Jan 24

*CLOSED* Totally Awesome Valentine’s Giveaway – 2 winners (Ends 2/14, open worldwide)


We’re spreading the love with another totally awesome giveaway just in time for Valentine’s Day! This month we have two awesome prizes up for grabs — one winner will receive a $500 Amazon gift card and a second winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

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Prizes: $500 Amazon Gift Card & $100 Amazon Gift Card or cash (via Paypal)

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Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Besides the mandatory blog comment entry, all other entries are optional. Giveaway ends 2/14 and is open worldwide.

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  1. Melissa Marinho

    What I did today to show I cared was I called my mother and wished her a Happy Valentine’s Day and told her I love her <3

  2. Lisa A.

    I took hubby out for a Valentine’s Day dinner!

  3. Laura Smith

    I left my granddaughters presents for them to wake up to this morning

  4. Barbara Riffe

    I cleaner there rooms, cooked there dinner and did there laundry.

  5. Tammy Hayden

    I made and delivered cupcakes for my daughter’s class.

  6. Kerry Amburgy-Dickson

    Gave my hubby a kiss.

  7. Jacob

    Called my Dad just to say hi

  8. Anne Marie Carter

    I gave someone a hug….

  9. Padgett

    made dinner

  10. Erica Barnes

    I took my friend to the store during the bad weather we had earlier today.

  11. Jaime Cummings

    I’m making dinner for hubby!

  12. Carl White

    Name one thing you’ve done today to show someone you care about them. :)

    I did not tell her how fat she looks today.

  13. Debra Guillen

    Gave my son a special Valentine hug

  14. Buddy Garrett

    I made breakfast for my wife.

  15. Wanda Jean P

    I taught my grandson how to spell chocolate and he spelled it back with his eyes closed..and then he surprised his mom and dad with spelling it with his eyes closed…we were all amazed.
    Happy Valentines Day. :)

  16. Ramona price

    Hugged my dog! And cats!

  17. Chrystal D

    Called my mom, we laughed about the snow down here & how people get all paranoid about it!

  18. Karen Drake

    I showed my daughter I care by fixing her a nice breakfast before she went to work.

  19. Jane H

    I got up really early to take my daughter to work since she didn’t want to drive in the snow.

  20. Janet W.

    I helped build my grandson a new train track to wake up to this morning!

  21. Jen R

    I took my husband to lunch today to celebrate his getting through a rough week at work.

  22. Corey Olomon

    I got up to cook a hot breakfast for my kids.

  23. Trix

    hugged my mom and brother!

  24. Jill E

    Bought some valentines for the family

  25. Jean Lynd

    I visited with my parents today.

  26. sheryl cullum

    Picked up my daughter took her to work and picked her back up afterwards.

  27. Ellie W

    I walked my grandson to and from school.

  28. Laura Smith

    I let the teacher know how wonderful my granddaughter thinks she is and how much she has helped her.

  29. Becca F

    I made breakfast for my sister/roommate

  30. Erica Barnes

    I gave my dad a Valentine’s Day card.

  31. Traci McCormick

    My boyfriends back was hurting and I rubbed it for him.

  32. Debra Guillen

    I reminded my husband of what a wonderful husband and father he is

  33. Pauline Milner

    My friend has been having a particularly difficult time since her husband passed away. Today, I called and invited her out for lunch. She did not really want to go out, but I convinced her. We had a great lunch and did some shopping before I took her home. She thanked me for getting her out of the house. Thanks for another super giveaway opportunity. Please keep up the terrific blogging.

  34. Janice Crespo

    My daughter found out that she got the house to rent that she wanted today and I was helping her pack some things up and started pulling out some kitchen things for her :)

  35. Peter G

    I noticed a reaction to a medication and had him call the doctor and get a new one. Could have been serious if not been caught early.

  36. Julie S

    I made my kids their fav breakfast :)

  37. Sandy Cain

    I had flowers sent to my 94 year old aunt!

  38. Melissa Marinho

    What I have done today to show someone I care is I massaged my husbands back because he pulled it shoveling snow!! Poor hubby!

  39. Rickie Hinrichs

    Helped my twin sister clean house since she is in a cast from a broken foot.

  40. Lyz

    Called my g-grandmother…she lives alone in another state and I know she gets lonely

  41. Lesley M

    Helped my husband get new tires on our car today!

  42. Jennifer Monteiro

    I helped my son my Valentine packs for his class.

  43. Derek Timm

    I have not seen anyone today. I woke up and everyone was gone!

  44. Anna Cyr

    I was quiet so everyone could s[eep in.

  45. Chrystal D

    I shoveled snow off my porch & walkway so my cats wouldn’t have to walk in it!

  46. Robin Abrams

    I got up and made the family breakfast

  47. Laura F.

    I took care of the cat during the ice storm so nobody else would have to deal with it. Also, I fed and watered the stray dog that has been hanging out, and let him stay in the shed when the storm hit. That made everybody feel better.

