Mar 21

*CLOSED* Spring Delights Giveaway Hop – ends 3/31

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Welcome to the Spring Delights Giveaway Hop, hosted by Planet Weidknecht and LeahSay’s Views! This hop features lots of giveaways to help you get in the spring mood! The complete list of participating blogs is at the end of this post so be sure to check it out.

I’ve got a great prize for you: Bath & Body Works White Tea & Ginger Body Lotion & Shower Gel ($25 value)!

spring delights

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Top Notes: White Tea Leaves, Sparkling Yuzu, Lemon
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Dry Notes: Geranium Petals, Hint of Ginger, White Musk, Woods
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This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older. Giveaway ends Thursday, 3/31/16 at 11:59 pm EDT. To enter, just use the widget below. After you enter, keep scrolling down to see the complete list of giveaways in this hop. Good luck!



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  1. 198
    Elizabeth H.

    I enjoy the warmer temps.

  2. 197
    Brian E.

    Spring means nice warm temps during the day & cool evenings here in the desert southwest, which we love !

  3. 196
    Elizabeth Parker

    I love the rain, planting our garden and watching it grow!

  4. 195

    My favorite thing about spring is opening the windows to air out the house!

  5. 194
    Jaime Cummings

    Fruit trees in bloom, with bees
    There is nothing more exhilarating than the sight of an apple orchard abloom with lovely fragrant, pink-white flowers, honeybees happily buzzing from one flower to the next; bumblebees get in on the action as well. Even the wild hillsides are covered with blooming serviceberry bushes, and if you’re very still, and listen very quietly, you’ll hear the all-pervading hum of those black-and-yellow anomalies performing a most needful service to the trees—pollination. Without bees, those apples would be far and few between. Flowers need bees as much as bees need flowers—and we need ‘em both.

  6. 193
    amanda whitley

    my favorite thing about spring is the longer daylight hours.

  7. 192

    My favorite thing about spring is the perfect weather, neither too hot nor too cold.
    Thanks 🙂

  8. 191
    Colette S

    I love seeing all the life of nature come back again. Especially my birds!

  9. 190

    I love the wonderful Spring flowers and vegetables.

  10. 189
    Ashley M.

    The weather!!

  11. 188
    Leslie Davis

    The warmer weather

  12. 187
    Kathy Ross

    I like the beautiful colors and getting to plant a garden to have fresh veggies.

  13. 186
    Jenny Stanek

    Absolutely it’s getting out for walks with the kids!

  14. 185
    Tracey byram

    I like being able to grill

  15. 184

    The warm weather and beautifully colored foliage everywhere!

  16. 183
    kim keithline

    I love the sunshine and warmer weather of spring

  17. 182
    Kristen F

    Moving from the desert to the south, Spring is now my favorite time of year, I love how everything starts turning green and the warm rains are my favorite.

  18. 181
    melina r

    My favorite thing about Spring is the time with the kids during spring break and the local county fair that falls on spring break.

  19. 180
    Sherry S.

    I love the warmer weather.

  20. 179
    Stephanie Phelps

    I love all the new life that it brings along with all the nice weather!

  21. 178

    The warmer weather 🙂

  22. 177
    Brandon Sparks

    All the flowers and trees that are in bloom

  23. 176
    beth shepherd

    I love the warmer weather and planing flowers

  24. 175
    crystal gibson

    My favorite things about Spring would have to be warmer, longer days and my flowers start blooming.

  25. 174
    Tiffany Jefferson

    The Texas bluebonnets!

  26. 173

    I love the weather.

  27. 172
    Barb Stenby

    Birds returning and singing, flowers emerging from the leaves! I just love it!

  28. 171
    Sue Mullaney

    The nice weather and the new flowers blooming!

  29. 170
    Kristi C

    My favorite is the leaves finally start showing back up on the trees.

  30. 169

    My favorite thing about Spring is the warm weather.

  31. 168
    jeanette sheets

    the warmer weather

  32. 167

    my favorite thing about spring is planting flowers

  33. 166
    Seyma Shabbir

    I love the weather, not too hot or too cold!

  34. 165

    Sunshine, warmer weather, and flowers!

  35. 164
    Claire Rheinheimer

    I love seeing my flowers start to pop up, and the warmer weather of course!

  36. 163

    Being in Oregon the sunshine 🙂

  37. 162
    Nicole Ortiz

    The warmer weather is my favorite thing about spring.

  38. 161
    michelle k.

    My favorite thing about spring is wearing light jackets

  39. 160

    I love the warm weather.

  40. 159
    Lyndsey R.

    Being able to put my flip flops and tank tops on! I just love being outside.

  41. 158
    Kasee Johnson

    I love all the baby animals that are born in the spring! And the scent of the orange tree blossoms from the grove next door.

