I am just getting back into it. I can’t wait to win something! God bless and good luck everyone!

  397. 335
    Dawn Monzu

    I would probably pick a Visa. That way I could use it wherever I need to! God bless everyone!

  398. 334
    Amber Ludwig

    We went to the zoo today!! Then had grilled pineapple for dinner, and burgers 😉 But the pineapple was amazing!!

  399. 333
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Today I made fruit desserts with blueberries and cherries.

  400. 332
    Corey Hutton

    I’d take the cash, Or what’s behind the door.

  401. 331
    Veronica L

    I would pick the cash since I am doing a lot of back to school shopping right now

  402. 330

    I would pick an Amazon gift card.

  403. 329
    kater ram

    I would choose the paypal

  404. 328
    Pam H.

    I worked all day, came home, and worked some more.

  405. 327
    Denise B.

    I would pick the cash.

  406. 326
    Dionne B

    I would choose Paypal.

  407. 325
    Amanda Elia

    Today I went to my mom’s house to see the new shoes she bought to wear at my nephews wedding.

  408. 324
    Amanda Elia

    I’d chose the e-gift card

  409. 323
    Sarah Hall

    I would take the Target gift card if I won.

  410. 322
    Laura Schrillo

    I would pick the Amazon card

  411. 321

    I would pick a Visa gift card.

  412. 320

    I’m doing some wash!

  413. 319

    Well, it’s 9:15am and I didn’t go to bed last night… I do that every so often. It’s really that… I just don’t want to go to sleep. And I know; I know it’s not healthy. But sometimes, I need that time.

  414. 318
    Angela Kinder

    I can’t decide if I want a Fandango gift card or cash! I would love to take my boyfriend out for a movie but also dinner. Choices, choices.

  415. 317
    Becky Richardson

    Today I have been reading since quite early.

  416. 316
    Veronica Lee

    Going to the grocer soon.

  417. 315
    Sherry Compton

    It’s grocery and errands day. Starting it off by heading to Walmart.

  418. 314
    Jennifer Red

    probably the visa or amazon, or if possible just paypal as that works with the most things

  419. 313

    I would choose the Visa gift card.

  420. 312
    Hargow Wong

    I would pick Amazon gift card.

  421. 311
    Jody R.

    I’m leaning toward the Visa gift card. Thank you for so many choices!

  422. 310
    Nicholas Walls

    Could I choose a CVS Gift Card!! If I can’t then I choose Outback Steakhouse.

  423. 309
    Tim D

    I would choose the PayPal.

  424. 308
    Alejandra Carreno

    I’d pick the cash to PayPal so I can pay some bills. Money’s always a little tight this time of year with Back to School.

  425. 307
    rickel bart

    A Visa gift card would be sweet!

  426. 306
    Theron Willis

    I would choose the Amazon card, as Amazon is were I purchase all of my books and I love to read.

    Hope to win!

  427. 305

    I’m leaning toward Visa or PayPal.

  428. 304

    Today I have just been entering the blog giveaway’s. There are so many nice ones it is hard to keep up but I do love it. I am crossing my fingers for your Black Forest Candy one especially!

  429. 303
    Lonnie Hutchinson

    I would just use the visa can be used anywhere or for the kids

  430. 302
    Amber Ludwig

    My son had swim lessons and spit a bunch of water on a woman’s crotch area so needless to say it didn’t end well 😛

  431. 301

    not doing too much, catching up with things I needed to get done. It is a rainy day, good for that!

  432. 300
    Angela Winesburg

    I would probably pick the cash.

  433. 299
    jennifer aguero

    Visa GC it can be used for most anything you need when you have kids or a family.

  434. 298
    paige chandler

    i would pick the visa gc.

  435. 297

    I am listening to country music on the radio, and drinking some soda. I really do love so many different kinds of music: I used to play classical, jazz, and swing; I dance hip hop… Country is mostly a summertime thing for me.

  436. 296
    Elizabeth Curson

    Tough choice but I would pick the cash!

  437. 295
    Veronica Lee

    I was entering a few giveaways before this.

  438. 294
    peter gladue

    I would take an Amazon Gift Card

  439. 293
    Cynthia Mercado

    I am watching the Olympics and checking email

  440. 292
    Cynthia Mercado

    I would pick a Visa gift card becaue I could use it anywhere I shop.

  441. 291

    Today I did some gardening already and went for a run!

  442. 290

    I would pick the $50 Paypal 🙂 Because I do so much shopping online.

  443. 289

    I’d pick cash

  444. 288
    David N.

    I would pick the cash.

  445. 287
    Laurie W.

    I would pick cash as I am outside the U.S.

  446. 286

    I would pick Amazon.

