Jan 31

*CLOSED* BMN Loves Giveaways Hop – ends 2/14

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Welcome to the BMN Loves Giveaways Hop, hosted by Lindsey Blogs and Viva Veltoro. We’re celebrating the upcoming holiday with something everyone loves… giveaways! Be sure to hop around to all the bloggers involved in the Hop, including the two Grand Prize giveaways, in the linky below!

I know many of you not only love giveaways (really, who doesn’t?) but also love jewelry giveaways! So I’m giving one of you a pair of Created White Diamond Stud Earrings!


These earrings shimmer with the promise that all eyes will be on you when you step into a room. Wear these for that dashing style befitting a best-dressed stunner like yourself! Want to know more? • Made with stainless steel • 2 white round created diamonds • 2 carat total weight • Quality pin closures • Hypoallergenic

Don’t think of these just for the ladies! I bet there’s a lot of guys out there that would love a little bling 😉

This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older. Giveaway ends Sunday, 2/14/16 at 11:59pm EST. To enter, just use the widget below. After you enter, keep scrolling to see info about the grand prize and the complete list of participating blogs. Good luck!


bmn grand


So Easy Being Green, Viva Veltoro, and the BMN Loves Giveaways participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.

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  1. 71
    Brenda Fader

    I love Naps and Music!!

  2. 70
    Shakeia Rieux

    I enjoy going fishing with my boyfriend

  3. 69
    Richard Hicks

    One of my favorite past times is to grab a good book and read!

  4. 68
    Jerry Marquardt

    My favorite activity is to take photos of nature and outdoors.

  5. 67
    Michele P

    Other than my family, I love to travel!

  6. 66
    Linda Poplees

    I love doing volunteer work as a hobby. Enjoy helping others

  7. 65
    Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    I love to nap. It feels so good to take a 20 – 30 minute nap when you’re tired during the day. You wake up so refreshed. It is so rejuvenating.

  8. 64
    Susan Smith

    I love reading.

  9. 63
    Dorothy Teel

    One thing I love is definitely my family, but that is common, I really love to go out and eat and have someone else clean up the mess and the kitchen, I really love scallops and they are something that I mess up cooking so I love to get them when we go out to eat.

  10. 62
    Donna B

    I love hiking to waterfalls, have done this sine I was very young. Thankfully, we live near many. I never tire of going to the same ones.

  11. 61

    I love reading.

  12. 60
    Lynn Green-Ivey

    I love my family – two and four legged!

  13. 59
    ellen beck

    I love my husband and our animals who share theirr lives with us. I love to garden.

  14. 58
    Ashley Trail

    I love to travel I have been itching so bad to just drop everything and pack a bag for some off the wall random adventure. A girl can dream can’t she?

  15. 57

    I love my family, travel and eat!

  16. 56
    Linda Bradshaw

    I love planting and taking care of my container garden. I have been trying new vegetables.

  17. 55
    Leah Shumack

    I love playing softball!

  18. 54
    dan williams

    love to shop antiques

  19. 53
    Debbie Bray

    I love chocolate.

  20. 52

    i love my family

  21. 51
    Karen Hoover

    I love my family (two-footed and four-footed), my friends, my church family, life!

  22. 50
    Rita M

    I love my family, being a grandma & pumpkin pie with whipped cream!

  23. 49
    Julie Waldron

    I love cheesecake, I actually prefer it plain.

  24. 48
    Jeanna Massman

    I love entering giveaways!

  25. 47
    Linda Kish

    I love books (and reading).

  26. 46
    Leanne Godfrey

    I love my 4 rescue dogs! They are very important to me.

  27. 45
    Pam R

    I love reading, music, movies, cooking/baking, party planning, and my family….not necessarily in that order 🙂

  28. 44
    Lana Bradstream

    I love chips and dip.

  29. 43

    I’d love to play the piano.

  30. 42
    Sonya Sanderson

    I love country music.

  31. 41

    I love goat cheese and veggie crepes!

  32. 40

    I love ice cream and spending time with my family!

  33. 39

    love to try varieties of sop

  34. 38
    Cathy Jarolin

    I absolutely love to be around my Grandchildren..I love all 8 of them so much! I also have 4 Great Grandchildren # 5 is on the way in a few short months.I just love them all to pieces..I have been Blessed ..

  35. 37
    paige chandler

    I love lobster, the Dallas Cowboys, and perfume.

  36. 36
    laura g

    My family is my most favorite thing on earth. They are all so unique and fantastic. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

  37. 35
    Ashley Helander

    I love crafting! Of all sorts!

  38. 34
    Melissa S

    I love sewing. I haven’t in a while and there are all kinds of things piles on my sewing table. I need to move it all and threaten my family to stop doing that so I can just jump in and start sewing again.

  39. 33

    I like to bake.

  40. 32
    Julie Lundstrom

    I love my kids and love to cook.

  41. 31
    Paol Trenny

    I love to travel and eat king’s crab legs.

  42. 30
    jenny stratton

    I love making jewelry or any crafts really,

  43. 29
    Holden Humphreys

    I love the game of chess.

  44. 28
    Amber Ludwig

    My son!! He really is my one true love!! He’s the best!!

  45. 27
    Kimberley Meier

    I love animals and reading!

  46. 26
    Debbi Wellenstein

    I love my husband, and shrimp!

  47. 25
    ken ohl

    love golf

  48. 24
    Jessica D

    I absolutely love to crochet!! I’ve even turned it into a little business

  49. 23

    I love animals.

  50. 22
    Becky Richardson

    Scrapbooking and reading.

  51. 21
    Erin Will

    I LOVE massages, chocolate, otters, and of course my kids and family!

  52. 20
    Erin Will

    I LOVE massages, chocolate, otters, and of course my kids and family! 🙂

  53. 19
    deb p

    I love food , and my hubby.

  54. 18
    Susan Hartman

    I love my plants. I have my indoor plants. During summer I enjoy tending my large garden.

  55. 17
    Robin Abrams

    I love my family. I also love Peanut butter fudge

  56. 16

    I enjoy Chicago Style Pizza and Vera Bradley accessories.

  57. 15

    I love my 2 grandsons and spending time with them!

  58. 14

    I love crocheting 🙂

  59. 13
    Jaque R.

    I love Thai green curry, spending time with my children and volunteering….and so many other things! 🙂 Thank you.

  60. 12
    Ann Fantom

    I love filet mignon.

  61. 11
    Angelica Dimeo

    I love reading Manga

  62. 10
    Judy Cox

    My main passion is reading!!!

  63. 9
    Michelle Elizondo

    Scrapbooking is what I enjoy.

  64. 8

    I love to knit and bake.

  65. 7
    Linda Herold

    One thing I love is watching basketball games with my 81 year old mother! We really get into it!!

  66. 6
    Maria Malaveci

    I love reading!

  67. 5

    I love coffee!
    Thank you!

  68. 4

    I love my family and also coconut cream pie!

  69. 3
    Eva Mack

    well I do enjoy a nice breakfast…especially if I haven’t cooked it myself…hungry

  70. 2
    Barbara Lima

    I love to sew!

  71. 1
    Sherry Compton

    My family was the first thing that came to mind. I am married with two kids and two amazing grandkids. I love them all.

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