  42. 157
    Peter G

    I can stay outside in the park longer.

  43. 156

    My favorite thing about Spring is when the snow melts and weather warm up.

  44. 155
    Ashley C

    I love having more day light hours to spend outside in the evenings after work!

  45. 154
    Sarah Hall

    I love the birds returning to our area and starting their nests. I love the trees blooming and the flowers coming up.

  46. 153
    wen budro

    My favorite thing about Spring is that I don’t have to slip and slide on ice anymore.

  47. 152
    Terra Heck

    I love the weather. Not too hot and not too cold. Nice enough to sit outside. Thanks.

  48. 151
    Rita M

    Planting flowers in the garden.

  49. 150
    Rachel Beltz

    All of the botanical gardens reopening!

  50. 149
    Danielle Marie

    i love being able to wear sundresses.

  51. 148

    the flowers

  52. 147
    Stephanie Liske

    I like the green grass.

  53. 146
    Kim Pinch

    I love going for walks and seeing everything green up and then the daffodils and tulips blooming.

  54. 145
    annette campbell

    I love all the spring flowers like the daffodils. They are so beautiful!

  55. 144

    I like the warmer weather and the sunshine

  56. 143
    linda w.

    Warmer weather and planting my garden.

  57. 142
    Lisa V.

    I like the warmer weather to do outdoor activities.

  58. 141
    Tara Darity

    I love the flowers and warmer weather!

  59. 140
    susan smoaks

    i love the warmer weather.

  60. 139
    Victoria lepe (97)

    i love bath and body works. would love to add this to my collection and try something new!

  61. 138
    jennifer cervantes

    I love seeing my roses bloom and that I can start a garden again every spring.

  62. 137
    Sara Theissen

    I love the longer days of sunlight!

  63. 136

    I love watching flowers come up and the leaves pop up on all the trees again!

  64. 135
    Rebecca b

    I love being able to open the doors and let all the fresh air in.

  65. 134

    My favorite thing about spring is the weather getting warmer.

  66. 133
    Erica B.

    I like spending more time outside.

  67. 132

    My favorite thing about spring is the really flowers like crocus, daffodils and tulips. I also love when it gets a little after a cold wintet

  68. 131
    Karen A.

    My favorite thing is that the flowers are blooming…my daffodils are up and blooming.

  69. 130
    Heather B

    One of my favorite things about spring is seeing and smelling my Lilacs begin to bloom again.

  70. 129
    Nancy Burgess

    I love when the lilacs bloom the fragrance is so awesome.

  71. 128

    The blooming vegetation and warm weather

  72. 127
    Tanya White

    I like the warmer weather and the pretty flowers

  73. 126
    Trinh Q.

    I love the flowers in Spring, they make me happy.

  74. 125
    Amber S.

    I love the warmer weather in Spring. I also love how fresh the air feels and smells!

  75. 124
    heather s

    I love all the pretty spring flowers

  76. 123

    I love the rain and thunderstorms!

  77. 122
    Debbie Yoder

    No snow! You can get outside without bundling up and you can plant flowers!

  78. 121
    Traci U

    My favorite thing about spring is all the thunderstorms.

  79. 120
    Francine Anchondo

    I like the weather.

  80. 119

    I love the warm weather!!

  81. 118
    Victoria Barbour

    My favorite thing about spring is warmer weather and beautiful flowers

  82. 117
    Rose Santuci-Sofranko

    All the new life after our usually snowy frigid Western New York Winters. Spring is my favorite season!

  83. 116
    Brittney House

    I like that the weather is not too hot and not too cold.

  84. 115

    I like the flowers blooming!

  85. 114
    Carolyn Daley

    I like the warm weather this time of year.

  86. 113

    I like the blooming flowers

  87. 112
    Tracy Davis

    I love all of the flowers blooming.

  88. 111
    Heather G

    My favorite thing about Spring is being able to wear lighter clothes and shoes – getting rid of those Winter boats and heavy coats.

  89. 110

    The weather is amazing.

  90. 109
    dan williams

    rebirth of mother nature best growth season

  91. 108
    carol gentry

    I love the smell of all the beautiful flowers in my back yard.

  92. 107
    jules m.

    i love planting flowers and seeing them blooming, it makes me happy

  93. 106
    James Coyne

    i like the fact there is no snow

  94. 105
    Debbi Wellenstein

    I like the flowers, which, this morning, are covered in snow!

  95. 104

    i love spring because i like the smell of grass and hearing the birds singing

  96. 103

    My favorite thing about spring is the daffodils blooming.

  97. 102
    Amy Pratt

    I love all the birds coming back to the feeders.

  98. 101
    Cynthia C

    I love the sunshine, warmer weather and the flowers.

