Jun 16

*CLOSED* Savory Summer Giveaway Hop – Ends 6/30 #SavorySummer

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Welcome to the 3rd annual Savory Summer Giveaway Hop! I have teamed up with our host Measuring Flower and a group of amazing bloggers to bring you a compilation of awesome food and food-related prizes! This is a giveaway hop which means that, after you after entered my giveaway below, you can “hop” on to the next participating blog to enter their giveaway, too. You can find a list with links to all the other bloggers towards the bottom of this post. 2014 grand prize image Oh, and don’t forget to check out this event’s totally awesome grand prize giveaway! It’s for a 10-piece stainless steel cookware set from Calphalon!

I like cooking and that set of pots and pans would surely help a lot to make delicious meals. But even more than cooking, I enjoy going out to eat!  Restaurants make delicious food, far better than I can achieve at home, and can make 5 different meals in a snap.  However, with our budget and with the little one, eating at restaurants is rare at best and is usually reserved for vacations and special occasions.

To help you enjoy a special night out and keep the kitchen cool for one night in those hot summer days, I’m giving one of you a $25 TGIFriday’s gift card!  This is hand’s down my favorite chain restaurant, especially their Jack Daniels line.  I picked this one because I know they have locations across the country, have fantastic food and always have some sort of deal or coupon out there.   savory-summer-2014-prize This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and older.  Giveaway ends on Monday, 6/30/14 at 11:59pm EDT.  To enter, just use the widget below.  Keep scrolling after you enter to find the list of other participating blogs, including the one hosting the grand prize mentioned above.  Good luck!

Disclaimer: Literary Winner and its authors are not responsible for other bloggers’ sponsors who do not fulfill their prizes.

This event brought to you by Measuring Flower Events.

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3 pings

  1. 101
    Laurie Emerson

    My favorite summer drink is ice cold sweet tea.

  2. 100
    Amanda Sakovitz

    i love watermelon. yum!

  3. 99
    Julie W

    My favorite summer food is strawberry shortcake, my favorite summer drink is iced tea.

  4. 98

    My favorite summer food is French Vanilla Ice Cream !! 🙂 Yum!

  5. 97

    I love watermelon in the summer!

  6. 96

    I love lemonade!

  7. 95
    Tanya White

    My favorite summer food is watermelon and my favorite summer drink is lemonade.

  8. 94
    amanda whiltey

    my favorite summer drink is coffee coollatas.

  9. 93
    Jasmine P

    I love watermelon in the summertime!

  10. 92

    I like fresh fruit in the summer particularly black cherries

  11. 91
    Dorothy Teel

    My favorite summertime food is melons, they are cool and refreshing, and if I was in Hawaii I would have Hawaiian snow, so good…LOL

  12. 90

    My favorite summer food is my wife’s fresh blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream on the side.

  13. 89
    Lorena Keech

    My favorite summer drink is freshly made lemonade.

  14. 88

    I love strawberries and cherries.

  15. 87
    Georgia Beckman

    My favorite summer drink is citrus-ade. Kind of like lemonade, but with lemons, limes & oranges.

  16. 86
    tanya holland

    I love bbq anything.

  17. 85
    Crystal Rogers Walker

    sweet tea

  18. 84
    Kim Smith

    Watermelon is my favorite summer treat

  19. 83
    Bethany Dawn

    Fresh fruit smoothies 🙂

  20. 82
    Karen A.

    Banana Split…yummy!

  21. 81
    cheryl s

    love the fresh fruits and veggies from the garden

  22. 80
    Teresa Moore

    My favorite food in the summer is watermelon. My favorite drink is fresh homemade lemonade.

  23. 79

    I eat a lot of fresh fruit during the summer – watermelons, cherries, any kind of berries. Love fruit smoothies and popsicles. My favorite summertime drink is half sweet tea and half lemonade.

  24. 78

    I love to eat grilled corn on the cob in the summer! We have a local farm where we buy it by the bushel.

  25. 77
    Dawn Keenan

    My favorite summer food would be a great burger on the grill with buttery corn on the cob.

  26. 76
    Hannah Avery

    fresh watermelon. blueberries, and fresh tomatoes, ice cream

  27. 75
    Jane Ritz

    My favorite summer food is a grilled hamburger, ice tea, and watermelon.

  28. 74
    Brenda P

    I love to make sun tea in the summer!

  29. 73
    Sarah Oswald

    I love corn on cobb and watermelon the best

  30. 72
    Jill Myrick

    My favorite for summer is watermelon and homemade lemonade.


  31. 71
    Jennifer Reed

    My favorite summer food or drink is watermelon.

  32. 70
    Nicole Carter Weasley

    I love margaritas!

  33. 69
    Claire D

    My favorite summer food and drink is fresh seafood with margaritas.

  34. 68
    Karen Beckett

    I would have to say that watermelon is my favorite summertime food!

  35. 67
    jenn huey

    My favorite drink is sun tea

  36. 66
    crystal sheckles-gibson

    My favorite summer drink is sweet iced tea. I love almost any food on the grill and salted watermelon.

  37. 65
    robyn donnelly

    I like water with a sprintz of lemon or unsweetened tea.

  38. 64

    grilled corn

  39. 63
    Marsha H.

    watermelon mojitos

  40. 62
    Sarah L

    I like lemonade with fresh mint from my garden.
    Thanks for the contest.

  41. 61
    Hannah Solbach

    anything with fresh summer vegetables

  42. 60
    Wanda McHenry

    My favorite summer drink is lemonade, I love it!

  43. 59

    My favorite drink is water, year-round, I drink SO much.

  44. 58

    I love strawberries and watermelon in the summer.

  45. 57
    Kimberly W.

