Nov 27

*CLOSED* Thanksgiving Weekend Flash Giveway! Ends 11/30, open worldwide

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For FOUR Days ONLY we are offering this Flash Giveaway!
One lucky reader will receive $50 USD Paypal Cash or Amazon Gift Card!!

This could help pick up a few gifts or the baking supplies you need for this holiday season.  Extra $$$ is always helpful!

This giveaway is for FOUR Days Only! Enter Now!
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Remember, this giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on Nov. 30, 2014! Tell your friends so they can enter, too!
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  1. 130

    We had thanksgiving at our house and watch the parade. I would have done Black Friday online instead of going out.

  2. 129
    Miz Vickik

    We had the family over for dinner but skipped the black Friday shopping. =)

  3. 128
    Hollie Jahnke

    I stayed clear of all the stores on black friday.

  4. 127
    Heather S

    Eating at my dads and yes a little Black friday shopping

  5. 126
    Tara Woods

    I had dinner at my Mom’s for Thanksgiving and I didn’t do any Black Friday shopping this year.

  6. 125

    We had a quite thanksgiving and do not shop on black friday.

  7. 124
    pat p.

    Visiting 2 families for Thanksgiving and I went to Kohl’s on Black Friday.

  8. 123
    tina reynolds

    We watched the parade went to my moms for dinner then a movie. I shopped online a bit

  9. 122

    I spent Thanksgiving with family locally and tried to do Black Friday—I was not successful.

  10. 121
    Tami F.

    I had relaxing/peaceful Thanksgiving, and an atypical meal due to low income. No Black Friday shopping going on
    here, not my cup of tea.

  11. 120

    I had a nice meal with family, no shopping.

  12. 119
    melissa Resnick

    all family NO shopping

  13. 118

    The Thanksgiving plans were to get together with 5 other families to participate in the Turkey Day festivities. My mom and I always participate in the Thursday evening shopping after having Thanksgiving dinner in the afternoon because the traffic and the crowds are so calm compared to Black Friday shopping which we do not do.

  14. 117
    Pat B

    I’m spent Thursday & Friday with the family and did a little shopping today.

  15. 116

    I stay home and cook one meal for friends in the afternoon; in the evening my sister and her boyfriend come over with dinner and I eat again! It works out pretty well.
    As for Black Friday- I have worked retail my whole life, so no, I’m working. The last thing I want to do is face insane crowds after ringing them up all day. LOL I think Thanksgiving should remain a holiday and businesses closed and do Black Friday, as it’s been that way for years and now they’re doing this opening on Thanksgiving night to maximize their profit margins. It’s ludicrous. Just my opinion. 🙂

  16. 115
    stephanie baker

    We feasted! Now we are ready for Christmas season. I boycott Thursday shopping, but am always up early for Black Friday 🙂

  17. 114

    I had good food with family as usual. I don’t shop on Black Friday.

  18. 113
    Dawn Reid

    I made dinner and did not participate in Black Friday

  19. 112

    I went to a friend’s house and didn’t participate in black friday.

  20. 111

    We got up and watched the parade, and cooked food. No shopping this year.

  21. 110
    Mary Cloud

    I never participate in Black Friday. For Thanksgiving we ate dinner with my Grandparents and the rest of my family

  22. 109
    Denise S

    I had ham at home with my family. I do not go out on Black Friday.

  23. 108
    kyl neusch

    shopped online

  24. 107
    Stephanie Larison

    We had family come over to eat this year. I shopped online, I don’t dare go out in that mess lol.

  25. 106
    Tammie Venne

    I spent Thanksgiving with my inlaws and only do black friday shopping online

  26. 105
    Candice Hull

    We spent Thanksgiving Day with my family and the day after with my husband’s family. We ate, played games and talked. It was relaxing and we had fun. My husband and I both spent way too many years in retail (management mainly) to ever shop on Black Friday. Some people go crazy and get super rude. I would never fight someone to save a few bucks.

  27. 104
    brandy c

    I ate some Tofurky. And no, I don’t do Black Friday.

  28. 103
    amy bowens

    I usually do but I’m sick this year so mostly online shopping!

  29. 102

    I did some Thursday shopping, had a late turkey dinner, then went out for Friday shopping.

  30. 101

    My husband just had surgery, so we spent Thanksgiving at the hospital. I don’t participate in Black Friday shopping – too crazy for me!

  31. 100
    Cori Westphal

    My plans are to just get caught up on stuff around the house. And decorate of course! It’s going to be a lazy weekend at our house!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  32. 99

    We stayed home and went out shopping Friday morning.

  33. 98
    Andrea Williams

    Thanksgiving was quiet with the immediate family. I did some online looking on Black Friday but not really any purchasing.

