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*CLOSED* Midwinter’s Eve Giveaway Hop – ends 12/31

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midwinter-hop 2015

Welcome to the Midwinter’s Eve Book Giveaway Hop, hosted by Bookhounds and I Am A Reader, Not A Writer!  This is a hop featuring lots of bloggers who are all giving away prizes readers would enjoy.  There’s a complete list of participating blogs at the end of this post, so be sure to check that out.

I’ve got a fun prize – An Endless Christmas by Cynthia Ruchti!

endless christmas

I reviewed this last month and decided I wanted to pass along the book.  It is hardcover and has only been read once so is in like-new condition.  It does come from a household with cats so please keep that in mind if you are allergic.  Giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends Thursday, 12/31/15 at 11:59pm EST.  To enter, just use the widget below.  After you enter, be sure to keep scrolling down to see the complete list of participating blogs.  Good luck!

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  1. 52
    Esperanza Gailliard

    My favorite thing to do in the winter is make hot cocoa, coffee, tea and read!

  2. 51

    Reading on the beach! (I live in Florida)

  3. 50
    Jerry Marquardt

    My favorite thing to do in the winter is to sleep. It goes by quicker.

  4. 49
    Tracy Shafer

    I love to bundle up in blankets and read!

  5. 48
    Diann Pustay

    I love to take my kids sledding. I only go down a couple of times, while they sled for hours.
    Thanks for the chance.

  6. 47
    Stephanie Larison

    My fave thing to do in the winter is staying indoors and enjoying the heat haha.

  7. 46
    laura g

    I enjoy cuddling up with hubby (when he’s home) and watching movies. When it’s just me, I cuddle up with a good book. 😉

  8. 45

    Stay home. Boring but true.

  9. 44

    In winter I enjoy reading by the fireplace.

  10. 43
    Beverly Gordon

    read and snuggle up in bed and be warm

  11. 42
    Linda Romer

    My favorite thing to do in the winter is bake and cook ♡ Thank you

  12. 41
    Josy Herrera

    Wrap my self in layers and read a good book

  13. 40
    Molli Vandehey

    my favourite thing in winter is staying inside and drinking coffee lol

  14. 39
    nicole krutz

    Reading and a nice warm cup of cocoa are a favorite of mine!

  15. 38
    cheryl s

    travel to someplace warm!

  16. 37
    Jeanna Massman

    I love to sit in a cozy, warm room and complain about the weather outside!

  17. 36
    Michelle Willms

    I love snuggling with my furbabies under warm blankets and reading while the children are in school. On weekends, the children and I watch stupid movies (‘Stupid Movie Saturday” or “Stupid Movie Sunday”) while snuggling under blankets with the dogs. Great fun!

  18. 35
    Barbara Stoker

    My favorite thing to do is cuddle on the couch with y 3 dogs drink coco and read books,
    Thanks for the chance

  19. 34
    Lorena Keech

    If I can get away with it, stay in with a hot drink and a great book.

  20. 33

    We love to ice skate and sled

  21. 32

    snowball fights!

  22. 31
    Cindy Mucha Barton

    I love sledding and then curling up with a book in front of the fireplace

  23. 30

    I like to stay cozy and warm inside. There’s nothing like snuggling up with a good book/movie and a warm drink.
    Thanks 🙂

  24. 29
    Linda Kish

    I like to stay warm and dry and read.

  25. 28

    I like hiking and walking my dogs in the cooler weather.

  26. 27

    ice skate

  27. 26
    Kimberly H

    bake cookies or cuddle up and read a good book!

  28. 25
    marnie ward

    I love winter because it brings everyone inside and we play board games and watch movies and spend more family time together. I love winter because I love building snowmen.

  29. 24
    Suzanne Greene

    Sitting by the window reading a book when it’s snowing outside. It’s so quiet and magical.

  30. 23
    Mia J

    I like hanging out at home with good food and good friends.

  31. 22
    Rita M

    A hot cup of tea and a good mystery… plus, winter allows me to bring out my boots – yay!

  32. 21
    jessica z

    I love playing outside when it is not too cold!

  33. 20
    Heidi Robbins

    I love ice skating!

  34. 19

    Who doesn’t love a good book?!

  35. 18
    Cheri Oggy

    I love snuggling up with a great book!

  36. 17
    Ashley Helander

    I love baking cookies around Christmas with my grandma!

  37. 16
    amy tolley

    i love to cozy up with a great book or movie and drink hot chocolate

  38. 15
    Jerry Marquardt

    This looks like a very great hop. Thanks for offering this to us.

  39. 14
    Sarah L

    I have yet to figure out why I can’t post on your FB page. I can share your FB posts, but no comments.

  40. 13
    Sarah L

    My favorite thing to do in the winter is to visit Blossoms of Light at the Denver Botanic Gardens.
    Thanks for the contest.

  41. 12
    Penny Olson

    Reading by the fire is my favorite winter activity.

  42. 11
    Min K

    My fave activity anytime is reading.

  43. 10
    Donna B

    Reading is my favorite winter pass time, by the fire, with coffee and some kind of snack, usually chocolate.

  44. 9
    Judy Cox

    It really doesn’t get real good here in the South, but I do read a lot when the weather is not the best!!

  45. 8
    Rachel B

    my favorite thing is to curl up in front of a fireplace and read a good book.

  46. 7
    Barbara Lima


  47. 6
    kim amundsen

    Make snow angels

  48. 5
    Linda Herold

    In the winter I like to cuddle up with my cats and read!
    lindaherold999@gmail.com Happy holidays!!

  49. 4

    My favorite thing to do in the winter is stay warm!

  50. 3
    Richard Brandt

    I like to snuggle up with a good movie.

  51. 2
    Sandy Klocinski

    We don’t really get snow here in coastal South Carolina nor does it get below freezing very often, so our winter activities aren’t all that different from the rest of the year.

  52. 1
    mary bookhounds

    thanks for participating!

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