    My favorite summer drink is homemade Lemon Shakeups. You just roll and squeeze a whole freshly washed lemon until soft and mushy. Hold over a large barkeepers mixing drink container, cut lemon in half letting all the juices and and the lemon halves while squeezing as much lemon juice into the container. Add 2 heeping tablespoons sugar, as many ice cubs as will hold. Add ice cold water to finish filling mixing container, add top, then briskly shake back and fortth for several minutes. Pour, ice cubes and all into tall ice tea glasses! Should make 2 glasses depending upon size of bar keepers drink mixer. Can add as little or as much sugar to taste. +

  46. 56

    I love Canteloupe & Watermelon

  47. 55

    My favorite Summer food is grilled steak and diet Mt Dew.

  48. 54
    richelle bowers

    my favorite food for summer is bbq’d hot dogs

  49. 53
    Tammy Klain

    shish ka bobs and frozen pina colada’s! Love BBQ’ing on the weekends and enjoying all the tastes of summer

  50. 52
    Tammy Schweitzer

    I have too say nice cold glass of lemonade freshly squeezed

  51. 51
    Crystal Rogers Walker

    I love potato salad and watermelon and iced sweet tea

  52. 50
    Dana Rodriguez

    I love fresh veggies out of the garden and fruit tea.

  53. 49
    Lesley M

    I love anything on the grill and watermelon!!

  54. 48
    Lauren Becker

    I really like lemonade, watermelon, smoothies ,etc.

  55. 47
    wendi watson

    i love anything like fruit and i have to have my coca cola as well as some sweet tea! those are my favs Oh and i love a good bomb pop popsicle!

  56. 46
    Darlene Carbajal

    I love drinking smoothies!

  57. 45

    i like iced coffee in the summer.

  58. 44

    I just recently ate at TGI Fridays and would love to go back again soon! The food is superb and always cooked to perfection.

  59. 43
    Christina Gould

    My favorite summer drink is homemade lemonade. Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. 42
    Linda Kish

    My favorite summer food is watermelon.

  61. 41

    I love blackberries!

  62. 40
    Dorothy Boucher

    iced tea 🙂 because it goes with every meal 🙂

  63. 39
    Crystal F

    My favorite summer food is watermelon. I would love to be able to have a little every day. Thank you!

  64. 38
    Ann Fantom

    I love grilled hamburgers in the summer

  65. 37
    Debra Guillen

    I love home grown tomatoes

  66. 36

    In the summer I love fresh garden veggies and lemonade is my favorite drink.

  67. 35
    Debbi Wellenstein

    I love my burgers on the grill. I also love homemade lemonade.

  68. 34
    Cynthia R

    My favorite summer food is cold sweet watermelon.

  69. 33
    Christina T

    I love making Strawberry Lemonade with real fruit.

  70. 32
    chris z

    i like watermelon

  71. 31
    Sheila Owen

    My favorite summer drink is iced tea

  72. 30

    I love grilled chicken and veggies during the summer!

  73. 29
    Jake B

    Summer drinks would have to be a nice ice cold mango rita 🙂 and for food anything on the grill 🙂

  74. 28
    Tracy Pryor

    I love watermelon during the summer.

  75. 27
    Cynthia C

    I enjoy grilled fish in the summer.

  76. 26
    Karen H

    Corn on the cob and sweet tea

  77. 25
    Melissa S

    My favorite summer food is a huge garden salad topped with grilled chicken and watermelon every night for dessert.

  78. 24
    Allyson Bossie

    I love fresh squeezed limeade. Add in blueberries and it is absolutely delicious!

  79. 23
    Tricia M.

    My favorite summertime drink is hibiscus iced tea. My favorite summertime food is a BLT minus the L and with lots of garden fresh T.

  80. 22
    Mary Brandis

    I love watermelon in Summer. Also fresh veggies on the grill. Vodka tonics or ice tea.

  81. 21
    Jennifer Lachman

    My favorite summer drink is strawberry wine.

  82. 20

    My favorite summer food is strawberry shortcake.

  83. 19
    Judy Cox

    I love lemonade in the summer and to eat is watermelon!!! YUM

  84. 18
    Susan Smith

    Tea is my favorite summer drink and my favorite summer food are hot dogs

  85. 17
    Marti Tabora

    My favorite summer food is ice cold watermelon.

  86. 16

    My favorite summer treat is vanilla ice cream with cookie dough pieces on top.

  87. 15
    Mary Beth Elderton

    I like lemon iced tea when it’s hot outside. I also like a lot of fresh, green salalds

  88. 14
    Deb P

    I love a Ice cream cone and soda.

  89. 13
    Amy Orvin

    My favorite summer food is watermelon!

  90. 12
    Jessica Cox

    I love watermelon or any fresh ripe fruits

  91. 11
    Jan Lee

    My favorite summer drink (although I drink it year round) is peach iced tea and my favorite summer food is watermelon 🙂

  92. 10
    Kate F.

    My favorite summer food is ice cream.

  93. 9


  94. 8
    Alona Y

    One of my favorite things to get in the summer is a really well made strawberry lemonade!

  95. 7
    Margaret Smith

    I love ice tea and Jersey tomatoes

  96. 6
    Maria B

    My favorite drink is Strawberry lemonade with strawberry pieces in it.

  97. 5
    Susan Robbins

    Limeade is my favorite summer drink and my favorite summer food are hot dogs.

  98. 4
    steve weber

    I enjoy corn on the cob.

  99. 3
    Melissa Mazzur

    My favorite summer food is cantelope and my favorite drink is lemonade!

  100. 2
    Alicia K

    i love watermelon in the summer

  101. 1
    Rebecca Parsons

    My favorite summer food is fresh corn on the cob. And drink is fresh lemonade.

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