Nov 14

*CLOSED* Gratitude Giveaways Hop – ends 11/30, open WW

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Welcome to the Gratitude Giveaways Hop, hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and BookHounds!  This hop features a bunch of bloggers who are all giving away awesome prizes to show our gratitude for our readers.  Each giveaway only has one possible entry so you can easily get through the entire list quickly.  It’s just our way to say thanks for reading!

I’ve got a prize that should appeal to all of you: winner’s choice of $10 Amazon or cash via Paypal!

If the winner is in the US, he/she can choose Amazon or Paypal.  Any winner outside of the US will automatically receive the prize via Paypal.  This giveaway is open worldwide (excluding Quebec) to adults ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends Monday, 11/30/15 at 11:59 pm EST.  Winner will be picked using Random.org.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post (using the form at the bottom of the page) answering this question: what television show you are watching now (binge or otherwise) or one you really enjoy?  Or, what book are you reading right now?

Please be sure to use an email address that you check regularly.  After you enter, check out the list right below to see all of the participating blogs. Good luck and thank you for being a fan of Literary Winner!

Our winner!

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  1. 316
    Nicole Sender

    I am watching Blue Bloods on my DVR!

  2. 315
    Christian Alejandro

    I am watching Gotham right now.

  3. 314

    I am currently reading Heir of Fire and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. I am re-bingewatching Parks & Recreation and have just started watching The Librarians (on Hulu)!

  4. 313
    Renee Rousseau

    Right now I am so angry that I am missing The Voice because The Ravens are playing football on NBC and I couldn’t figure out how to stream it on my roku.

  5. 312

    I’m binge watching The 100.

  6. 311
    Brian E.

    Thanks for the giveaway…catching up on Game of Thrones !!!

  7. 310
    Susan Smith

    I’m watching The Amazing Race

  8. 309

    I’m watching American Horror Story now.

  9. 308

    Grey’s Anatomy – I’m rewatching all the old seasons on Netflix!

  10. 307
    natasha lamoreux

    Greys anataomy and How to get away with murder are my favs

  11. 306

    We just started watching “When Calls the Heart.”

  12. 305
    wen budro

    I just binge watched the second season of Fargo. It’s an excellent show.

  13. 304

    I just finished binge-watching The Fosters on Netflix. It was such a good show. When I get my Netflix turned back on, I want to start season two of Reign.
    I’m currently reading Wizard and Glass, Dark Tower VI by Stephen King. This is shaping up to be an excellent series.

  14. 303

    Hubby and I just finished binge watching Breaking Bad. I have no idea why it took us so long to start. Oh, wait, yes I do. Kids, work, blah blah blah. Favorite show right now is Code Black and I am currently reading The Cinderella Murder by Mary Higgins Clark.

  15. 302
    Danielle M.

    Outlander – both book and TV! (daniellecorrelle @ aol.com)

  16. 301

    I’m watching Castle on TV 🙂

  17. 300
    Loretta Sullivan

    Since Christmas is so close, I’ve been watching a lot of made for TV Christmas movies.

  18. 299
    Allyson Bossie

    My current Must see is Homeland. I am currently Binging One Tree Hill

  19. 298

    We love Dr.Who and Chicago Fire at our house! Thanks!

  20. 297

    Currently watching Hot in Cleveland on tv 🙂

  21. 296
    Pam S

    I’m watching Walking Dead, Grandfathered, and Qunatico right now. in between books at the moment.

  22. 295
    Felicia Sidoma

    I am watching Unforgettable. It just started the new season. I kind of wish a could remember like this.

  23. 294
    Linda Kish

    I don’t binge-watch shows. I try to keep up with them weekly. There are too many I enjoy. Right now I am watching Madame Secretary. The first of my Sunday evening shows.

  24. 293
    Erica B.

    American Horror Story is a current favorite.

  25. 292
    Ryan S

    We are binge watching Impractical Jokers and The Carbonaro Effect.

  26. 291

    I love Game of Thrones and Blacklist right now

  27. 290
    Katherine Riley

    We watch NCIS every week.

  28. 289

    I love to watch The Middle. I’m currently reading Heir of Fire.

  29. 288
    Carolyn Daley

    I really love Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  30. 287

    I am watching the Indian adaptive version of Everybody loves Raymond 🙂

  31. 286
    Chris Caldwell

    I have been binge watching Ancient Aliens this weekend. I just love it!

