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Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food wants to know about your hero pet #MyPetisMyHero

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This post is sponsored by Chicken Soup for The Soul Pet Food and the BlogPaws® PetInfluencer Network. I am being compensated for helping create awareness around the Brand and new product launch, but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Chicken Soup for The Soul is not responsible for the content of this article.

You’ve probably heard of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.  And since it just makes sense, they also started making actual chicken soup!  Now they’ve taken one more step to start taking care of our pets with Chicken Soup for the Soul pet food!

I was recently introduced to this new entry in the pet food market with a mailing from the company that included some samples of their Chicken Soup for the Soul Weight & Mature Care food for cats, a reuseable bag, and a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: I Can’t Believe My Cat Did That!  I hadn’t seen this brand in the stores yet so I was excited to get to try it.

What makes Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food different? First, I am very happy to say that this food is made in the USA. I’m always glad when I can help support companies in this country. Second, this food has real meat as a first ingredient. It also includes veggies, fruits and herbs. I appreciate knowing how to pronounce the ingredients in my pet’s food.

While the cats seem a little lackadaisical about the gifts we got…


..they did perk up once they got to try the food.


While the kitties were chowing away, I was enjoying some tales of zany cats.  I felt better about what my cat Daisy had been up to lately; I’m lucky she’s not much worse!  The first cat my husband and I adopted, Sam (who is now in cat heaven), was quite a mischievous little boy.  He was known to claw up my leather shoes, or even worse, the gorgeous dark wood molding in our first house.  It was a good thing he was so cute because he sure did make trouble!  In retrospect, Daisy is pretty tame, even if she does pick fights with the other two cats and throw up on my things.  She also is very good at soothing troubled souls and making friends.


Do you have a pet who is a hero?  Chicken Soup for the Soul wants to hear all about that animal!  You can write your story make a video submission in the Show Us Your Hero Contest for a chance to appear on TV!  Submissions are due by 3/31/16 so that gives you a little time to come up with a winning presentation.  Check out all of the details here: https://goo.gl/ni5CvG

Don’t forget to check your Facebook for Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food!  You can also find out all about the food on their website and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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  1. 13
    Wanda Tracey

    I love reading Chicken Soup books.They are inspiring and uplifting!

  2. 12
    Kathy Davis

    Your cat is so cute!

  3. 11
    Jerry Marquardt

    This looks like a very good book. I hope to read this very soon.

  4. 10
    Richard Hicks

    I hope to read this soon. I am sure it has very funny stories

  5. 9
    Rebecca Swenor

    I remember Chicken Soup For The Soul from when I was younger. My sister always read them. The sounds like an awesome contest indeed and who doesn’t love reading stories about pets. Thanks for sharing and Daisy is beautiful and you can tell she loves the food.

  6. 8
    Emily Endrizzi

    I always enjoy reading the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. So cool that they’re making pet food now. I’ll have to check it out.

  7. 7
    Linda Kinsman

    I’d love to give this to my cats. Thanks for introducing this brand to me. I’ll look for it next time I go shopping.

  8. 6
    Mary Czerczyk

    I think it was a great idea to move on to .Chicken SoupFor the Soul pet food. I also will consider buy some especially because it is made in the USA.

  9. 5

    I did not know that they had a real chicken soup out there–much less cat food? I wonder when either will be hitting the stores?

  10. 4

    Sadly we no longer have pets. Our parakeet passed a few months ago and my daughter is still torn up over it. Maybe someday there will be another.

  11. 3

    I love the Chicken Soup books. They’ve had such staying power for years. I don’t have pets right now – but we are animal lovers here for sure! So sweet.

  12. 2

    I love reading chicken soup books. Thank you for sharing.

  13. 1

    Love reading animal stories, especially about cats!

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