Mar 16

*CLOSED* The Swiss Colony Ham & Swiss Gift Set Giveaway – ends 3/30

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Swiss Colony Ham & Swiss Gift Set Giveaway

Hosted by: Queen of Reviews, IMHO Views, Reviews & Giveaways, Mommy Makes Time, Dorky’s Deals, Tales From a Southern Mom, Tonya’s Losing It & Been There Done That With Kat

Sponsor: Swiss Colony

Prize: Ham & Swiss Gift Assortment

2 lbs. of  legendary Baby Swiss Cheese

3 lbs. of Boneless Ham

5-lbs. net wt.

Dates: 3/16-3/30

Open to: US Residents 18+

Enter to win using the widget below. Good luck!

Disclosure: Literary Winner did not receive compensation for this post and is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

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  1. 76
    Joy Venters

    going out to eat

  2. 75
    Lily Kwan

    eating candy

  3. 74
    Laura Schrillo

    Just having dinner all together as a family.

  4. 73
    michelle k.

    My favorite tradition is getting together with family on Easter

  5. 72


  6. 71
    Terra Heck

    Every year we have an Easter egg hunt for the kids in the family. The kids then get to pick out prizes of toys and gifts. Thanks.

  7. 70
    Rita M

    Watching the kids hunt for Easter eggs… they are so darn cute!

  8. 69
    annette campbell

    I enjoy coloring eggs with the grandchildren and hiding them for them to find.

  9. 68

    Going to church, having an Easter egg hunt and a ham dinner.

  10. 67

    Decorating eggs with my kiddos is my favorite tradition.

  11. 66
    Kathy Hanley

    I love watching the kids having fun at the Easter egg hunt.

  12. 65
    Francine Anchondo

    Easter egg hunt

  13. 64

    Coloring eggs is fun!

  14. 63
    James Coyne

    i like the Kielbasa

  15. 62
    William Karcher

    Hunting for eggs with the grandkids !

  16. 61
    Julie L

    We love doing the Resurrection Eggs to tell the easter story and then do an easter egg hunt.

  17. 60
    Kathy Davis

    When my children were small, it was dyeing eggs, and the egg hunt. Now, it’s getting together for a great meal and visiting. Happy Easter!

  18. 59

    cooking ham, deviled eggs and all other goodies

  19. 58
    Katie Bellamy

    I love coloring eggs with my kids! We go to an annual Easter Egg hunt every year too.

  20. 57
    Connie Lee

    My favorite tradition is having family over for a great Easter dinner, with the kids hiding eggs afterwards.

  21. 56
    Rebecca Orr

    An Easter Egg hunt with the kids is our favorite tradition. Thanks for the chance.

  22. 55
    Tina W

    We always have an egg hunt with the kids.

  23. 54
    Jenny Q.

    My favorite Easter tradition is going to church with my family, and then later in the day having a family dinner together. It is also a lot of fun putting Easter baskets together for my kids.

  24. 53
    crystal gibson

    My favorite Easter tradition is getting together with the family for dinner and an egg hunt.

  25. 52

    Having a big Easter egg hunt for all the grand kids in our yard

  26. 51
    Elizabeth H.

    I like dying Easter eggs the best. I am 46 and still dye eggs. It’s a blast!!

  27. 50

    my fave Easter tradition is hunting eggs with my little girl and all her cousins..

  28. 49
    Andrea Troutman

    I enjoy going to church and having a big dinner with our families.

  29. 48
    Cindy Merrill

    My favorite Easter tradition is an Afternoon brunch with the Grandkids.

  30. 47

    Baking and eating babka.

  31. 46
    Paol Trenny

    I love Easter Mass followed by a bbq party hosted by one of the family members.

  32. 45
    Tracy Shafer

    Hiding filled plastic eggs with goodies for the little ones

  33. 44
    cheryl s

    we have a nice dinner with family

  34. 43
    Melissa Crisp

    The kids are too old for eggs so now my favorite tradition that has never changed is my ham I make.

  35. 42
    Linda Lansford

    I like to color eggs

  36. 41
    Serge B

    Decorating and hiding Easter Eggs

  37. 40
    amy mayer

    dyeing easter eggs-no matter how old we get we all still love it!

