Oct 12

What goes around comes around with AmazingKarma.com

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AmazingKarma.com for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


Karma is a concept that is foreign to some people. I don’t really thing about doing something good and getting good karma for it, but I do realize that doing something not so nice can deliver bad karma back on me. My sister-in-law strongly believes in karma and goes far out of her way to help others, believing it will someday, in some way, come back to her as something good. She also is able to blow off others’ bad behavior with the belief that the perpetrator will get their just desserts somehow – no need for her to continue the cycle of negativity.

As a visual learner, I find AmazingKarma.com to be a fascinating concept. This is a website and card system that acknowledges good and bad karma actions in a tangible way. By registering Red or Green Karma Cards, you will be earning points that are redeemable towards gift cards. Or you can keep the karma going and give those points to a charity as a donation!

Here’s a video that really helps describe the concept:

I hope that the Red Karma Cards will help serve as gentle reminders that something somebody did was just not cool. Somebody park across 4 spots at the store? Maybe a card under the wiper will help them correct their actions. And how cool is it to be recognized for doing a good deed with a Green Card? I try hard to help others and don’t expect anything in return. But to able to turn that positive action into a donation is awesome!

I think that AmazingKarma.com and the whole system will go a far way to demonstrating the idea of karma to kids. I like the whole idea but I think my kids find it hard to do good things when there is no immediate reward for them. I think handing out Red and Green cards would help them grow up to be members of a gentler world.

How do you get involved with AmazingKarma.com? Right now, they are giving away 5,000 free Karma Card packs with 40 Karma Cards in each pack, which is 200K Karma Cards total. ONLY those who sign-up now on the pre-launch landing page can receive the free Karma Cards. This will help kick-start the launch of their website in November.

Amazing Karma Gives away 200K Free Karma Cards

It can’t hurt to get a headstart on making the world better. I’m so excited that AmazingKarma.com is helping us do so!

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  1. 3
    Angie Agerter

    I too believe in Karma and think these are a fun way to showcase that karma is going to get you, good or bad!

  2. 2

    I do believe in Karma–been around too many years to not believe in it–seen it in action!! I always try to do good and help others whether with a smile to a stranger on the street who looks down and out ir just allowing someone to vent–I will look into this but not sure I will join.

  3. 1
    Jodi Flaherty

    I would love to give someone a card for taking up four spots! LOL! I am a big believer in karma 🙂 I try to pay-it forward as often as possible! I love there is a charity option!

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