  34. 97
    Thy L.

    I’m going to my relative’s house for dinner since I live very faraway from my family. And I only buy things online on Black Friday shopping.

  35. 96
    Tricia G

    I participate in ONLINE black friday shopping.

  36. 95
    Marilyn Nawara

    For Thanksgiving we drove up north to have dinner with the in-laws. I did my Black Friday shopping from my couch on the internet.

  37. 94
    Rhonda Clemens

    We are going to my parents house, along with my sister’s & their families. I do not go to the stores for black Friday shopping, but I do a little online black Friday shopping.

  38. 93

    Spent Thanksgiving dinner with a family friend then went shopping (Black Friday). thanks!

  39. 92

    I stayed home and avoided the craziness!

  40. 91

    I don’t do black friday shopping in person, but will buy online black friday/cyber monday. I had dinner with family and it was great.

  41. 90

    We cooked and ate dinner, then went out shopping after. I don’t mind the stores opening in the evening – it keeps me from snacking on the leftovers the rest of the evening.

  42. 89
    Heather B

    I had no specific plans for either day, we pretty much just relaxed and I worked on the quilt I am making for my daughter

  43. 88
    Kelly Nicholson

    What are your Thanksgiving plans?

    sleep and feast..shopping was tireing

  44. 87
    Irene L.

    We spent Thanksgiving at my boyfriends Mothers house with family and friends. I do not participate in Black Friday shopping..only online! Much easier and hassle free 🙂

  45. 86
    Cheryl Rogers

    I do not participate in Black Friday ! I do enjoy spending the extra time off with my kids!

  46. 85
    Tonda Pasowicz

    Family, eat, and enjoy all my blessings!

  47. 84
    Shanna Beam

    I cooked for myself, hubby, and kids. I don’t do well in social situations, so he went Black Friday shopping while the kids & I stayed home & decorated the tree 🙂

  48. 83

    We went to my in-laws for Thanksgiving yesterday and today (Black Friday) we just stayed home. We slept in, stayed in our PJ’s all day, and I did a little bit of online shopping. It was a fantastic way to spend a Friday!

  49. 82

    No shopping for us. Just hanging out with family.

  50. 81
    Caroline Wampler

    We went to my grandmas. And no I did not—my husband went shopping though (he is still out!)

  51. 80
    Jacqueline Diaz

    I just stayed home and had Thanksgiving with my family. I hate to pack everyone up in the car to go visit family. I am really glad I stayed because it snowed later that night and got really bad.

  52. 79
    margaret peg m

    for us, after all the work of Thanksgiving (but worth it), we relax on friday & catch up on movies.

  53. 78
    Cynthia C

    I hosted the family for Thanksgiving dinner and I stay home on Black Friday. I can’t take the crowds.

  54. 77
    Linda Lansford

    We intend to stay home and doing nothing

  55. 76

    I cooked the Thanksgiving dinner. And NO I do not go out to the craziness of Black Friday sales.

  56. 75
    Tracy Pryor

    We went over to my in-laws for Thanksgiving. I usually couch shop on Amazon.

  57. 74

    I heated up a nice Thanksgiving meal for my family from a local restaurant on Thursday. We still have leftovers, yum! I do not participate in Black Friday shopping except maybe something online. We will spend the weekend at a local craft fair and spending time together.

  58. 73

    Just plan to stay home and watch the Mystery marathon on PBS and read some of the 25+ library books I have on the shelf.

  59. 72
    D Charte

    We had family coming for Thanksgiving to our new place. Usually like to shop online or on Friday sometimes after Thanksgiving.

  60. 71
    Cheri Oggy

    I had family over for Thanksgiving dinner. It was wonderful! everyone had a terrific time. I don’t do Black Friday shopping.

  61. 70
    Ashley McLure

    My sister and her family came here for Thanksgiving. I do not shop on Black Friday (except online).

  62. 69

    I stayed home with my family and cooked. I’m not participating in Black Friday shopping.

  63. 68
    Virginia Rowell

    I cooked and had all the kids over. I don’t do Black Friday shopping.

  64. 67
    Sharon McIntyre

    My Thanksgiving plans were to have a nice, easy dinner with my family and friends — and it was fabulous! I’ve already participated in Black Friday with a few online purchases, and I’ll be looking for bargains online all day today and over the weekend!

  65. 66
    Kristi C

    We stayed at home for Thanksgiving and I do my Black Friday shopping from the comfort of my recliner.

  66. 65
    Deb C

    I did not intend to shop today but got roped into it after dinner.

  67. 64
    Alexandru Rusu

    In this Thanksgiving i stay with my family an I participate in Black Friday sales and i bought two mobile phones with camera,flash for only 50$.

