May 27

Save on awesome phones for summer surfing at Verizon Wireless

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This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.

verizon own

Oh how I miss the days of unlimited data!  We were so carefree and happy then.  Little did we know we would one day be limited to 1 gb, even as videos and photos got bigger and required more data to send and receive.  Two years ago, my family and I took a trip to visit friends about 3 hours away. When we got home from that day trip, our heads almost exploded at the amount of data that had been used.  Sure, we used the GPS feature, but it had never used that much data before.  We were so worried for our upcoming trip to Florida and worried how we would manage data.  We finally figured out the issue: My husband had used his phone as a dash cam with an app. That app had automatically backed up the large video fiels to the cloud.  After turning off the auto-update we were fine, but were so careful about data, constantly monitoring our usage.  However, I still hate having to worry about data overages, and it’s something that constantly nags at me. Who wants to worry about data usage during summer vacation?!

Thankfully, Verizon Wireless is here to make sure that we can surf, stream, and dash cam to our heart’s content, no matter what we’re doing.  And not only do we get data, we get the great coverage to go with it.  You can travel anywhere you want this summer and still be in touch with friends and family!

Are you putting up with bad coverage and small data limits (and therefore maybe data overage charges)? Well, stop, because Verizon has an awesome deal – they’re waiving activation fees on phones and tablets through 6/11!  And, if you use the code VZWDEAL, you can receive $100 off select smartphones* through 6/30!  This awesome offer is only available online using the code VZWDEAL so visit now to get the best in wireless service.

Verizon 100 Off_banner03
How can we claim Verizon is the best?  A third-party, independent testing firm conducted their own study and found that Verizon is the #1 cell service provider for speed, data, reliability, and overall network performance in the U.S.  See all of the data here: http://bit.ly/27eF3E4.  To me, that #1 designation makes them the best! Don’t you deserve the very best to keep in contact with your family and friends?

Speaking of the best, I know you, my readers, really are.  I’m so excited to be able to offer this giveaway to you – 5 winners will each receive a $100 Verizon gift certificate!  This giveaway ends Thursday, 6/30/16 at 11:59pm EDT.  It’s open to US residents only, ages 18 and up.

I know you want to get entering, but don’t forget about the awesome deals I mentioned above – free activation through 6/11 (think Father’s Day!) and $100 off select smartphones* through 6/30 using code VZWDEAL.  These offers are only available online at Verizon Wireless, the #1 cell service provider in overall network performance.  You deserve the best so get the best!

Verizon phone01

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Waived activation available through 6/11; $100 off select smartphones available through 6/30. Both the waived activation and $100 off are available online only and cannot be applied to upgrades. $100 off select smartphones does not include the Samsung Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 Edge, HTC 10, or the iPhone SE.

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  1. 111
    Nancy Burgess

    I’ve had Verizon.for many years it’s the cheapest cell phone company.

  2. 110

    I know nothing about these phones. I use land line and have a regular monthly bill. They tax it way too much, but I don’t want to be always updating to the newest and greatest.

  3. 109

    I’d go with the iPhone 6!

  4. 108
    Rebecca Scolari

    Interesting reading. I stick with what i have because it meets my needs.

  5. 107

    I find it almost obscene that people feel so self important that they need to be connected 24-7. We all got along just fine not carrying a phone around talking while driving, shopping etc…

  6. 106
    Melinda Berlin

    I wish we had other coverage options in our rural area unfortunately living in the “sticks” leaves us monopolized by certain carriers.

  7. 105
    Jody Cleveland

    We use Verizon because of the good coverage, but I still think they charge too much.

  8. 104
    Renee Schuhmacher

    We have had verizon for too many years to count and while we like the service the price is becoming too high to keep paying. We are considering switching to a different carrier at this point.

  9. 103

    I had Verizon for years and was very happy with them/

  10. 102
    Renee HendersonGray

    I’m a iPhone fan.

  11. 101

    Don’t have a smart phone and don’t want one–but I am using Verizon Wireless

  12. 100

    Samsung Galaxy J3

  13. 99
    Sheila Wilson

    This sounds like a good deal. I need a new phone for sure

  14. 98
    Angie Agerter

    we’ve actually already been looking at this deal – buy two Samsung galaxy s7’s and get a free tv – cause hello we could us a tv! and we need phones, win=win!

