Dec 17

*CLOSED* Gamer’s Choice Giveaway! Ends 1/17/15, open to US & Canada

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gamers choice

One lucky winner will receive a Xbox One or PS4 {winner’s choice}!

Either system is pretty awesome, but gamers know which one they prefer and this way you get to choose!

Organized by: Iowa Mom.

Giveaway ends January 17th at 11:59pm, open to US and Canadian residents, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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  1. 235
    janet M

    I think we would like the xbox:)

  2. 234
    SuzySweeps (Suzanne R)

    I would pick the XBOX because my family is low income and my nephew has wanted one for a long time, and was super disappointed that Santa didn’t get him one… but hopefully we can win him one and make his day! I would love to see his face if we won and I could play games with him! πŸ™‚

    1. 234.1
      SuzySweeps (Suzanne R)

      Oh, the why as to an XBOX, is because he has access to games for XBOX that his cousins have outgrown. πŸ™‚

  3. 233
    Jess F


  4. 232

    PS4, I like the graphics better

  5. 231
    Phalon Bennett

    I would choose the PS4 because I’ve always wanted one! I still have my PS2 and a Wii

  6. 230
    Kat Meller

    I think I would do the xbox one since it is something we are familiar with here at home … my gamer loves the games

  7. 229
    Charlene Kuser

    I would choose the PS4 because there is a better selection of games.

  8. 228
    Tammie Venne

    xbox because I am more familiar with it and it

  9. 227
    Tammie Venne

    I would chose xbox

  10. 226
    Shirley Hicks

    ps4…….cause my son wants one

  11. 225
    Bronnie Harrison

    I would choose PS4 because it has better social game. It’s the best choice for a true gamer.

  12. 224
    Jill Meadows

    I would choose the PS4 for my kids because they want one.

  13. 223
    Paul K

    Xbox became of the versatility.

  14. 222
    Jennifer Vickers

    the ps4 . thank you so much for the chance!

  15. 221
    mark walker

    Xbox,I’m familiar with it

  16. 220
    Connie R

    I would choose the PS4 as we have had playstations in the past and they are so versatile.

  17. 219
    Katie J

    I would choose the ps4 because it is more versatile.

  18. 218
    g andolina

    ause it is more versatile

  19. 217
    Julie Myles

    Xbox because my kids want one.

  20. 216
    Richard Hicks

    I want the PS4 because kids already have an xbox

  21. 215
    Tara Braun

    I would like the ps4 just to try it.

  22. 214
    Tara Woods

    I would choose the Xbox because I think it’s a better entertainment system and can be used for more than just gaming.

  23. 213
    Don D

    We liked our old Xbox, so I would like to stick to that.

  24. 212

    Either would be wonderful. My husband would probably say the ps4 but I like x-box so I’m going to say x-box.

  25. 211
    Tracy D

    XBox One! I’ve used it before at a friends place, lots of fun and easy to use.

  26. 210
    Michaela K

    I’d choose the PS4, we’ve always been a Playstation and Sony family.

  27. 209
    Michaela K

    I’d pick the PS4, we’ve always been a Playstation/Sony family.

  28. 208
    arlene rodriguez

    PS4 because the grandkids said so…lol!!!

  29. 207

    How can I follow @ on Twitter? =)

  30. 206
    Angelica Dimeo

    Ps4 because I prefer playstation to xbox

  31. 205
    Hesper Fry

    I would choose the PS4 since that is my husband and son’s preference.

  32. 204
    tara f.

    i’d choose the obox one…..my boys want one so bad. Thanx for a chance to win one!!!

  33. 203

    Xbox… I keep telling myself I’m a PS4 type of person, but I feel like being different today πŸ™‚

  34. 202
    kathy mcclanahan

    I would chose the XBox because my family really wants one, thanks!

  35. 201
    Jennifer Reed

    I would choose the xBox One because my sons have been hinting for one. They say that is the platform they would prefer.

  36. 200
    DAnielle Fehring

    I’d love the xbox one as an upgrade from our 360

  37. 199
    kathy dalton

    id love the xbox because im more familiar with the system

  38. 198
    melissa Resnick

    i would choose the play station because its the one my kids want

  39. 197
    Lenora D

    My kids would want the play station.

  40. 196

    I would choose Xbox One because I have been wanting one for a while.

  41. 195
    Lindsay Bade

    XBOX One. Kids broke the xbox and I like the games better then playstation.