  68. 63
    Willette Mitchell

    Had dinner with the family and for Black Friday, it depends if I really need to go shopping or not

  69. 62
    Kelly Greenwood

    We had Thanksgiving at home and it was really a nice day. I might go shopping Black Friday, I haven’t decided yet.

  70. 61
    Alona Y

    For thanksgiving we always go to my dad’s, and I never participate in black friday, mostly because I have no patience for insane lines and we do our shopping pretty much year round to get the best deals and take the pressure off of it!

  71. 60
    Kristy Hughes

    Just thanksgiving dinner. I don’t like going black Friday shopping. Too crazy!

  72. 59
    Laura Royal

    I had Thanksgiving with my hubby and no black friday shopping for me.

  73. 58
    Julia V

    We spent Thanksgiving day at my husband’s grandparents. I worked on Black Friday for the past two years, so this year I’m enjoying just having a lazy evening in 🙂

  74. 57
    Renee G

    We always host Thanksgiving dinner – so it’s a stay home day.

  75. 56

    I’ll be with family and do shopping online.

  76. 55
    Kim Pinch

    We had a Turkey lunch then played games while watching football. I did some online shopping first thing this morning.

  77. 54
    Lisa Kubin

    I am cooking dinner for my family on Thanksgiving and I won’t be participating in Black Friday unless I find something fabulous online I have to have

  78. 53
    Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    No plans and we are not going shopping

  79. 52
    mechele johnson

    We are going to my in laws for Thanksgiving this year. I get to make the desserts. No, I will not be doing Black Friday shopping. I do not want to participate in the frenzy!

  80. 51

    We celebrated it last month (Canada). Had family over for turkey dinner. I don’t do the Black Friday shopping, because I hate crowds.

  81. 50
    Sherry Compton

    I am visiting family and eating. My daughter is doing the Black Friday shopping for us both this year. Happy Thanksgiving.

  82. 49
    Billie R

    We had our Thanksgiving dinner incombination with my son’s birthday last week so we just relaxed today. No, we don’t do any shopping on Black Friday.

  83. 48
    J Spatafora

    no more Black Friday craziness….. most shopping done online…… new tradition this year Thanksgiving breakfast

  84. 47

    I just bought 6 pairs of shoes. Does that answer the Black Friday question? :p

  85. 46
    annie page

    we usually shop but this year we are having thanksgivivg on friday with all the family

  86. 45
    Deb P

    We start to cook the meal before noon and watch the Macy and Dog show. We wanted to shop but the snow was too much . So we’ll stay home today.

  87. 44
    Erica Barnes

    I’m spending the day with my mom and grandma. Will not be doing Black Friday shopping in stores but might check out the online deals.

  88. 43
    Geoff K

    I had a wonderful dinner with family and a few family friends at home this year, and we’re planning to hit the outlet shops tonight for a little shopping. Otherwise, I plan to stick to online shopping this year.

  89. 42
    Diana Corlett

    I am Canadian so Thanksgiving (spent with my family) is over for me. No extra shopping.

  90. 41
    Rae L.

    Thanksgiving is dinner with friends. I do not participate in Black Friday. I don’t shop until Thanksgiving weekend is over.

  91. 40
    Samantha Daleo

    Its just myself, my husband and our daughter this year for Thanksgiving so we bought a “Feast to Go” from Cracker Barrell and we are just home relaxing, eating and watching football. I have never participated in Black Friday because I get anxious in big crowds but I may dabble online a little this year if I see a really good deal.

  92. 39
    Jody D

    Screaming into town now, just enough time to clean up and head to neighbors for turkey dinner! May do a bit of shopping tomorrow, nothing serious!

  93. 38
    Mandy R

    I am spending Thanksgiving with family and friends and having a big dinner. I am not much for Black Friday shopping. Plus, most of my Christmas shopping is done already

  94. 37
    Sue M.

    I’ve been feeling under the weather lately so I’m just going to stay home and rest. I won’t go near a store on Black Friday (or Black Thanksgiving evening), the crowds are too much for me!

  95. 36
    Wendy hutton

    well I am in Canada we had our thanksgiving in October so no plans and I do check online for black friday sales

  96. 35
    Sylvia White

    Going out to a nice dinner and then some shopping tomorrow

  97. 34
    Lisa V.

    My daughter is having Thanksgiving at her house this year. And, I try to avoid black friday.

  98. 33
    Jerrica Evans

    We are going to my mother’s to eat and then to my husband’s Aunt’s house to eat again. I will be doing some shopping on Black Friday, I love the sales!

  99. 32
    Rita Leonard

    I will be having family over for thanksgiving and not shopping on Black Friday.