  32. 285
    Lisa Walker

    I’ve been streaming Blue Bloods and I love the show!

  33. 284
    Kristi C

    Right now I am watching Z Nation and The Walking Dead.

  34. 283

    We just finished binge-watching Orphan Black and we enjoy Flash & Arrow. There are sooo many I enjoy and want to try and/or catch up on.

    Thanks 🙂

  35. 282
    Sue Mullaney

    I love the TV show “Empire”!

  36. 281
    crystal gibson

    I was watching Dancing with the stars but it went off. I always watch reruns of Supernatural and NCIS.

  37. 280
    Shane R.

    I’ve been catching up on Fargo season 1 lately because I’ve been thoroughly enjoying season 2 and never saw the first one.

  38. 279
    Beverly Gordon

    I binge watch Criminal Minds and AHS as well as supernatural and sleepy hallow im also reading prey by Linda Howard

    ty for the chance

  39. 278
    latisha depoortere

    Im watching Blacklist on dvd love that show!
    Thank you for the great giveaway.

  40. 277
    Daniel M

    I really like supernatural

  41. 276

    I like Modern Family.

  42. 275
    Stacey A Smith

    I loving Criminal Minds , NCIS , Bones I love the Crime Drama shows.

  43. 274

    I enjoy watching NCIS. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  44. 273
    Janie McGaugh

    I really enjoy Big Bang Theory and Castle.

  45. 272

    I’ve been watching holiday movies on Hallmark channel.

  46. 271
    Quinn E

    Once Upon a Time! I’m all caught up, but I’ve been watching older episodes on Netflix. Hands down, favorite show right now.

  47. 270

    NHL and reading Rachel Van Dyken’s Dark Ones 🙂

  48. 269


  49. 268
    Kim Pinch

    I am enjoying watching The Mysteries of Laura.

  50. 267
    susan smoaks

    i am binge watching HUNG season 3 right now

  51. 266

    well not too long ago i finished binge watching Game of Thrones and now I’m binge watching The Walking Dead, catching up before Sunday’s mid-season finale since I was a season and a half behind 🙂

  52. 265
    Jennifer Rote

    I am binge watching The Walking Dead.

  53. 264
    Sonya Sanderson

    I like to watch Chicago Fire.

  54. 263

    I have the entire season of Once Upon a Time saved on the DVR so that I can binge watch it.

  55. 262
    Amber Terry

    I love The Simpsons and I’ve been watching a lot of that on DVD lately 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. 261
    deana dietrich

    Fav tv show is The Walking Dead & started reading the comics.

  57. 260

    I just started reading The First Counsel

  58. 259
    Rose Santuci-Sofranko

    Right now I’m watching old “What Not To Wear” shows!

  59. 258

    i love the amazing race!

  60. 257

    My favorite in season right now is Criminal Minds.

  61. 256

    Right now I’m reading Cast in Honor by Michelle Sagara, Book 11 of the Chronicles of Elantra series.

  62. 255
    Brenda Elsner

    I enjoy watching the Walking Dead.

  63. 254

    I enjoy watching The Walking Dead

  64. 253
    Cindy Jameson

    I don’t watch a lot of tv, but I am loving on “How to Get Away with Murder”! Excellent writing! So many unexpected plot twists! And then there is Emmy award winning Viola Davis, who is extraordinary! If you love a good murder mystery that is gripping and intense, check this one out! You have to follow in order though, as there are many flashbacks etc. and the show progresses as a continuous story.

  65. 252

    I’m watching Mad Men, and The Walking Dead.

  66. 251
    Bonnie Hilligoss

    I watch so many shows reguarly. Right now I’m catching up on Heroes Reborn and Haven.

  67. 250
    Texas Book Lover

    I’m reading and LOVING Feel the Burn by G.A. Aiken.
    Thanks so much!

  68. 249
    Texas Book Lover

    I’m reading and LOVING Feel the Burn by G.A. Aiken.
    Thanks so much!

  69. 248
    Karen M.

    I’m watching football.

  70. 247

    I am binge watching breaking bad again.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  71. 246
    Kim M

    I’m a HUGE Grimm fan. I love binge watching it. One episode is never enough.

  72. 245

    I am watching the Late Show right now.

