Oct 07

Interesting facts about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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I’m sure a large number of you have no idea what SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is.  Or maybe you’ve heard of SEO but are still not sure what it is.  To put it simply, SEO is making sure your website comes up as high as possible in search engine results.  For example, if you were to type in “toys for 5 year old boys” into a search engine, then you would probably see something like Amazon or Toys R Us come up as your first result.  They pay people in their companies millions of dollars every year to be sure that they are one of those top spots.

Now more than ever, websites want your traffic and they’ll do just about anything to be sure they get it.  This includes paid advertising and extensive use of social media like Twitter and Facebook.  When I started my first blog a few years ago, Facebook wasn’t a mandatory thing.  When I started this blog, before even starting the blog itself, I made sure I had the Facebook and Twitter account names that I wanted.  That was within a span of 2 years that there was that much growth in social media as a crucial part of website marketing.

I’ve got some really interesting facts about SEO and social media here:

Graphic from: searchrankingtool.net

 Can you believe the number of tweets and Facebook status updates now made every single day???  And 5 years ago, I was literally not even a Facebook member yet, much less Twitter.  It’s crazy how fast the internet changes now.

Are you a blogger or website owner looking for some good, easy, tips to increase your search rankings?  Check out this article about SEO tips – it’s fairly recent too.  With SEO, I encourage you to what you can but don’t kill yourself, as there will always be more to do.  I could probably concentrate a lot more on this facet but that would suck out all of the fun for me.  I instead choose to do what I enjoy, not focus too much on SEO, and be thankful  for the traffic I get.


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