Apr 14

*CLOSED* Spring Sweeping Giveaway Hop – ends 4/28 #SpringSweeping

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Welcome to the Spring Sweeping Giveaway Hop, hosted by Lindsey Blogs and Viva Veltoro!

The days are getting warmer, brighter, and longer which may lead many to start Spring Cleaning. But we’re not ready to start cleanin’ until we’re done sweepin’! Take the next two weeks to sweep along the fabulous giveaways that a group of bloggers have come together to offer you! Be sure to hop around to all the giveaways in the linky below, including the two fabulous Grand Prizes – Sudsy Dough at Lindsey Blogs and the Step2 Heart of the Home Kitchen on Viva Veltoro!

I absolutely hate spring cleaning, mostly because it keeps me inside when I’d rather be out enjoying the warm air and blooming flowers.  But it must be done, especially since we’re highly contemplating moving and the place needs to look nice.  Well, once our house looks nice, so should we, right?  So I’m giving away this silver infinity necklace (ARV $30)!

silver infinity necklace
Fashioned in sleek silver. Infinity pendant approximately 1 inch, 17 inch chain

This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends Tuesday, 4/28/15 at 11:59 pm EDT.  To enter, just use the widget below.  Don’t forget to keep scrolling for the giveaway linky that lists all of the participating bloggers.  Good luck!



spring sweeping grand prize


So Easy Being Green, Viva Veltoro, and the Spring Sweeping participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.

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  1. 52

    I really hate cleaning behind washer and dryer and refrigerator…. always nasty junk there, lol.

  2. 51
    laurie murley

    I hate spring cleaning, it just make me so anzious to try to do all the cleaning I need to do, I’m diabled and I cant do what I want to do

  3. 50

    I love the fresh clean smell 😀

  4. 49
    Jennifer Herman

    I like least about Spring cleaning is getting all the pollen off of my furiture!

  5. 48
    Kim Keithline

    I don’t like cleaning bathrooms but I do like after I am done spring cleaning my house is refreshed and organized

  6. 47
    Leah Shumack

    Finding the time to get spring cleaning done and getting all hands on board to help. I do like that things are clean afterwards tho!

  7. 46
    shea balentine

    I love the way the house looks and smells… but I hate actually doing it *lol* Esp. the dusting and windexing!

  8. 45
    Tammy Woodall

    The worst part of doing Spring Cleaning is doing it. The best part is when it is over.

  9. 44
    Rita A

    My fave part of spring cleaning is my hubby actually helps! We really get rid of stuff that way.

  10. 43
    Paol Trenny

    I hate scrubbing the walls and base boards.

  11. 42
    cheryl s

    least favorite is cleaning the garage and basement

  12. 41
    Dorothy Teel

    I really enjoy getting my windows cleaned for spring, and the whole house seems brighter and more cheerful

  13. 40
    Michele P

    the part that I hate is that with forced hot air furnace we have dust goes everyplace and I am so allergic to dust that I sneeze and am miserable when cleaning.

  14. 39
    Mary Helene

    LEAST favorite is cleaning windows and screens.

  15. 38
    Rhonda Scott

    My favorite part of spring cleaning is throwing things out and getting organized. It feels like a new start.

  16. 37
    Shirley Smith

    I love U Kotex products, They have a wonderful design and shape for every activity I’m involved in and they stay where you put them. Thank you so much for the sample link too!

    1. 37.1
      Shirley Smith

      Oops put this in the right place now… Ty

  17. 36
    Shirley Smith

    I love spring cleaning! The only part I don’t like about spring cleaning is taking down all the Blinds and hosing them down. But it must be done.

  18. 35
    Marnie Ward

    My least favorite spring clean chore is cleaning all of the floor boards because they are full of grim and grit.. They get so dirty over the winter and they need to be cleaning and vacuumed. My favorite part of spring cleaning is opening up all the windows and letting all the fresh air in.

  19. 34
    Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    I like being able to open the windows and the fresh scents of spring cleaning. I like airing out the house after its been closed up for winter. The cleaning part…..ehhhh — not so much.