  73. 244

    I’m into watching Doctor Who right now — thankfully it comes on the BBC America channel. Still not caught up to current episodes, but will get there by Christmas!

  74. 243
    Kimberly R

    I am the biggest binge watcher of the Big Bang Theory, thanks for the giveaway.

  75. 242
    Karen H

    I’m just starting the 3rd installment of Manda Collins’ Wicked Widow Trilogy with the last book titled Why Lords Lose Their Hearts. I just finished watching the last of Outlander and loved it…looking forward to more. Thanks for taking part in this giveaway.

  76. 241
    Cynthia R

    We binge watched breaking bad, hell on wheels, house of cards, walking dead, and longmire. We take out time with Bones, Supernatural, and True Blood.

  77. 240

    I’m reading Undaunted

  78. 239
    Stephanie Liske

    I am reading The Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind.

  79. 238

    I love Grey’s anatomy and castle. I am reading twinmaker right now.

  80. 237

    I don’t watch TV. It takes away from my reading time…hehe.

    I’m reading Dark Ghost by Christine Feehan and LOVING it.

  81. 236
    Ann S

    Rescue My Heart by Jill Shalvis. Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. 235

    I’m watching Dancing with the Stars.

  83. 234
    Sarah at Journeys of The Zoo

    I like watching Glee or Border Patrol on YouTube as we don’t have tv. I want to read Marie Kondo -> The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

    Thank you for giving.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  84. 233

    I’m watching Supernatural and reading Elizabeth Hoyt

  85. 232

    I’m in between books at the moment, but I will be starting The Bronte Plot by Katharine Reay very soon.

  86. 231

    I enjoy Grey’s Anatomy and Blindspot! Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  87. 230
    Jeanna Massman

    You name it, I probably watch it but one of my favorites is Chopped.

  88. 229

    I am currently reading book called Losing Lila

  89. 228
    Kim Holliday

    I’m really into the superhero shows right now like Arrow and The Flash. Luv em!

  90. 227
    Ellie Wright

    I am watching Friends right now. It never gets old.

  91. 226

    Meant to leave a better email: lotusg at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

  92. 225

    Currently reading books by Jennifer Ashly and Maggie Shayne.

  93. 224
    Kali Burgos

    There are so many I like,but my current favorite is The Strain.


  94. 223
    Lisa Weidknecht

    We are binge watching Continuum and it’s awesome.

  95. 222

    I just finished reading Sarah Holman’s “Brothers and Betrayals.” I enjoyed it. 🙂

  96. 221
    robyn donnelly

    I am watching ncis because its enjoyable.

  97. 220
    Fe M.

    We have just finished watching season one of Gotham and Scorpion.

  98. 219

    I haven’t really kept up with NCIS but it’s the only entertainment TV show I watch. I enjoy mostly documentaries and crime dramas.

  99. 218

    I’m waiting patiently for Vikings to begin again…thanks.

  100. 217
    Jan Lee

    I’m watching the Wizard of Oz on TBS right now. However, I binge watch The Big Bang Theory. I’m reading Stephen King’s The Bazaar of Bad Dreams right now 🙂

  101. 216
    Allie L

    My favorite show right now is Sleepy Hollow 😀

  102. 215
    Mia J

    I enjoy How to Get Away With Murder.

  103. 214
    Krysta B.

    I love watching ‘Grimm’


  104. 213

    I’m watching White Collar <3

  105. 212
    Michelle J.


  106. 211

    We’re watching Larkspur in Candleford on DVD.

  107. 210
    Cheryl Rogers

    I am watching Lost again! I love that show! My son is joining me this time though.

  108. 209

    I’ve been watching Blindspot.

  109. 208

    Right now I’ve been binge watching DiVinci’s Demons. Netflix’s Jennifer Jones is next on the list.

  110. 207
    ken ohl

    my wife and I enjoy Million Dollar Listing LA

  111. 206
    Linda Kish

    I am reading Room. I decided to give it a second chance. I like it much better this read.

  112. 205
    Kimberly Hilbert

    We just finished Project Runway with it’s finale the other week. We are now watching the youth version of Project runway.

  113. 204
    Holly Thomas

    I am currently binge watching Once Upon a Time and Parenthood on netflix.

  114. 203
    thais pampado

    I’m reading Mechanica by Betsy Cornwell.

  115. 202

    We binge on Doctor Who and The Blacklist.

