Apr 22

*CLOSED* Celebrate Mom Giveaway Hop – ends 5/6 #PamperMom

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Mother’s Day is coming up and The Anti-June Cleaver and Our Piece of Earth have teamed up with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you some great prizes for a special woman in your life. 

As always, once you have entered a giveaway visit the linky below for a chance to win even more great prizes.

I’ve got a fun prize for mom or anybody that loves jewelry – the Madalee Petite Turquoise Triangle Necklace!

madalee triangle cents of style

This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older. Giveaway ends Friday, 5/6/16 at 11:59pm EDT. To enter, just use the widget below. After you enter, keep scrolling down to see all of the other giveaways in this hop. Good luck!


Disclosure: The Anti-June Cleaver, Our Piece of Earth, and the rest of the bloggers participating in the Celebrate Mom giveaway hop are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.

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  1. 41
    Jerry Marquardt

    I plan to go out to a nice restaurant with the family for Mother’s Day.

  2. 40
    Corey Olomon

    I’m sending her flowers as we are across the country.

  3. 39
    Richard Hicks

    I celebrate Mom by taking her out for nice dinner

  4. 38
    Elizabeth H.

    I am taking my aunt out to eat. She’s like a mom to me

  5. 37
    laura g

    I honor her memory by trying to emulate her love and kindness for all people.

  6. 36

    I try to do things everyday to show my mom that I love and support her. She is going through a difficult time right now so I’m working my but off to make sure she is taken care of.

  7. 35
    cheryl s

    I spend it with my kids since my mom passed away

  8. 34
    Jan Lee

    My mom passed away a few years ago. Both of my sisters are moms and one niece is a mom. I usually try to buy them something that they collect or like. We do go out for a nice dinner when we can all get together 🙂

  9. 33
    Robin Abrams

    We spend the day together and then go out to a nice dinner

  10. 32
    June S.

    The way I celebrate my Mom on Mother’s Day is by clipping a big bouquet of lilacs from our backyard and placing them by her picture and ern in remembrance of what a great woman she was. And will always be in my heart and never forgotten. They were her favorite flowers.

  11. 31
    Jeanna Massman

    I like to get out family pictures on Mother’s Day and share memories of my mom with my children and my sister.

  12. 30

    I like to celebrate Mother’s Day by spending time with my Mom. I don’t get to see her very often anymore, so it’s always nice to see her.

  13. 29
    Melissa O

    Normally we hit up the local Lilac festival and just enjoy the day together.

  14. 28

    We celebrate and have dinner with the family!

  15. 27

    I celebrate my mom by sending her flowers.

  16. 26
    Kathy Ross

    My mom has passed, so now I celebrate with my mother in law. We get her what we can think of. But we do things for her all year round.

  17. 25

    I celebrate my mom by sending her flowers ! She loves flowers !

  18. 24
    Priscilla S.

    I celebrate my mom by spending the day with her and getting her a special gift. My sister always take her out to brunch or lunch. Sometimes we’ll go shopping or see a movie too.

  19. 23
    Alona Y

    I like making a pampering gift basket and taking her out to eat.

  20. 22
    Heather E.

    I celebrate my mom by writing her little notes to let her know how much I appreciate her.

  21. 21

    Nothing fancy, just spending quality time together.

  22. 20
    Paol Trenny

    We usually have a special day for her – day spa and dinner with loved ones.

  23. 19
    Julie Harrison

    I show my “mom” appreciation by letting her know how loved she is even though she lives 3 hours away!

  24. 18
    Cynthia C

    When mom was alive, we would get together for a family dinner.

  25. 17

    We celebrate and have dinner with the family.

  26. 16
    jenny stratton

    We celebrate with the whole family getting together and bar-b-cueing.

  27. 15
    Ann Fantom

    I take my mom out to lunch so we can have some quality time together

  28. 14
    Elizabeth J.

    Growing up we would buy our mother a mother’s day corsage to wear to church and then also we’d make her breakfast with a card. This year I’m getting her a necklace with a mother’s day card.

  29. 13
    Debbie Bray

    Spend quality time together

  30. 12

    I tell her everyday how much she means to me <3

  31. 11
    Darlene Cruz

    First thing I do is call her and make sure her mother’s day gift arrives right on time or before, since she lives far away.

  32. 10
    Alicia Hewitt

    I bring my mom brunch in bed with a bouquet of pretty flowers. I cook her dinner also.

  33. 9
    Amber Ludwig

    Wine and cheese night with her and my sister <3

  34. 8

    I always get flowers for my daughter and daughter in law for Mother’s Day.

  35. 7
    Judy Cox

    I am the mom or mom like figure in my life. I always took my mother or mother in law out for a nice meal when they were alive.

  36. 6

    I give her a present and cook dinner.

  37. 5
    Melissa S

    I am so very happy this year because I will get to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. She lives pretty far away but is coming for a visit and will be here. I am going to make a few special treats the night before and am thinking a relaxing spa/movie day is in order.

  38. 4
    Terri Irvin

    I cherish my little Italian mother-in-law who has been like a mother to me since my mother passed away. I like to do fun things with her and she loves to go with me to the farmers market and we bake together.

  39. 3

    Mother’s Day Flowers are always appreciated along with a home-cooked meal.

  40. 2
    Sherry Compton

    It sometimes is in the small things. Knowing the perfume and flowers she likes so I can surprise her with them throughout the year. Just thinking of her and knowing her likes and personality.

  41. 1
    Jennifer Reed

    I will usually cook for them as they always seem to appreciate that. However, I think jewelry would go over nicely too.

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