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*CLOSED* When in Rome by J. Lynn Rowan Release Day Blast

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when in Rome

Love isn’t always picture perfect . . .

Atlanta-based photographer Kate Miller doesn’t believe in fairytale romance or relationships of the forever kind. She’s determined to build her own happiness through hard work and professional success. So, when the opportunity arises to join an exclusive fashion photo shoot in Rome, she jumps on the chance to gain international recognition. But she’s not counting on an instant attraction to the charismatic, sexy, and irritatingly arrogant director of the shoot.

World famous, Domenic Varezzi is used to calling the shots. His clients trust his instincts and they’re willing to pay for the best. But while his career is thriving, his personal life has been lackluster at best. Hoping Kate could be the answer he’s been looking for, he’s determined to win her over. Every challenge she sends his way drives him to break through her tough-as-nails exterior to reach the vulnerable heart that matches his own.

Surrounded by the beauty and magic of Italy’s “Eternal City,” a foundation begins to form that could lead to a lifetime partnership, both in business and in love. Until Domenic’s past comes back to haunt the present and threatens to destroy everything.

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About the author:

better than chocolate

Lynn Rowan started writing stories as a small child, usually starring her favorite cartoon characters. Most of her work through middle and high school was filled with typical teenage angst and melodrama, and usually mirrored the books she loved to read. But eventually she found her own author’s voice and decided to seriously pursue a writing career.

Historical fiction remains J. Lynn’s “first love”, but she has enjoyed the journey to becoming an author of romance and chick lit. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Central New York Romance Writers, and the Historical Novel Society. She is also a teacher who tries to instill a love of learning, reading, and writing in her students.

When she’s not writing, J. Lynn enjoys travelling, gardening poorly but enthusiastically, studying various topics in American history for her own expertise, and channeling Julia Child every time she steps into the kitchen.

A native of Oswego, NY, she now lives in Charlotte, NC, with her own Romantic Hero of a husband and the most adorable baby on the planet.

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  1. 22
    Lily Kwan

    I think Paris is very romantic!

  2. 21
    Jerry Marquardt

    I think Honolulu in Hawaii is the most romantic place on earth.

  3. 20
    Kathy Pease

    For myself I would say Hawaii..I really love the beach 🙂

  4. 19
    Tanya White

    Rome is good also so is Paris, France.

  5. 18

    Prague is the most romantic place!

  6. 17

    Definitely Paris! 🙂

  7. 16
    Becky Richardson

    I’ve always heard Paris is very romantic.

  8. 15
    Christina G.

    I consider Hawaii to be a romantic destination also. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. 14
    Cynthia C

    I always think of Paris as a romantic city.

  10. 13
    Erica Barnes


  11. 12
    Ally Swanson

    I would say Paris and Maui would be two of the most romantic places. Looking forward to reading this book!

  12. 11
    Amber Ludwig

    Definitely anywhere in Europe!! Or anywhere in Rio or Hawaii!! Tropical is always romantic!! But so is classic and beautiful architecture!

  13. 10
    Jan Lee

    I think a tropical island is romantic… Hawaii, the Bahamas, Tahiti for example 🙂

  14. 9
    deb p

    I’m not into Rome that much , but our family went for a visit near Rome and loved it.

  15. 8
    Emily Endrizzi

    I would say that Paris is probably the most romantic destination that I can think of.

  16. 7
    Sara Zielinski

    I think Paris is a very romantic destination.

  17. 6
    Linda Szymoniak

    I’d love to take a romantic trip to Hawaii.

  18. 5
    Cathy French

    I love the old south for a romantic getaway. I especially like areas like Savannah and see the old homes and plantations with their weeping willows and ambience.

  19. 4
    Rachel B

    I think anywhere can be suitably romantic, if you try hard enough. However, to limit it to one city….. I think Prague is a romantic city.

  20. 3
    Della Barker

    I always think of Paris when I think of somewhere romantic.

  21. 2
    Betul E.

    “What do you consider to be one of the most romantic destinations?”


  22. 1
    James Robert

    It is my 2 sisters who I search for books for so not sure of the answer to what they would say. I think they don’t care, as long as it is a great book.

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