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*CLOSED* Under the Rainbow Giveaway Hop – ends 3/17

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Welcome to the Under the Rainbow Giveaway Hop Event, hosted by the Lindsey Blogs at SEBG and Viva Veltoro!

Who doesn’t love finding gold under the rainbow? I’ve joined with a group of bloggers who will be offering great prizes for you, just waiting to be found under the rainbow! So, hop along to all in the giveaway hop linky below to find your gold and don’t forget to check out the great Grand Prizes for this event including a Venta Airwasher on Lindsey Blogs and an adorable baby nighttime trio of prizes on Viva Veltoro!

I’ve got something that’s green and a great find at the end of the rainbow: a pair of Jamsonic Super Sound Premium Earbuds with Mic Clip (ARV $29) in mint green!


Good sound is a must, and these Jamsonic Super Sound earbuds are an ideal choice for your MP3 player, smartphone, tablet, or any other music player with a standard 3.5mm input. They’re a nice mix of sound quality and a comfortable fit. Comfortable fit • Sound-sealed earbuds for quality sound reproduction • 3.5mm audio input–compatible with nearly all smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, and other music player devices• Inline mic clip for hands-free calling

This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older. Giveaway ends Thursday, 3/17/16 at 11:59pm EDT. To enter, just use the widget below. After you enter, keep scrolling down to check out the grand prize info and see the complete list of participating bloggers. Good luck!



under the rainbow grand

So Easy Being Green, Viva Veltoro, and the Under the Rainbow participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.

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  1. 47

    I have found a few pennies. 🙂

  2. 46
    Jerry Marquardt

    I found a purse about ten years ago. I called the police and sure enough, the lady forgot to pick it up and forgot where she left it.

  3. 45
    Kamla L.

    It’s been ages since I’ve found anything. So long so that I can’t remember what the last thing I found was.

  4. 44
    Brandon Sparks

    Last month I found $62 on the sidewalk

  5. 43
    Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    I did laundry today so I found $1.67. : ) I also tend to find money in my coat pockets from the previous season which is always a nice surprise.

  6. 42
    Richard Hicks

    Recently found a dime laying on the ground at a grocery store.

  7. 41
    Holly Thomas

    I found $100 bill at a park before blowing around. No idea where to turn it in too, and we were the only ones there so who knows how far it blew from so of course I just kept it.

  8. 40
    Shakeia Rieux

    I found $5 in a purse I hardly ever use

  9. 39
    Hannah C

    I was found $20 on the ground outside.

  10. 38
    Sherry Conrad

    I have found money several times.

  11. 37
    Michele Cupp

    I found a baby rabbit deserted by its mother when I was a kid.

  12. 36
    Jaime Cummings

    I was at the beach with my dog and he found a dead baby sea turtle. Poor thing.

  13. 35
    Sherry Lambing

    I once found a really nice sterling silver bracelet on the side of the road!

  14. 34

    these headphones seam awesome!

  15. 33

    I have found money in my pocket.

  16. 32


  17. 31
    Christina B.

    When I was little (around 11-12) my brothers and I found an old Cameo type piece of jewelry. I have been in love with Cameos ever since.

  18. 30
    wen budro

    The strangest thing that I’ve found is a machete by the side of the road.

  19. 29
    June S.

    I have found money that I forgot about in winter coats before, the largest bill I think was a ten spot. Is always nice to find money that you didn’t know you had!

  20. 28
    Jessica Cox

    I have found money in my dryer its usually my husband but still feels nice to find it

  21. 27
    Nicole Carter (Weasley)

    I found $10 once in a Hometown Buffet parking lot. Score!

  22. 26
    Laurie Nykaza

    Lost dogs always end up on my front porch now I keep a bowl of water out there for them.

  23. 25
    Cynthia R

    I find change, I also seem to find lost cats. My house is full though< ican't adpt anymore.

  24. 24
    Melissa S

    I found a great patch of black cap raspberries in our woods last year. I can’t wait until it is time for them again this year.

  25. 23
    Linda Kish

    I found $20 in the alley behind the condos where I used to live once.

  26. 22
    violet taylor

    i was waiting for the bus and found a pen cap. it goes to a pen my dad used to have. not a super rare pen, but rare enough and they dont make them anymore. my dad has been dead for 5 years and i was feeling alone… i believe he sent it.

  27. 21

    ifound $40 in dollar general .turnes it in to cashier i hope whoever it belonged to got their money back

  28. 20

    I found a ladies diamond ring in the road that had been run over.

  29. 19
    cheryl s

    I found a house key I thought was long gone

  30. 18

    I love finding “lost” things no one else in my family can find.

  31. 17
    Crystal F

    I’ve found money a few times. I always put it up waiting to see if someone claimed it before I kept it for myself. Thank you!

  32. 16
    Richard Brandt

    I found a $100 chip from the Palms lying on the sidewalk in downtown Las Vegas, which was odd because it was nowhere near the Palms.

  33. 15

    I found a penny the other day 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  34. 14
    Alison Gibb

    My Dad lost a ring while diving off a dock into a lake. I found it for him.He was very happy!

  35. 13

    I found a pin and picked it up, and all the day I had good luck.

  36. 12

    I found $100.00 when I was about 5-6 years old. I can remember we were at Dairy Queen in Miami, Fl and I handed to my dad. He said I’ll keep it for you and that was the last I ever seen of that $100.00. Funny the things we remember.

  37. 11
    Amber Ludwig

    Ive found $20 in my pocket!! That was pretty exciting lol!!

  38. 10
    Alyssa E.

    I found forty dollars in my jeans the other day. I’m still not sure how it got there.

  39. 9
    Breanna Pollard

    I have found money!

  40. 8
    Judy Cox

    I found my earring that I lost last week in my car. I was very lucky!!

  41. 7
    Julie Bickham

    I found a religious necklace on the ground at work. It’s hanging up now and stayed here since. No one has been back to claim it.

  42. 6
    Margaret Smith

    I’ve found a number of animals in the past. Also found some small bills.

  43. 5
    Austin Baroudi

    I found a 20 bill while walking to the bank last week!

  44. 4
    Ann Fantom

    I found a shark’s tooth that was 1″ X 1 1/2′

  45. 3
    Robin Abrams

    I found a penny 🙂 and yes it was heads up for good luck.

  46. 2
    Anne perry

    I found a lizard,

  47. 1
    Sherry Compton

    I work at the library and books are sometimes reported as missing. Every month or two we print a list and do a check for them. I found two the other day.

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