  447. 285
    Sherry Compton

    I will go into work like normal, then, I might go to Kohls afterwards.

  448. 284
    Christine Burd

    Today I watered my garden and picked tomatoes. I also waited for the evap cooler repairman.

  449. 283
    Christine Burd

    Since my husband likes to shop Amazon I would choose that card.

  450. 282
    Victoria K

    I would pick Amazon.

  451. 281
    Pam H.

    I would choose an Amazon gift card.

  452. 280
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    Today I took my husband to see a vascular specialist.

  453. 279
    Amber Ludwig

    We had swim class and then walked around the lake for ice cream! Yummo!!

  454. 278
    tracy k

    i’d pick the visa gc!

  455. 277
    Andrea Williams

    I would pick Paypal so it could be used for anything. Thanks for the giveaway.

  456. 276
    Tamra H

    I would pick PayPal, and put it towards our upcoming vacation!

  457. 275
    Cathy French

    Today is laundry day. Have only done one load so far so I better get on it.

  458. 274

    going to get a few groceries.

  459. 273
    Alisha Sienkiel

    I would pick the Paypal cash!

  460. 272

    I’d pick paypal

    1. 272.1

      I’m laying in bed and watching the news

  461. 271
    heather kaufman

    I would choose the PayPal.

  462. 270
    Veronica Lee

    Baked a batch of cookies this afternoon.

  463. 269
    Veronica Lee

    I would pick Paypal cash

  464. 268
    Sherry Compton

    I work all day, but I will come home to a delicious dinner of bacon sandwiches made by my daughter.

  465. 267
    Mary Beth Elderton

    It is 4:30 am—so far today I am doing pretty well to have coffee and check emails. Maybe I will be more productive later

  466. 266
    Kyl Neusch

    choose an Amazon gift card.

  467. 265

    cash in PayPal

  468. 264

    Oh my gosh , I choose the case please. . Wow, prize cash is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the cash to shop and eat. A life changing exp.

  469. 263
    Jenna Hudson

    At this point in time I would choose cash.

  470. 262
    roland monkman

    if i win i would take $50.00 paypal.

  471. 261
    Patty wright

    Did 6 loads of laundry. Got 1 more to do. Do 5 a day

  472. 260
    Amber Ludwig

    I watched my son at swim class and then came home to clean!!

  473. 259

    I would choose an Amazon gift card.

  474. 258

    I would probably pick the cash.

  475. 257
    Aarone Mawdsley

    amazon or cash

  476. 256

    I’m going to town to do a few errands.

  477. 255

    I would choose whole foods if that is an option, or visa!

  478. 254
    ronda wilson-ratton

    i would choose an Amazon gift card so i could buy books from my wish list aka TBR pile

  479. 253
    nicole c

    I would choose a Visa gift card.

  480. 252

    I went to the gym this morning!

  481. 251
    Sherry Compton

    Today is my late night to work. So all day there then home to bed.

  482. 250

    I read today’s newspaper, going to lunch with a friend and chiropractic appointment later.

  483. 249

    I am not in the US so I will take PayPal.

  484. 248

    I would choose amazon. I love browsing on there and finding amazing things or get e books and things for the kids and I 🙂

  485. 247

    I would choose the PayPal cash. Thanks for the chance.

  486. 246

    I would choose a Visa gift card. Thanks! 🙂

  487. 245
    Richard Brandt

    Today I trimmed the hedges and took the debris to the street.

  488. 244
    Richard Brandt

    I think I’d just take the cash because choosing between all those gift cards is too tough.

  489. 243
    Brittney House

    I would love the amazon gift card because you can get almost anything there.

  490. 242
    Melanie Borhi

    Starbucks gift card for sure, gotta have my coffee.

  491. 241

    I spent today doing things outside with my pup.

  492. 240
    Alexandru Rusu

    Today i will go out in the city with some my best friends.

  493. 239
    Alexandru Rusu

    I would choose Paypal Cash because i need some money for buy groceries and food.

  494. 238
    Julie Murphy

    I would take the amazon card.

  495. 237
    DeAnna Keller

    This is so awesome! I would pick the PayPal cash.

  496. 236

    I would pick the PayPal cash.

  497. 235
    Daniela Plume

    I would pick the iTunes gift card because I have instilled in my kids the desire to support the artists they enjoy. They get gift cards for birthday and christmas prezzies.

  498. 234

    I would pick Paypal cash.

  499. 233
    rita leonard

    I would choose the paypal cash option.

  500. 232
    Jessica Miller

    would pick the paypal

  501. 231
    Suzanne Greene

    I think I would choose an Amazon gift card if I won.

  502. 230

    I would choose the cash.

