Mar 15

*CLOSED* Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway Hop – ends 3/22

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Welcome to the Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway Hop, hosted by BookHounds!  This hop features well over 50 bloggers all giving away bookish prizes.  Be sure to check out the list of participating blogs at the end of this post.

I’m going in a bit of a different direction here with this giveaway.  While it’s not exactly a book, it can be enjoyed with a book, and makes books that much more delicious.  One winner will receive his/her choice of a $10 egift card to Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks!\

dunkin card

starbucks card

This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends Tuesday, 3/22/16 at 11:59pm EDT.  To enter, just use the widget below.  After you enter, keep scrolling to see the complete list of giveaways.  Good luck!



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  1. 197
    Tosha H

    Milk with chocolates or Coke with popcorn, they both both really enhance my reading time lol

  2. 196
    Sarah L

    I like to drink tea or water when I’m reading.
    Thanks for the contest.

  3. 195
    Penny Olson

    Tea and Chocolate. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. 194
    Michelle H.

    I like to drink gourmet coffee and eat chocolate.

  5. 193
    Brian E.

    I usually drink water & hot black tea when reading.

  6. 192

    I drink coffee or tea when I’m reading!

  7. 191
    Leah Shumack

    I love drinking a hot chocolate or an iced tea!

  8. 190

    I like to drink coffee or tea while reading. 🙂

  9. 189
    Renee Rousseau

    I like to drink Cafe Latte with a sprinkle of cinnamin when I am reading.

  10. 188
    James Coyne

    i drink soda

  11. 187
    Kristen P

    I like to drink Raspberry Green Tea Frappuccinos!

  12. 186
    Eugenia Hall

    I like a nice cup of hot coffee and some dark chocolate.

  13. 185

    I like to drink coffee while I’m reading

  14. 184
    Kathy Davis

    I’m not choosy about what I eat. Typically, I drink iced tea all day, and don’t snack too much.

  15. 183
    Jillian Too

    I love sipping a hot chocolate while I read.

  16. 182
    Susan Smith

    I like to drink tea while I am reading!

  17. 181
    Stacey A Smith

    I like to drink Ice Tea and what ever else I’m craving like cookies or chips ….

  18. 180
    Trisha McKee

    I love indulging in chocolate and wine, but i read constantly so I only treat myself to those every so often.

  19. 179
    jules m.

    i normally read in bed before i sleep, so i am just drinking water. i see the appeal of settling down on the couch with a cup of coffee and a book though 🙂

  20. 178
    amanda whitley

    i like to drink wine or coffee while i read depending on the time

  21. 177

    I like to drink iced coffee.

  22. 176
    Rita M

    On the internet – Diet Pepsi… while reading a good book, that would be a cup of hot tea.

  23. 175
    elizabeth connors

    I love to drink iced tea while reading and to eat? anything crunchy.

  24. 174

    I like to drink coffee!!

  25. 173

    Water to stay hydrated 🙂

  26. 172
    Penny Snyder

    Love to drink a cup of good, strong coffee while reading!

  27. 171
    Shakeia Rieux

    I like to drink strawberry lemonade

  28. 170
    Stephanie Larison

    Cookies and some coffee are my faves.

  29. 169
    Kathleen S.

    I like to drink water or tea (hot or iced depending on the weather) while I’m reading.

  30. 168
    Linda Kish

    I drink light lemonade.

  31. 167
    Heather B

    Just a cold bottle of water and my book. If I do grab a snack it is usually something like pretzels.

  32. 166
    Seyma Shabbir

    I love Earl grey tea and biscotti!!

  33. 165
    Kristal Hollis

    Dropping by to say hi!

  34. 164
    Tammy Thurber

    I normally read at night before bed, so I sip on sleepytime tea.

  35. 163
    Christy Maurer

    I like to drink tea while I am reading!

  36. 162
    heather kaufman

    I munch on pretzels.

  37. 161
    Elizabeth H.

    I like drinking my coffee when I’m reading.

  38. 160

    I usually drink coffee while I read.

  39. 159
    Pam H.

    I like to drink coffee while reading.

  40. 158
    gina blades

    It depends on the weather and what time of day but I usually like to have coffee and creamer.

  41. 157
    Maria Bouchard

    I like drinking flavored iced coffee while I am reading.

  42. 156

    I enjoy tea while reading and chocolate anytime.

  43. 155

    a coffee drink and maybe a pastry

  44. 154
    Jaime Cummings

    Hard pretzels – Bite-sized and non-messy.

