Apr 03

New series about cross stitching!

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in stitches
While I may have mentioned it in the past, it’s not something I talk about all that much, because I prefer talking about it to doing it – cross stitching!  I started cross stitching my senior year in college when I saw a friend doing it and was hooked.  I did veer away from it while after my son was born in 2008, mostly from lack of time, and then started blogging.  About a year and a half ago, I’ve returned in a big way and have enjoyed stitching multiple designs for gifts or just myself.  I will need to live until I’m 150 to stitch all I want to!  There’s also lots I want to stitch (as you can see on my Pinterest board) but not necessarily to keep, so you will probably see some finished pieces being given away here and there, although I am so bad at finishing (mounting and framing) that many finished pieces are still lingering in this house.

If you’ve been wanting to try cross stitching, I highly recommend counted versus stamped. Counted involves following a pattern but stamped has the pattern printed right on the fabric.  I’ve never tried stamped mostly because I was afraid I’d never cover up the printed pattern all the way but also because there’s not nearly as many stamped resources as there are for counted.  Nowadays, I can pop onto Etsy, see what there is to be had, buy a pattern, and have the digital file on my computer in minutes.  And half the fun of stitching is figuring out which fabric to use and picking out the threads.  (Yes, embroidery floss is for more than just friendship bracelets!)  If that made no sense, I really like this explanation of the differences from Retextil.

I’ll pop in here and there with pictures of my stitching progress and finished pieces.  Some works in progress I may not be able to share as they’re gifts.  And I’d also like to try my hand at designing patterns.  Eventually, I’d love to make money on it but for now, I think I’ll offer freebies.

Here’s a piece I stitched, pulled from Daily Cross Stitch (a new free pattern every day, and they’re really cute and easy!) for my mom.  She’s hung up in her spare bedroom that has a beach theme with decorations.

I got lucky and found the perfect yet cheap frame at the dollar store.  This is also how I tried out a new method of mounting-  we’ll see how it holds up.

I also created this piece for my dad out of a photo using cross stitch design software.  He loves Mickey so I thought this would be fun.  I believe this is hanging in their Mickey-themed spare bathroom.


(Looking at this now, I hope that’s just a trick of reflection on the glass.  I’m pretty sure it’s all one color in person.)

This whole series is just an excuse for me to blab about one of my favorite things, besides books and giveaways.  But it’s a big part of my life, and I want to share my accomplishments with it.

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  1. 14
    April monty

    I love neefle crafts,they’re so relaxing.

  2. 13
    Darlene Owen

    I love cross stitching, my sister did it all the time before she passed away. My eyes are not good enough for me to do it but I do love it.

  3. 12
    Megan L

    I’ve seen some really cute patterns on Etsy.

  4. 11
    Morgan Van Lier

    I’d love to try this but I’m not sure I’d have the patience.

  5. 10
    fran brooks

    i couldnt do this to save my life lol

  6. 9
    April monty

    I live reading and books,I’d love to own this series

  7. 8
    Megan L

    I used to cross stitch as a kid but haven’t done it in years. These patterns look cute!

  8. 7
    violet taylor

    i have never done cross stitching and have always wanted to leabr. i love this

  9. 6
    Sherry Fram

    I’ve been teaching my 6 y/o granddaughter to do counted cross stitch and she loves it so far. I hope she keeps it up. My great grandmother taught me to embroider and I veered into counted cross stitch and I like it so much better. Last year I was working on a wall hanging piece for my mother when my granddaughter expressed an interest. So far she has made some little pieces that she framed and hung on her bedroom wall.

  10. 5
    April Monty

    I love needlepoint,I can’t do it much anymore because of my sight,but its so relaxing

  11. 4
    Amber Ludwig

    So neat!! Ive always wanted to learn to do this by hand but never think I have the patience lol!!

  12. 3
    Darbie Brown

    I really wish I had the patience to cross stitch. This work is beautiful.

  13. 2
    Terri Irvin

    I have devoted a lot of time to cross stitching when watching TV at home. It is so relaxing! My grandmother use to make beautiful Swedish samplers. I also have some of Nana’s household linens with cross stitching. I treasure them!

  14. 1
    Rachel B

    very nice. Cross stitching is one of my hobbies, though I’ve been neglecting it lately. I need to finish up some of my projects so I can move onto some more intense ones!

    Regarding the stamped cross stitch: i’ve only used it for pillow cases and linens. Once you wash the project, the stamps are gone.

    1. 1.1
      Maggie Castelluccio

      I knew I could learn something from others. Thanks for telling me that the stamped design washes out. That makes sense for washable items then. Maybe I’ll try a pillow case one day…along with my million other things I want to do!

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