  99. 100
    Jeanna Massman

    I love all the blooming flowers, trees, shrubs and cactus in our neighborhood.

  100. 99
    elizabeth p

    The promise of new life.

  101. 98

    Yardwork– I can’t get enough! …Just kidding. :p I love seeing all of the spring flowers start to peek out and then bloom!

  102. 97

    I love all the colors coming out.

  103. 96
    Breanna Pollard

    I love the cooler weather.

  104. 95

    I like the new life and growth that comes with Spring.

  105. 94
    angela cunningham

    the blooming flowers are my favorite

  106. 93

    I love spring break….but my garden is probably my favorite part of spring. I love getting everything in the ground, then watching it grow.

  107. 92
    Julia Barnes

    I love being able to spend more time on the tennis court!

  108. 91

    Watching my daffodils bloom!!!!!!

  109. 90
    Denise S

    My favorite thing is the nicer weather.

  110. 89
    Susan Christy

    Being able to get outside, work in my yard, sit on the patio & read.

  111. 88
    ken ohl

    love the spring weather. thankyou, ken

  112. 87
    Allison Swain

    I love all of the beautiful blooms in spring time!

    Thank you for the cool giveaway!

  113. 86
    Jessica K.

    I love that flowers start to bloom and the trees get their leaves back. It is so refreshing! The best part is it gets warmer!!!

  114. 85
    Deborah W.

    My favorite thing about spring are the flowers and trees blooming.

  115. 84
    Julie L

    We love finally being able to go out and play and burn off some energy and exercise!

  116. 83

    I love the spring vegetables

  117. 82
    Kathy Davis

    My favorite thing about spring is watching the plants turn green and stretch to the sun. I love when my tulips bloom too. Happy Easter!

  118. 81
    Connie Lee

    My favorite thing about spring is seeing the earth come alive again with the blooming of the flowers and trees.

  119. 80
    richelle bowers

    my favorite thing is the perfect weather

  120. 79
    Terri Irvin

    I really love EASTER because I get to see my entire family and we all get to be together.

  121. 78
    DailyWoman (Lacey)

    My favorite thing about Spring is just seeing the pretty flowers.

  122. 77
    Mary Cloud

    My favorite thing about Spring is the warm weather

  123. 76
    Paol Trenny

    I love the nice weather with its cool breezes.

  124. 75
    Billie R

    I’m always so incredibly happy that the winter is over that I love everything when it comes to Spring!

  125. 74

    I love being able to to eat dinner on our screened porch.

  126. 73
    Jessica Rose

    My favorite thing about spring is the warmer weather!

  127. 72
    Jennifer A

    I love the bright colors and the blooming flowers

  128. 71
    Robin Abrams

    My favorite thing about spring is hearing the birds sing in the mornings

  129. 70
    heather kaufman

    I like the warmer weather.

  130. 69
    cheryl s

    I like hearing the birds singing in the morning

  131. 68
    Christina B.

    The weather is my favorite thing about Spring. I burn really fast in the summer and I get hot at around 78-80 degrees so Spring with its 75 degree days and cool nights is perfect for me. Plus there’s always the surprise showers and thunderstorms which are really beautiful sometimes.

  132. 67

    I love my 2 favorite flowers in bloom-Tulips & Daffodils

  133. 66
    Kathy Ross

    I forgot to put my tweet link in 3/23: https://twitter.com/rkathy5/status/712794241580138496

  134. 65
    Katie Bellamy

    I love the new leaves on the trees and green grass! <3

  135. 64
    Lisa Ann

    My favorite thing about spring is my anniversary.

  136. 63
    Joanne B

    Opening the windows and doors and letting the cool breeze flow through the house.

  137. 62
    Vera K

    I love the flowering trees in Spring.

  138. 61
    Lana Bradstream

    I like the green.

  139. 60
    Kathy Ross

    I like seeing all the colors again. I also like that I can open the windows and let the house air out. I love the fresh air!

  140. 59
    Cynthia R

    My favorite thing about Spring is the perfect temperture, it’s great for running and spending more outside.

  141. 58
    KJ Skib

    I love seeing the plants and flowers again!

  142. 57
    Michele L

    I love the flowers, the sunshine and warmer weather (not hot), the baby animals and the feeling of rejuvenation.

  143. 56
    Richard Brandt

    My favorite thing is when all of our azaleas are in bloom.

  144. 55
    Amy Orvin

    Planting a garden is my favorite thing about spring.

  145. 54

    I love the flowers blooming

  146. 53
    Kathleen S.

    My favorite thing about spring is seeing the green mist that seems to be in the trees… it’s the leaves budding! I love seeing that when I go on a drive in the country.

  147. 52
    chelsea w

    I love seeing all our flowers bloom and I love starting gardening

  148. 51
    Alison Gibb

    My favorite thing about Spring is when the days get longer and warmer!