  15. 97
    Angie Agerter

    Uhm, the phone we have been eyeing isn’t on that page but from that page that Samsung Galaxy S6 – we love Samsung products so know we could trust them and enjoy them for the long haul.

  16. 96
    Riley Johnson

    I would pick the Samsung Galaxy S6 because I love my older galaxy I have. I am an android person all the way and couldn’t see owning anything but.

  17. 95
    Lisa Weidknecht

    Great deal! I have always used Verizon and been very happy with it.

  18. 94
    Carl White

    Samsung Galaxy 6, I own a Galaxy and love it and its time for an upgrade.

  19. 93
    Jess Benoit

    We are Samsung lovers here so I would probably go with a S5 or the Galaxy Note5. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. 92

    The only phone I have is a land line. And, it isn’t even cordless. I wouldn’t know how to use one of these.

  21. 91
    Megan L

    I didn’t know what a deal Verizon is. Good to know.

  22. 90

    The Samsung Galaxy S6 looks great! I also the the deal for Get 2 LG K4’s for one low price is pretty good. Just $5 per month! You can’t beat that.

  23. 89
    Mia Fitzgerald

    I always wanted a smartwatch and seeing that Verizon is now selling the Gear S2 classic with a 23% discount is very appealing.

  24. 88
    Mia Fitzgerald

    I have a samsung galaxy tablet so I’d use the $100 to help get a Samsung Galaxy 6 phone.

  25. 87
    Jerrica Evans

    I’d get the Samsung Galaxy S 6, I haven’t tried Version before but would be excited to try it.

  26. 86
    Kyli Wolfson

    I’d pick the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge – it’s on my fiance’s wish list.

  27. 85
    Kyli Wolfson

    I absolutely love Verizon. I used to use Sprint, but I’m so much happier now that I switched.

  28. 84
    Michelle Elizondo

    $100 is used as a coupon.

  29. 83
    Tess Chalk

    I have not used Verizon yet but I know many people that use this service and love it.

  30. 82
    April monty

    Verizon’s pretty good,but expensive not affordable for someone in limited income

  31. 81

    great service

  32. 80

    I have a Motorola now.Still can not figure it out.Need to have it hooked to GOOGLE,which will not send me my password 🙁 Very frustrating!

  33. 79
    michele soyer

    Sorry just bought a new iphone i am an apple person…..the rose one is gorgeous…….

  34. 78
    Gloria Walshver

    I would pick a Samsung Galaxy 6 if I’d get a smartphone they’re the best.

  35. 77
    Michelle Elizondo

    I like Verizon just not the prices.

  36. 76
    Barrie Mac

    I would love a Samsung Note 5! My hubby would be so jealous! LOL

  37. 75
    Sara Zielinski

    The Samsung galaxy S7 deal appeals to me them most.

  38. 74
    Sara Zielinski

    I would pick the samsung galaxy S6

  39. 73
    Fee Roberts

    I like the Samsung Galaxy S 6 for $24.00 a month. Sounds like a so so deal compared.

  40. 72
    Fee Roberts

    I would choose the Samsung Galaxy because I like Samsung brand, and I need a smart phone.

  41. 71
    william gossage

    I would get the aplle iphone 6s plus 16gb in silver

  42. 70

    I’d go with the iPhone 6.


  43. 69
    Cyndi Flores

    Far as the deal I would pick, most likely the 60$ a month shared 6 gb plan, I would need to learn a little more, but that is the best for us.

  44. 68
    Cyndi Flores

    I want the galaxy Note 5 so bad!!! I had the 2 with my last phone plan, now I am with att and we are going to switch, they talked me into the Lg G3 and I hate it, and my husband has the iphone 6 he hates it. So we would love this. Thank you for the giveaway

  45. 67
    Sheila Ritter

    I would love to have a Galaxy Note 5. My nephew has one and I really like the look and feel of it.

  46. 66
    Michelle Elizondo

    This deal Buy two, get a free Samsung 50″ TV. applies to me because I like two for the price of one.

  47. 65
    Tom Gibson

    I would pick Apple
    iPhone® 6s.