  45. 153
    brandy c

    I like to eat cookies and a soda.

  46. 152
    kim keithline

    I love anything sweet like Ice Cream

  47. 151

    Water or tea.

  48. 150
    Christina B.

    I’m usually reading because it’s too hot/sunny or too cold/rainy to go outside. So it’s either Cold Sweet Tea or hot cocoa/coffee/cider.

  49. 149
    Sonya Sanderson

    A good cup of coffee is always nice.

  50. 148
    Carolyn Daley

    I like to enjoy a cup of yogurt while I read.

  51. 147
    Kate F.

    I like to drink water or hot chocolate when I’m reading.

  52. 146
    Penny Olson

    I love Starbucks tea lattes and tea in general while I’m reading. Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. 145
    crystal gibson

    I like a nice cup of coffee or tea while I am reading.

  54. 144
    Kim Pinch

    I like to have a cup of tea or sometimes a glass of wine.

  55. 143
    Andrea Troutman

    I like to drink coffee or wine when I read. I don’t usually eat while reading.

  56. 142

    I like to drink tea.

  57. 141
    susan smoaks

    i like to eat popcorn while i read.

  58. 140
    Kasee Johnson

    Ooohh, it’s dangerous when I open a box of Cheez-Its while I’m reading. They all disappear. Especially when they’re accompanied by a glass of sweet iced tea.

  59. 139
    Susan Christy

    Iced tea in the summer and coffee in the winter.

  60. 138
    Jennifer H.

    I love a cup of hot tea and something sweet.

  61. 137
    Tara Woods

    I like to snack on cheese crackers and drink Sprite when I read..

  62. 136

    It depends on the weather. If I am curled up inside reading whils it is cold outsise a cup of tea or coffee. If I am outside enjoying the beautiful weather and reading I love an arnold palmer.

  63. 135
    Stephanie Liske

    I like ice water, and little snacks.

  64. 134

    A good cup of tea or a mocha from Starbucks is a great book partner!

  65. 133
    Amanda Stovall

    I’m always drinking either Diet Mt. Dew or Iced Coffee. 🙂

  66. 132

    Iced tea or on cold winter day hot cocoa.

  67. 131
    danielle hammelef

    No eating while reading, too messy and I never want to get food on a book. I love to drink tea while reading though.

  68. 130
    Myra Ball

    I like to eat cashews or chex mix while I read.

  69. 129
    Jeanna Massman

    I like to have a glass of ice water handy when I read.

  70. 128
    Erica B.

    I like lemonade.

  71. 127
    Janie McGaugh

    I like to drink iced tea when I’m reading.

  72. 126

    I love to have a cup of hot tea (Sleepytime) or a bowl of trail mix to nibble on.

  73. 125
    Paol Trenny

    I like to snack on chocolate covered almonds and sip on hot chocolate.

  74. 124
    Jessica Cox

    I usually drink water or sweet tea while reading

  75. 123
    Hargow Wong

    I like to drink coffee while I’m reading.

  76. 122

    I like to drink either Chai tea or Diet Dr, Pepper and eat sunflower seeds. Thanks!

  77. 121

    I either drink water or coffee while reading….no eating though, just too messy.

  78. 120
    Lisa V.

    In the morning, coffee / in the evening, wine.

  79. 119
    Robin Abrams

    I like drinking hot coffee and eating pretzels when I am reading

  80. 118

    I like to drink tea or coffee

  81. 117

    I don’t usually eat or drink while reading, but sparkling water is good!

  82. 116
    Emmah Doucette

    I like to drink water and eat non-greasy things!

  83. 115

    I often have dry roasted peanuts or chocolate chips!

  84. 114

    I like to drink coffee or hot chocolate when I’m reading.
    Thank you!

  85. 113

    I like a hot beverage while I’m reading — coffee, tea, hot chocolate or apple cider.

  86. 112

    I read on my lunch break at work, so whatever I am eating for lunch. Otherwise I don’t like to eat anything when I read.

  87. 111

    I am obsessed with Dunkin’ Donuts!!!! Thank you so much for the spectacular giveaway!!!! 😀

  88. 110

    A cup of hot chocolate.

  89. 109

    I like to drink some herbal tea while reading.

  90. 108
    Jan Lee

    I like to eat animal crackers because they are low fat and low calorie so I can snack on them while reading 🙂

  91. 107

    I love to drink dark roast coffee with a bit of cream.

