Nov 21

Creating Depth with a Neutral Color Palette

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A home decorated in shades of beige, khaki, sand, brown, cream, etc., can come across a little plain, but it does not have to be this way. Some people are drawn to a neutral palette because it is calming. Others simply like that they don’t have to worry about whether something matches, or not. Then, there are those who stick with the brown tones because they hide dirt, and what family with kids can’t use a little help in that department? Whatever your reason is for sticking with earth-toned shades, there are easy ways to create depth and make the space a lot more exciting.

  • Use a Variety of Shades – If you already have a medley of neutral shades then this does not apply to you. If you pretty much have a monotone palette going on, even adding on olive green, dark brown, or other earthy color can make a huge difference.
  • Add an Accent Color – If you are ready to take a little walk on the wild side, add an accent color. Everything goes with neutral shades, so whether you are drawn to hot pink, lime green, deep plum, or any other color it will look fabulous. You can always paint an accent wall, too.
  • Introduce Patterns – Something as simple as a patterned rug or decorative pillows with a variety of prints will transform the space. This is also an easy way to incorporate your accent color.
  • Add a Variety of Materials – You don’t need to have all wood furniture and all wool blankets, etc. A room looks far more interesting when you mix up the fabrics. Wrought iron would look great with your wood tables. Don’t be scared to incorporate in a variety of metals, too. Copper is very popular right now and brushed nickel is trending for hardware and fixtures. Mix it up a little. Consider selling that chair that matches your sofa and loveseat, and buy one that is corduroy or a different color. You can even add a printed chair, if you dare.
  • Shop for Slate Fountains – Although any type of fountain is sure to look spectacular in your home, slate is special. The natural lines and color tones in slate create more depth than any other art piece possibly can. You can even find slate fountains trimmed in copper at Luxe Water Walls, which allows you to introduce a metal material, too, without adding another art piece to the space.

Image courtesy of Just2shutter at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  1. 36

    We recently moved to a new house and are still figuring out a few rooms. These are great tips, thank you!

  2. 35

    We had a pretty monotone palette going on, so we recently added an accent color. Amazing the difference it makes!

  3. 34

    Thank you for sharing these tips, a neutral color palette does not have to be boring. Thank you for sharing this post, and I really like that chair.

  4. 33
    Sue E

    I like the review, but how do you keep the neutral colors clean?? With a our grandkids & myself – who is the biggest clutz – a spill of liquid, food, or more happens every visit. And I don’t like to keep my house like a museum. I clicked the fountain link & fell in love with a few of them!! Kind of out of my price range though – DARN!!

  5. 32
    Nancy Dyer

    Thanks for sharing the great ideas! I choose neutral colors because I have small children.

  6. 31
    Deborah D

    I Like neutral colors because they look cleaner.

  7. 30
    Karen Cochrane

    this is nice but i like colors

  8. 29
    Elicia P

    As soon as you mentioned the brown tones, I thought to myself. I have been called out.
    This is me but I do add the accent colors. This way I can change it up.

  9. 28
    Susan Broughton

    These are some great ideas. I use to use a lot of neutrals but with pets and children I went away from that color to a darker one.

  10. 27
    bev kimball

    my family always uses beiges and neutral colors for walls and floors and then uses colors for the furniture and other items.. They say it makes the rooms look bigger and classier ..

  11. 26

    Adding an accent color seems the easiest technique.

  12. 25
    sandy weinstein

    i like neutral shades b/c you can change the decor easily with pillows, rugs, throws, etc. my only problem is that i have 3 dogs that like to jump and lounge on the furniture so everything is covered up now, b/c i have off white fabric and just had everything recovered.

  13. 24
    Jessica Edwards

    i really like neutral colors for a home they make it so much easier to decorate and now i know exactly how to do it tastefully

  14. 23
    Lisa F.

    I’m always liked using neutral colors for furniture. I “inherited” a couch that I disliked the color/design, so I bought a cream-colored cover and it’s fixed! 🙂

  15. 22
    sheila ressel

    Thanks for the ideas! I’m redoing/painting our living room and want to do it in neutral colors. I think we’ll really like it.

  16. 21
    angela smith

    our walls are more in the neutral range.then we added some color our furniture is spice red.thanks for the tips

  17. 20
    Sarah L

    I need to think about doing something like this. Update for my living room is long over due.

  18. 19
    Jasmine P

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing this! Great info!

  19. 18
    Jasmine P

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing this!

  20. 17
    kristin Smith

    Lord knows I’m no interior decorator!! Lol so thank you for this post!! If i look around my place right now i can say one thing…it’s time to decorate…with colour!! I have too much beige!

  21. 16
    Barbara Riffe

    I dont know why but everything I get seems to have brown in it. so I use neutral colors for the pillows and curtains.

  22. 15

    I like neutral palettes best. It’s easy to add a splash of color.

  23. 14

    I like the idea of using neutral colors with a splash of color added in.. in my house I have to be careful using lighter colors, I have a teen and 2 dogs so things can get messy quick. 🙂 But using it in a bedroom would be good, a nice neutral palette in the bedroom after a long day could be relaxing. Thanks for the info!

  24. 13
    Randy Fulgham

    would love having a couple of these for my living room..nice review

  25. 12
    Lisa Schweizer

    The chair looks so beautiful! I love using neutral colors in my home. I live by the water and add some bright colors to accent my home!

  26. 11

    I would love to have a slate fountain! Sounds amazing.

  27. 10
    Carol L

    First I have to say that I love that chair :). This came at the right time for me because I’ve been thinking about a neutral living room with an added burt of colr. These were some very helpful ideas and how to mix it bup.. Thanks for bthe pot.
    Carol L

  28. 9
    PATTI F.

    Thanks for this article. I’m redoing my living room and your suggestions are great. I love neutral colors. Thanks again!

  29. 8
    Tina Bornheimer

    I always thought the neutral colors looked more clean and ritzy. Growing up I always saw them in the homes of my friends that had more money that we did, so I always thought that was how the people with more money decorated. LOL I like the neutral colors myself and then like to add a pop of color here and there. Then I can change it more often and not have to spend a lot of money all at once. It does look cleaner and sharper. I never thought of it as hiding dirt lol. But your tips were wonderful and I enjoyed reading this article a lot!!!

  30. 7
    Lisa Coomer Queen

    I love the creams and beiges. It does make everything look cleaner. Great article.

  31. 6
    Lee Todd

    looks very comfortable

  32. 5
    Sandra Watts

    I really like this chair. I like the neutral colors myself.

  33. 4
    Ruth Griffeth

    This is great information for me. My “not” hubby and I have been re-doing the Living Room and since we have gone to a very minimalist set up to get depth with colors will really help.

  34. 3
    Dorothy Boucher

    this is great information, I know for myself we had just a lot of browns , tans, cream and so on but then once I decided to add the new rugs in , We ended up painting the walls , adding a few pillows. even my frames for the pictures got a coat of white just to help them stand out a bit and a color vase and even my lamp shade I ended up taken paint and added some color.. Thanks for share

  35. 2
    Richard Hicks

    I am not much of a décorator, but these tips will be useful for me in in the future!

  36. 1

    I like using neutral colors and then adding throw blankets and pillows to add a pop of color. Items that can be easily switched up each season.

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