  149. 50

    I love the spring flowers

  150. 49
    laura g

    I enjoy seeing everything come back to life after winter. Though we really didn’t have much of one in Texas this year.

  151. 48
    robyn donnelly

    I like that everything starts new again and gets warmer too.

  152. 47
    Vicki Wurgler

    favorite thing would be the warm temps and my tulips

  153. 46

    winter’s over, warmer weather. also Poetry Month in April

  154. 45
    Kimberley Meier

    My favorite thing about spring is the warmer weather and everything growing and blooming.

  155. 44

    My favorite thing about Spring is opening the windows and letting the breeze in.

  156. 43

    My favorite thing about spring is being able to open the windows in my house and get some fresh air in.

  157. 42
    Brenda Callahan

    opening up my windows and allowing the fresh air to flow in!

  158. 41
    Darlene Owen

    My favorite thing about Spring is that I can plant my garden soon.

  159. 40

    I love the warm weather and going outside more!

  160. 39
    kayla bowe

    My favorite thing about spring is the weather getting warmer and being able to start my garden.

  161. 38
    Alicia Hewitt

    I like that everything is reborn.

  162. 37
    jenny stratton

    My favorite things about spring are warm weather and all the flowers.

  163. 36
    Amanda P

    I love spending more time outside and gardening! It feels so great after the long rainy winters I get!

  164. 35

    My favorite thing about Spring is being able to enjoy sunshine again!

  165. 34
    Sara Zielinski

    I like the warmer weather.

  166. 33
    Joy Isley

    I love the color in the flowers, birds, and sunsets of spring.

  167. 32
    Morgan Van Lier


  168. 31
    Judy Cox

    I love the weather getting cool not cold and all the trees and plants budding out!!

  169. 30
    Michele Behlen

    My favorite thing is the colors. Everything changes so fast from drab to beautiful bright greens and yellows and purples.

  170. 29
    Colette P.

    I love planting flowers! 🙂

  171. 28
    Renee Rousseau

    Wild flowers are my favorite thing about Spring!

  172. 27
    Polly Hall

    The end of show and shoveling it.

  173. 26
    Laura DeLuca

    I love seeing the flowers blooming.

  174. 25
    Debra Guillen

    I love the smell of flowers and spring rain.

  175. 24

    I love seeing all the trees and flowers come to life. 🙂

  176. 23
    Tanya Guthrie

    Opening the windows! The house gets way too stuffy through the winter!

  177. 22
    Melissa S

    I love the longer, warmer days in the spring. I love that I can get outside without freezing.

  178. 21
    Sonya Sanderson

    My favorite thing is the weather!

  179. 20
    Sylvia White

    Love the flowers and sunshine

  180. 19
    Linda Herold

    I like how pretty new flowers look after a dreary winter!

  181. 18
    Tammy V.

    Being able to finally open up the windows and feel the warm breeze come through. I can also hear the stream out back after a good rain.

  182. 17
    Linda Szymoniak

    I love the warmer weather of spring, plus the renewal of life – trees getting their leaves back, all the beautiful spring flowers, and the birds returning. While my furbabies wouldn’t agree with me, one of my favorite things about spring are the amazing thunderstorms. I can’t enjoy them the way I used to because now I have to spend the time calming down several of my pets who are afraid of them, but I can still enjoy them.

  183. 16

    I love being able to open up all of my windows and fill the house with fresh air again. It’s great to be able to sleep with a window open while it’s not too cold or too hot.

  184. 15

    i love the warmer temps

  185. 14
    Jennifer Reed

    My favorite thing about Spring is the return of all the birds to my feeders. I love listening to their music in the morning.

  186. 13
    Andrea Troutman

    My favorite thing about spring is no more snow!

  187. 12
    Audra O'Hara

    My favorite thing about spring is being able to get back outside and work in my flower gardens.

  188. 11
    Sherry Compton

    I love the flowers. The wonderful scents and beautiful flowers just make you smile.

  189. 10

    My favorite thing about spring is the warmer weather. I love being able to open the windows to let the fresh air in.
    thank you!

  190. 9

    I love to plant flowers.

  191. 8
    DeAnna Keller

    I love the warmer weather and longer days!

  192. 7

    The end of snow for 6 or 7 months.

  193. 6

    When the lilacs bloom.

  194. 5
    Hannah C

    I love the flowers that bloom in spring.

  195. 4
    Julie Lundstrom

    I love the nice temps and the outdoors turning green. I also love the start to flowers growing.

  196. 3
    Krystal Waters

    Warmer weather and the flowers blooming.

  197. 2
    Angelica Dimeo

    I love the warmer weather winter is my least favorite time of year

  198. 1
    Kate F.

    My favorite thing about spring is the blooming flowers.

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