  48. Heather A

    I treated my daughter to a cooking class and dinner out.

  49. Janet W.

    I helped my neighbor scrape ice off her driveway.

  50. Laura Smith

    I went and visited my granddaughter and did not tell her dad off for the dirty tricks he is pulling

  51. Jacqueline W.

    I called my boss today to wish her well as she is suffering from the flu. I really appreciate her and am glad that she runs our department. She is an amazing woman!

  52. Tina Deeds

    Made Hubby chocolate dipped strawberries… yummy! (and fed them to him, too!) ;)

  53. Erika JM

    I helped my Mom with her grocery shopping.

  54. Christine M

    went around picking up everyone’s dirty dishes

  55. Craig Patton

    Tonight I picked up the kids, made dinner, put the kids to bed and made the lunches so that my wife could enjoy an evening at the theatre.

  56. Erica Barnes

    While on a tour of the retirement home I interviewed at today, I helped a resident pick up her mail after she dropped it in the elevator.

  57. Jacob

    I did the dishes without being asked or prompted

  58. Laura F.

    I cooked a nice dinner for my boyfriend.

  59. Traci McCormick

    Took my dog for a walk.

  60. Pam Donica

    I made homemade buttermilk waffles for my sweet girl for breakfast. It has been a great SNOW DAY! :)

  61. Julie S

    I gave my kids a big huge squeeze :)

  62. Debra Guillen

    Took my son out for lunch

  63. Crystal Rogers Walker

    I told my husband and my Mom that I love them and I gave my husband a back massage this morning

  64. Jackie

    I thanked my hubby for marrying me…41years & still in love.

  65. Bailey Dexter

    Today a friend came over and I spent the morning show her how to use her first computer (Laptop).

  66. Kathy Luman

    I got out of bed and went to the store for my husband so he wouldn’t have to.

  67. Kamla L.

    I brought my aunt home form the hospital and helped to get her settled in.

  68. Chrystal D

    Gave a neighbor some hot soup I made.

  69. Sharon

    Just this morning I went to my husbands truck and covered the windshield with cardboard so the ice wouldn’t build up.

  70. Janet W.

    I made breakfast this morning for my family.

  71. Nikki Ooi

    Picked up the lunch bill!

  72. April V.

    Well, I just got up so I haven’t done much of anything but I did go find the husband and tell him good morning (before I got my coffee too!)

  73. savannah logan

    I made plans for my husband to go out with a friend of his and surprised him with it when he got home (: he was happy to have some guy time!

  74. Britnee

    I made a delicious supper for my man.

  75. Peggy

    I cleaned and organized my husbands dresser and closet

  76. Jill E

    I let a driver go ahead in the parking lot at the grocery store

  77. Jacob

    Didn’t complain while my wife watched her shows on the DVR

  78. Laura Smith

    Made fancy labels for the kids goodie bags for valentine’s

  79. Erica Barnes

    I got a couple of extra birthday gifts for my mom.

  80. Pam Donica

    I made snow cream for my family :)

  81. Debra Guillen

    Send my Mom an ecard greeting this morning


    Kissed my family before they left for the day.

  83. Jessica Polanco

    I am cooking for my sisters :D

  84. Staci L.

    I bought my daughter a new dress she’s been wanting :)

  85. Shannon

    I’m taking care of my 3 sick kids today.

  86. Chrystal D

    I sent my niece an ecard.

  87. Kathy Luman

    I’ve planned a special dinner for my husband. He has been working hard this week and he deserves a little special treat.

  88. Janet W.

    I included a special note in my grandson’s lunch box.

  89. Kri

    I helped my mother to clean the house.

  90. Lexi C.

    I called my mother today, I told her I loved her and how grateful I was for all that she has given me.
    Its not a big gesture,however sometimes you need to let the important people in your life know you love them and think of them.

  91. Jill E

    Gave someone some good advice

  92. Laura Smith

    I helped the kids make bags for their class

  93. TheBargainBabe

    Took care of my 3 yr old who is sick and read him lots of books.

  94. Daniel M

    shoveled out my parents today

  95. Kathy Luman

    I spent a great day with my husband.

  96. Rachel

    I shared a free e-book with my sister! :)

  97. savannah logan

    I made my husband lunch (:

  98. Diane

    I shoveled my fiance’s parking spot and put salt down so he has a nice clean path to get into our townhouse

  99. Noelle Cameron

    Made hubby a nice lunch (Today is our 6 year anniversary 2/10/08 <3) and then packed his lunch for work which I rarely do! We also wrote each other IOU for our anniversary date night since he has to work today :) It was very nice

  100. Debra Guillen

    Called my Mom just to say hi

  101. Georgia Beckman

    I’m going to a funeral visitation this evening for a family member of a dear friend. I’m taking a little baggy with her favorite snack for her. ;)

  102. Chrystal D

    I walked my neighbor’s dogs this morning.

