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Muay Thai as a powerful fitness activity

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For many people physical activity is something that they have on their wish list. They are either too lazy, too bored or lack time to be involved in such activity, yet they know that lack of exercise can lead to serious health problems. In case you’’ve found yourself in these descriptions, you should know that there is a way to enjoy exercise and training. Before we go into details it is worth mentioning that such a move requires traveling abroad.

If you still have no clue what we are talking about, we will clear your dilemmas: – we are talking about joining a Muay Thai camp in Thailand. But why would someone want to travel to Thailand in order to sweat and workout hard?

That’s a legitimate question and the answer is a little bit long. First of all, by joining a Muay Thai training camp, you will make the first step toward creating a fitness routine. This type of training requires discipline, encourages determination and makes people understand why exercise is important. Once you start noticing the first results you will certainly be motivated to continue. In addition, the landscape around these camps will give you inspiration and help you overcome stress and anxiety in a matter of days.

Muay Thai training doesn’’t require special knowledge. Any beginner without prior experience can be part of the training classes right away. Both men and women can participate in the training classes and most camps have special programs designed for different types of Muay Thai enthusiasts.

Since this is a combat sport in its essence, there is a risk of injury, but this risk is minimized when you are in a Muay Thai camp such as Suwit muay thai. These camps have professional and qualified instructors that are here to assist you at any time. They will show you how to perform the exercises in the right way and they will work together with the students until they make progress.

Muay Thai is a fitness activity that can significantly improve your overall health and especially your mental health, cardiovascular health and immune system. This sport will make you stronger and it will also make you look more attractive.

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  1. 7
    alicia szemon

    this looks very intense! looks fun though!

  2. 6
    Cheri Oggy

    Wow I wish that I could do this kind of exercise. But I’m sure that I would throw my back out of whack!!!

  3. 5
    Rachel B

    This sounds like a fun and disciplined way to exercise. thanks!

  4. 4
    Ronald Gagnon

    I used to take 2 types of martial arts…tae kwon do and toko ryu…when I went to korea for an open world match..both finalists were small Muay thai fighters…until then westerners knew very little about this form. I can no longer remember the movie’s name, but it showed a Muay Thai tournament..and as lethal as it is ..many people use it as a form of physical exercise

  5. 3
    Debra Holloway

    Thailand is a marvelous place with many hidden assets and treasure to enjoy. However, I personally cannot afford to make that trip. It is nice to hear from those who do.

  6. 2

    Interesting, I’ve never heard of this before. Sounds great for people wanting to get fit!

  7. 1

    I don’t know many people who could afford to go to Thailand to take classes at this camp. While I agree it is probably the best and safest place to learn this sport I think if I were going to learn it I would try first a lot closer to home.

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