Nov 25

Mini Heat Bag Sealers #bagsealer

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I received this item in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.


With three kids, two that can get their own snacks, bags of food are constantly getting left open.  Even when I can get them to use the various methods of containment (mostly clips), still the food goes stale from the exposure to air.  I feel it’s a waste of zip top bags to move everything to one, and I don’t have enough plastic containers to seal every single food inside one.  And that still isn’t taking into account that I bet half of them still wouldn’t be closed right!

I agreed to try the Mini Heat Bag Sealers, hoping they would solve a small, yet still frustrating, problem in my household.  I ordered from Amazon and they arrived quickly.  I received two separate units.  Each one takes 2 AA batteries, but that is not printed anywhere on the instructions.  I had to squint to see it in the tiny print near the battery case.

There are instructions but they don’t really help explain if the unit turns off.  When the unit is not in use, all there is is the orange bar to keep the wire protected.  Otherwise, the unit is always powered on.  With a husband that freaks out if the toaster is plugged in, not having an power switch was a big turn-off.

Second, the sealers seemed cheaply made overall.  For example, the magnet embedded in the side of the sealer to keep it on the refrigerator is barely enough to keep it in place.  If anything disturbs it, it will slide to the floor or just fall off.  As I allready mentioned, the lack of the power switch and the flimsy protector to cover the wire doesn’t really scream “quality” to me either.

Finally, the product just doesn’t work.  I tried like 10 times on different types of packaging and couldn’t get anything to seal correctly.  I’m sure there’s a decent amount of user error involved but if something is that difficult to use, it really wasn’t that well-designed to begin with.

While you can purchase the Mini Heat Bag Sealers on Amazon, I do not recommend this item at all and suggest you skip it.


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    Thank you for an honest review.

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