  503. 229
    Freya D

    I would like Paypal, but Amazon would work too 🙂

  504. 228

    I would choose Amazon Gift Card as i want to buy something bigger from Amazon 😉

  505. 227
    Birgit L.

    I’d pick PayPal cash as I’m from overseas. 🙂

  506. 226
    Cathy French

    I have done absolutely nothing today. Recovering from all the walking I did yesterday while attending the Cleveland Browns scrimmage game. Very sore.

  507. 225
    Andrea Woodard

    I would choose either cash or Amazon.

  508. 224
    Jackie Mercer

    I would choose PayPal cash so that I can shop anywhere!

  509. 223
    Kristi Kellberg

    I got up early and got dressed so I could play on the computer before I leave for church. It’s the only time I
    get it all to myself!

  510. 222
    Kristi Kellberg

    I got up early and got dressed so I could play on the computer before I leave for church.

  511. 221
    Glenn Stone

    I’d prefer cash instead of a gift card.

  512. 220
    Kristi Kellberg

    I would pick the Amazon gift card so I could buy an Outlander book I have been wanting to buy. I love this

  513. 219

    I would pick Amazon or cash, can’t decide yet 🙂

  514. 218
    Peter Jones

    A stacked Amazon please

  515. 217
    Frank R

    I’d prefer cash instead of a gift card.

  516. 216
    Sherry Compton

    My daughter and I are going to run a few errands this morning but hopefully hope later for some relaxing and just some time together.

  517. 215
    Debra Holloway

    I am relaxing tonight. I went grocery shopping all day. I am exhausted.

  518. 214

    I already went to yoga and I am currently baking brownies and doing laundry.

  519. 213

    I would probably pick Amazon because I shop there so much!

  520. 212
    Karen Deva

    I would pick an Amazon gift card.

  521. 211
    Linda Kish

    I’ve been watching TV and playing on my computer most of the day.

  522. 210
    Linda Kish

    I would choose a Visa card so I could use it most anywhere.

  523. 209
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    I have been doing household chores today.

  524. 208
    Anne-Marie Tvete

    I am in Canada, so it would be Paypal, which is Great !

  525. 207
    Scott MacMillan

    $50 Paypal would be nice to have.

  526. 206
    Amber Ludwig

    A whole lot of nothing and it was fabulous!!

  527. 205

    I went to a farmer’s market this morning, and picked up some produce to use in recipes.

  528. 204
    Susan Christy

    I’d pick cash! I need a new lawnmower.

  529. 203
    ashley trail

    I didn’t decide yet cash is always great and much needed but gift cards are just as amazing 🙂

  530. 202
    Michelle S

    I’m taking my son to work today and getting some bills paid.

  531. 201
    Sherry Compton

    It’s my Saturday to work. Then, I will come home to relax with my husband and daughter.

  532. 200
    cindy legg

    id choose the gamestop one so i can purchase items for xmas gifts for my grandkids and my daughter

  533. 199
    abbie guerrero

    I would pick cash! Thanks for the chance!

  534. 198

    Tonight I hope to watch something on Netflix for the first time since… maybe January?
    Also, as a side note, a couple hours ago I found a little article [reporting on a study] titled “People Who Swear, Stay Up Late, and Make a Mess Are More Intelligent.” …YES! :p

  535. 197
    Patty wright

    Celebrated my 58 birthday

  536. 196
    Patty wright

    Home depot

  537. 195

    Cash please. 🙂

  538. 194
    Erica Barnes

    I would pick the cash.

  539. 193
    Amber Ludwig

    My son had swim and then we played out some energy at Mcdonalds!! Dad came home early so we are grilling tonight!!

  540. 192
    Karen Giasson

    I would choose the Paypal. Paypal helps to pay the bills when I get behind.

  541. 191
    Suzanne K

    I’d pick the Amazon to get a few things from my wishlist.

  542. 190
    Kimberly Hilbert

    I would chose the paypal cash. I watched an investigative report on how people can steal the gift card codes right from the store. Now I don’t buy them anymore.

  543. 189
    Melissa Storms

    I am planning to go blueberry or blackberry picking today. This has been a good year for berries and I want to make jam with bith.

  544. 188
    Sherry Compton

    I am going to have lunch with a friend and her grandkids.

  545. 187

    I’d pick the cash so that it could go into my savings.

  546. 186

    CASH is king! 🙂

  547. 185
    Lisa Richards

    I made 300 haystacks and 20 lbs of puppy chow for family reunion this weeked

  548. 184
    Lisa Richards

    Amazon of course as that means more books

  549. 183
    Ellie Wright

    I would pick the cash to go back to school shopping.

  550. 182
    Mary Cloud

    I would pick the cash to use to pay bills or buy groceries.