  103. Wanda Jean P

    I entered a contest for some beautiful flowers and I asked them to be sent to my daughter-in-law if I did happen to win.

  104. Robin Abrams

    I lent my son money so he does not get his gas to the house shut off.

  105. Stacy

    I put a love note into my husband’s lunchbox when I packed it for him

  106. Janet W.

    I stocked up on supplies for snow expected in our area and shared some with our neighbor.

  107. Iliana Blair

    Cooked dinner and made a banana & pineapple smoothie to share with my pool friends.

  108. Melanie Tucker

    I baked banana bread for my dad to show him I love him!

  109. Jacob

    Did the grocery shopping for the whole family

  110. Michelle

    Made someone laugh

  111. Lisa V.

    I sent a nice, uplifting not to a good friend today.

  112. Chrystal D

    I bought some new toys for all of my babies.

  113. Wanda Jean P

    invited a friend to stay for coffee until her daughter came home from a sleepover.

  114. Debra Guillen

    Gave my son a big hug on his way out the door this morning

  115. Bailey Dexter

    I am still shovelling her driveway!

  116. Kathy Luman

    I fixed breakfast in bed for my husband.

  117. Janet W.

    I made Cinnamon Rolls for my family this morning!!

  118. Pauline Milner

    I made some turkey soup to take to my neighbor who is recovering from surgery.

  119. Jacob

    Went shopping with my wife even though I HATE shopping (I did not act like a jerk or like I hated it)

  120. paula peterson

    I rocked my three year daughter Lily in arms today because she is very sick.

  121. Birdiebee

    I am taking care of my sick grandchild so her mother can go to work.

  122. Pam Donica

    I took my daughter on a date tonight. :)

  123. Laura Smith

    I made valentine’s day cookies for 2 classes

  124. Debra Guillen

    I made my son’s fav breakfast pancakes

  125. Chrystal D

    I opened the door for someone at the store

  126. ChristopherC

    I fixed my mother’s car.

  127. Juana Esparza

    I’ve been staying at the hospital with my mom since Jan 31.

  128. melisa

    Made my hubby his favorite coffee

  129. Janet W.

    I took my grandsons shopping to get them more long sleeve shirts.

  130. Becca Wilson

    I always show people I care. My hubs especially likes it when I cook though ;) Happy Valentine’s!

  131. Jill E

    Cleaned house for the family

  132. Wanda Jean P

    I did something for myself..I started to exercise again.

  133. Traci McCormick

    Made my boyfriend lunch.

  134. Lori

    Funny, I was just having a discussion with my daughters about how much I love them…
    It’s hard to pin down exact things when most of my life is spent doing things for my girls.

  135. Jacob

    Left a nice note for somebody

  136. Sarah Hall

    I called my daughter to make sure that she was okay.

  137. Kathy Luman

    I told my husband how proud I was of him.

  138. Bailey Dexter

    Today I baked a cake for my friend who is gluten free!

  139. al

    Hugged them.

  140. Chrystal D

    I helped someone carry their groceries at the store today

  141. Janet W.

    I’m going to make breakfast for my grandsons!

  142. Wanda Jean P

    I made plans to go to a friends house to fix her computer today

  143. Jill E

    I made breakfast

  144. Carolyn S

    I spent time with my family since I’ve been too sick to do much other than be confined to my bed. We watched movies together and it was the best time I’ve had in a while. It was a really great day and I’m glad I was able to connect with them again

  145. Jacob

    Helped somebody get out of being stuck in the snow

  146. Laura Smith

    I tell my hubby and kids at least 3 times a day I love them

  147. Daniela

    I got up early and did some yoga.

  148. Ramon Rojas

    Today I didn’t drive my car (reducing the risk for the other people). I drive very badly :-(

  149. Ramon Rojas

    I love this giveaway!! :-)

  150. Theresa J

    I made lunch fo my husband and kids

  151. Erica Barnes

    I’m going to visit my dad later.

  152. Wanda Jean P

    Posted Happy 30th Birthday to my son’s Facebook wall and also to his wife’s ..will be visiting him later in the day..he is going out with his wife and grandma :)

  153. Janet W.

    I gave circus tickets to my daughter and grandsons!

  154. Tracy Robertson

    I cleaned up my significant other’s mess in the kitchen without a word of complaint, (even though I usually ask him if he’d be so kind to clean up after himself) LOL!

  155. Jacob

    Packed lunches for everybody today

  156. Bailey Dexter

    Today I shoved my friends roof off with the roof rake for snow!

  157. stephanie a

    Played Tinkerbell dominoes with my daughter :)

  158. sheryl cullum

    Cooking dinner for my family

  159. Joyce Harrell

    Made a nice dinner for hubby

  160. Ken Haggerty

    I did all the snow shoveling; even the driveway.