  92. 106
    jeanette sheets

    i love to drink hot tea while reading and eat cookies

  93. 105
    Rachael Roberts

    I like to eat anything sweet when I am reading but when it comes to what IO drink it depends on the season if it hot Iced Tea,Iced Coffee or Lemonade & if it cold Hot Tea,Hot Chocolate & Coffee 🙂

  94. 104

    I like to snack on M&M’s while I’m reading.

  95. 103

    I like to drink tea.

  96. 102
    Alisha Sienkiel

    Coffee or tea (depending on what time) and I don’t usually eat anything when I’m reading.

  97. 101
    Heather E.

    I love drinking water and tea while I read. That’s practically all I drink since I don’t have a coffee maker!

  98. 100
    Rose Santuci-Sofranko

    I like to drink a cup of tea to which I’ve added vanilla extract and pumpkin pie spice….it’s like a sugar free dessert! Yum! Thanks and God bless!

  99. 99


  100. 98

    I like to drink tea when I read.

  101. 97
    Ashley C

    I like to eat chocolately desserts or drink hot chocolate 🙂

  102. 96
    Karen Deva

    I like to drink tea and eat chocolate.

  103. 95
    Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I love to drink coffee while I’m reading!! I’m addicted to them both! lol

  104. 94

    Cheese-its and wine… or vodka and pink lemonade : )

  105. 93
    Jerry Marquardt

    I like to eat potato chips or popcorn while I am reading.

  106. 92
    Cindy Merrill

    Something non-messy is best, I like Crackers and cheese.

  107. 91
    Tiffany Schmidt

    A great cuppa joe

  108. 90
    Julie Lundstrom

    My daughter loves to stop at Starbucks so I would love this for her.

  109. 89
    Tracy Robertson

    When I’m relaxing with a cup of Starbucks and a good book, I’m in Bookworm Heaven!

  110. 88
    Lana Bradstream

    I like to drink some hot green tea.

  111. 87
    beth shepherd

    I like to drink vanilla capps when I am reading. Thank you

  112. 86
    tamie w

    Hot tea w honey

  113. 85
    Shemp DeYoung

    Pretzels and Diet Coke

  114. 84
    claudia davis

    Usually chamomile teas bc I find it relaxing.

  115. 83

    I usually drink a latte or mocha (accompanied by a cookie or two, perhaps)…

  116. 82

    Hot Chocolate and any kind of cake

  117. 81
    heather s

    Tea and cookies

  118. 80

    I like to drink Mt. Dew while i’m reading.

  119. 79
    Denise S

    I drink hot or iced tea when I read.

  120. 78

    I like reading while having a Starbucks Mocha

  121. 77
    Heather Cowin

    Coffee or a mug of tea is best. I don’t like to eat.

  122. 76
    Monique Rizzo

    I love Coffee and Cookies while reading.
    Thank you for the chance.

  123. 75
    Jennifer Reed

    I drink mainly water or iced tea while reading.

  124. 74
    william gossage

    I like to drink a pepsi when I’M reading

  125. 73
    Austin Baroudi

    A cup of hot coffee.

  126. 72

    I love a mug of hot tea

  127. 71
    Brenda Callahan

    it really depends on the day… wine or coffee

  128. 70
    Richard Hicks

    I like to sip on tea while reading.

  129. 69
    Lois M.

    Drink-wise, same as any other time of day – Diet Coke, water, tea. But eating – whatever is easy. LOL That might be when I snack on pretzels or a granola bar or fruit or something.

  130. 68

    I like to drink hot chocolate while reading.

  131. 67
    Trisha W.

    I like to drink a peppermint mocha.

  132. 66
    Cynthia C

    I like to read while sipping on coffee in winter and Iced tea in summer.

  133. 65
    Tari Lawson

    I like to drink tea while I am reading.

  134. 64
    Amy Pratt

    I drink diet coke while I’m reading.

  135. 63
    elizabeth p

    I love coffee with biscotti.

  136. 62

    Hot tea and Cookies are my go to when I am reading!

  137. 61
    Brittney House

    I love to drink hot chocolate.

  138. 60
    deb p

    I like a nice hot cup of coffee and some times a cookie.

  139. 59
    Anastasia Falling

    I’m usually drinking soda, but I’ll drink anything as long as the book is good! 🙂

  140. 58
    Kyl Neusch

    to drink iced tea

  141. 57
    DeAnna Keller

    I like to drink coffee or sweet tea while reading.

  142. 56
    Karen R

    I don’t usually eat or drink when I am reading. I’ll take a break for a cookie or something.

  143. 55
    Cole Jennings

    I love to drink coffee while reading & eat chocolate.

  144. 54
    Patricia C.