  551. 181
    Kamla L.

    I would choose either the Visa gift card or the paypal cash.

  552. 180
    sherry blamer

    I did nothing but clean and take care of my kiddos.

  553. 179
    sherry blamer

    I would choose paypal I can shop multiple place that way.

  554. 178
    Barbara Montag

    I volunteered for Emergency Services today.

  555. 177
    heather s

    Paypal as I can use it for anything

  556. 176
    Jeanna Massman

    I would choose an Amazon gift card.

  557. 175
    Amber Ludwig

    We spent the WHOLE day at the beach after my sons swim class!!

  558. 174

    Today I am trying to avoid going outside in the hot sun! It’s really, really hot here, but later we’re supposed to get a thunderstorm that will cool things off. So, I’m just working on my “indoors-only” to-do list. 🙂

  559. 173
    violet taylor

    cash is king when you are broke as a joke :(. thanks for the amazing opportunity.

  560. 172
    Amy P.

    I would pick Target. Thank you for the giveaway!

  561. 171
    Neha Kaul

    Cash would have to be it- I’d squirrel it up for a rainy day (or not!)

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  562. 170

    I would choose cash

  563. 169
    Vicki Wurgler

    it is early in the morning-I’m having a cup of coffee

  564. 168
    Vicki Wurgler

    I would pick the cash

  565. 167

    I am again working all day!

  566. 166

    Right now I am having breaky with 2 of the children I take care of and making a list of stuff I need to get done today.


  567. 165

    I would love to have this giveaway!

  568. 164
    Sherry Compton

    Today is grocery shopping day so I will be heading to the store this morning.

  569. 163
    Ashley C

    I think I would just pick a walmart card so I could use it on groceries, gas or household necessities!

  570. 162
    Melissa Crisp

    I’d probably pick the cash. If not then the visa.

  571. 161
    Jason Vaughn

    I always pick the cash. Cash is king.

  572. 160

    I would pick a Sephora card.

  573. 159
    Linda Herold

    I would love an Amazon card!

  574. 158
    kelly grant

    I’d pick the cash

  575. 157
    Tari Lawson

    I would pick the Amazon gift card.

  576. 156

    I would choose cash.

  577. 155

    At the moment not a lot,just got up and drinking coffee

  578. 154

    I would pick an Amazon gift card

  579. 153

    I would pick Amazon.

  580. 152

    I would pick Amazon.

  581. 151

    I would pick Amazon

  582. 150
    Seyma Shabbir

    All cards are great but I think Amazon because it can be a card or ecard. I can order so many things online with free shipping!

  583. 149
    Heather E.

    Today, I am working until 7. Once I’m done, my boyfriend is picking me up so we can hang out. We might hit the gym or go take a nap since the weather is kind of gloomy. 🙂

  584. 148
    Heather E.

    I would choose Sephora or a clothing site. 🙂 My wardrobe needs updating, but I’m a sucker for makeup.

  585. 147
    Amber Ludwig

    Took my son to swim class and then went to Target! Came home and cleaned my house!! Super boring lol! Grilling pork chops for dinner tonight.

  586. 146
    Katherine Riley

    I took a half day off from work and came home and relaxed for the day.

  587. 145
    sheryl Cerniglia

    I would choose Amazon

  588. 144
    Cathy French

    I boiled some sweet corn on the cob and am currently letting it cool. I like to cut off the cobb and fry in butter for a healthy,(exceptthe butterlol) and fresh side for dinner.

  589. 143
    Debbi Wellenstein

    I believe I will take the cash.

  590. 142
    Sandy Klocinski

    I will pick Amazon

  591. 141
    Barbara Montag

    Today I am doing catch up things at home.

  592. 140
    Cynthia C

    Today I am visiting my dad and taking lunch for him, my niece and her kids.

  593. 139
    Barbara Montag

    If I were the lucky winner I would pick the cash.
    thank you

  594. 138
    Cynthia C

    I would choose Amazon.

  595. 137
    Christina Sparks

    I would pick the home Depot Card my spouse he needs to get a lawn mower.

  596. 136

    I am in Canada so I would pick the cash (and use it for back to school shoes)

  597. 135

    I would pick Amazon

  598. 134
    Holly C.

    I would pick paypal, I love to shop on Etsy, so many very talented people out there!

  599. 133
    Linda Szymoniak

    I would pick the Paypal cash. I found a tiny feral kitten four weeks ago today – she’s only about six weeks old now and just getting weaned off the bottle. Between the costs of kitten formula, and that she’ll have three vet visits pretty close together for shots, and of course, then there’s the spay, I could use this money towards all that.

  600. 132
    Kate F.

    I would pick an Amazon gift card.

  601. 131
    Sherry Compton