  20. 33
    Natalie Brown

    Hi! My least favorite part of Spring cleaning is getting up the energy to do it. My favorite part is how good it feels when the house is cleaned and organized. Thank-you. 🙂

  21. 32
    Lana Bradstream

    I love the initial plans of spring cleaning. I hate carrying out those plans.

  22. 31
    Heather McKenzie Carter

    My favorite part about spring cleaning is the feeling that everything is new and we can begin again. 🙂 I feel happier when my life is not so cluttered, and spring is most definitely a time to declutter for us!

  23. 30
    Amber Ludwig

    I love the feeling after Spring cleaning is over!! Everything is spotless and deep cleaned and organized!! Love it!! Hate the process!!

  24. 29

    My favorite part about spring cleaning is when it is all done. The house looks great!

  25. 28
    Kasee Johnson

    I hate forcing myself to wait until I have enough energy to spare for my spring cleaning. Lupus drags me down and trying to accomplish too much too quickly just completely drains me. I have to pace myself, so my house never has the All-Done-Everything’s-Clean smell. It makes me sad.

  26. 27
    Emily Endrizzi

    The worst part of Spring cleaning is that every time I think I am almost done I think of something else that needs done!

  27. 26

    I love having the house clean but I hate doing the cleaning!

  28. 25

    I love to spring clean everything is shiny and clean and ready for summer!

  29. 24
    denise low

    I like to open the windows and let the fresh air in. Thank you for the entry.

  30. 23
    Dawn Monzu

    My favorite part of Spring cleaning? When I am done! haha I like cleaning the windows because afterwards, it feels SO nice! I also like getting rid of clutter. Feels great!

  31. 22
    Jan Lee

    My favorite part is getting to throw out a ton of clutter! It always makes me feel good and feel cleaner lol 🙂

  32. 21

    I least like doing windows.

  33. 20
    Crystal F

    I dislike all of it. lol I just dislike the whole cleaning process but love how it looks when you are finished. Thank you!

  34. 19
    Darlene Carbajal

    My favorite part of Spring cleaning is getting rid of stuff I don’t need.

  35. 18
    Debbi Wellenstein

    Personally, I don’t like anything about cleaning, spring or otherwise!

  36. 17

    I hate doing windows. It’s slow and boring

  37. 16

    I love the way the house smells when it’s fresly cleaned!

  38. 15

    My least favorite part is cleaning the bathrooms. My favorite part is taking a break lol.

  39. 14
    Alison Tolar

    My favorite part of spring cleaning is the results. It is sooo nice when you are done and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

  40. 13

    Just getting started is the part I like least about spring cleaning.

  41. 12
    Margaret Smith

    I hate doing windows. Also getting motivated is difficult.

  42. 11
    cylina williams

    I like getting organized but I hate all the dust!

  43. 10
    Crystal Wall

    I love spring but hate it when the sun shines in and shows all the winter dirt! I need to get in gear and clean (who wants too?), its time to open the house, freshen everything up. Fingers Crossed. Thanks for sharing!

  44. 9

    My least favorite part is cleaning my bathroom and my favorite part is having more room in my closet for new clothes.

  45. 8
    Sara Zielinski

    My favorite part of spring cleaning is that I might find something that I have totally forgotten about. My most hatred part of spring cleaning is all the dust that I find.

  46. 7
    robyn donnelly

    I like to get all the clutter out that has accumulated over the winter. I hate cleaning bathrooms and dirty windows.

  47. 6
    Marti Tabora

    The think I like least is cleaning the walls and the baseboards, I love it after its done, but it just seems so tedious.

  48. 5
    Cathy French

    My favorite part of spring cleaning is getting organized. Once something is done you step back and take a long look and it feels like an awesome accomplishment.

  49. 4
    Kathy Detweiler

    I hate getting started. Once I’ve gotten past that I’m okay, it is just actually setting aside a day and planning it, that I hate

  50. 3
    Rebecca Xavier

    I love getting rid of and putting away items from winter.

  51. 2
    Sherry Compton

    I like being done. You just feel accomplished and so nice to get all the stuff out. This year we have to redo the basement floor due to rain so our spring cleaning has been cleaning out the basement. I’m not enjoying that. I like working on my rooms and closets, but it will be so nice to have it done and a good room.

  52. 1
    Mai T.

    The necklace is absolutely beautiful! I hope I win.

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