  161. Debra Guillen

    Drove my son to school so he wouldn’t have to walk in the snow

  162. Erica Barnes

    I salted the sidewalks for the neighbors in my apartment complex.

  163. Pam Donica

    I took my daughter to school rather than having her walk in the rain. :) I love that kid! <3

  164. Janet W.

    I’m going to help my grandson get ready for school this morning!

  165. Wanda Jean P

    Sent a friend a link to a contest they might like to enter

  166. Traci McCormick

    Made my mother in law lunch.

  167. Seyma Shabbir

    Kiss and Hug them! Read to them and tell them I love them!

  168. Helisa Duplassie

    made their fave dessert

  169. Jacob

    Drove my wife to work even though I was off because the roads were icy

  170. Erica Barnes

    I ordered some CDs for my mom for her birthday.

  171. Andrea Amy

    made my son banana cake muffins cause he wanted them :)

  172. Sara McConville

    Told my husband I love him

  173. Chrystal D

    I gave my neighbor some cigarettes

  174. Wanda Jean P

    I phoned a friend to come over for tea.

  175. debbie

    I got up early to visit with my daughter before she left for work.

  176. Janet W.

    I helped make my grandson breakfast.

  177. Erica Barnes

    I spent some time doing more work on my dad’s girlfriend’s real estate website and I spent some time with a friend that I haven’t seen in a while.

  178. Jacob

    Volunteered my closer parking spot to a co-worker with crutches

  179. Mia

    I complimented my friend about how smart she is.

  180. Jill E

    I carried laundry to the laundry room for an older neighbor today

  181. Miranda P

    Did the dishes and the trash so my mom wouldn’t have to when she got home from work.

  182. Leah Lucas

    I shovelled the neighbours driveway

  183. Kathy Luman

    I’m spending the whole day with my grandson.

  184. Kerry Amburgy-Dickson

    I gave my hubby a backrub.

  185. Debra Guillen

    I baked my husbands fav cookies

  186. Bev Henry

    I made my hubby his favorite lunch

  187. Wanda Jean P

    gave my son some gravol..not feeling good for about 3 days..poor thing.

  188. Stephanie Shipley

    I bagged up my mom’s trash and took it for her so she didn’t have to go out in the cold and snow.

  189. Jodie Rosenblum

    Remember to tell someone “I love you”. <3

    1. amelia

      i’m gonna do dishes.

  190. Chrystal D

    Gave my dogs & cats lots of loving!

  191. DESIREE H

    I made my husbands lunch :)

  192. Janet W.

    I’m going to make breakfast soon for my grandsons once they wake up.

  193. J L

    I made my mom breakfast and dinner. And i made so she didn’t have to clean anything. <3 love her

  194. debbie

    I called my dad and stepmom to chat with them.

  195. Erica Barnes

    I updated my dad’s girlfriend’s real estate website today after work.

  196. Christie Kammerer

    I made them appetizers and did their laundry

  197. Jacob

    Taught my wife how football works for the Super Bowl

  198. Mandala

    I helped my sister with her homework.

  199. Marie Constantineau

    i picked my daughter up at work so she wouldn’t have to freeze in the snowstorm

  200. Pam Donica

    I spoke to my sister on the phone who has really been struggling since her husband’s recent passing. The phone call is the easy part. The crying with her for an hour is the hard part for me. I would do it for 24 hours if necessary, but I am not a very emotional person. I do, however, love her with all of my heart, and I’m so blessed and grateful to be able to just listen to her and love on her, even though we’re 400 miles apart. Thank God for sisters!

  201. Kamla L.

    I made Sunday Brunch for my family.

  202. Kathy Luman

    I called my son today and had a very nice talk with him.

  203. Debra Guillen

    Called my Mom just to say I love you

  204. Chrystal D

    Took a neighbor to church.

  205. Janet W.

    I am going to get things at the grocery store for my neighbor this morning.

  206. susana DJ

    I made cake for my children :).

  207. Tammy H

    I called my family who lives almost 1,000 miles away

  208. Renee G

    I made a nice dinner for my family.

  209. Erica Barnes

    I ran some errands for my dad before I went to work, as he just had knee surgery and can’t get around too well yet.

  210. Jacob

    I cleaned the bathrooms while my wife was gone

  211. M.Clark

    I complemented a friend on her great recipe

  212. Kimberly Snyder

    i cooked a pot of chili and carried it to my mom and dad today

  213. Kamla L.

    I visited my uncle in the hospital.

  214. Hannah Avery

    gave a gift to my secret sister!

  215. Sandy Cain

    I cleaned up the mess that my brother dropped on the floor – my mom’s lunch – chicken w?gravy, veggies, rice – all over. And I fixed her a new lunch. And I didn’t yell at him! That’s love!