  42. 194
    Leona P

    ps4 I like playstations better

  43. 193
    Carrie Conrad

    I would chose the Xbox One. My kids have never had a Playstation and are comfortable with the Xbox brand.

  44. 192
    Kathie Craig

    I would choose the PS4 for my husband. It would make a great birthday present.

  45. 191
    Mona Wimberly

    Xbox.. I love their games.

  46. 190


  47. 189
    Heather NC

    I would choose the XBOX One because it has a better setup and better gaming system!!!

  48. 188
    Pamela Fenton

    PS4 for my son !

  49. 187
    Tiffany Greene Elliott

    Honestly I would be happy with either because I have never owned a Xbox or PlayStation before!! Thanks!!

  50. 186
    Natalie Brown

    Hi! I would pick the PS4 because PlayStation has a better playing experience and reputation. Thank-you for this awesome fun chance!!

  51. 185
    Rajee Pandi

    PS4 for valentine gift

  52. 184
    David Fellows

    PS $ for me

  53. 183
    Katrina P

    I would choose the PS4, my husband really wants one!

  54. 182
    Jeremiah L.

    I would choose the PS4, because that is my ideal console.

  55. 181

    I would chose the Xbox because my children had this on their Christmas wish list and Santa did not deliver. My son’s birthday is coming up so it would be a great gift for him.

  56. 180
    Amelia w

    PS4 My hubby wants one.

  57. 179
    Angel McMore

    I would pick the PS4 because I like the format and the controllers, and the games.

  58. 178
    robin spence

    the x-box one! ..my nephew has a 360..it would be a nice upgrade for him πŸ™‚ tnx for the chance to win

  59. 177

    I would choose the PS4 because that’s what my son has been asking for.

  60. 176
    Lena D.

    I would choose the Xbox – It’s just a favorite in our household and it’s time for an upgrade! Thanks!

  61. 175
    Deb C

    I would choose the XBox One because I like the game selection.

  62. 174
    Paula Gardner

    I don’t know right now. It would be whichever my son would prefer.

  63. 173
    Tiffany S

    I would choose the PS4 because I like the games they have.

  64. 172

    I would choose the Xbox One to try the new Monopoly game

  65. 171
    Samantha Wagner

    Definitely the ps4

  66. 170
    Cori Westphal

    I’d choose a PS4 because we’ve had an Xbox in the past and all I’ve heard was how much cooler the Playstation is! haha!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  67. 169
    Kimberly B

    I would choose XBox One because I am able to play the nintendo games I love that aren’t available on the PS4

  68. 168
    Marcia Goss

    I would choose the PS4. My granddaughter wants that one, and it also plays Blue Ray movies.

  69. 167
    Julie Lutz

    I’m not completely sure I think my kids and husband would prefer the PS4 but I could be wrong and since It would be for them (since I don’t play video games) I’d have to ask them which one the four of them would prefer.

  70. 166
    Virginia Rowell

    I would choose the PS4 for my son. He’s been wanting one.

  71. 165
    lisa e

    I would choose Xbox one. Love Xbox games. Just not a PS person

  72. 164
    kris m

    I would chose the Xbox just because they have some cool games

  73. 163
    Paula Hafner

    I would choose the Xbox One since we loved the Xbox 360 so much.

  74. 162
    Misha Estrada

    I would pick the PS4. My kids would like it.

  75. 161
    tracy webb

    Either, my kids would like both

  76. 160
    Sabrina P

    I’d pick a PS4 already have the One

  77. 159

    I would pick the PS4, since I’ve been playin my PS2 for years, and am familiar with it and have a ton of games.

  78. 158
    Peggy Rydzewski

    Hard choice but I believe would pick xbox one due to my kids would like it more.

  79. 157


  80. 156
    Charles Goode


  81. 155
    nancy munson

    I would pick the xbox because my son would love it

  82. 154
    Veronica Bohan

    xbox bc that is what my husband would want

  83. 153
    Jessica Ledford

    I’d choose the Playstation, I’m more familiar with the controllers πŸ˜‰

  84. 152
    robyn paris

    I would probably pick the ps4 only because i am familiar with the name.

  85. 151
    Paula Gillespie

    I would choose the XBOX ONE for my daughter to play Minecraft on. This is what she has been wanting, thank you!

  86. 150

    I’d choose the PS4 because that would suit our wants a little better then the Xbox would.

  87. 149

    My son wants a PS4

  88. 148

    Totally would have to ask the video game playing boys in this house! πŸ™‚

  89. 147
    Allen Lerner

    I would choose the Xbox One if given a choice. Though would be grateful with either. always wanted one. Would love to be able to play games and Netflix on it .