  116. 201
    Sarah L

    I don’t even own a TV. I’m reading Faux Paw: A Magical Cats Mystery by Sofie Kelly
    Thanks for the contest.

  117. 200
    Felicia Sidoma

    I am watching ‘Liv and Maddy with the younger ones while dinner is getting cook.

  118. 199
    Suz Reads

    I’m reading The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker and it’s original and amazing! Thanks for this super giveaway – I would love to win!

  119. 198

    I enjoy watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and I’m about to start reading Chimera by Mira Grant. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  120. 197

    Binge watching Dr Who!

  121. 196

    I’m W-A-Y behind the times. I just started watching Lost. Thanks for the chance!
    Katie — lilacqueen75 (at) gmail (dot) com

  122. 195
    Phyllis Lamken

    I just finished Reap the Wind by Karen Chance. It is so action packed and funny. Love the series.

  123. 194

    I love watching MasterChef!
    blackcapballistics AT gmail DOT com

  124. 193
    Katie P

    I am binging on Criminal Minds on Netflix

  125. 192
    Amanda Whitley

    i am watching many shows but my favorite is Chicago Fire.

  126. 191
    Crystal Ward

    How to Get Away With Murder is the only non-news show I watch right now. (Rachel Maddow Show and All In with Chris Hayes are daily musts!)

  127. 190
    Kyl Neusch

    watching bloodline

  128. 189
    cheryl c.

    My favorite TV shows are Dancing with the Stars, Castle, and Big Bang Theory.

  129. 188

    I’m currently watching Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow TV shows, and I enjoy them all a lot.

  130. 187
    Bethany Clark

    I LOVE Code Black!

  131. 186
    Diann Pustay

    I’m watching The Walking Dead, Dr. Who, Scream Queens, and I am reading PBI Case Files by Jami Brumfield.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  132. 185
    Jessica Miller

    I am binge watching NCIS on netflix! I love that show.

  133. 184
    jeanette sheets

    right now im watching walker texas ranger .i also like the walking dead

  134. 183
    Crystal E.

    I am currently reading Black Sun Rising by C.S. Friedman! Very intriguing series!

  135. 182
    Diana So

    I’m binge watching NCIS right now and since I was halfway through the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter via ebook (an lost my place) I’m re-reading it from the beginning via a physical book.

  136. 181
    Ellen Thompson

    I like to watch Criminal Minds, Cutthroat Kitchen and Holiday Baking Championship.

  137. 180
    Jeanette Jackson

    Right now I am watching Haven.

  138. 179
    Claire Rheinheimer

    I’m watching the latest episode of Blindspot on DVR right now.

  139. 178
    Michele Behlen

    My husband’s favorite program Mountain Monsters is on but I am really not watching it.

  140. 177
    heather e.g. kaufman

    I like The Vampire Diaries.

  141. 176
    Sandra Watts

    I really like watching Sleepy Hollow and Grimm.

  142. 175
    Lauren A.

    I’ve been binge watching Charmed since I’ve got Netflix again, it’s so good.

  143. 174

    I am reading Welcome to Night Vale.

  144. 173
    Kate F.

    I’ve been watching The Good Wife a lot lately.

  145. 172

    I don’t get a lot of tv time nowadays but reading wise, I’m all over it. ^-^ Current read: THOMPSON ROAD by Scott Wyatt. Thanks for the chance!

  146. 171
    Nickle @ Night Owl Reads

    I just finished binge watching Switched at Birth yesterday. Am now watching Grimm and most of the fall TV shows. Currently reading Percy Jackson’s The Lightning Thief. 😀

  147. 170
    Aly P

    I’m loving the Blacklist

  148. 169
    Imel Cullen

    The Flash, one of my favorite tv show and now, I’m currently reading Into the still blue (veronica rossi), thanks for the chance 😉

    caramellicious03 (at) gmail (dot) com

  149. 168
    Brittney House

    I am watching Seinfeld!

  150. 167

    I am watching Murder She Wrote

  151. 166

    I’m currently reading The Lake Season by Hannah McKinnon. It’s pretty good!

  152. 165
    Holly B

    I just got done binge watching the entire first season of Empire!!! It was awesome and I’m upset that the second season is so far right now…. have to wait for it on dvd!! So intense, though…… love it!!

  153. 164
    Crystal F

    I like the new show Limitless. Thank you!!

