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*CLOSED* Favorites Giveaway Hop – ends 2/19

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Welcome to the Favorites Giveaway Hop, hosted by StuckInBooks!  This hop features bloggers discussing their favorite books and giving them away to you!  Check out the entire list at the end of this post.

Last fall, I had the opportunity to read and review The Golden Braid by Melanie Dickerson.  I really enjoyed this interpretation of the Rapunzel fairy tale so I’m passing along the book to one of you!

golden braid

The one who needs rescuing isn’t always the one in the tower…

Rapunzel can throw a knife better than any man. She paints beautiful flowering vines on the walls of her plaster houses. She sings so sweetly she can coax even a beast to sleep. But there are two things she is afraid her mother might never allow her to do: learn to read and marry.

Fiercely devoted to Rapunzel, her mother is suspicious of every man who so much as looks at her daughter and warns her that no man can be trusted. After a young village farmer asks for Rapunzel’s hand in marriage, Mother decides to move them once again—this time, to the large city of Hagenheim.

The journey proves treacherous, and after being rescued by a knight—Sir Gerek—Rapunzel, in turn, rescues him farther down the road. As a result, Sir Gerek agrees to repay his debt to Rapunzel by teaching her to read. Could there be more to him than his arrogance and desire to marry for riches and position?

As Rapunzel acclimates to life in a new city, she uncovers a mystery that will forever change her life. In this Rapunzel story unlike any other, a world of secrets and treachery are about to be revealed after seventeen years. How will Rapunzel finally take control of her own destiny? And who will prove faithful to a lowly peasant girl with no one to turn to?

This is a used hardcover copy of the book.  However, it is in like new condition, but has been in a home that also has cats.  This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends Friday, 2/19/16, at 11:59pm EST.  To enter, just use the widget below.  After you enter, keep scrolling down to find the complete list of participating bloggers.  Good luck!




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  1. 37

    Malcolm in the middle.

  2. 36
    Katherine Riley

    I’ve been a fan of NCIS since the beginning.

  3. 35
    Shakeia Rieux

    My favorite is The Big Bang Theory

  4. 34
    sarah k

    One of my many favorite tv shows Is Roswell.

  5. 33
    Daniel M

    my current fav is supernatural

  6. 32

    The Blacklist is my favorite show at the moment.

  7. 31
    Crystal Young

    Favorite that’s hard Law and Order or Emergency, but there have been so many over the years.

  8. 30

    I liked Red Dwarf

  9. 29
    Debbie Bray

    My favorite is Dontown Abbey

  10. 28
    Diane Elizabeth

    Right now, my favorite is Reign.

  11. 27
    Recipe Fairy

    My favorite show is Outrageous Acts of science!

  12. 26
    James Coyne

    I like star trek

  13. 25

    One of my favorite tv shows is NCIS.

  14. 24
    Claire Rheinheimer

    My favorite of all time was How I Met Your Mother, but Bones is my favorite right now.

  15. 23
    Robin Abrams

    My favorite tv show is NCIS. I love that show

  16. 22

    My current favorite is NCIS. Love that show!

  17. 21

    My favorite at the moment is The Walking Dead!

  18. 20

    little house on the prarie

  19. 19
    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature)

    Probably The Big Bang Theory. I can watch it for hours, reruns, over and over!

  20. 18
    Michelle Willms

    I actually like several shows right now (for a change). I love Grimm and iZombie. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  21. 17
    Rita M

    I like Criminal Minds.

  22. 16
    Mia J

    My favorite show was Parenthood. Now I really like Big Bang Theory.

  23. 15
    jenny stratton

    My favorite show right now is Mysteries of Laura

  24. 14
    Sonya Sanderson

    My current favorite is Chicago Fire

  25. 13
    Rachel B

    My favorite television show of all time is Farscape.

  26. 12
    Anita Yancey

    My favorite show is Criminal Minds.

  27. 11
    Richard Brandt

    My favorite television show of all time is Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

  28. 10
    Linda Herold

    My 2 favorites were thirtysomething and Gilmore Girls!

  29. 9
    Natasha Persaud

    I love Full House it’s my favorite show of all time and I just cannot wait for Fuller House I’m so excited

  30. 8

    At the moment I’m loving Glee!

  31. 7
    Linda Romer

    Favorite television show of all time is Buffy the Vampire Slayer ♡ Thank you

  32. 6
    Lisa Williams

    My favorite show right now is The Walking Dead,I don’t know why but I just can’t get enough of those zombies!!

  33. 5
    kim amundsen


  34. 4
    Faye Gates

    My favorite shows for the last several years, are the Bravo TV Housewives. I love watching them. I also love how you say the book was in a house with cats. I have 13 elderly rescues.

  35. 3

    I am liking the Shanara Chronicles show right now it is so good

  36. 2
    Kate F.

    My favorite television show is Cheers.

  37. 1
    Amber Ludwig

    All time?? ER, at the moment, Nashville.

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