  216. Debra Guillen

    I took my Mom to Church

  217. Carol

    I told my husband I loved him.

  218. Simone

    I cleaned dishes for my parents so they wouldn’t have to.

  219. Chrystal D

    Told my mom how much I love her!

  220. Janet W.

    I made breakfast for my family this morning.

  221. Linda Lansford

    I helped a lady that fell in a public restroom, She’s ok. Her knee gave out.

  222. Seyma Shabbir

    Brought a dish to their house to share!

  223. Jacob

    I offered somebody to use my computer to finish something when theirs broke

  224. Ken Haggerty

    I bought them all a pizza. It might not sound like much, but it’s a big deal.

  225. Debra Guillen

    put a love note in my hubbys lunch

  226. Sandy Cain

    I got a GC for a food basket and gave it to my disabled brother.

  227. Erica Barnes

    I will be taking my friend to the store later, we haven’t been able to go out since last week due to the winter storms.

  228. Chrystal D

    Called a friend & listened to their problems.

  229. Gail Fernandez

    I hugged and kissed my children and told them I loved them before they went to school.

  230. Janet W.

    I gave my son in law a ride to pick up his car that he had to leave on the side of the road because of ice.

  231. Jill E

    Made dinner for mom

  232. alisa

    i made rice for dinner for my hubby!

  233. Sara Giresi

    Made my husband homemade soup for lunch!

  234. Anastasia

    Gave my sweetie a gift :)

  235. Jacob

    I made peppermint tea for somebody with an upset stomach

  236. Wendy Lange

    I bought someone a coffee/donut today.
    FB: Alexia Harvours

  237. neko90

    kiss to may calopsite

  238. Brad

    I took my kids to practice so my wife would have time to herself.

  239. Wes Hovorka

    One of my co-workers was sick so I did the rest of his shift for him.

  240. Kathy Luman

    I went to the store so my husband wouldn’t have to. That made him happy.

  241. Litza

    It’s not a huge thing, but my mum’s car was up for emissions testing and I took care of it for her! :)

  242. Monique Rizzo

    I made my hubby coffee :)
    Thanks for the chance.

  243. Chrystal D

    I fixed a friend’s computer

  244. Janet W.

    I made cinnamon rolls this morning for my family!

  245. Wanda Jean P

    I set my alarm for 7:45 Am to wake my friend up and I am still awake at 3:29 AM

  246. Seyma Shabbir

    Talk a friend through some problems.

  247. Steve Stone

    I sent a card to my mom.

  248. Jill E

    Used my umbrella to shelter a stranger

  249. Wanda C.

    I actually cooked supper for my family even though I wasn’t feeling good.

  250. Jacob

    I moved heavy boxes for somebody that has a bad back

  251. Victoria Carlson

    I wrote a card to my friend with encouraging words :)

  252. Kim Ripley

    I gave my daughter lots of kisses and hugs!~

  253. Erica Barnes

    Checked in with my dad to see how he was doing after his knee surgery yesterday.

  254. Wanda Jean P

    I gave my friend some jogging pants that are like new.

  255. William Wilson

    Shoveled my ex-wife’s drive and sidewalk

  256. Andrea Amy

    hugs and kisses for my kids :)

  257. Chrystal D

    I swept the snow off my neighbor’s porch

  258. Janet W.

    We took in a neighbor’s co-worker last night because of bad weather in GA. No one can drive anywhere!

  259. Lauren-Olivia Wood

    I have helped someone apply for college.

  260. Jacob

    I made dinner!

  261. Mendy Dinsmore

    I went to pick up my husband lunch. I also helped with his meds and tube feeding.

  262. Julie

    I made homemade biscuits for the family to enjoy.

  263. roger simmons

    I sent 2 movie ticket redemption codes for a friend to go to the movies.

  264. Tamra H

    Told my co-worker I appreciated them!

  265. james doyle

    I love kissing my dog :)

  266. Sandy Cain

    I dressed my invalid mom, and prepared her breakfast and lunch.

  267. Brenda Cushman

    I called my son he is having a rough time right now a water pipe broke in his apartment and had to stay in a motel for a few days i know this has been very difficult for him so trying to help him with this catastrophe!

  268. Melissa Avey

    I made my husband an amazing lunch.

  269. Erica Barnes

    Talked to my mom so I could give her some suggestions on what to do about the necessary repairs for my grandmother’s house.

  270. Chrystal D

    I took the trash out for one of my neighbors

  271. Catalina

    I brought coffee for a coworker!

  272. Janet W.

    I brought my neighbor some food as they are battling a bad illness.

  273. Wanda Jean P

    Sent a funny message to a good friend.

  274. Wanda C.

    I let my son buy a new video game.

  275. EJ (Jane)

    I put a little note in my husbands lunch bag.