  154. 163

    I am reading As It Was In The Days of Noah.

  155. 162
    trisha kilpatrick

    I am watching lots of Hallmark channel Christmas movies right now.

  156. 161

    I’m loving the Big Bang Theory right now! 🙂

  157. 160
    beth shepherd

    I am watching Dancing with the Stars right now. Thank you!

  158. 159
    Karen Giasson

    I have been watching the Walking Dead. I binge watch it every year before the new season comes on.

  159. 158
    Trisha Burgess

    I’m currently watching Reba!

  160. 157

    I’m binge watching Reign

  161. 156

    I’m watching The Leftovers and it’s brilliant!!

  162. 155
    Michelle Willms

    Shows I feel I really WANT to see include The Librarians, Grimm, iZombie, but I often forget about them because I’m READING. Currently, I’m reading Meritorium, Stephen King’s The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, and several more.

  163. 154
    Caryl Kane

    I enjoy Downton Abbey!

  164. 153

    I’m watching the Viking right now! 🙂

  165. 152

    The Middle is my favorite.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  166. 151
    Marijana Sitar

    Right now I’m reading Room by Emma Donoghue, and watching several tv shows: Flesh and Bone, AHS: Hotel, Scream Queens, and Master of None. :]
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  167. 150
    Farah K

    I’m actually binge watching Fringe at the moment..It’s such an amazing show. And I just finished reading November 9 which was really fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

  168. 149
    reading mind

    I love to binge with Reign and currently reading S by jj abrams

  169. 148

    We are binge watching Reign right now. Thanks!

  170. 147
    Tanya Guthrie

    We don’t have TV, but I’m reading the Psy/Changling series.

  171. 146
    cathy c

    i am watching Amazing Race

  172. 145

    The Walking Dead, Scream Queens, and Scandal

  173. 144
    sarah k

    I’ve been really liking IZombie other shows I like are The Flash,Arrow, Sleepy Hollow,Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Limitless……

  174. 143
    Tatiana L.

    I have several favorite TV shows: The Americans, Fargo, Gotham, Blood and Oil, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD

  175. 142
    Jessica Fortner

    I do not watch tv, but right now I am reading “Lost In Translation”.

  176. 141


  177. 140
    Ashley Trail

    Right now I have no tv and only a little time to watch any shows. I really want to binge watch the newest season of Grimm, Orphan Black and get caught up with Orange is the new Black.

  178. 139
    Sara Theissen

    I just finished binge watching CSI: Miami today

  179. 138

    I’m a huge fan of Outlander, Scandal, Reign and Awkward. Oh, and The Walking Dead. Thank you so very much.

  180. 137
    Melissa Crisp

    I love Ancient Aliens and Pit Bulls and Parolees.

  181. 136
    Stephanie Grant

    I’m going to have to say iZombie is my most favorite show at the moment!

  182. 135
    DeAnna Keller

    We like to watch Shameless, Homeland and Donovan on Showtime. We binge watched a series called The Affair which is book based, it’s really interesting and highly recommend watching one of those shows.

  183. 134
    Andrea Williams

    The Good Wife and Madame Secretary.

  184. 133
    Lee Todd

    the only think I really watch is NHL (go Rangers!)

  185. 132


  186. 131

    I’m reading A Desperate Fortune and watching Expedition Unknown.

  187. 130
    Babs Hightower


  188. 129

    The best shows on TV right now are The Affair and The Leftovers.

    Really looking forward to Jessica Jones on Friday.

  189. 128
    Mary Cloud

    I love Zombie Shows, The Walking Dead, iZombie and Z Nation

  190. 127
    Teresa Simpson

    I am rewatching Bones on Netflix right now.

  191. 126

    I am hooked on American Horror Story: The Hotel.

  192. 125

    I am watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix right not.

  193. 124
    Jess @ Such a Novel Idea

    Right now I’m binge watching Raising Hope (LOVING IT!) and reading The Killing Jar.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  194. 123

    The Great British Baking Competition on PBS.

  195. 122
    Trisha W.

    I enjoy Downton Abbey and am looking forward to the Christmas Episode.

  196. 121
    Bernie W

    I like to Binge watch Lost. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  197. 120
    Courtney Edson

    Binge watching Arrow.

  198. 119
    Tina W

    Lately I have been watching lots of In The Heat of the Night and Walker Texas Ranger.
    Those are Dad’s choices. He really likes old mediocre television!