  90. 146
    Tiffany Dover

    Definitely the PS4

  91. 145
    La Dayna Riggs


  92. 144

    I’d pick the Xbox because we already have PS4.

  93. 143
    Akkira Foster

    Xbox gamer for life!

  94. 142

    I’d choose the xbox one because my husband’s had his eye on it and I’d love to be able to surprise him. Fingers crossed!

  95. 141
    danny rivera

    I would choice the PS4 because you don’t have to pay to use the internet.

  96. 140
    Latoya Young

    I would love the XBox One, theu kids are nagging me to have one they never had the XBox so this.would be great!!

  97. 139
    Kimmy Ripley

    Would choose PS4!

  98. 138
    Salli Singleton

    PS4. I have always preferred PlayStation over XBox

  99. 137
    Renee G

    PS4, would be great. Thanks

  100. 136

    PS4 – I’ve always wanted one! πŸ™‚

  101. 135
    kerri greene

    I want a PS4 so I can go play with Neebs Gaming!

  102. 134
    lisa kay

    I would like to win the PS4

  103. 133
    Maria Malaveci

    I think I would pick the PS4, but either would do. My kids would be excited with either one!

  104. 132
    Barbara Adams

    The PS4 there are some new games I’d like to try

  105. 131
    Kate Hearn

    The PS4, there are a few games I am dying to try that are only on it.

  106. 130
    tonya dreese

    Ps4 for sure πŸ™‚

  107. 129
    David Watson

    I would take ps4 never had a xbox

  108. 128

    PS2, because I could never get used to the xbox controller

  109. 127
    Nora S

    xbox one because we do not have one and my youngest would love to have one.

  110. 126
    Lisa Mendez

    Xbox one because I like it more then playstation.

  111. 125
    Angela Sidey

    Xbox One because my son would like that!

  112. 124
    shaley nagle

    PS4 because our PS3 just died!

  113. 123
    Connie Parrott

    Ps4… my kids would love it.

  114. 122

    I would choose the PS4 – the kids are fans of PS games and our PS3 has been in the house for years

  115. 121
    Brittany Ann

    I would chose the xbox one πŸ™‚

  116. 120
    Michelle T

    I’d choose the Xbox One. We’ve had a all the other xboxs!

  117. 119
    Denise Dixon

    Ps4 .. My son asked for one for Christmas but I can’t afford it

  118. 118

    X-box One – I know nothing about the other gaming system

  119. 117

    The Xbox One because my son really wants one πŸ™‚

  120. 116

    Would love the XBox for my girls!

  121. 115
    Ashley Agner

    ps4 because my son wants one!

  122. 114

    I would choose the XBOX One. Just more games that i’m familiar with.

  123. 113
    michele anderson

    I would choose the xbox as I have had one before and loved it.

  124. 112
    CΓ‘laeb Temple

    i’d choose the box one.

  125. 111
    Shauntea Crutcher

    I would pick the Xbox One because I like the graphics better.

  126. 110
    Jessica Walker

    I would choose the xbox 1pm. My son loves xbox, and its time for an upgrade. Thanks for the chance

  127. 109
    juli guthrie

    I would choose an XBox because that is what my boys want!

  128. 108
    Traver Freeman

    XBOX One. I already have a PS4

  129. 107
    Sarah Johnson

    I prefer Playstation but my husband likes xbox, and since he plays more I guess xbox it is.

  130. 106
    Marissa Lynette

    PS4, still need one. I’d be grateful for either.

  131. 105
    jules m.

    id pick the PS4 because we dont have any playstation consoles. πŸ™‚

  132. 104

    PS4 because I loved playing the Playstation franchises.

  133. 103

    I’d love a ps4!

  134. 102
    Klydra Pugh

    I’d choose the PS4 because we have and older XBox
    Thanks for the chance

  135. 101
    Kelsea nixon

    Xbox…its just what im used to and im loyal lol.

  136. 100
    Jill Jackson

    I would pick the PS4 because we already have a Xbox One

  137. 99
    Cam c

    I would pick the Xbox so I could play the new nba 2k15

  138. 98
    Tracy Melhinch

    The PS4, my boyfriend really wants this one

  139. 97
    Vikki M.

    I would pick the Xbox.

  140. 96
    jennifer vega

    Xbox one!

  141. 95
    Melissa C

    I’d choose the X Box. Lots of games for the family to enjoy.

