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Coat Cleansing Foam for Cats from #BayerExpertCare

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bayer expert care

Anybody who knows cats know that they are just not into baths.  Some of them like water, just on their own terms.  Baths do not fall into those terms.  However, sometimes our kitties need a little help in the grooming department.  My one cat, Carrie, has had a mat on her back.  It’s not big, but it does need to be taken care since it seems to be out of her reach. 
On my last trip to PetSmart, I had picked up the Coat Cleansing Foam for Cats, part of the Bayer® ExpertCare™ Lineup for Cats.

foam collage

This foam contains no soap and does not need to be rinsed off.  It’s perfect to help promote skin hydration and keep the coat shiny and pretty. While I’m only using it on one spot for Carrie, I really wish I had had it when our boy cat, Sam, got sick and was no longer grooming himself thoroughly.  I think it would have made him feel a bit better to be clean and fresh while still avoiding the bath.

carrie foam

I applied the Coat Cleansing Foam to that spot for a little bit to help soften up the fur.  After much wrangling (but no scratches!), we got that mat out.  Carrie doesn’t seem too traumatized (of course, treats helped).  I am glad we had the foam to help condition her fur right there.

We recently had an other incident with Carrie’s reclusive sister, Chloe, where her coat was filled with mats.  While I don’t know how well I could have gotten the Coat Cleansing Foam into her fur, considering how skittish she is, I do think any little bit would help.

Gone are the days that you would have to take your pet to the groomer!  Also gone are the days when you could only find products like this at your vet, and for a premium price.  You can pick up Bayer® ExpertCare™ products right at your local PetSmart.  This is so convenient since PetSmart carries so many different things that our pets need to be happy and healthy.  No need for a different stop – pick up the Coat Cleansing Foam the next time you’re buying food, litter and treats (don’t ever forget the treats!).


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  1. 11
    Angie Agerter

    Uhm. I wonder if they have this for dogs too.
    I’d love to have it on hand when I didn’t want to give roxy a full bath!
    It sounds like a great product

  2. 10
    Amber Ludwig

    Sounds like a total game changer!! I cant even imagine how bathing a cat is lol!! Sounds like a whole lot of no fun!

  3. 9
    Emily Endrizzi

    Sounds like a cool product. My neighbor was just asking me did he need to bathe his cats? I will have to tell him about this as it seems much easier than getting all scratched up.

  4. 8

    I have weird cats that love to jump into the tub and shower with me.
    I would prefer to use this for their baths.

  5. 7
    Sharon martin

    We have two dogs but one of them will not be washed, so if they have this for dogs too it would be a massive help.

  6. 6

    Our cat looks much like yours! I think I’d like to give this a try on her too!

  7. 5

    Baby has a couple of mats on her back where she can not reach and will not let me near. Maybe this would make it easier on me and her to get those mats out!!

  8. 4

    This sounds like a useful tool for me to keep on hand, as we have a cat who’s ill. On the other hand, both of our cats are odd since they both love a full bath and then dried with a diffuser on the blow dryer on low. lol

  9. 3
    Travel Blogger

    I’ve got a dog, I’ll have to see if they have one for them as well.

  10. 2
    kim thorne

    i agree it would be good, i have two cats

  11. 1
    natalie nichols

    This would be great for my furry!

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