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I received the product mentioned below for free. All thoughts are my own.

christmasjuly Let’s Celebrate Christmas in July Giveaway Hop
It’s that time of year again,
let’s celebrate Christmas in July with a giveaway hop full of prizes!
I rather like the idea of celebrating in the summer, when it seems SO far from the winter holidays!  Wouldn’t it be nice to spread the craziness out a bit?  Maybe I’m prejudiced since my birthday is on 12/29 but I wouldn’t mind either Christmas or my birthday in July.

To help you celebrate, I’m giving away a Blu-ray of Rio 2!  This hits the stores on Tuesday, 7/15 so we’ve got a feature to help us celebrate that too!


Now You Know

Rio 2 is flying to DVD and Blu-ray on July 15th!


Get ready to shake your tail feathers! Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment takes you deep into the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest for the most fun you’ll have all summer, as RIO 2 debuts on 3D Blu-ray, on July 15th. The cast of the animated hit comedy Rio returns — along with a new flock of all-star voice talent, including Bruno Mars, Kristin Chenoweth, Andy Garcia and more — in this high-flying sequel for the whole family. Rio 2 is entertaining, and just as educational. Although Blu is originally against visiting the Amazon, he soon realizes all it has to offer! Here we will take you through some fun facts and also, common misconceptions about the Amazon!


  1. The Amazon covers A LOT of the earth’s surface. The Amazon in Brazil covers 3.5 million square kilometers out of the 6.5 million that is the entire Amazon.



2. Anteaters, like Charlie, have tongues that can be as long as two feet!



3. Another name for a Blue Macaw is a Spix’s Macaw.



4.  More than two-thirds of the earth’s living species come from the rainforest.



5. Dart Frogs, like Gabi, can be very tiny. They are sometimes less than 1.5 cm.



What animal would you most like to see if you visited the Amazon?


To enter to win Rio 2 on Blu-ray (ARV $39.99), just use the widget below.  This giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada, ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends Friday, 7/31/14 at 11:59pm EDT.  Don’t forget to keep scrolling down after entering to see the entire list of participating bloggers.  Good luck!

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1 ping

  1. 45
    Kristy Thel

    Probably a flamingo!

  2. 44

    A panda is the most interesting animal I’ve ever seen.

  3. 43

    a parrot

  4. 42
    Jennifer Speed

    The most interesting was a sloth

  5. 41
    Charity Cram

    A Zorse!

  6. 40
    Nina K


  7. 39
    Karen A.

    A hedgehog is the most interesting animal I’ve seen up close.

  8. 38
    Jill Myrick

    The most interesting animal that I have seen in person and up close is a monkey.


  9. 37
    Anita H.

    The most interesting animal has to be a kangaroo in Australia. I especially love the baby joeys! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. 36
    Daniel M

    probably the tigers at the zoo

  11. 35


  12. 34
    Natalie Nichols

    Lions! They are so fierce!

  13. 33

    I visited my son in Tampa, Florida. I wanted to visit a place that had Manatees. He told me Manatees visitied the water next to his apartment every morning at 7am. So there I was perched on a seat staring at the water. I saw a Mother Manatee and her baby. I was thrilled.

  14. 32
    Karen Beckett

    I would have to say the most interesting animal I have ever seen is an ape when we attended the zoo in Columbus OH. I was amazed at how human-like their actions and emotions are.

  15. 31
    Jan Lee

    The most interesting animal I’ve seen is an armadillo 🙂

  16. 30
    jenn huey

    The most interesting animal I can think that I have seen would be a squid

  17. 29
    wendy c g

    Most interesting animal I’ve seen in person is dolphins. They are so smart, playful and amazing animals.

  18. 28
    Natalie Brown

    Hi! I’ve seen quite a few different animals so, I’ll tell you about one I used to see when I was young. We lived in Northern Wisconsin and brown bears were everywhere. We’d go to the town dump about an hour before sunset the they’d all come out to pick for food scraps in the garbage. That was super cool! Thanks!

  19. 27
    kathy downey

    The most interesting animal I’ve seen in person is surprisingly the house cat,they are amazingly smart

  20. 26
    Debbi Wellenstein

    We lived in Florida for a couple of years some time ago. We saw a manatee at an aquarium-definitely the most interesting animal I ever saw!

  21. 25
    Maria B

    It would have to be a lion. So cool!

  22. 24
    Kerry G.

    My son and I think the anteater is pretty interesting!

  23. 23
    Nicole Carter Weasley

    I think a giraffe was the most interesting thing I’ve seen.

  24. 22

    I have always been facinated by Toucans that I have seen in zoos.

  25. 21
    Karen Glatt

    The exciting animal that I saw close up was a tall giraffe!!

  26. 20
    Danielle Papsis

    One of the most interesting animals I’ve seen is a South American Prehensile Tailed Porcupine.

  27. 19

    I’m very lucky to have once gotten to go on a safari in South Africa and saw SO MANY amazing animals up close and personal! My favorites were a mama hippo helping her baby out of the water and a dung beetle rolling his poo ball around!

  28. 18
    Jennifer Hiles

    I’m always so intrigued by the monkeys and gorillas at the zoo. I feel like they are so sad and can process their captivity more than people realize.

  29. 17

    the three-toed sloths in costa rica!

  30. 16
    Cynthia C

    I think the most interesting animal I’ve ever seen is a koala.

  31. 15
    Samantha Wagner

    Meerkats would probably be the most interesting. They are so cute.

  32. 14

    I think it is an Elephant they are so intelligent..

  33. 13

    The sloth. I’ve seen them in action on video but wow, are they really slow in person.

  34. 12
    Judy Cox

    I have always been fascinated by the giraffe. The poor thing has so far to look down!!

  35. 11
    Dorothy Teel

    We went to a Nature Center last summer and I was amazed on the way the manta rays acted and the fact you could feed them, was neat

  36. 10
    Rebecca Parsons

    I think the most interesting animal I have seen in person is a sloth.

  37. 9

    looks so cute, loved Rio!

  38. 8
    steven weber

    I would say the hippo would be the most interesting.

  39. 7
    Leigh Anne Borders

    I would have to say the most interesting animal I have seen (really unusual one) would be the naked mole rat. I live in Atlanta so we have a great zoo here so I have seen many types of animals but those little mole rats are crazy.

  40. 6
    Kaycee @ My Crafty Zoo

    I am fascinated by pretty much all animals, not sure which is the most fascinating I’ve seen. I think that seals are one of my favorites to watch though.

  41. 5
    Janet W.

    The most interesting animal I’ve seen in person is the beluga whale!

  42. 4
    Erin LFF

    We saw a warthog in DisneyWorld’s Animal Kingdom– I’d never seen one in person before that! So funny looking!!

  43. 3
    Lis K

    I saw the pandas at the National Zoo and they were so cute to watch.

  44. 2

    Not including at the zoo, the most interesting animal I’ve seen is a bald eagle. Right in someone’s yard in Maine.

  45. 1
    Anita Yancey

    The most interesting animal I’ve seen in person is an elephant. I have always found their size and features amazing.

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