Nov 10

*CLOSED* Anything Goes Giveaway Hop – Ends 11/24

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Welcome to the Anything Goes Hop!

This hop is hosted by The Review Wire and The Frugal Find. All participating blogs are offering a prize of at least $15. Now is your chance to seek out some awesome prizes for those on your Christmas list, but you berry hurry the hop ends on November 24th! Both The Review Wire and The Frugal Find are offering a prize you don’t want to miss!

We’re celebrating Christmas a bit early here by giving away the Play-Doh Twirl ‘N Top Pizza Shop!  (ARV $17)


This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends Monday, 11/24/14 at 11:59pm EST.  To enter, just use the widget below.  Don’t forget to keep scrolling after entering here and see the entire list of participating bloggers.  Good luck!


Disclaimer: This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on November 24, 2014. The Anything Goes Event Bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes. Companies and bloggers, if you would like to participate in group giveaway events like this one, sign up to be emailed about future events hosted by Review Wire Media.

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  1. 52
    Lily Kwan

    a unicorn doll

  2. 51

    a doll house 🙂

  3. 50
    Stephanie Larison

    A gift card to my favorite store

  4. 49
    tanya holland

    My roller skates were my favorite.

  5. 48
    Karen Drake

    The best thing I ever received was a baby doll that blew kisses when I was 5.

  6. 47
    Kaycee @ My Crafty Zoo

    My favorite gift ever was a curling iron set when I was a kid. I didn’t appreciate it at the time as I’m not really one to do my hair, but it was the only gift I received that year from a stranger we’d never heard or at a church not far away. We couldn’t afford anything and this strange preacher we’d never met brought gifts to my brother and I.

  7. 46
    Marilyn Nawara

    The best toy I ever received was my Barbie House when I was about 7

  8. 45
    Rhonda Scott

    I really like the navy and cream matching brother and sister outfits.

  9. 44

    Legos…I could play with them for hours and hours!

  10. 43
    Stacey A Smith

    A Bike for my 15 birthday

  11. 42
    Jasmine P

    One year I got a Barbie Dream House!

  12. 41
    Sandra Watts

    My mom found the doll I loved as a child and gave her to me again for Christmas. I loved it!

  13. 40
    Lauren Becker

    A friend of mine made me a scrapbook last Christmas. It’s fantastic!

  14. 39
    Jaime Nicole

    I remember getting my first bike!

  15. 38
    Jill Myrick

    My favorite toy that I received growing up were my rollerskates.


  16. 37
    courtney b

    I loved getting my light bright when I was younger.
    totally remember how bad I wanted one! lol

  17. 36
    leeann boggs

    I received the Barbie pink convertible power wheel for christmas one year. Best present to date 🙂

  18. 35
    Janice Dean

    My first Barbie’s when I was little were my favorite gifts. I loved Barbie & all her friends and played for hours with all the neighborhood girls!

  19. 34
    Rhonda Scott

    The best toy I received is a WEI game system.

  20. 33
    Jessie shiflett

    The best toy I received was those spider man toys you put on your hand and spray the silly string.(:

  21. 32
    Dawn Monzu

    I was just thinking about this a little while ago! I received a pair of tennis shoes skates for Christmas when i was 12. I thought I was the coolest thing on wheels! Loved them!

  22. 31

    The best toy I ever received was a new bike. I knew it was a huge financial sacrifice for my parents.

  23. 30
    Cheryl Rogers

    I remember when electronic typewriters came out– that was one that got me really excited! This was before computers were even popular!

  24. 29
    Velvet Hubler

    A ring my mother gave me for Christmas the year before she passed away

  25. 28
    Tanya White

    My Barbie’s I always loved getting them at Christmas.

  26. 27

    I loved my Hollie Hobbie sewing machine, my Baby Alive doll, and Easy Bake Oven!

  27. 26

    When I was little I got one of the strawberry shortcake big dollhouses and I played with it for years.

  28. 25
    Sarah G

    I had a Holly Hobby Easy Bake Oven that I just loved!

  29. 24
    christina kunze

    Barbie! I adored barbie when i was young and remember when i got one and was so excited! 🙂

  30. 23
    Jan Lee

    One of the best gifts I got as a child was a Barbie doll. As an adult one of the best gifts I got was a diamond and silver necklace and earrings set 🙂

  31. 22
    Jessica Menster

    I received red roller skates for my birthday when I was young and spent hours in the driveway in them!

  32. 21
    Lana Bradstream

    I loved my electric ball

  33. 20
    Audra O'Hara

    When I was about five, I got a Weeble Wooble treehouse for Christmas and it was awesome!

  34. 19
    Judy Cox

    I loved Bride Dolls when I was young. I think I was about 9 or 10 and my Daddy got me a very big Bride Doll, it was so pretty, I was the happiest little girl that Christmas.

  35. 18

    The best toy I ever remember receiving as a child was when I received a complete kitchen set when I was about 5 or 6. There was a stove and little pots and pan and fake food. I loved it and spent many hours pretending to be a master chef 🙂

  36. 17
    Maria B

    One year I was surprised with a flat screen TV weeks before Christmas.

  37. 16
    Sarah Matos

    The best toy I ever recieved was my lite brite! The ones on the market now are so small and expensive. They dont even compare!

  38. 15
    Darlene Carbajal

    I got a cabbage patch kid! 🙂

  39. 14

    One of the best toys I ever received was a stuffed animal white dog when I was 2 and I still have it today.

  40. 13
    Wendy R.

    I got a doll from my dad that had faces that spinned around and I loved it!

  41. 12
    Linda Kish

    My Barbie dolls and their full wardrobe was my best gift I received (as a child).

  42. 11
    wendy c g

    My strawberry shortcake doll set.

  43. 10
    Carissa Joslyn

    When I was little I got this awesome Castle that light up, made sounds and everything. Then when I was like 7 my step dad threw it away because I got in trouble for something. it was like a $80 toy back in the 90’s! I always wanted a easy bake oven but never got one… :/

  44. 9
    annette setzer

    Would love to win!

  45. 8
    Ashley F

    Any time I received art or craft supplies!

  46. 7
    cylina williams

    My favorite was a strawberry shortcake doll when i was a kid

  47. 6
    Jennifer Rote

    I loved my easy bake oven.

  48. 5
    Noreen Tibor

    Best gift was a spirograph

  49. 4
    Sue Sattler

    I loved my easy bake oven that I got from Santa. My grandma and I spent the afternoon cooking my little treats and we had so much fun.

  50. 3
    Anita Yancey

    One of the best that I ever recieved was an Easy Bake Oven from my parents.

  51. 2
    Darlene Owen

    When I was little my 2 older sisters made me lots of clothes for my baby doll.

  52. 1
    Janet W.

    I remember receiving Candy Land from my sister and I loved that game!

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