  38. 39
    Belinda Shaw

    I enjoy coloring Easter eggs with our grandkids.

  39. 38
    Michele L

    I love the adult Easter egg hunt – it’s ruthless!

  40. 37
    Emily Morelli

    My favorite Easter tradition is dyeing Easter Eggs. We love to try different methods every year.

  41. 36
    william gossage

    I like celebrating the day Our Lord rose from the dead and the family dinner

  42. 35
    Deborah W.

    Going to church together followed by big family dinner is my favorite family tradition on Easter.

  43. 34
    melissa Resnick

    dinner with the family

  44. 33
    Amber Ludwig

    Food!! We have brunch with my hubby’s mom and dinner with my mom!!

  45. 32
    Jessica To

    I like when my older nephews hide eggs for their younger cousins.

  46. 31
    Julie Lundstrom

    We like to color Easter eggs and go on an Easter egg hunt. I also like to have a nice dinner with the family.

  47. 30
    Lana Bradstream

    I love the kids waking up and immediately they start hunting for their baskets and the eggs.

  48. 29
    Tami Vollenweider

    Having a Crawfish boil with family!

  49. 28
    Christina Moore

    We love having ham for our Easter dinner

  50. 27

    Baked ham for dinner and chocolate eggs 🙂

  51. 26
    deb p

    Eating Easter chocolate carmel eggs.

  52. 25
    Cheryl Abdelnour

    I like having dinner with our family.

  53. 24
    Shemp DeYoung

    I like eating the ears off the bunnies.

  54. 23
    Morgan Van Lier

    Baking and making Easter Baskets

  55. 22
    heather kaufman

    I love to get the neighborhood kids together for an egg hunt.

  56. 21

    I love decorating eggs.

  57. 20

    My favorite tradition is the Easter egg hunt. The adult and children’s.

  58. 19
    Polly Hall

    Decorating the eggs

  59. 18
    Alicia Hewitt

    My favorite Easter tradition is the egg hunt!!

  60. 17
    Linda Herold

    When my kids were little there were always egg hunts to go to! Now, Easter is a calm day.

  61. 16
    Charlene S.

    My favorite is enjoying a delicious meal with my family & friends.

  62. 15
    Morgan Hood

    My favorite tradition is going to church Easter morning and then having dinner at my parents house! All my sisters and their families come and my mom cooks a ham and of course all the fixings that go along with it! So much fun!

  63. 14
    Wendy Browne

    Easter baskets, even though my kids are either college aged or newborn this year.

  64. 13
    Michelle S

    We hide plastic eggs for our kids filled with coins and candy – they love to find them and see what’s inside.

  65. 12
    Becca Z

    my fave tradition is making all our nieces and nephews Easter baskets full of goodies.

  66. 11
    Chris Bails

    Favorite Easter tradition would have to be having the kids do an Easter egg hunt. Still fun watching them get excited even though they are older

  67. 10
    lissa crane

    I have so many since Easter is my favorite holiday, but my favorite tradition is definitely our family Easter egg hunt! Whether it’s my own children or my nieces & nephews, I love the looks on their faces when they find the hidden eggs and then again when they open each one to find their surprises! We have about 15 kiddo’s participating, and as our family grows the numbers change, but it’s always so much fun!

  68. 9
    Karen Giasson

    My favorite tradition is coloring eggs with the kids. Now, I get to do it with my grandchildren.

  69. 8
    Peggy Johnson

    Going to church followed by a big family dinner

  70. 7
    Janice Dean

    We tradionally do a ham on Easter. The kids enjoy finding the hidden eggs too!

  71. 6
    elizabeth miller

    My favorite Easter tradition is watching all the little ones (and sometimes the bigger ones) doing an Easter egg hunt. There is always so much excitement and thrill of finding the eggs and then opening them for a little surprise.

  72. 5
    Sherry Compton

    When my children were younger, I loved the coloring and hiding of eggs. The Easter Egg hunt was always fun.

  73. 4
    Eva Mack

    Going to church

  74. 3

    I love decorating the house with all things “Easter”!

  75. 2
    Mark S.

    Watching the Parade.

  76. 1
    Michelle Ward

    I enjoy the egg hunt the most. We always rehide and hunt the eggs a couple of times because it is so much fun for everyone.

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