  142. 94
    Holly B

    I’d chose an xbox one, I really want to play the new Assassin’s Creed game on it!

  143. 93

    I would chose the xbox. I have no Idea why, I just know that is what I hear my boys talk about.

  144. 92

    I would pick the XBOX One because I want to use the Kinect.

  145. 91
    Danica S

    I would choose the PS4

  146. 90
    N Sunshyn V

    PS4 because Microsoft shouldn’t have even tried to treat gamers as they did with their initial new generation policies.

  147. 89
    staci wells mefford

    the link for Mom to bed by 8 for fb and twitter says page non exhistant

  148. 88
    staci wells mefford

    def the x box thank you for your generosity

  149. 87
    Rachel Rodrigues

    I would choose the ps4 because thats what my boys wanted for christmas but I could not afford it.

  150. 86
    Diane Stephens

    If I won, I would probably want the XBOX since my grandkids have been wanting one! Thanks

  151. 85
    Angela Simmons

    PS4 would be nice my son has an xbox but my husband wants a PS4

  152. 84
    .rosa payne

    the xbox i have wanted one for a while, thank you

  153. 83


  154. 82
    Micah E

    PS4 – Microsoft stinks

  155. 81
    Christy Keen

    I would choose the Xbox One, because my daughter has asked for one all year, cause we have never had one and I still haven’t been able to get her one. Winning this would be a blessing and make her one happy girl!

  156. 80

    PS4. Everyone at work has one, so I would be able to play coworkers. Thanks for the chance!

  157. 79
    kelly g

    I think I’d choose and xbox

  158. 78
    Joy F

    I have always loved the play stations. So I will pick playstation 4

  159. 77
    Sharon Haas

    I’d chooses the Xbox because they recover from a hack faster than Sony

  160. 76
    Aaron Landry

    If you pick me your penis will gain 2 inches has a thank you from the universe.

  161. 75
    kristen mcclary

    i would choose ps4 because my hubby has been wanting one for so long

  162. 74
    tls simms

    PS4 please..thanks!

  163. 73
    Donna Brown

    I wouild choose the PS 4 because the man/child wants one for his son.

  164. 72
    Angela Asbell

    I would choose the Playstation 4 because I’m loyal to their brand!!!

  165. 71
    theresa J

    My son would want a pS4 because he is familiar with that platform

  166. 70
    Michelle Plummer

    I would choose the Xbox One because it is better!

  167. 69

    the PS4 games look pretty good so the PS4

  168. 68
    maleficent m

    ps4 i have heard its better

  169. 67
    Kristi C

    I would choose the Xbox One because my son really wants one.

  170. 66
    xty cruz

    I would choose the XBOX One

  171. 65

    PS4, I find it has better games.

  172. 64
    Sherry Compton

    In the Facebook Bonus – I think I fingered the name a little wrong. It should be Stephanie Compton. Thank you.

  173. 63
    Sherry Compton

    Both would be great. I’ll say the XBox One.

  174. 62
    Abby Cox

    Xbox b/c I want to play πŸ™‚

  175. 61
    Rebecca O

    Xbox one, most of the people I know play on the Xbox including my kids.

  176. 60
    michelle Hill

    Xbox I want beacuase something my kids keep asking for

  177. 59
    crystal sheckles-gibson

    My daughter wants an Xbox. I have never played one but I am sure it is great.

  178. 58
    Tina Bredbury

    I would choose the xbox. My husband REALLY wants one!

  179. 57
    Angela Saver

    I would pick the XBox One because my kiddos want one really badly!


  180. 56
    Karla P.

    I would pick the Xbox for my husband.

  181. 55
    michelle k.

    I would take the PS4 because we have the PS2 and Ps3 and love them both

  182. 54
    Denise S

    I’d don’t know much about either, so I’ll say Xbox One.

  183. 53

    I would let my husband pick, but I think he would like the XBox best. He owns an older model.

  184. 52

    XBox I love the variety of games

  185. 51
    Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    xbox 1 – hubby said it is his favorite gaming system

  186. 50
    Kim Moore

    I would choose the PS4 because that is what my love wants!

  187. 49
    Tyler O'Leary

    I would love to win the ps4, it has a neat wedge shape and glows blue when its in.

  188. 48
    Amanda Mcmahan

    I would love to win either one for a Christmas gift to my hubby

  189. 47
    Mary Casper

    I would choose the xbox one. I have never owned a gaming system but some friends said I would like that one better

  190. 46
    Jenny Stanek

    Xbox because my boys are desperate for one!