  199. 118
    naila be

    I’m watching Once Upon a Time and it’s intense I just watched last night’s episodes and omg!

  200. 117
    Mai T.

    I’m watching DOCTOR WHO right now and completely blown away by it. What an awesome series!

  201. 116
    Sue A.

    I binged The Walking Dead.

  202. 115
    Lisa Wood

    I am listening to one of those Question and Answer shows {where you can win money} but don’t know whats it called cause I don’t watch TV.
    And I am re-reading {for about the third time} 50 Shades of Grey!

  203. 114

    I like The Walking Dead)

  204. 113
    nurmawati djuhawan

    i am watching the news 🙂
    and i am currently reading book by indonesian author

    thx u for the chance

    chiko_jubilee at yahoo dot com

  205. 112

    I’m watching The Walking Dead

  206. 111

    Right now I am watching the news. I enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars
    Thank you!

  207. 110
    Heidi Robbins

    I loved The Mentalist! Great cast.

  208. 109

    While my mom was visiting, she got me started on Life in Pieces so I sat down and have now caught up on them. Some episodes are meh but then I see one that has me on the floor in hysterics!

  209. 108
    Anastasia Falling

    I watch so many shows 🙂 But I just watched this British baking challenge show and it’s quite charming 🙂

  210. 107
    Jo Anne V

    walking dead and once upon a time

  211. 106

    Been watching Blindspot 🙂

  212. 105
    Beth Minyard

    I’m watching The Glades

  213. 104

    Fresh off The Boat
    Two Broke Girls
    Modern Family

    All time favourite America’s Got Talent in The Summer

  214. 103
    Jillian Too

    I’m watching old Gilmore Girls episodes. I’m excited that they are bringing the show back.

  215. 102
    Mary Gardner

    I am watching The Good Wife right now.

  216. 101
    Betty W

    I just finished watching an episode of The Middle-great show!

  217. 100
    Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    we are watching the voice

  218. 99

    Right now I am getting caught up on Z Nation( I got behind a few episodes) as I wait for Walking Dead!!!!

  219. 98
    Beverly S.

    I am currently reading Gold Fame Citrus by Claire Vaye Watkins.

  220. 97
    Silvia Fugate

    I am watching Blue Bloods right now.

  221. 96
    tiago rosado

    i live green arrow,and i0m reading Warbreaker – brandon sanderson

  222. 95
    Hannah C

    I’m watching How to Get Away with Murder!

  223. 94
    heather s

    There is an NCIS marathon going on that I am watching now

  224. 93
    Wendy hutton

    the only tv show I watch is The Young and the Restless and I love it

  225. 92
    K Davis

    I’m listening to an audio book, while playing on my computer. I’m listening to If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgans, and loving it.

  226. 91
    sherry blamer

    I love ncis and the big bang theory.

  227. 90
    Susan Schleicher

    Don’t watch much TV. And reading First & Goal by Laura Chapman right now.

  228. 89
    jennifer horn

    I am loving Quantico right now.

  229. 88
    Cali W.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I am watching Sherlock. 😉

  230. 87
    cheryl w

    I enjoy reading everything from James Patterson

  231. 86
    Ashley R.

    I am currently watching my ridiculous guilt pleasure show Sister Wives and reading After You by JoJo Moyes! 🙂

  232. 85
    Debbi Wellenstein

    I am currently watching The Killing-I just finished all ten seasons of Criminal Minds.

  233. 84
    Jo-Ann Brightman

    I like the Librarians on Sunday nights.

  234. 83

    i love inspecteur murdoch or the tv show “motives”

  235. 82
    Miranda Sherman

    I am currently obsessed with Empire and Blindspot

  236. 81
    Veronica M.

    I’m watching How to Get Away with Murder

  237. 80
    Jo @ Mixed Book Bag

    I am watching The Last Kingdon on BBC America. jonesjnd at yahoo dot com

  238. 79
    Darlene Peterson

    I’m reading The Deep End of the Ocean

  239. 78
    Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

    I am binge watching The Voice right now.

  240. 77
    Patricia C.

    I am reading outlander and watching the walking dead

  241. 76
    Judy Cox

    I watch every Tuesday night NCIS. I love that show!!!!

  242. 75

    I’m into supernatural, scream queens and american horror story!

