Mar 19

What Are You —–ing Wednesday? 3/19

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Yes, another week has gone by and I swear I don’t know where it went!  Does time fly by for you too?

Anyway, this week is a very exciting one in this household: we’re getting new furniture tomorrow!  We haven’t gotten “new” furniture since 2008 and that was just new to us.  I have never actually bought a new couch.  Our recliners were new but all couches/sofas/loveseats were hand-me-downs.

I’ve always wanted a sectional to really utilize the space in our living room so we headed out furniture shopping a few weekends ago.  We were first looking at reclining sectionals but I was also interested in something I could lay on.  The reclining ones really didn’t look comfy for that so we got something that is 2 sofas – HUGE!  It arrives tomorrow and I couldn’t be more thrilled, mostly because I’ve been dead tired this week and had nowhere to lay down.  I also REALLY wanted a chaise but with how our living room is configured and shaped, it just would not work well.  I told my husband that our next house MUST be chaise-friendly.

So, to get ready, we’ve been moving furniture around.  The couch is out to the curb, one bookshelf is moved and the loveseat will be in our finished basement this afternoon.  Everything else will shift down or into the hallways and bedrooms to make room for the delivery.  So don’t expect much blogging out of me tomorrow as I break in our new sectional sofa.

Do you enjoy shopping for furniture?  What was the last piece you bought?


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  1. 3

    The last piecve I bought was probably my ottoman — about a year ago. I really like it still but furniture is expensive!

  2. 2
    Elisebet F

    I think the last piece of furniture we bought was our son’s crib…it’s been that long, wow! We have a small place, and too much stuff, so I haven’t thought about buying anything else. I do really need at least two more bookshelves, but I’ll probably wait until after we move in July.

  3. 1
    Melanie S.

    I wouldn’t say that I enjoy furniture shopping exactly. It’s so frustrating because most of it is very expensive and not the quality it should be. The last thing we bought was a bedroom set for my daughter. Again, it was a frustrating process for us, but all my daughter knows is that she has new, pretty furniture, and she’s thrilled about it. 🙂

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