Dec 20

*CLOSED* Hoppin’ for the Holidays Giveaway Hop! Win Stainless Steel Ball Earrings (12/28)

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Welcome to the Hoppin’ for the Holidays Giveaway Hop, hosted by MamaNYC

We’ve got a whole bunch of bloggers together to give you some awesome prizes to celebrate the holidays.  Check the end of this post for a list of participating bloggers.  The list will be update periodically to point to the giveaways that are part of this hop.  If a blog doesn’t have a giveaway up specifically for this hop, feel free to look around and see their other giveaways!


Enter to win a pair of silver-tone stainless steel ball earrings!


• Stainless steel • Hypoallergenic • 10mm size

These are no dainty little things either.  These beauties are pretty substantial!


I picked these to give away because they reminded me of Christmas ornaments so they fit in with the season.

ARV $33

This giveaway may or may not be edited to be included in a giveaway hop, but that will not impact anything on the entrants’ side.

To enter, just use the widget below.  Giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends Sunday, 12/28/14 at 11:59pm EST.  Good luck!



Participating Bloggers

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  1. 26
    Sue J.

    I stay home on New Year’s Eve!

  2. 25
    Chris Noe

    We are just going to cook a good dinner and hang out together in front of the fireplace.

  3. 24
    Linda Bradshaw

    I do not have any plans for New Years except to stay at home with all my nieces and nephew. They are staying with me until the 4th.

  4. 23
    Donna Brown

    Big plans with New Year’s Rockin’ Eve a glass of the bubbly and my bed 🙂

  5. 22
    Rhonda Scott

    I will be watching my 3 year old grandson so that my daughter and son and law can go out.

  6. 21
    robyn donnelly

    No real plans for the new year except to relax and enjoy the company of my loved ones.

  7. 20

    I’m going to a party at my moms house.

  8. 19
    Julie Lynn Bickham

    I have no plans so far for New Years.

  9. 18
    Darlene Carbajal

    No plans yet!

  10. 17
    Debbi Wellenstein

    At this point, we have no plans for New Year’s Eve. I do have to work New Year’s Day.

  11. 16
    Ann Fantom

    I will be staying home this New Year with my husband and daughter. We will have a lobster dinner, then play games and watch a movie.

  12. 15
    Char W

    Usually some friends have a kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party. I am on the west coast, so we celebrate New York New Year’s and watch the ball drop at 9 pm our time. One year we had “hour bags” for the kids to open with little trinkets/treats to countdown to the new year.

  13. 14
    Judy Cox

    We don’t go out any more for New Year’s, getting too old for that. We stay at home and friends and relatives will come over for a while and we would just visit.

  14. 13
    Linda Kish

    I watch it on TV from New York and go to bed before midnight here in California.

  15. 12

    We are having a few friends over our place.

  16. 11
    Cheryl Rogers

    We stay home for New Year’s Eve. We might have a nice dinner on that night or on Jan 1.

  17. 10
    Alice F

    We have plans to spend it together, just my Husband and I. This is going to be a wonderful and fun!

  18. 9
    sherry butcher

    no plans for New Years eve, may play cards with the girls.

  19. 8

    We don’t have any special plans for New Year’s Eve.

  20. 7

    We will stay in since we will be going out on the 29th to celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary

  21. 6
    Richard Brandt

    I’ll probably stay up late watching movies on TV. Is that special?

  22. 5
    Darlene Owen

    We will be staying home and enjoying a nice dinner.

  23. 4
    Holly E

    No special plans yet, just staying home and enjoying a relaxing evening with my hubby.

  24. 3
    Sara Zielinski

    No I do not, I do not like to go out on New year’s, too dangerous and crowded.

  25. 2

    No plans. We will stay home and watch the ball drop on TV. We will have a special dinner, and curl up on the couch watch a movie and enjoy the end of 2014.

  26. 1

    I don’t have any specific plans this year. Usually I just watch the ball drop with my family, but we recently moved and we didn’t sign up for cable, so we’re living with no TV. Maybe I can watch it online? Or just enjoy the evening with my family. There’s also a chance I might need to be working, in which case the partying will have to be postponed. 😉

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