  48. 64

    iPhone® 6s for the phone

  49. 63

    BlackBerry® Classic Non Camera in Black for the features

  50. 62
    Murry Huizingh

    i’ve used them for years. No problems. Would connect even when my wifes t-moble would not.

  51. 61
    Lisa Ehrman

    I only see one deal. Switch to Verizon and get an iPhone on us. I would love to get the free iPhone by switching to Verizon!

  52. 60
    Lisa Ehrman

    I would like the Apple iPhone 6 16GB in White.

  53. 59
    Marlene V

    I would really love the Samsung
    Galaxy S®6 for my daughter. She is graduating this year and it would make a great gift!!

  54. 58
    Amber Terry

    I really like the Samsung Galaxy S5–I’m familiar with Samsung and I really like their products!

  55. 57
    Sarah L

    I’d get the Motorola DROID TURBO because it’s affordable and has good reviews.
    Thanks for the contest.

  56. 56

    The iPhone 6 Plus because it has the most storage.

  57. 55
    tammy freeze

    I like buy 2 Samsung phones and get a 50 inch tv

  58. 54

    I would choose the apple I phone 616 because it has the lowest monthly plan

  59. 53
    jeanette sheets

    love the apple i phone

  60. 52
    Kathy Davis

    I want the 6 plus i-phone. I have the regular 6 now, but I want the larger size.

  61. 51
    Sadie B.

    I would choose the Apple iPhone 6 16GB in Silver. It would be a great new phone for my husband.

  62. 50

    I’d get a Fitbit Charge HR (Heart Rate) and Activity Wristband. It helps you to see progress towards your goals so you stay focused.

  63. 49

    I’d choose a Samsung Galaxy Note. A new version is supposed to come out this August according to the tech guys at the Verizon strore.

  64. 48
    kathy downey

    samsung galaxy s6 because there great

  65. 47
    Adarsh verma

    samsung galaxy s6 because it is beat phone than apple.

  66. 46
    Christy Maurer

    Samsung Galaxy Note5 because I really love Samsung as a brand.

  67. 45

    The Bose® SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker is what appeals to me. I thought my kids would like it. I don’t have a cellphone yet.

  68. 44
    Deborah Caudill

    I would choose the Apple I phone 6s because I have used the iphone 4s for years and I love it. I am not sure yet, but think I would go with silver or gray. Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. 43
    Robyn Bellefleur

    I would choose the iPhone® 6s Plus. I’ve always wanted an iphone but can’t afford one.

  70. 42

    I like the $100 off deal if I upgrade my smartphone

  71. 41

    I would choose the iPhone® 6s Plus.

  72. 40
    Amy Greenwood

    I would choose the Samsung Galaxy Note5 32GB in Black Sapphire. I think it has all of the features I could ever need. It also seems to be a phone that is highly recommended by others which is great to know.

  73. 39
    paige chandler

    I want the iphone 6s. I like the big screen and excellent camera.

  74. 38

    I would get an Apple iPhone in Rose Gold!

  75. 37
    Heather B

    Ohhh the 64Gig Iphone in silver would be amazing! Lots of room for Apps too!

  76. 36
    Jessica Cox

    I would want the 100 bucks 0ff Apple iPhone® 6s

  77. 35
    Katie R

    I love my Samsungs.

  78. 34
    Eva Mack

    iPhone® 6s with max storage

  79. 33

    I’d get the iphone 6 in silver because I’ve been wanting it since it was released. Why does it have to be so expensive?

  80. 32
    Denise C.

    The RELAYS headphones sounds great because I like to keep multiple pairs around (house, car, purse) so that I’m never without my music.

  81. 31
    Denise C.

    I’d go for the Note 5. I have an older Note now, and I’d like to stick with that line!

  82. 30

    With the $100 off code, I’d choose the Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB in Black Sapphire for my father. I’m a loyal Apple fan, but I think that my dad would love the Samsung. He currently has a standard phone (i.e., not a smartphone), and doesn’t have an interest in getting a smartphone. However, I think he’d really love it! We got him a little Chromebook for Christmas 2014, and now he just LOVES surfing the Internet. This Verizon deal is great, and I’m sure my dad would be hooked on the Galaxy!