  276. Jill E

    opened the door for my neighbor

  277. Wendy Lange

    I gave my son a big hug & kiss and told him I loved him when I picked him up after school today.
    Thanks ~ FB: Alexia Harvours

  278. Miranda P

    Did laundry, dishes and trash so my mom wouldn’t have to when she got home from work.

  279. Christina Marie

    I wrote my son-in-law’s resume.

  280. christina m givens

    I made my husband one of his favorite meals.

  281. Ashley F

    I made my family dinner.

  282. Kamla L.

    I folded my son’s laundry.

  283. Jerome Royce

    I told my wife and daughter that I love them!

  284. Alicia Thibadeau

    Listened to them, a shoulder for them.

  285. Cassandra

    Listened to what they had to say.

  286. james young

    called afriend

  287. Thomas lockhart

    sent a nice text

  288. Senny

    Called my mama this morning and told her i loved her

  289. Linda Peters

    took the grand kids to the park, yes in the cold

  290. Pauline Milner

    My Uncle passed away almost two weeks ago. We were very close. I have been calling my Aunt everyday just to chat. Now that everyone has gone back to their lives, she is having to learn to adjust to her new way of life. She says she likes it when I call, it helps to have someone to talk to and it passes the time. Thank you for another super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  291. min

    I greeted my husband enthusiastically (and with a big smile).

  292. Crissy M.

    Kiss and hug my kids and tell them how much I love them; but is not just a today type of thing its an everyday thing for us.

  293. Heather Stanley

    I left a love note in my son’s lunch box!

  294. Marie Constantineau

    i picked my mother up when she was done work.. it’s -38 C with the wind it was a surprise

  295. Kimberley Thomas

    Phoned an elderly friend !

  296. Alyssa

    Ran errands for my boyfriend.

  297. Jeannie Yeager

    Bought lunch for the homeless lady in town :)

  298. Melissa

    I make myself available and willing every day to assist, encourage, and uplift anyone that is put into my life.

  299. Happi Shopr

    I took the trash out so hubby wouldn’t have to mess with it.

  300. Denise B.

    I made my daughter pizza.

  301. Desmond

    Shoveled my neighbors’ sidewalks.

  302. Ivana Jankovic

    I sent romantic msg to my husband.

  303. Adriane

    I bought my friend a pastry

  304. Chrystal D

    I gave my dogs & cats treats

  305. Rachel

    I packed a lunch for my husband. :) Awesome giveaway! Thanks! :)

  306. ryo

    kissed her forehead,hugged her,say g’morning-have a nice day at work-take care-g’night-sleep well,glad to be able to do every single activities like the 1st time we start falling in love..

  307. Janet W.

    I helped my grandsons get dressed this morning.

  308. Amy Heffernan

    Said I love you to my kids.

  309. Seth

    Made my roommate french toast and bacon.

  310. joni

    I gave my dog a treat for saving me from a vicious stink bug.

  311. Wanda Jean P

    talked to my friend just after midnight til about 1:30 am est(Jan 27th 2014) in the morning, listening to her being there as her best friend and she did the same

  312. Jim S

    I went to see my elderly grandmother.

  313. Patrick Derritt

    I made homemade grilled cheese for me girlfriend.

  314. Cindi Clubbs

    I went to the store and bought fish sticks, mac n cheese and french fries—a dinner that my boyfriend was craving!

  315. Corry L.

    Took care of my sick 3 year old son and my husband who just had knee surgery. All while I’m sick too!

  316. Amy Smeltzer

    Made breakfast and coffee

  317. brandy g.

    I made cookies with my daughter and we took them to our neighbour.

  318. kulveer sangha

    Kissed my wife and told her that I loved her.

  319. Jan Hall

    Called my dad to tell him I love him.

  320. Jennifer Thompson

    Called my sister to tell her I love her.

  321. Linda Kish

    I took care of my DIL’s reptiles for her.

  322. Annalisa Kraft Linder

    I hugged my daughter.

  323. Jaime

    I picked up lunch for my hubby and got him the gummy snacks he was craving.

  324. Deborah Stinson

    I did my family’s laundry and cooked for them. I do this daily pretty much!

  325. Jacob

    I cleaned the whole house (her chores & mine) because my wife is feeling sick

  326. Ivana Jankovic

    I made cake for my grandmother.

  327. Stephanie Bourne

    I gave my daughter a hug when she woke up this morning.

  328. Debra Guillen

    I made a big Sunday breakfast for my husband and sons.

  329. Angie Agerter

    My best friend couldn’t come over for the dinner party today and I told her not to worry about it, just get well.

  330. Julia Barnes

    I cooked lunch for my husband.

  331. Stephen B

    Got carry-out for everyone–the grandparents, the grandkids, the family, and, in the end, the dog.

  332. Paige Chandler

    Today I volunteered at a hospice

  333. Janet W.

    I bought my grandson a new jacket!