    I like a cup of tea

  145. 53

    I love drinking a hot cup of coffee when I read.NO mater the weather or time of the year, this is my drink of choice!

  146. 52
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    I like to drink iced tea while reading

  147. 51
    Michele L

    I drink a couple cups of coffee and read before I go to work.

  148. 50

    I usually have a glass of orange juice while I’m reading. Refreshing!

  149. 49
    Suzanne W

    Hot tea for me!

  150. 48

    I love a light cup of light coffee and of all thinks mixed nuts while I’m reading

  151. 47

    I drink water while reading.

  152. 46
    Adrienne Gordon

    I drink coffee

  153. 45

    I drink tea while reading.

  154. 44

    I love to drink coffee while reading 🙂

  155. 43
    elizabeth miller

    I love to munch on pretzels when I read. Occassionally I drink hot chocolate as well.

  156. 42
    Ann Fantom

    I like to drink coffee or tea when reading

  157. 41
    melissa Resnick

    im a coffee drinker

  158. 40
    Hannah C

    I like to drink coffee or tea while I’m reading.

  159. 39
    Amber Ludwig

    Red rooibois tea and chocolate truffles!!

  160. 38
    Christy Caldwell

    I love drinking vanilla iced coffee and sneaking chocolate when I read.

  161. 37
    Margaret Smith

    I enjoy coffee and usually a snack like a cookie while reading.

  162. 36
    Brenda G.

    I like eating a cheese danish and gummy worms. I have such a craving for sweets.

  163. 35
    angela cunningham

    I like to drink pop and eat chips

  164. 34

    I love to drink chai tea when I am reading.

  165. 33
    amy guillaume linderman

    i like tea or coffee and some cookies

  166. 32
    Ellie Wright

    I like to sip on sweet iced tea.

  167. 31
    Pam O

    I like to have a cup of hot tea when I read.

  168. 30
    Sara Zielinski

    I don’t really like to drink or eat anything while reading.

  169. 29
    Michelle S

    I like to munch on popcorn and drink just water.

  170. 28

    I like to drink a cup of tea when I read and sometimes hot chocolate.

  171. 27
    Jessica D

    I love drinking any hot beverage while reading. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate. It doesn’t really matter

  172. 26
    Erin Marie

    I love to sip on some hot tea while I read.

  173. 25
    Cathy French

    I usually read late at night so my favorite drink while reading is a nice cup of hot tea with honey.

  174. 24
    Cynthia R

    While I am reading I like to drink either hot tea or water and if I am eating maybe a cookie or two.

  175. 23
    Anne perry

    Coffee and almond flour cookies.

  176. 22
    Tammy V.

    I like hot tea during colder months and cold tea during warmer. I don’t really eat while I read.

  177. 21
    Jennifer Cervantes

    I like to drink coffee while I read.

  178. 20
    Jennifer Rote

    I drink coffee or water while reading.

  179. 19
    debbie campbell

    I always have water with me, and I love a nice cup of coffee while I’m reading, too.

  180. 18
    James Robert

    I drink coffee in the morning but then a Mt. Dew person

  181. 17
    Elizabeth Sullivan


  182. 16
    Michele Behlen

    I like to have a Pepsi Max. That is my choice of drink most of the time.

  183. 15

    I like to drink iced tea.

  184. 14
    Rachel Dean

    I like to drink hot tea while I’m reading.

  185. 13
    Deborah W.

    I like to drink tea, hot or cold, and don’t snack much while eating. I don’t like to get crumbs or anything on what I am reading.

  186. 12

    I like to drink tea while I am reading

  187. 11
    Sherry Compton

    I typically drink tea, but I like to drink a chocolate coke.

  188. 10
    Alicia Hewitt

    I like to snack on Cashews, Almonds, Pecans, or any type of but!! I usually drink homemade lemonade sweetened with Stevia…yum!

  189. 9
    Gloria Walshver

    Like to eat a fruit while I’m reading and drink a cup of coffee also.

  190. 8

    Bad things like sugary treats, but I’m trying to be good.

  191. 7
    Wendy Caddy

    I love a good cup of coffee while I’m reading.

  192. 6
    Richard Brandt

    I like to munch on peanut M&M’s.

  193. 5

    I like to drink a vanilla latte.

  194. 4

    I like to drink hot chocolate while reading.

  195. 3
    Angelica Dimeo

    I love drinking coffee when I read

  196. 2

    Yes, I like to eat and drink while I’m reading.

  197. 1
    mary bookhounds

    thank you for posting

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