  83. 29
    Tanya White

    The Galaxy Note5 because I can spare a extra $25 a month for something I need.

  84. 28
    Tanya White

    I would buy the Samsung Galaxy Note5 because I need a large phone so I can see the screen better and I see this is a pretty big phone.

  85. 27
    Tamra H

    I’d get the Samsung Galaxy S6!

    1. 27.1
      Tamra H

      (oops hit send too quickly). I’d choose this one because the camera looks awesome on this phone!

  86. 26

    I would choose Apple® iPhone® 6s Plus 16GB in Rose Gold.

  87. 25

    I love the iPhone 6 deal because I have always wanted to own an iPhone

  88. 24
    Lisa Garland

    The iPhone 6 Plus appeals to me. It has a reduced price and I love Apple products!

  89. 23
    Lisa Garland

    I would get the Apple iPhone 6S plus, 32g. I have an iPhone 6, I have dropped it a few times, still works good though. Just time for an upgrade with more gigs, not enough room for all my pics!

  90. 22

    The samsung galaxy s5 deal appeals to me because that is the phone that I want next.

  91. 21

    I would buy a Samsung Galaxy S5. I currently have the S4 an really love it so I don’t want to switch to a different phone but an upgrade on my current one would be nice.

  92. 20
    Samantha Wagner

    My husband has the Galaxy Note 5 and really loves it, so I would probably give that one a try.

  93. 19

    I would get a Galaxy Note5 because a bigger phone might be nice.

  94. 18
    Terry Stevens

    The $100 off an AppleiPhone® 6 appeals to me as I need a new phone and the $100 off would really help me to get a good working phone.

  95. 17
    Terry Stevens

    I would choose the Apple iPhone® 6 since I am on my 2nd iPhone 5c and awaiting for a refurbished phone to be sent to me as my phone is not working. I need a phone 24/7 as I have been diagnosed with cancer for the 2nd time and have to be available to all of the doctors involved. It really sucks when your phone does not work and you need it.

  96. 16
    Dario Moniz

    I would get the iphone 6 because sadly Im still using the iphone 4 so the screen is small and the camera is decent at best

  97. 15
    Sarah Hayes

    Id get the iPhone 6s 16GB in space grey. this would be a great gift for my sister

  98. 14
    Allyson becker

    I like the deal for the 2 for the price of one with the purchase of the HTC
    Desire® 526. Isn’t 2 for one always better than just one?

  99. 13
    Allyson becker

    I would choose the Apple Iphone 6s in Rose gold. I love the color. I also love that the government has trouble hacking them. LOL

  100. 12
    Sue S

    Iphone 6s plus to upgrade my current iphone

  101. 11
    Serge B

    I would choose the LG G4™ in Genuine Leather Black, I like the look of the leather!

  102. 10
    Rebecca Swenor

    I have been thinking of switching to Verizon for my cell phone service because my sons both have it. The $100 off deal for on selected smartphones is something that made me more interested. I will have to share these deals thanks for sharing.

  103. 9
    Natalie F

    I would get the Galaxy S®6. I have the 5 right now which I really like but I’ve had it awhile and it is showing some serious wear and tears so it is time for a new one.

  104. 8

    I like the I want the LG G4, that would be a great upgrade!

  105. 7

    like the $100 off deal if I upgrade my smartphone

  106. 6

    I would buy an Apple iPhone 6 64GB in Space Gray as the cost is the same as the Apple iPhone 6s 16GB
    Since there is not a 32GB option for either model, a more cost efficient option is the 6 with more storage space

  107. 5
    Erica Barnes

    I like the $100 off deal if I upgrade my smartphone.

  108. 4
    Erica Barnes

    I want the LG G4.

  109. 3
    June S.

    I really like this deal of theirs listed on their site; Buy the iPhone® 6s and upgrade to a new annual upgrade eligible device every year.

  110. 2
    June S.

    I would choose this pretty phone for myself; Apple
    iPhone® 6s in the rose gold color-

  111. 1

    I would buy a Samsung Galaxy 6, because it would be an upgrade from my Galaxy 5…but not “too” different…I never felt so dumb until I got my first smartphone, it took me a long time to learn how to use I!

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