  334. Ashley C

    Went to church with my husband for the first time since our daughter was born



    I made lunch for my family.

  336. Tracy L Davis

    I made my family breakfast

  337. Christina Marie

    I fixed my son-in-law dinner.

  338. Theresa Pettit

    Called a friend to check on them.

  339. Dwayne Berry

    I made my daughter waffles for breakfast.

  340. Judith R.

    I made loofah soap for my husband today.

  341. Toneria M

    My friend’s having a hard time after suffering a loss in her family so I treated her to a spa day to get her mind off of everything and we’re doing brunch in a few.

  342. Cynthia C

    I will be going out in a few hours to clear the driveway of snow so everyone can use it.

  343. Tari Lawson

    I am the only one up so far so I haven’t had a chance to do much unless you count feeding the dog :).

  344. Lee Wei Liao

    hug someone i love

  345. Amy Heffernan

    Kissed my son

  346. May

    I made coffee for my sister.

  347. Danielle D

    I helped my family out!

  348. Tamar

    I kissed them lots and lots.

  349. Jennifer Monteiro

    read with my daughter.

  350. Ellie W

    I baked brownies for my little grandsons.

  351. David F.

    Played Frisbee with my son.

  352. Kiara

    Spent some quality time with my family.

  353. stasha marchese

    i cuddled with my daughter today and we cooked together, shes 2 and a half. and i wrote a note and put it in my husbands lunch.

  354. Sandi Tymchuk

    I cooked my husband and myself three meals today.

  355. John C

    Shoveled the snow at my in-laws house, helped father in-law organize his shop and cooked a curry dinner for everyone. Good day today.

  356. Rain Jeys

    Uh…well, my husband sliced his finger open last night so I cleaned up the blood so he could rest it…

  357. Stephanie

    I’ve been taking care of hubby all day today – he’s got a bad cold. Even made a special trip to the store to buy him ice cream – he swears it helps his sore throat.

  358. Tram Le

    I kissed my mom before leaving for work.

  359. Linda Peters

    took my neighbor to get her groceries today.


    I went grocery shoppng for my dad.

  361. Jacob LaFountaine

    I made a batch of cookies for everyone to share

  362. Shauntea Crutcher

    I made my husband breakfast in bed just because.

  363. beckie

    Went grocery shopping and let the kid dress up as Laura Ingalls while doing it.

    1. Anthony G.

      When shopping for my cat, she is sooooo spoiled!

  364. Wendy Hark

    My son had surgery on Wednesday so I called to check on him and see if he needed anything.

  365. Jackie

    I made lunch and sat and enjoyed it with my husband.
    Thank you!

  366. Crystal Irvin

    took care of my friends 2 kids overnight, so her and her hubby could go away up to chicago for the night

  367. angie

    Went out in the cold to the grocery store with family

  368. Bailey Dexter

    -45 here today, I been shovelling my neighbours driveway!

  369. Amy Heffernan

    Kissed my children! :)

  370. May

    I made my mommy dinner!

  371. bree stegman

    shared my candy with my fiance and rented a movie

  372. Kathy Luman

    Spent some quality time with my husband.

  373. heather s

    cooked a meal for a friend

  374. Carly D.

    I made my husband dinner after he worked today!

  375. Paige Chandler

    I made my hubby lunch.

  376. BrittanyUtley

    I am making my hubby and mother in law dinner.

  377. Lisa Richards

    I traded my hotdog (after I scraped off the chili and coleslaw) for a grilled cheese sandwich after my grandson looked at me out of the corner of his beautiful blue eyes and said “Nana, I like hotdogs too”

  378. CJ Godfrey

    I helped someone who was not feeling well.

  379. Jaque R

    I called my mother this morning. :-) Thank you.

  380. Chrystal D

    I called my mom today.

  381. Alison Braidwood

    I sent a friend an extra life on Candy Crush :-0

  382. Theron W.

    I planted lettuce and cabbage in my mothers garden.

  383. Sunshine G

    I’m cooking for a friend’s baby shower.

  384. Elizabeth R

    Cleaned a foot of snow off their car!

  385. Minta Boggs

    I cleaned the bathroom so my husband wouldn’t have to!

  386. LaCindaB

    I called my Mom, just because. :)

  387. Karen

    I woke him up to his favorite thing in the world, blow job.

  388. Bri S.

    I surprised my boyfriend with his favorite meal when he got home from work.

  389. Amanda Kay Lane

    Financial Aid, Grocery Shopping, Lunch, Laundry, all have been complete. Now time to relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

  390. joe hawkshaw

    Told my fiance i loved her and went and got here a mocha cap.

  391. Wanda Jean P

    told my mom I loved her after she let me vent about things on the phone for 39 minutes..my mom does not like talking on the phone but she was there for me when I needed her.