  243. 74

    Thanks!!! Black List/The Voice/Ravenous (The Finn Factor Book 4)

  244. 73
    Fee Roberts

    I love The Walking Dead! It’s on tonight, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    1. 73.1
      Fee Roberts


  245. 72
    Susan T.

    I love iZombie which always makes me laugh and also The Walking Dead which definitely doesn’t make me laugh! I’m currently reading Winter the last book in the Lunar Chronicles and it is pretty great.

  246. 71

    I’m watching CNN for coverage of Paris

  247. 70
    Debra Guillen

    One of my fav shows that I am watching right now is Reign.

  248. 69

    I watch a lot of TV. I also have a lot of favorites. One of my favorites is Rizzoli & Isles. I love the characters and the interactions between them. They have a great “family” dynamic and I really enjoy the show.

  249. 68
    Jennifer Boehme

    I am binge watching CSI on Netflix. Started from beginning of series.

  250. 67
    Bailey Dexter

    I have the series on the gateway, I love the Blacklist!

  251. 66
    Michelle C

    I have been binge watching ‘One Tree Hill’ on Netflix!

  252. 65
    Diana Sousa

    I’ve been bingewatching The Blacklist! James Spader is great 🙂

  253. 64
    Michele L

    I never have control of the remote, so no favorite TV shows. I’m reading Hollow City by Ransom Riggs.

  254. 63
    Corey Clancy

    I am more of a reader than a TV watcher but I do enjoy some tv shows. Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, lately the Walking Dead (but I always turn away at the gore), Big Bang Theory, Dominion, Humans, Dark Matter, Stargate (all of them), and Bones. Today I plan on reading Reaper’s Fall by Joanna Wylde.

  255. 62
    Beppe DM

    I am watching CNN news

  256. 61
    Paol Trenny

    I really like “Supernatural”, it my favorite show.

  257. 60
    Linda Lansford

    I am watching CNN news

  258. 59
    Megan S.

    I’m watching The Big Bang Theory right now!
    Twitter handle: @WordsThatStay1

  259. 58
    sherry fundin

    I am watching NFL on Fox. I love my football!

  260. 57

    Love Shark Tank.

  261. 56
    Daisy R

    I love watching Gilmore Girls reruns on TV. Yay for DVR’s! So in love with Poldark and Outlander.

  262. 55

    I’m currently binge watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, along with Ripper Street and Gotham. In books, I am an audiobook zombie -currently enjoying my first Anne Perry book (Corridors of the Night) and an epic fantasy (Kushiel’s Avatar by Jacqueline Carey).

  263. 54

    I enjoy watching the Hallmark Channel this time of year. I love all the Christmas movies!
    Thank you!

  264. 53
    Cathy French

    I really enjoy the Blacklist and am about to binge watch 3 or 4 episodes I am behind on. What on earth did I do before dvr?

  265. 52
    Laura Thomas

    Right now I’m reading a new fantasy ARC that I can’t talk about yet. And I just binge watched the Zoo series again.

  266. 51
    Amy Pratt

    I just binge watched The Curse of Oak Island.

  267. 50
    Ashley C

    My favorite tv show right now is The Walking Dead!

  268. 49
    Brooke Bumgardner

    We are currently binge watching Grimm on Amazon Instant Video. I am reading Sugar and Spice by Kimberly Kincaid (it is in The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap anthology).

  269. 48
    Ann Fantom

    Right now we are binging on Nurse Jackie

  270. 47
    Crystal Young

    I love the Bog Bang Theory and right now I am ready Trial by Thrall by Lizzy Ford.

  271. 46
    Cynthia C

    I have been binge-watching The Newsroom. I’m almost done with season two.

  272. 45

    Right now I am really enjoying CSI:Cyber – it kind of freaks me out a bit but I enjoy how the team works together and all the cyber tools! Mind you, I freak out a bit knowing you can DO all that stuff so I text with a friend who is really good at tech stuff and get talked down!


  273. 44
    Juana Esparza

    I am watching The Fall on Netflix.

  274. 43
    Maria Malaveci

    I am a big Outlander fan, and although it isn’t on right now, I watch old episodes!


  275. 42
    Tammy V.

    Season 5 of Game of Thrones. Was waiting for my daughters to come over and watch but we can never coordinate our schedules for everyone to be there that long at the same time.