  100. 31
    laura thomas

    No plans this year. Some family was down a couple of weeks ago and we enjoyed the time together then.
    It depends on my mood whether I do Black Friday. I’ll probably get out there and do some browsing but probably not much.
    Happy Thanksgiving and thanks so much for this giveaway!

  101. 30
    Seyma Shabbir

    My family comes over and we eat Turkey!! We do not do Black friday shopping but we used to!

  102. 29
    Angie D

    I am going gambling with my family:) Not the most traditional thanksgiving! 🙂 And since my son is older I will only do black friday shopping online:) Thanks!!!

  103. 28
    Tara O.

    My daughter and I are going to my grandma’s today for Thanksgiving! I’ve shopped on Black Friday before but this year I will not because I’m pretty much done shopping!

  104. 27
    Rita Wray

    I’m going to my son’s house for Thanksgiving. No I don’t participate in Black Friday shopping.

  105. 26
    Dorothy Boucher

    I am making Thanksgiving Dinner here and having family over

  106. 25
    Samantha L.

    No plans, just spending time with my family. I don’t have the money to go Black Friday shopping.

  107. 24
    Saundra McKenzie

    Hubby has to work today (Thanksgiving). He is in retail so not much fun here and family is several states away. I would much rather shop Cyber Monday as I don’t like the crowds.

  108. 23
    Audra O'Hara

    We have family coming over to our house; getting ready to throw that ham in the oven soon!
    As for Black Friday…I usually don’t leave the house. I hate trying to find a parking spot and fighting crowds. I’m more of a Cyber Monday gal. 🙂

  109. 22
    robyn paris

    I’m going to my sister’s house for thanks giving. I never go to black friday shopping. It’s too busy for me.

  110. 21
    Sarah G

    Just staying home with my husband and four kids, cooking lots of food and watching the Lions game. It will be my first Thanksgiving with out my dad, so a bit sad.

  111. 20
    Kim Henrichs

    No plans – my family is across the country. Cooking a bird and watching movies. Very little Black Friday shopping!

  112. 19

    I am staying at our home with my family. I am very excited for a low key Thanksgiving. We are very blessed and have a million things to be thankful for. I hope that I don’t just recognize those blessings on just one day a year. We will not be shopping on black Friday. I cannot think of anything I would enjoy less. 🙂

  113. 18
    Juana Esparza

    My mom and I are making a small turkey with the works.

  114. 17
    Sherelle Ellis

    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here. It’s just a regular Thursday.. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US!

  115. 16
    Danielle Jones

    I always cook dinner at my house for Thanksgiving. Everyone is welcome and we always try to invite people that may not have any where else to eat a Thanksgiving meal. To us the holidays are all about spending time with others. No were not doing black Friday this year.

  116. 15

    We are having family on Thursday and shopping on Friday,thanks

  117. 14
    Shai Villanueva

    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here. It’s just a regular Thursday.. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US!

  118. 13
    Gayle J

    My family is coming over to my house for Thanksgiving. I dont do shopping on either Thursday or Friday.

  119. 12
    Katie Amanda

    It’s my birthday, and my family is coming over.

  120. 11
    Ashly H

    My plans are cooking the turkey and watching the parade. I don’t go outside to buy things on black friday, I like to do it online.

  121. 10
    Tracy Melhinch

    I am spending the day with my family today! And I use to shop on Black Friday, When it was on Friday! I wont shop on Thanksgiving!!!

  122. 9
    Jeffrey Legg

    Food with the family, put up the tree, and my wife just informed me we r going to Walmart after dinner! Ughh

  123. 8
    Donna Cheatle

    I’m having a dinner for family at my house! I usually do Black Friday shopping, but I’m already done with my shopping for this year!!!

  124. 7

    I’m going to have a day of rest and relaxing and thankfulness. I don’t black Friday shop~

  125. 6
    Kristine A.

    Unfortunately, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in the country where I currently reside so I don’t really have plans for that day. And I also choose not to participate in Black Friday shopping.

  126. 5
    Janet W.

    I’m going over to relative’s house this afternoon for Thanksgiving! No, I won’t be fighting the crowds today, but maybe tomorrow!

  127. 4
    Gloria Walshver

    My husband is taking me out for lunch since Sunday was my birthday and he had a emergency and couldn’t do it
    In the evening we have a party to celebrate a engagement.No I do not participate in Black Friday.

  128. 3
    cynthia Dawson

    We are having my parents over for Thanksgiving and going to put up our tree together. I don’t participate in thanksgiving day or black friday shopping!

  129. 2
    Cindy Merrill

    Planning on a modest thanksgiving dinner, hopefully with dessert. I have no intention of going shopping on Friday.

  130. 1
    Kate F.

    I’m going to my grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving and I’m not participating in Black Friday shopping.

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