  191. 45
    Michelle Macaluso

    I would choose the PS4 because my brother has one and it’s awesome!

  192. 44
    V. Mayer

    My son says the PS4 is best, so we’ll pick that one – thanks!

  193. 43
    bill norris

    PS$ …. i’m a playstation fan

  194. 42
    Suzanne King

    Xbox please for me. Thanks for the opportunity.

    1. 42.1
      Suzanne King

      Oops, I forget to say why. My kids talk about Xbox this and that’s what they want for Christmas.

  195. 41
    jennifer walker

    I would choose the Playstation 4 because my husband would like one for Christmas because all of his friends have already upgraded.

  196. 40
    Jeremy Johnson

    I think I’d choose the PS4 because there are some games for it that I’d like to try.

  197. 39
    Amie George

    if I won I would choose the xbox one because my kids have been begging me for one for a long long time

  198. 38
    Angela Cash

    If I won, I would choose the PS4 because of the more powerful GPU. I also prefer the graphics hardware in the PS4.

  199. 37
    kristi m

    if i won i would choose the ps4, basically thats the one my kids keep asking for !!

  200. 36
    Maria B

    I would choose Playstaion 4, it has some xool graphics.

  201. 35

    I would choose the PS4 – it has better graphics and selection of games that the family enjoys. Thanks!

  202. 34
    Linda Kish

    I would choose the Xbox One because that’s what my son wants.

  203. 33
    Deborah Farris


  204. 32

    xBox one

  205. 31
    Denise Hauer

    I’d choose a PS4 because my boys have been BEGGING me for one πŸ˜‰

  206. 30

    I would choose the Xbox one, because I like the game play.

  207. 29

    I would choose the PS4 because my kids have been working on saving up for one and if I won then they could use the money they’ve saved so far to get games for it.

  208. 28
    Danielle D

    PS4 just seems like a nice system.

  209. 27
    Larry Fullhart II

    XBOX One because I already have some XBOX games.

  210. 26
    Cindy Gray

    I would choose the PS4. My nephew thinks it has more games he likes

  211. 25
    Kate F.

    I would choose the PS4 because that’s the system my family likes.

  212. 24

    We would love the XBox One!

  213. 23
    Kelly Nicholson

    Which would you choice and why?

    I want an xbox..never had one..thanks

  214. 22

    X Box One. Then my nephews could teach me how to use it! πŸ˜‰

  215. 21
    denise low

    I would choose xbox1

  216. 20
    Ivan C

    i’d pick the PS4 because I’ve already got an xbox one

  217. 19
    Chad Boyd

    I would choose the Xbox 1 because it is the one that most of my friends own, and I would want to be able to play with..and against them. πŸ™‚

  218. 18
    Kelly w

    I would choose the Xbox because my son wants one

  219. 17
    Melissa Douglass

    I would choose the PS4!

  220. 16
    Kathy Luman

    I think I would choose the Xbox one.

  221. 15
    Margaret Smith

    I would choose the Xbox one.

  222. 14

    I’d pick the PS4. I’ve just always liked Playstation better.

  223. 13
    Adrienne gordon

    PS4, my kids have been asking for it

  224. 12
    Becca Z

    X-Box One because we already have X-Box expertise and items

  225. 11
    Kali Burgos

    I’d choose PS4,so i can play cool new games like Dying Light

  226. 10
    Amy G

    I would choose the xbox one because my family and I have always dreamed of owning one.

  227. 9
    Heather B

    I would choose the PS4. We have all of the playstation systems and we love them and the games available on them.

  228. 8
    Samantha L.

    I would pick the PS4. I’ve been wanting one of those so bad.

  229. 7
    Nadine Larsen

    PS4 most likely, it seems to have a much better selection of games

  230. 6
    Jessamine D.

    I would choose the PS4. πŸ™‚

  231. 5
    Loretta Sullivan

    PS4 – I think it’s the one the grandchildren would enjoy the most.

  232. 4

    Definitely the XBOX ONE. We’ve always been gamers, my husband and I, and we first started dating when the original Xbox came out. Since then, we’ve been a dynamic duo on the Xbox quite regularly.

  233. 3

    PS4, it seems to be able to do more of what my kids like.

  234. 2
    Jennifer B

    The Xbox my daughter had been wanting one for a long time

  235. 1
    Vicki Wurgler

    I’d pick the PS4 – I think that is the system the boys like

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