  392. DESIREE H

    I made my whole family breakfast and coffee! :)
    Thank you

  393. elizabeth

    made good coffee!

  394. Kathy S

    I made my son breakfast.

  395. Kimberly Mayberry

    I tell my family I love them several times a day. Today, I bought my son a treat of fast food. Yes, it was a treat, because I usually do not buy fast food–mostly because it is bad for you and I cannot afford it.

  396. Jacqueline W.

    I got up early today on my day off to make my boyfriend a cup of coffee and see him on his way off to work.

  397. Kimberly Allen

    I told my son that I loved him.

  398. Grace Scammell

    Talked to my mom and dad

  399. jeff summers

    I thanked someone for being kind to me

  400. rickel bart

    go for a long walk in the cold cold woods

  401. Darlene Carbajal

    I helped my Grandma clean the house. :)

  402. Rickie Hinrichs

    I cooked breakfast for my wife every Saturday morning.

  403. Heather B

    I made cinnamon rolls this morning for my kids.

  404. Erinn S

    I don’t typically make my teen lunch, but decided to today with his favorites

  405. Kathy Detweiler

    I apologized to my husband for being so irritable last night.

  406. LaProfesoraFrida

    I made my husband a delicious dinner! :)

  407. ChristineB

    I made egg muffins for my family this morning.

  408. Jeanne

    My son was hungry at 4am this morning so I got up and made him 2 ham sandwiches before I even had my first cup of coffee!!!

  409. Crystal Rogers Walker

    Cook my husband a big breakfast and told him I love him

  410. Marlene V. (Enelram)

    I hugged and kissed my husband

  411. Adrienne Gordon

    took my dog hiking

  412. ellen chevarie

    I did my nephews laundry and gave him food .hes broke.got laid of from temp work and lives one little room

  413. Julie Harris

    I made my husband and daughter breakfast and in a few hours I will be taking my girl ice skating

  414. Darlene Owen

    We helped our neighbor fix their bathroom faucet.

  415. Stacie

    I made my fiance a coffee this morning.

  416. Ellen Shullaw

    Busy sending old family pictures to cousins around the country.

  417. john fink

    deliver lunch to the shut in seniors every saturday

  418. Gayle J

    I went to my Mom’s and shoveled her sidewalk from the snow storm we had last night

  419. patti jamison

    I made my grandkids a special Saturday breakfast.

  420. Kristin A. (@Hermyoni)

    This morning I did all my husbands normal morning chores so he could sleep in before work.

  421. Annie

    This would be a great contest to win.

  422. Adelina Priddis

    I told my husband I missed him (he’s been working a ton!) and that I would skip dinner with my family so I could come home early and spend more time with him

  423. Kim Pinch

    I send cards to my mother-in-law through out the year just to let her know we are thinking of her. She loves to get mail.

  424. Jennifer Rote

    I made coffee for my roommate.

  425. Sue Sattler

    I let my son borrow my car so that he could go get the stuff he needs to start his new job on Monday.

  426. denise low

    my husband has coffee and oatmeal every morning.this is what I do everyday for him

  427. Laur a DeLuca

    I gave my kids a hug when they got back from visiting their dad

  428. Candice Montgomery

    I helped my aunt create a calendar for her volunteer organization.

  429. Ivana Jankovic

    I made my husband morning coffee and panecakes he likes.

  430. Holly Kennedy

    I woke to my cat, Nelson, staring at me. I gave him his special treats this morning.

  431. Anna Cyr

    I rented a truck so so my broke family member could get their belongings after they got evicted.

  432. Rita Wray

    I brought my husband his morning coffee.

  433. Diane Estrella

    Made breakfast for my family. Awesome giveaway!!!

  434. Wanda C.

    I am letting my son play xbox all day since he has done well in school

  435. Amy Honious

    I cooked my hubby of 21+ years a nice breakfast despite having the flu :) Thanks for such a grand giveaway!

  436. Katie Amanda

    I gave my boyfriend and pup a hug and a kiss. :)

  437. Jessica D

    I’m letting my boyfriend play video games all day

  438. Danielle

    I got up early and fixed a nice hot breakfast for my family including my furbabies.


    I let my family sleep in

  440. Michelle S

    I got up early to take my son to meet his boy scout troop for a field trip and gave him extra money for the day.

  441. robyn donnelly

    I told my girls how much I care about them and told my BF I loved him.

  442. Silvie Armas

    I’ve made 3 different breakfast to show my boys how much I love them.

  443. Janet W.

    I made my grandson breakfast to show him love!

  444. Rita Leonard

    i made my husband breakfast

  445. Sandy Cain

    I helped my mom get dressed and made her breakfast.

  446. Louisa D

    Brought my parents a nice cappuccino while out
    also rubbed heat rub on my dad’s back which is hurting

  447. Erica Barnes

    I braved the cold weather to take my friend to the store.

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