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Old Beginnings by Alix Marsh Book Tour

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The first book in Flynn Heath’s magical world of amazing powers, dark demons, a perfectly mundane family at home and extraordinary friends at his new school, which happens to be a Demon Slayer Academy.

Flynn Heath is just an ordinary boy, living a very ordinary life in the perfectly pleasant village of Little Rislin. Until, one day, he mistakenly pledges his blood, honour and soul to a mysterious stranger and before he knows it, he’s enrolled into the finest (and only) demon slayer academy in the country.

But there’s a dark force swimming through the demon-infested undertow of the ordinary world, a king demon shaking loose the shackles that have him bound in Hades. Maybe Flynn’s pledge wasn’t some random mistake after all.

Sometimes, there’s a very good reason for a slayer to stay forgotten.

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My review:
My husband reads to our 7- and 5-year-old just about every night before bed. They’ve made their way through several fantasy series so I thought that they would enjoy this one. He said that if you enjoyed Harry Potter but didn’t like the British setting, you would probably like this. He also recommends this book to fans of the Percy Jackson series.

The story was left open-ended for further installments in the series. However, there was enough of a conclusion so that you could stop at this point and not be left wondering.

The characters were well-developed. They were numerous enough without there being too many to allow the story to flow well, and again, leave the storyline open for future books.

Overall, all three of them enjoyed Old Beginnings. However, my husband felt that the method of “slaying demons” with a small knife rather unrealistic. He felt that this part of the story was not described well. Perhaps it will be explored more further on in the series, but for now he felt it was unrealistic, inasmuch as a fantasy novel is realistic.

Author bio:

Currently residing in Berkshire, England, Alix Marsh has lived in many places between South Africa and England, including a village very much like Little Rislin. No demon sightings yet, although Alix is always vigilant and prepared.

Old Beginnings launches the first book in the magical, urban paranormal series of The Forgotten Slayer.

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