Jun 07

Inapprops.com has invented the ultimate dirty joke: The GG

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You MUST be a legal adult in your vicinity to view this post.  Also, if you are easily offended, please do not read any further.


I was compensated for this post.  This did not influence my opinion in any way.  All thoughts are my own.


I have a confession to make – I really enjoy a good dirty joke.  I am not above giggling about a 12 inch pianist and the like.  It’s really my way to keep sane and feel like an adult in a house kept on a 2 year old level.  Also, doesn’t it you make you feel just a bit naughty when you tell a good dirty joke to a friend?  It feels like you’re getting away with something.  Who knows where they come from (unless you believe Family Guy)?  They’re just a great way to let go and laugh.

Some of the best jokes are visual ones.  I bet you’ve laughed at a dirty cartoon or meme at some point.  And I’m sure you’ve seen a set of truck nuts out there.  You know, the testicles that swing from trailer hitches (usually on a big pickup).  I’ve always found them a bit ugly and crass.  Plus, they’re just out there, so I get the pleasure of trying to explain that to my kids.  Subtlety, people!

Now we have the much prettier and discreet counterpart with the GasGina, or GG for short, available for purchase on Inapprops.com.


Plainly put, the GG is a way to make filling your gas tank so much more fun.  It lives behind your gas cap, around the filler hole, so nobody knows it s there, until you open up the gas tank door and let her shine!  It does not interfere with gas filling at all but it will put a smirk on your face everytime you have to fill up.  Gas is expensive so I’ve been hating that task for the past few years.  Wouldn’t it be so much more enjoyable if you saw this every time you had to get gas?

Do you know a guy that would laugh himself silly at the GG?  How about you buy him one, but put it on his gas tank for him to find the next time he buys gas?  I think you’d be hearing that story for a long time!  Or send your unsuspecting friend to pump your gas.  He’ll surely get an eyeful!


The GasGina is made of silicone rubber, very similar to what is used to cushion artificial limbs, as well as what is used in adult toys.  This material will not disintegrate even when exposed to gasoline.  Rest assured, your GG will last through many fills.

GG is not just for your car or truck either!  It can easily fit on other gas tanks, like lawnmowers.  You can also stick it to any smooth surface, like glass and walls.  You can also transform a lightbulb or switch easily.  Your imagination is the only limit to where your GG can live.

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The GasGina is available in three different skin tones to suit all preferences.  Buy all three so you can swap them out if you want some variety!  Each one sells for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling, making this the perfect gift for the guy that has everything.


Father’s Day is fast approaching and I bet you’re stumped.  If you’ve got a dad who appreciates a good dirty joke, then I think you’ve found your gift!

If you want to purchase your GasGina or give the best gift ever, visit Inapprops.com. You can also follow Inapprops on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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    This would also be a great gag/party gift for a future groom!

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      Maggie Castelluccio

      I never even thought of that – great idea!

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