  276. 41
    Sue S

    Big Bang Theory

  277. 40
    tamie w

    Greys anatomy!!! but i love all cooking reality shows too Cake wars, masterchef etc

  278. 39

    I’m currently reading Station Eleven. Its not amazing but it is still interesting 🙂

  279. 38
    Tari Lawson

    I love the Big Bang Theory.

  280. 37
    Lois M.

    Well, when it comes to show that actually still have new episodes coming – Daily Show, Colbert, and the Nightly Show, and Star Wars Rebels. But stuff that I still love but are in rereuns – I Love Lucy, Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9), Smallville, X-Files and others.

  281. 36

    Just started Shopaholic to the rescue. It’s a lot of fun so far.

  282. 35
    Tricia G

    I’ve been watching Greys Anatomy.

  283. 34

    I have quite a few favorite shows, but one of them is NCIS: Los Angeles

    Thanks for the chance to win. Have a great week!

  284. 33
    Janet W.

    I’ve been really enjoying the new show called Code Black! It has me on the edge of my seat every episode!

  285. 32

    The show I’m most interested in right now is Days of Our Lives. The show is celebrating its 50th anniversary right now and all my favorites are back or visiting (except Sami. I don’t want her back.)

  286. 31

    I am a total Walking Dead Fan . I have watched every episode at least 5 times

  287. 30
    Sherry Compton

    I really enjoy Mary Higgins Clark books and have a couple of hers to read now. For TV, How to Get Away with Murder has my attention.

  288. 29
    Karen Deva

    I have been binge watching old episodes of The Amazing Race.

  289. 28
    Ana M

    I’m rewatching The West Wing and loving it

  290. 27
    Szelina B

    I’m wathing a tons of shows but How To Get Away With Murder, Reign, Once Upon a Time, Finding Carter, Frash off The Boat, The MIndy Project and The Royals are my faves! Oh i’m reading The Revolution of Ivy btw! 🙂

  291. 26

    Right now I’m reading A Miracle at Macy’s by Lynn Marie Hulsman!

  292. 25

    I love watching The Good Wife though it has gone off the air right now!

  293. 24
    Sarika Patkotwar

    I am binge watching Modern Family like mad these days! It’s so hilarious and thoughtful. Thank you for the giveaway!

  294. 23
    mary bookhounds

    thank you for participating

  295. 22

    I’m loving Once Upon a Time.

  296. 21
    Shannon Baas

    right now flipping between Democratic debate and high school volleyball.

  297. 20
    Pamela Gurganus

    Right now I’m reading The Scorch Trials.

  298. 19

    I like watching Homeland

  299. 18
    Daniel Scott

    My favorite tv show is NCIS. My wife likes it too.

  300. 17
    Victoria K

    I haven’t watched tv in so long but I am reading Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

  301. 16
    Charity Cram

    I really enjoy watching Fresh off the Boat. Thank you for the chance to win!

  302. 15

    I just started watching Jane the Virgin.

  303. 14
    Richard Brandt

    I enjoy “binging” on multiple repeats of Big Bang Theory on Saturday nights.

  304. 13
    melissa Resnick

    The Big Bang Theory

  305. 12
    Rita Wray

    I watch HGTV House Hunters and also Dancing With The Stars. I also like American Pickers.

  306. 11
    Judy Thomas

    I am watching Scream Queens and American Horror Story. I love them and can’t wait for each episode.

  307. 10
    Serena Powell

    I’m really enjoying Gotham right now. I plan on binge watching Dare Devil sometime soon. And I am currently reading The Night Circus.

  308. 9
    Kelly Nicholson

    walking dead man thanks

  309. 8
    stacey dempsey

    I am a huge Walking Dead fan

  310. 7
    Deborah W.

    I enjoy watching the movies on the Hallmark channel. Right now they have Christmas movies on the weekends.

  311. 6
    Billie R

    I’m loving the new show Limitless, has action and a good bit of comedy.

  312. 5

    My favorite show would be Sherlock but currently obsessed with Scream Queens. 🙂

  313. 4

    I’m about to start reading, Stalked by Gayle Parness. Her first book in the series was very good. My favorite new show is Blindspot, its addictive.

  314. 3
    Adrienne Gordon

    House of Cards

  315. 2
    Sandy Klocinski

    I enjoy watching The Big Bang Theory

  316. 1
    Lisa Brown

    I am watching evinelive right now.

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